Stop Muzzling Our Children

Here is a guaranteed way in which I can send you to tears and overwhelming sorrow. It simply entails listening to some of the very real stories of very real children denied their own mother and father. Unless your heart is set in stone, these are some of the most moving and grievous stories you will hear.

But you will almost never come across such stories in the mainstream media. The activists groups seeking to redefine marriage, family, biology and reality will certainly never let you hear such stories. And deluded politicians who are happy to push the agendas of the activist groups will not be sharing these stories.

The truth is, just as every child wants to be born into the world with two arms and two legs, they also want to be born into the world with two parents: their very own mother and father. But increasingly we achild-6re deliberately denying children this most fundamental and basic of human rights.

We are so obsessed with catering to adult wants and lusts that we have basically said that children can be damned. ‘We do not care about you and your rights, we only want to satisfy our selfish desires.’ It is not just the homosexual activists and radical feminists who are telling us that a mother and father do not matter, but an entire industry devoted to Assisted Reproductive Technologies is telling us the same.

There are now so many adult children around because of this Brave New World of biotechnology and social engineering that they are finally telling us their own true stories. And their stories sure do need to be heard. One very brave young woman who is deeply involved in all this is Alana S. Newman.

She has a website devoted to letting the children speak, and she has hundreds of gut-wrenching stories that need to be broadcast far and wide. Its “About” page begins this way:

The Anonymous Us Project is a safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction (sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy). We aim to share the experiences of voluntary and involuntary participants in these new reproductive technologies, while preserving the dignity and privacy for story-tellers and their loved ones. All stories are contributed anonymously because “anonymity in reproduction hides the truth, but anonymity in story-telling helps reveal the truth.”

While the bulk of stories have to do with things like surrogacy, IVF, sperm donors, and so on, in single parent or heterosexual homes, many have to do with the grieving children raised in homosexual households. Their stories are simply tragic, and they need to be told. So let me offer just a few of them, as they appear on the site:

Submitted on: March 23, 2016
I am an only child who lives with my single lesbian mother. I never really even had a father figure in my life, I was always surrounded by my mother’s friends. I always thought it was sort of selfish of my mother to just one day decide she wanted to have a kid. We frequently talk openly about our situation but she never mentioned her thought process or what persuaded her to bring a child into the world. It angers me because I feel like a missed out on so many opportunities that children with fathers have. The thought of not having anyone to walk me down the aisle when I get married haunts me daily.
My mother only had one brother who had two children with his now ex wife, which means that I have only one uncle and two cousins. When my mother dies I will have three family members left. My uncle lives 600 miles away and we were never close.
Growing up without a father sucks. I can’t really have this conversation with my mom without hurting her. If my mom and I ever have a disagreement I have no one else to talk to. I feel so alone. I feel like I have missed out on all of the little things, like having your dad give you piggy backs or teaching me how to ride a bike or getting over protective when I show an interest in boys. I don’t miss my donor personally, i mourn the loss of a childhood without a dad.

Submitted on: July 17, 2013
I have gay parents.
I spend most of my time at my best friends house. I hang out with her Dad cuz I never had one and he is this awesome guy. My friends Dad is a lot like Charlie from Twilight! I cried when I read about Bellas father in the books and in all his scenes in the movies. Mostly at my friends house it feels like I can just be myself. Someone has to say it cuz I dont hear it but gay parents are selfish in a way. They dont think what its going to be like for me to live in their world.
Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I a bad daughter because I wish I had a Dad? Is there anyone else who has 2 Moms or 2 Dads who wonders what it would be like if they were born into a normal family? Is ther anyone else who wants to be able to use the word normal without gettin a lecture on what is normal???
I dont know my real father and never will. Its weird but I miss him. I miss this man I will never know. Is it wrong for me to long for a father like my friends have? She has two brothers I play basketball with all the time. It feels so amazing to be included in their family. When I am there I think this is what its like to be in a family that has a Mom and a Dad. Then I have have to go home to my own world. I just dont fit in it anymore.

Submitted on: March 28, 2015
i’m 17 and female…. i love my two lesbian moms of course, but sometimes when i see a little girl with her daddy, i get jealous, or i get emotional. i’m adopted too by the way. i’ve never met my dad, actually, for all i know he’s dead. i don’t know if this is related to not having a father figure, but i get very quickly attached to guys around 30 years old- for example the guy at my church who is married- i went through this whole passed summer being practically obsessed with him. my one friend saw it as just a crush, but i truly believed that i loved him and wanted to be with him. i never told him, because i’m not a psycho who tries to steal people’s husbands, but this feeling was so strong when we were near each other. we got pretty close, but not in a sexual way, but close enough that he would touch my shoulders or whatever when he was saying hi from behind me. and i would always take advantage of our hugs and try to draw them out a bit… i hope he never noticed! i feel so guilty about wishing i had a dad. i wonder alot what it would be like and it does bother me a little bit when i see a little girl with her loving father. any advice? also, do you think me not having a dad has anything to do with me going crazy over this married guy who was and still is so super nice and caring towards me?

Submitted on: March 3, 2014
Hi… I live with 2 dads…one of them is my biological dad and one of them isn’t. My biological mother (who gave my dads her ovum for my birth…) comes to my house often. She’s 38 and my dads’ long time best friend…I want to call her my mom but my dads always get mad when I try…actually I’ve already called her mom when my dads are not around and she liked it…she and I have lots of connections with each other.
I hate my dads so much…WHY didn’t they just adopt some baby instead use ovum donor and surrogate mother? Don’t you think gay people who want to get a baby by ovum donor and surrogate mother are horrible? I think they are horrible as hell…even my biological dad is being gay. She’s a mother of mine, even my surrogate mother also exist, but dads don’t want me to get so close to my biological mother…
What do you think? Don’t you think it’s normal to hate my dads? But must I be their good son cos they actually decided to get me? I don’t hate gays but hope my parents are heterosexual… am I a bad person to feel this way? what should I do…? I’m still so young but everyone wants me to accept everything that I can’t and don’t want…

Submitted on: October 29, 2015
I’m a 15 year old girl and I have two moms. They’re wonderful and the best parents my sister and i could have asked for. But still, I want a dad. I’m not saying that I’m against gay marriage or gay parenting. I just want a dad, and I feel bad for saying that.

Submitted on: June 28, 2015
Ok. Now since gay people got their rights and can marry in the United States can we please start talking about children’s rights? Where are they? My mom is taking me to downtown NY for pride fest on Sunday. I’m going to be supportive that she can marry a woman if she wants. There’s going to be lots of gay dads and gay moms celebrating that they get the same rights as straight people but is anyone going to be talking about MY rights too?
I don’t want to sound like a buzzkill but I don’t like it that my dad is an anonymous donor or that my mom is raising me by herself. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to be alive but I think my opinion on how my family should be should matter as much as it does for my mom. After all, I’m the one that parenting is all about.
Father’s Day sucks, and my mom thinks its society when really it’s just her. I love her but yeesh. She talks about genders like they don’t matter when raising kids. If they don’t why does she wants me to spend so much time with her guy friends so I can have a father-figure? (JK as if her guy friends love me or relate to me as much as they love and relate with their actual children. Yeah right) Why she does she likes women when there’s no difference between men and women. Her views are not very consistent (duh lol).
I want to know who my dad is, and a donor# and some basic layout isn’t going to cut it. I need to KNOW him. I need to bond with him and do daddy-daughter things. He’s half of who I am, he’s not just a vile of cells. He and my mom just made me together in an unusual way, but its noooo different from when straight couples have sex and get pregnant. He got off, his seed went into my mom and I was conceived just like everyone else. We’re flesh and blood. He’s literally IN my DNA. Why don’t people get that? If he and my mom were a couple, he’d be my dad. But when my mom is a gay and asked him not to be there, he’s just my ‘donor’? Really? Where is my say in this?
That’s adultism btw. I googled it. When adults control everything and they don’t even ask the kids about how THEY feel and how THEY want things to be even if the adults decisions are affecting their KIDS’ lives and not theirs. It’s still bullying. It’s just like when straight people get to decide that gay people shouldn’t marry or shouldn’t live.
Gays and Judge Kennedy and whoever, you have your victory but the fight for equality isn’t over. We still need our rights as kids. Please don’t forget about us. We’re people just like you. Some of us even fought for your right to marry the person you love.

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8 Replies to “Stop Muzzling Our Children”

  1. These candid comments on The Anonymous Us Project are truly heartbreaking. In particular, the last statement entitled ‘Or is it me being selfish’ shows remarkable perception about her situation. And each of the children/teens who have contributed are only too aware that they are the victims who are being used by selfish parents … but then feel guilty for having this awareness. Reminds me of Shannon Noll’s chartbuster ‘What About Me?’ This could well be the theme song for this present ‘lost generation’. Jesus comfort them and somehow supply that love that they so desperately need.

  2. These stories deserve mainstream publication. They are heartbreaking. I really hope the poor children get to experience loving relationships when they have a family of their own one day.

  3. These poor children have been burdened with emotionally distorted hearts. How on earth can they be expected to live in an emotionally healthy way as adults?

  4. No-fault, easy-access divorce for couples with children no doubt was a significant factor in the progressive uncoupling of traditional marriage from childbearing and child-raising… Our Brave New World sadly has more than the right number of intelligent fools. Alienated offspring is an inevitable corollary of our Brave New Mess. God help us all.

  5. To not be able to know one’s parents or parent, to miss a father or mother leaves a life-long scar on the person’s psyche and disturbs their development as a child. Psychologists know that it is a severe stress which some children can express very well, but some are not expressing. This kind of stress may cause impediments in memory and personality which are cause of poor resilience and poor achievement. How horrible that our society permits this situation and even enshrines it in the law. It is a ticking time-bomb, and the consequences will be suffered by the society of the future.

  6. So sad to read we must begin to listen to the stories of children who are brought up in dysfunctional households they can love their parents but hate not having one or the other parent they will always have something missing from their lives and be expected to just get over it the desires of the parent taking the place of children’s right to a mum and dad!!?

  7. ” two arms and two legs”

    with complimentary features, rather than being identical…

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