Those Miserable Gender Bender Scrooges

You can always tell when we are getting close to Christmas, because the Scrooges start coming out, seeking to wreck things for everyone. And increasingly we are finding that the secular left is producing heaps of miserable Scrooges. They seem to hate Christmas and anyone who dares to celebrate it.

Consider the latest lunacy, proudly brought to you by the gender warriors. This short news item is painful to read, but we must know about the scurrilous Scrooges who have declared war on us:

Parents are being urged to buy their little boys a Barbie for Christmas this year as part of No Gender December. Good Education Group chief executive officer Chris Lester is supporting the grassroots campaign, which is encouraging parents to avoid buying their children gender-marketed gifts.
“Kids should be free to decide which toys interest them, without being informed by gendered marketing that something is ‘for them’ or ‘not for them’,” a statement on the No Gender December website says. In a blog post, Mr Lester said the movement correlated with the perception that STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) fields were dominated by men and avoided by women.
“Just as toy stores typically separate ‘girls’ from ‘boys’ toys, workplaces tend to be sharply divided between ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ jobs,” he wrote. Earlier this month, the Institution for Engineering and Technology warned that gendered gifts could be turning young girls away from careers in technology and engineering.
The IET found boys were almost three times as likely as girls to receive science and maths toys for Christmas.
Mr Lester said there was a new wave of toys specifically being marketed as gender-neutral to encourage more girls to explore their interest in STEM. “It might not be a quick fix but getting behind No Gender December is a good start to redressing this imbalance,” he said in his blog post.
“That means that the best present for your daughter this Christmas may not necessarily be a nerf gun, but rather a ‘Jewelbot’, a ‘Roominate set’ or ‘Goldieblox’,” he wrote. The No Gender December campaign started in 2014 by advocacy group Play Unlimited.

scrooge-1Yep, let’s just declare a full-scale war on biology, on science, on reality, and on little boys and girls. Let’s pretend there is no such thing as male and female, and let’s force every child to fit into the cultural Marxist gender fluidity madness.

Hating on our children is a sure sign of Scrooge-ism to me. Why can’t these radical social engineers just leave our innocent children alone for a change? Why must they always target them with their sinister adult agendas? Even the Scrooge character in the Dickens’ novel primarily targeted only adults.

As can be seen, this moonbattery is not new. I wrote about this two years ago when it was first being pushed, especially by a loony Greens Senator who claimed that gender toys for kids was tied up with “domestic violence and the gender pay gap.” Yes you read that right.

But despite all the militancy and activism of the gender benders, we know that in the real world there are two sexes, male and female, and they are fundamentally different. Back in 2007 Warwick Marsh and I produced a booklet entitled 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters which dealt with all this.

Although just 24 pages in length, it was a well-researched volume with 176 footnotes. Along with a team of experts, we sought to make the case that everyone but the ideologues already knows: men and women are different, and these differences should be celebrated, not attacked, minimised or trampled on.

Let me offer here just the first of those 21 reasons:

1. Gender uniqueness and complementarity means that each gender has a unique contribution to work, society and interpersonal communication that cannot be filled by the other gender in its entirety.
Sex differences are real and must be affirmed and celebrated. Human beings are hardwired differently according to sex. There are real differences, for example in the brain, which cannot and should not be meddled with by social engineers. Thus the push for complete gender role interchangeability, unisexuality and androgyny is to be rejected. Men and women bring unique and complementary skills, abilities, gifts and talents to relationships, to work, to society, and to one another. As one expert has put it, “Sex differences are large, deeply rooted and consequential. Men and women still have different natures, and, generally speaking, different preferences, talents and interests… These differences can be explained in part by hormones and other physiological and chemical distinctions between men and women. Thus they won’t disappear unless we tinker with our fundamental biological natures.”
Yet various social engineers, including extreme feminists and homosexual activists, have sought to ignore or minimise these inherent differences. Their attempts have led to social and personal upheaval. Nature cannot be so easily thwarted.
Indeed, family expert Allan Carlson speaks of the “overwhelming medical, social, and psychological evidence affirming the naturalness and critical importance of traditional sex roles”. Or as sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox argues, “The primary problem with this androgynous impulse is that it does not recognize the unique talents that men and women bring to the most fundamental unit of society: the family. A growing body of social scientific evidence confirms what common sense and many of the world’s religions tell us: Men and women do indeed bring different gifts to the parenting enterprise. Consequently, at all levels of social life – the international, national, and local – public policies, cultural norms, and social roles should be organized to protect rather than prohibit the complementary parenting styles that fathers and mothers bring to family life.”
He goes on to show, for example, how vital the complementarity of the sexes is for parenting, according to the social sciences research. “Research on parenting styles and family structure indicates that sex-differentiated parenting helps children in important ways. A review of research on parenting in Child Development found that children of parents who engaged in sex-typical behaviour where the mother was more responsive/nurturing and the father was more challenging/firm were more “competent” than children whose parents did not engage in sex-typical behaviour. Another study of adolescents found that the best parenting approach was one in which parents were highly responsive and highly demanding of their children.”
In these and many other ways, the differences between men and women clearly make a difference. Each gender makes a unique contribution to each other, to families, and to society as a whole.

Yet the gender militants want to destroy all this and force us into a world devoid of male and female, and insist upon millions of genders and sexualities instead. Talk about warring against reality. These activists have their feet planted firmly in mid-air. We could simply dismiss them as the moonbeams they clearly are, but sadly they have too much influence in government, academia and elsewhere.

Dickens said this about Ebenezer Scrooge: “The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, made his eyes red, his thin lips blue, and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice…” Hmmm, why does one easily imagine that this image nicely fits all those who want to ruin Christmas, and especially ruin the lives of our vulnerable children?

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8 Replies to “Those Miserable Gender Bender Scrooges”

  1. Bill Leak’s cartoon today showing the girl on a “rainbow” Santa’s lap asking for a doll and being told off by the “rainbow” Santa is a classic!

  2. I think we should be thankful that the left has gotten so loony. People are starting to react negatively to these miserable bastards (sorry!) and if they keep going we are going to see a bigger ‘Trump’ effect than Pauline Hanson. They are driving people to the opposite. So, if you are reading this, dear loony left, please, get more extreme. It will only achieve the opposite effect!

  3. Indeed Bill, the usual horrible attacks on children. And as for the IET, we have the members’ magazine in my household, it is pro-homosexual, rabidly anti-Brexit , forever whingeing in its editorials about lack of qualified people— and, quite frankly a seriously black blot on the record of any professional scientist or engineer. I don’t know who has infiltrated its ranks in recent years but it has turned into a cesspit organisation. I’ll be passing your article around to local engineers in my neck of the woods, I doubt very much if they’ll be impressed by the storyline, being mostly all family men.
    Girls in science….there are plenty of them, social engineering is not required; and at the end of the day, perceptive parents know their child’s interests and will give gifts accordingly.

  4. Dear Bill, today when I read the HS at Macca’s as I do, there are 14 cafes in town at last count and there I saw this cartoon which accurately portrays the times in which we live. Here I’ll share the text in case you missed it as I’m sure you can picture it. Just in case you would like to see it, there is a photo of the piece on my google profile:

    Joseph: Joy! My wife has just given birth

    Man in green shirt: Joy? Your use of heteronormative terms such as ‘wife’ offends the LGBTI community…’partner’ is more inclusive

    Joseph: It’s a boy!

    Man in green shirt: Such gender specific language offends transexuals! Use more neutral words like ‘person’

    Joseph: Anyway, a Happy Christmas to you!

    Man in green shirt: Happy Christmas?! Have you no sense of the offense you cause atheists and non-Christians? It’s “Happy Holidays”!

    Joseph: I hope he wasn’t one of the wise men…

    He’s from the Vic State Govt. for sure

    by Mark Knight?

    The cartoon’s funny but one of these queer people high-jacked his father’s funeral the other day, which was not funny at all to say the least. Dear, dear this man stood behind the lectern, wearing a skirt and started promoting his lifestyle, how disrespectful can one become. I say no wonder his father died young of cancer especially when he had to contend with a queer son like that who works at the state library and carry’s another queer man on his arm, who wore a dress made in the 60’s and platform shoes, he looked like an actor in a play which is how people like this come across to me, wanting to be the center of attention also very selfish. Life in Australia today holds many challenges it is unthinkable even that the Government has fallen for all of this ridiculous non-sense!

    ‘Same-sex marriage is a breathtakingly subversive idea.’ — Lesbian social historian, E.J Graff
    Australians are being asked to accept a breathtakingly subversive redefinition of marriage, parenting, family ‘ and gender, with consequences for core liberties and our children’s education; yet when we raise concerns we are called ‘bigots’. We are branded ‘haters’ for defending a child’s birthright to her own biological mother and father. We are insulted as ‘homophobes’ for defending our children from the genderless “Safe Schools” programme. In response, In response, this book respectfully demolishes the edifice of error, injustice and moral coercion that is built around ‘marriage equality’. It lays bare the subversive ‘genderless agenda’ that comes with genderless ‘marriage’. It is a manifesto in defence of society’s inviolable foundation: Father, Mother, Child. ‘ If you think same-sex ‘marriage’ won’t affect your family or your freedoms, you haven’t read this book.’ — Lyle Shelton, Australian Christian Lobby Author of this book David van Gend is a family doctor in Queensland and President of the Australian Marriage Forum. Run right out and buy your self a copy of “Stealing from a Child” The Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality’ by David van Gend because this is so ludicrous, I wouldn’t know what more to say on this matter as Jesus has said all that needs to be said and our government officials ought to remember who put them in power, who they have to answer to, the answers are as plain as the nose on ones face, these people involved in this whole charade and start living for truth and righteousness instead of burying themselves is a world of lies. God bless and forgive us for not obeying your Holy Word for Jesus sake Amen

  5. Oh my goodness. I was born in 1957, very much a girl but if I wanted science related things, it was cool. My brother had gi joes, not barbies, but it was cool. I played cowboys and indians, yes I got to shoot the cap gun, and I played stickball in the street with boys and girls. I also had free access to any kind of book I wanted to read including religious works. all religions – raised Presbyterian by a former episcopal dad and a former catholic mom and a spiritualist grandmother. My point is: parents should just follow the kid’s interest. My daughter and I can’t wait for the grandson to get old enough for some of the building toys. Um, we want to do it right along with him. So I guess the screaming at people. Notice you must not do anything gender related! Seems foolish. I hope parents just do what is right for their kid and ignore the looniness of this world. Your boy is likely to pull barbie’s head off and your girl might give up after one try at building something or doing a science experiment.

  6. As a child I played cowboys and Indians on an imaginery horse, skipping, hopscotch, marbles and also rode a real pony and bike. Nobody wanted to play with “girly” dolls. This is just a marketing ploy aimed at getting gullible followers of fashion to part with money and buy into the outlandish concept of gender fluidity as the progressive new thing. It is especially inappropriate for children. It’s also a bad sign when children start dictating to adults what they want.

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