Terrorism: When Truth Disappears

Note: I do not favour any acts of terror, or any violence against innocent civilians.

With yet more European terrorism – this time in Brussels, Paris and London – we have to once again restate basic truths. Never mind that I have made these points many dozens of times now – they need to keep being made, as long as the mainstream media refuses to impartially and accurately cover the news.

The reason why this is all the more urgent now is that one of the three latest terror attacks was not done by a devout Muslim, but by someone worried about Islam. He was a “right-wing” terrorist, or so we are told. If you have not heard anything about the Brussels and Paris attacks there is good reason for this.

The leftist MSM is utterly focused on London, more specifically Finsbury Park, where a non-Muslim drove a van into a crowd of people outside of a mosque. Everywhere the media has been in overdrive about this. As I said, is an attack on innocent people ever to be condoned? Of course not.

nice 2016 1But it is the despicable hypocrisy and double standards here that stink to high heaven. The T and H words were immediately released (terrorism and hate); global condemnation was instantaneous; and incredibly, not one excuse was made by the MSM for this particular attack.

For some reason the Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan did not repeat his claim that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city. Indeed, while he is often silent on all the terror attacks in his city and nation, he was very quick to stand in front of the media to condemn the attack and offer more police protection for mosques.

We do not know all that much about the attacker, Darren Osborne, but within minutes of the incident the media, the politicians and the elites were utterly sure about his motivation: he was an evil Islamophobe. Yet when a Muslim with the name Muhammed waves an IS flag, shouts “Alahu Akbar,” and lops off the heads of infidels, all the experts assure us that we have no clear motive to go on.

You know the drill by now: every idiotic excuse in the book is made for Muslim terrorists. It has become such a standard and routine response of Western leaders, commentators and “experts” that we do not need to wait for any new information.

The formula runs like this: A Muslim kills in the name of his faith, or political ideology, making it 100 per cent clear what his motivation is, what his religion is, and what his beef is, and the West offers us this:

-he was mentally ill
-he was a lone wolf
-he must have had some real serious grievances to act like this
-we cannot tar all of Islam with this one attack
-we must remind people that Christians are terrorists too
-we must insist that you have more chances of getting killed by a wayward emu than a Muslim terrorist
-we must repeat the mantra that Islam is a religion of peace
-we must come to accept all this as the new normal
-we must accept that this is the way life now is in the West
-we must insist that the real worry is any backlash against Muslims
-we must do more to protect Muslims
-we must resist all this racism
-we must assure all Muslims that we fully stand with them no matter what
-we must stop alienating and offending Muslims
-we must above all guard against Islamophobia
-we must remember the appropriate response: more hashtags, candle-lit vigils, “peace” marches and love-ins
-we will need more pop concerts with young pop stars gyrating in front of smitten 13-year-old girls
-we will hire yet more Muslim policemen, firemen, politicians, military leaders, lecturers, and news readers in the West to combat all this ugly Islamophobia
-we will immediately attack and condemn anyone who dares to say we might have a problem with the political ideology of Islam

Now just change a few words and see how all this goes down with the Finsbury Park attacker:

-he was mentally ill
-he was a lone wolf
-he must have had some real serious grievances to act like this
-we cannot tar all of conservativism with this one attack
-we must remind people that Muslims are terrorists too
-we must insist that you have more chances of getting killed by a wayward emu than a right wing terrorist….

Exact same response, but to a different attacker. Now unless I have missed something here, I have never once heard any of these excuses and justifications for the non-Muslim attacker. Not one. Never. Why is that? Why do we have a broken record when it comes to clear-cut cases of Islamic terrorism and jihad, but the whole world goes nuts when one non-Muslim does something similar?

Let me remind all of you of one very basic and damning truth. It is a cold hard statistic that cannot be wished away or explained away: since the 9/11 Islamic terror attack of 2001, there have been 31,046 deadly Islamic terror attacks. Did you get that!?

And yet the fools running the West (and that is exactly what they are) are insisting that there is some sort of moral equivalence here: Islam has a few bad eggs, but so too does the evil right wing. Um no. Conservatives during the past 16 years have not gone on 31,046 deadly terror attacks.

Simply consider what has been happening this month, since it is now Ramadan. This is always a prime time for terror and jihad as I explain here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/07/02/ramadan-and-jihad/

So what does the Ramadan bombathon scorecard look like at the moment? Let me tell you: It is only day 25 of this special annual time for Muslims, and already we have had 145 Islamic terror attacks resulting in 1350 people being killed.

Um, aside from Finsbury Park, please offer me ten other examples of right wing terrorism resulting in numerous casualties this month. Indeed, just name two others. There is no moral equivalence here whatsoever. Yet most of our Western leadership and commentariat are hell-bent on assuring us that the two are equivalent – and actually the right wingers are probably worse!

The simple truth is, most Western leaders and commentators are fully in bed with Islam and will never say anything negative about it – despite the daily, even hourly, body count which keeps on rising and rising. They will only get really hyped up about terrorism when it comes from a non-Muslim it seems.

As columnist Rita Panahi so very rightly put it today, “Finally, the terror deniers of the Left have a terrorist they are happy to condemn.” Yep, finally a REAL act of terror! Finally someone that we have no doubt about the motivation! Finally a clear-cut case of genuine evil!

As I say, I am fed up with these reprehensible double standards. Thankfully some others, like Panahi, are as well. Let me quote a bit more from her column:

Finally, the terror deniers of the Left have a terrorist they are happy to condemn. In the aftermath of the attack there have been no idiotic efforts to downplay the terror threat by comparing the number of deaths in the West with those who die from bee stings or fall off ladders.
The very people who implored us to carry on as before and not be alarmed after an Islamist blew up little girls leaving a pop concert in Manchester seem to think it is perfectly reasonable to be hysterical about a lone attack aimed at Muslims.
Curiously, too, the usual calls for love, tolerance and togetherness have been replaced by opportunistic fearmongering from the very people who steadfastly refuse to accept the reality of Islamist terror around the world. Instead of prayers, hashtags and demands for unity, the Left has gone on the attack by blaming its ideological opponents for inspiring the attack.
Terror is terror and should be condemned categorically, not just when it is convenient to your ideological narrative. Harry Potter author JK Rowling tweeted “Let’s talk about how the #FinsburyPark terrorist was radicalised”, with an image of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage in front of a “breaking point” anti-illegal immigration poster.
Sadly, this type of hypocrisy dominates the current debate.

Yep, it sure does. And most folks are getting sick and tired of it. If we took the threat of Islamic terror seriously, we might spare the lives of many innocent men, women and children. But as long as our elites play this sick game of defending Islam at all costs, the toll will rise, there will be more bloodshed on our streets, and likely – and regrettably – there will be more revenge attacks carried out by those who have lost all faith in their governments to protect them.

For those interested, a five minute video by Paul Joseph Watson on this matter is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb99RVT6afI


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17 Replies to “Terrorism: When Truth Disappears”

  1. Bill we all saw this coming soon, when someone was finally going to snap and go after Muslims. Sadly, like many Bill, I fear Europe is going to start another world war or crusades in the coming years and it ain’t going to be pretty. I pray for this world.

  2. Hi Bill, my heart sank when I went through this latest posting of yours. I can’t in all honesty offer anything constructive to say, and I don’t want to offer up the same old platitudes. All I can do Bill is to continue to pray that our Holy Spirit will continually inspire you in the material that you research and publish. God Bless you abundantly, Kel.

  3. “this video is unavailable with Restricted Mode enabled”. The place where I use this computer receives government support. “there is a River, the streams whereof make glad the City of God.” Surrounded.

  4. Muslim communities constantly play the victim and aggrieved, helping set the stage for their young males to seek ‘revenge’, a natural response for any young male in such broad circumstance – but the Koran takes care of the rest!
    We see this same phenomena amongst the leftists communities in the US, where again entire communities play the victim and aggrieved, and sees again their young males, and females too, and again a natural response in such broad circumstance, lash out with violence or extreme emotional behaviour, but given they have no Koran, they don’t go on to kill! Yes it is ‘Islam’. There I said it.

    Jews to their credit don’t live like this and show by comparison that it’s not worth to do so.

    Thanks Bill and God Bless.

  5. Bill I can’t comment more either as you said it here so well. I would like to offer who video clips that illustrates the above perfectly if I may. The first is a live interview of Tommy Robinson by Piers Morgan and a female associate. It is excruciating to sit through I’m afraid as the two try and tear Tommy to shreds and the second is a rebuttal from a man who may be a Christian and who lived at one time in the Middle East under Islam.


  6. And yet, if the west does start to turn against Islam I wonder if, since there are likely quite a few Muslims in our police and armed forces, Muslim personnel will in the end fight against us.

  7. To appreciate how a country looks when it’s run by a staunch adherent of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology, one need look no further than the genocidal regime in place in Khartoum: Go to Professor Eric Reeves’ well-researched site at: http://sudanreeves.org/ ; and Ryan Boyette’s Nuba Reports website at: https://www.nubareports.org/ ; or the Darfur-based Radio Dabanga website at: https://www.dabangasudan.org/en .

    Sadly, General Gordon’s deep misgivings during his last posting to Khartoum (1884-1885) have proven to be only too well-founded.

    Like the British in 1885, Western powers still fail to understand indomitable spirit of the world’s mujahidin.

  8. Very interesting video by David Wood bringing out one very valid point of how the people who do these things are described as Christians in various media despite not claiming to be so. Of course, this has happened since Hitler and has happened in this latest attack as well. Of course these people are not Christians and don’t claim to be. Anyone who knows anything about Christianity knows that it is well understood in Christian culture that it is the forces of evil that attempt to set men against each other, not God who loves His creation. This is part of the evidence we have that Islam is evil. Satan hates people. Christians do not want people to oppose God and therefor have to be destroyed by God but are clearly taught to love truth and justice. That justice inevitably means that those who oppose God will need to be destroyed but only after the judgment and by the only one who has all the evidence – God Himself.

    While much of what David said is correct he does not address the main stumbling block that prevents people from addressing the real problems with Muslim beliefs and that stumbling block is the new secularism that says, very clearly, that we are not permitted to address the real issues with various belief systems. It states adamantly that all belief systems are to be treated equally and to do otherwise is contrary to the separation of state and religion. This, of course, is not what secularism originally meant. True secularism never claimed that all beliefs (or behaviors) were equal but it did state that all beliefs were to be heard and considered and then the people were entitled to make a decision based on the facts. The new secularism jams that mechanism and says that we are not even entitled to discuss the matter. This is based on the claim of “bigotry” but to anyone who knows what bigotry actually means, it is the idea that people refuse to be convinced irrespective of the evidence. The idea that people should be shut down from speaking and putting forward a point of view because their ideas are “bigoted” is absurd. It goes completely against any logical concept of what bigotry actually is. Until we address this fundamental problem with how people perceive what secularism is then the way forward is blocked. Secularism needs to be returned to what it originally meant. As I have said before, to do otherwise is simply formalized stupidity or as David put it, the ostrich approach.

  9. David Wood is always good…i subscribe to his channel so always keep up with his talks. And he was instrumental in leading Nabeel Quareshi to Christ at college. They make a great team in spreading truth too.

  10. Here is the second video clip I mentioned above where a man from the Middle East, now living in the States I believe sharply rebuts Morgan Piers.

  11. The translation of ‘Allahu Akbar’ is oft incorrectly quoted as, “God is great” but rather it is, “Allah is the greatest”. In Arabic, (this takbirit) refers to “greatest”, but some authors use “greater”.

    Robert Spencer says, “It is the aggressive declaration that Allah and Islam are dominant over every other form of government, religion, law or ethic, which is why Islamic jihadists in the midst of killing infidels so often shout it.” https://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/12/robert-spencer-at-breitbart-allahu-akbar-doesnt-mean-what-media-says-it-means

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