Saying No To “Safe Schools” Indoctrination Programs

The so-called Safe Schools program was never about bullying: it was always about ramming a radical sexual activist agenda down the throats of our impressionable children. I know that, you know that, and even the militants pushing this lousy program know that.

ssc ward andrewsIndeed, they have told us this all along. The prime architect of the program, Roz Ward, has been quite upfront about the real aims of the SS program. At a Safe Schools national symposium she spilled the beans about the program and their real agenda:

“(It’s) about celebrating diversity; not about stopping bullying. (It’s) about gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive, about being transgender, about being lesbian, gay, bisexual — say the words — transgender, intersex. Not just, ‘Be nice to everyone; everyone’s great’.”

So just what then is it all about? Again, we have been explicitly told what it’s about by the very ones pushing in it. As Ward proudly said at a 2013 Marxism Conference: “I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.”

One of the worst states in terms of pushing all this garbage has been Victoria. Yet the Victorian Department of Education and Training can’t even tell us what amount of homophobic bullying is taking place. As one recent news report stated:

Victorian education officials have conceded there is a lack of hard evidence on the rates of homophobic bullying in schools to justify the state government’s decision to mandate the contentious Safe School program. Responding to questions on notice after a recent parliamentary hearing, the state’s Department of Education and Training revealed this week that it could not provide a statistical breakdown of bullying cases by cause, such as race, gender, physical appearance, disability, faith or sexual preference.
The admission comes as the Andrews Labor government has committed to spending more than $2 million rolling out the Safe Schools program, developed by La Trobe University academics but now run by the department, to all public secondary schools.
The program, which provides information, professional training and sex education resources to help schools deal with homophobia, has been widely criticised for being about promoting sexual and gender diversity, as its previous manager Roz Ward once claimed, rather than stamping out bullying.
“Instances of bullying are often recorded by schools. However, the root causes and reasons for bullying behaviour are often complex and may not be easily identifiable,” was the department’s response to the public accounts and estimates hearing held in February.
“In many instances children and young people involved in bullying are not able to clearly articulate the reason for their behaviour, therefore making reporting on the root causes for bullying behaviour unreliable.”

The piece continues:

The response also calls into question repeated claims made by Victorian Education Minister James Merlino that 75 per cent of same-sex-attracted youth had been bullied. The reference appears to be based on a 2010 research report by La Trobe that promoted the work of Safe Schools, for which it later received state funding to deliver on the government’s behalf.
The Writing Themselves In 3 report since has been criticised by academics over its various shortcomings, including the requirement that participants self-select, meaning the sample group could not be considered representative of the broader same-sex-attracted population.
The parliamentary secretary to the opposition leader, Tim Smith, who posed the question to the department, said it was clear it did not collect independent data on various causes of bullying in schools. “Good policy should be evidenced-based,” Mr Smith told The Weekend Australian.
“All children should be taught tolerance and respect for the multiplicity of differences that exist between students, whether it’s based on social background, gender, sexual preference, religion, language, appearance et cetera.
“The Safe Schools program is a highly politicised program aimed at spreading a postmodernist ideology and radical ideas about sex and gender — not combating homophobia.” The Liberal Party had committed to scrapping Safe Schools in favour of a comprehensive anti-bullying program.

Thankfully some states have taken the lead in saying no to this radical sexual propaganda program. NSW has been resolute on this. On February 9 of this year we were greeted with this good news headline: “Gender theory banned in NSW classrooms”. The story began:

NSW public school teachers have been banned from teaching gender theory in the classroom after an independent review into the state’s sex and health education resources. Students will no longer be taught that gender is a “social construct”, or that sexuality is “non-binary”, occurring on a continuum and “constantly changing”.

And today, appropriately on Easter Sunday, we find another real good news story, this one reported by Miranda Devine. The cheery headline is: “Bravo NSW, for dumping the Safe Schools program”. She opens her report as follows:

Three years after it was launched by the Abbott government, the insidious Safe Schools program is to be axed in NSW and replaced with a real anti-bullying program. Kudos to Rob Stokes, the only education minister in the nation honourable enough to tackle the sexual indoctrination program loathed by most parents and defended to the death by fanatical education bureaucrats.
“Bullying is a problem, whether you’re being bullied because you’re struggling with your sexuality or being fat or wearing glasses,” said an education source. “All this nonsense about gender fluidity has nothing to do with bullying.” Funding has been allocated for a new program, expected to be ready by Term 3.
But incalculable damage already has been done by teaching children that gender and sexuality is fluid, that heterosexuality is not the norm, and that sex is arbitrarily assigned by a doctor at birth. One consequence has been an epidemic in “transgender” children presenting to medical clinics since the advent of Safe Schools in June 2014.
Referrals for gender services to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, have tripled. Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital had 250 children last year presenting with “gender dysphoria”, distress experienced because you feel you were born the wrong sex. The NSW Education Department reports a “spike” in transgender students, including a four-year old in kindergarten this year “who has identified as transgender”.

She continues:

Official statistics are tightly held but, anecdotally: one public school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has five transgender children, according to the relative of a student; a regional NSW government Safe School had five transgender students at the start of last year, according to a former teacher; a Safe School in outer Sydney had 5 or 6 “transgender” children last year in Year 8, all girls, according to a concerned teacher. “Safe Schools definitely had something to do with all this,” he says. “We are losing this fight… very badly”.
One teacher has spoken to parents who, “suddenly received a note from their 14-year-old daughter claiming that she is trans and wants to be called a new name.” But, after her parents moved her to a non-Safe School, “she is largely over the confusion now”.
Last year a 15-year-old child known as “Lincoln” had both breasts removed at a Sydney hospital with the permission of the Family Court in order to “transition” to the male sex. Born female, Lincoln decided in September, 2014, at age 13, to begin living as a boy and was prescribed puberty-blocking hormones the next year.

Thankfully there is still some sanity out there:

One of the few doctors willing to criticise the “fashion in child surgical abuse” is Dr John Whitehall, Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, who questions the “massive intrusion into the minds and bodies of children… It’s a collective madness.”
Most transgender children will, “grow out of it through puberty if parents do little more than gently watch and wait… The worst thing that can happen is the child is adopted as a poster child for the school.”
With teachers being trained by Safe Schools to think gender is whatever you feel like, “it’s not surprising we’re seeing more kids responding to this propaganda and parents getting on board. It’s very hard for professionals to speak out.”

Yes there have been some brave voices heard on this madness, and we all can be grateful that NSW is standing strong here, and not following Victoria’s lead straight into the cesspool. As David Kulpelian has rightly asked in his book The Snapping of the American Mind:

Is it not madness to think we can transform a man into a woman by surgically fiddling with his plumbing and feeding him hormones – when every single one of his body’s 37.2 trillion cells is permanently coded “male” with Y chromosomes? Paul R. McHugh, Johns Hopkins Hospital’s former top psychiatrist, affirms it simply is “biologically impossible” to change the sex you were born with, and that those who advocate “sexual reassignment surgery” are thus promoting mental illness.

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6 Replies to “Saying No To “Safe Schools” Indoctrination Programs”

  1. Rob Stokes the NSW Education minister is a devout Christian. HE also confirmed that no changes will be made to Scripture in schools.

  2. I’ve just finished reading a long article about Daniel Andrews entitled ‘The Contender’ ( It was published in June 2014, just before Andrews was elected as Premier of Victoria. While probably slanted slightly towards the Labor Party, the article does mention some interesting facts about Andrews’ background, but still begs the question: Why did he pick up and run with the Safe Schools Program? He is a strange, complex and somewhat private man with a possible dark side… but other than that, I cannot fathom why he took that step down the path towards the engineering of young minds into the concept of gender fluidity. Ross/Roz Ward obviously played a part in all this, but after all, Andrews was/is the Premier and had the authority to choose this direction for our schools – a direction that has resulted in much heartache for many families.

  3. I have been most privileged to have been befriended by a young Moslem family from Bangladesh who are desperately trying to fit into Australian society. They have two little boys, the oldest of which is three years old. Today, discussing which School he would be going to. They were completely unaware of the Safe Schools Program until I spoke with them about it – I wanted to let them know to ask the School whether or not they supported this program. They are really distressed, as they are on a low income. I have since recalled that those with ‘School Card’ are accepted into Christian Schools so I will call on them again tomorrow and explain this to them.. They would be quite happy to allow the children attend a Christian School – sometimes God works these little miracles in spite of Satan’s best endeavours!!

  4. Great news for students in NSW. May sanity prevail here in Victoria also. Honestly, I’m not sure how much of that there can be until Andrews is gone.
    I sadly believe that in the years to come, there will be many students and their families who will sue education departments and so called specialists that have allowed so many children to be damaged.

  5. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: this evil can exist only if teachers co-operate with it. If enough teachers say,”No! I will not teach it, even if the principal or the government says I must”, and makes a fuss about it at PTA meetings and the press, the program will fail.

  6. A campaign should be started to make it illegal for medical professionals to mutilate or manipulate with drugs or hormones anyone who is physically healthy.

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