Marriage Wars: Truth Tellers vs MSM Deception

This is a tale of two groups – those who value truth and facts as they defend the institution of marriage, and those who merrily push falsehoods, lies and deception as they promote their radical agenda to destroy marriage. And as is so often the case, it is a David vs Goliath struggle.

In this case we have one or two folks daring to discover the truth and speak the truth vs all the money and manpower of the mainstream media and the organised left. Just one man seeking truth can help topple the lies of many, and in this case I am proud to say I know well the individuals involved in this case of truth telling vs entrenched falsehoods.

And this is a story that keeps on giving – every day new revelations emerge about just how immoral, deceptive and careless with the truth the secular left and its media allies are. And all because one brave soul first decided not to buy the propaganda of the MSM, but do a little bit of digging for himself.

My main hero in this story is Melbourne man Alister Cameron. Nearly a week ago he posted something quite important in the social media, and his story has just mushroomed from there. This is what he first wrote, little knowing that this story would explode in the days following:

The fake news story of the week. I just have to get this off my chest…
News broke on Monday that wicked anti-same sex marriage posters had been distributed around Melbourne. It began with a single tweet posting a single photo of a single poster. With a little bit of Internet sleuthing, I and others found that the artwork was created in March by a white supremacist in Florida and posted to an obscure online forum.
Further Twitter sleuthing on my part revealed, as best my investigations could tell, that ONE SINGLE POSTER only ever was posted. Read that again: one single poster on an obscure laneway wall in Melbourne’s CBD. Just one.
Now, this didn’t stop press, radio and mainstream media talking of a campaign of hatred by the “No” side – of posters all over the city and beyond; it didn’t stop LGBTQ advocates declaring that this was endemic of the evils and the spirit of the No campaign; and it didn’t stop the ABC, for example, accepting this without challenge. It also hasn’t stopped many Christian commentators using this and similar fake news to launch various critiques of the church. Which appears to be a favoured profession for them.
Here is yet another example of fake news perpetuating where a combination of dreadfully lazy journalism mixes with a desperate (malevolent) desire by various groups to find any supporting evidence for their claims, both of whom, in this era of the 24 hour news cycle, can get away with, or justify, no source verification at all.
I’m not joking: I’m about 50/50 that some troll/activist for the Yes side put up that poster, knowing that this would be enough to trigger all that has followed. Sometimes the best way to work out who did something is to ask who benefits most. And clearly, activists for the Yes side have been able to run with this fake news story spectacularly well, have been able to manipulate the media brilliantly, whereas I can’t see any benefit to the No campaign and I therefore wonder…
Incidently this is not a commentary on the modus operandi of the average bloke in the street, for or against same-sex marriage. This is about how the most mobilised activists operate. And how the mainstream media collaborates in perpetuating fake news. I’ve really struggled these last couple of days with my emotions, watching how the truth just didn’t matter here. I suppose I should know better.
Finally, there will be no post-mortem here. There will be no calling to account for perpetuating this fake news. Both the mainstream media and activists got what they wanted and there will be no accountability for lies. And tomorrow or the day after, some new fake news story will be concocted, it will again be manipulated, most people will fall for it, and the cycle will continue.
And the kicker? It works. This sort of stuff does move the dial of public opinion. Slowly but surely.
Dirty tricks done dirt cheap.

This was a great little bit of detective work, and it was great to see folks taking the initiative here. Instead of buying the MSM line, Al and some others did a bit of sniffing around. Now it was great to get this story out, but of course since we are complaining about the MSM and its one-sided agendas and its war on truth, how could this story really get out there to more people?

Thankfully there are a few heroic journalists out there who do not bow down to the MSM and the radical left agenda. They prefer to think independently, follow the facts where they may lead, and share truth even when it is very unpopular to do so.

Thus Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun picked up on Al’s story and gave it a push. He began his first piece on this as follows:

Was this a false-flag stunt by same-sex marriage activists? The media and politicians have raged over a nasty “Stop the Fags” poster found in Melbourne’s Heffernan Lane, using it to demonise supporters of traditional marriage and accuse the Turnbull Government’s plebiscite of unleashing “hate”.
But something doesn’t fit. First, this poster was simply a copy of one put out in the US. Two: why was only one poster put up? Wouldn’t extremists opposed to same-sex marriage plaster this poster everywhere if they really wanted to get out the message? I know, activists and journalists have falsely suggested the posters were everywhere.

He exposed all the lamestream media outlets that ran with these falsehoods, and then quotes Al in his piece. But the story did not end there. Another sleuth, Philip Rayment, alerted Bolt to the fake news that Ch. 10 was putting out on this.

So in his next major piece on this story Bolt revealed in more detail how Ch. 10 actually brazenly lied about this story in its coverage, actually creating a completely false image to mislead its viewers:

Last week, a same-sex marriage supporter claimed he’d found a single nasty “Stop the Fags” poster in an alley in Melbourne’s Chinatown. Activists and the media were ecstatic. Finally they could prove their opponents were just as nasty.
But the frenzied untruths that followed — with photographic evidence even faked by Channel 10 — only confirm the gay-marriage lobby and their media mates are the real hatemongers. In fact, the only thing that could lose them the postal vote is their bullying — the lies, abuse, threats, violence and misuse of power that’s marked their “yes” campaign.
I suspect the activists knew that already. That’s why they reacted so eagerly when supporter Dan Leach-McGill tweeted a picture of a poster he said had been put up in Heffernan Lane. This was a godsend for their cause. At last, these bullies could play the victim.
The poster was indeed harsh, showing a sad child menaced by two adults holding rainbow-coloured belts. “Stop the Fags”, it shouted, repeating survey data claiming children of same-sex parents were more likely to suffer depression.
Leach-McGill added in anger: “Spotted in Melbourne — Heffernan Lane. How is this for a unity moment?”
His tweet went viral last Monday, and not just with gay outlets or on social media. The ABC, Fairfax, Junkee, Huffington Post and FM radio stations all went crazy. Media outlets like Channel 9 and agreed there were more such posters around Melbourne. As the Australian Women’s Weekly put it: “Melbourne streets plastered with disgustingly homophobic posters ahead of plebiscite.”
But Channel 10 had a problem: it could not find even one. That should have been a big warning, but the station still claimed there were posters all around the city, and to demonstrate, it showed a picture of a bus stop with a huge advertising billboard featuring the “Stop the Fags” poster.
But it was a con. Without telling its audience, it had taken a stock image from Getty of a bus stop overseas and superimposed a “Stop the Fags” poster on to its advertising panel, as if it were part of a big-budget campaign.

There you have it folks: our MSM in action. They can take a bow as they imitate the best of the Nazi propogandists, or Stalin’s indoctrination experts. Just lie through your teeth as you pretend you are reporting the news. Ch. 10 needs to issue a formal apology and vow to never again resort to such deliberate lies and deception.

But no, they refuse to do so. Sure, they sort of admitted to bending the truth a bit, but they refused to apologise and admit their deception has been found out. The story has now reached the Australian newspaper:

Network Ten has admitted to digitally doctoring footage for a news item on the alleged spitefulness of the same sex marriage debate, digitally superimposing a homophobic image sourced online onto a stock image of a random bus stop.
A poster with the phrase “Stop the Fags”, allegedly spotted in Melbourne’s Heffernan Lane earlier this month, was seized upon by marriage equality supporters as evidence that those opposed to changing the Marriage Act were willing to resort to hateful lies and scaremongering to win the debate.
Originally uploaded on Twitter on August 19 by a childcare worker Dan Leach-McGill, the image of the poster soon went viral, sparking extensive news coverage and commentary on both social media as well as in the mainstream press. Even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition leader Bill Shorten weighed in, condemning the image and its message.
Yet when a Channel Ten news crew visited the alleged site on August 22, there was no sign of the offending poster. And with a member of a global online forum for fascists claiming credit for the artwork, which has allegedly appeared on flyers across the US in recent months, and Mr Leach-McGill conceding that he had not personally viewed it, doubts have emerged over its existence.
“The poster in question had been taken down when our film crew visited the laneway in question so we were forced to source a copy online,” a spokesman for the network said yesterday. “Unfortunately, an oversight in briefing our graphics department interstate may have created a false impression about its size and location.

But get a load of this pathetic and despicable response from Ten: “This was not a deliberate attempt to mislead our audience, but a creative error which we regret.” Good grief – “creative error”?! Yeah right, more like creative lying you mean. These folks are simply beyond the pale.

They all should be sacked. But this will not be happening any time soon. The MSM is so far in the stranglehold of the radical secular left that it will not easily give up its monopoly power readily and start running with truth. It will keep pushing any falsehoods that will help promote the leftist agenda.

But at the same time that Ch. 10 was being caught out for its flagrant lies and deception, on another one of its programs it was still peddling these porkies. The ACL’s Lyle Shelton was grilled by Waleed Aly about this episode on The Project, and Aly was still pushing the line that conservative Christians were behind these posters. Lyle stood strong, but Aly continued to push what we now know to be real falsehoods.

Such is the MSM. But such is the power of one or two solitary individuals who are concerned about the truth, willing to do a bit of digging for the truth, and are then willing to face the firestorm when they share that truth. Well done especially Alister for breaking this story. You and the others are real champions. We need many more brave troopers like you.

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17 Replies to “Marriage Wars: Truth Tellers vs MSM Deception”

  1. There are some excellent comments under the Australian article late on Monday from some of their readers:

    This comment from Greg Doyle :

    Can attest to the fact that no Poster like this was in Heffernan Lane anytime between am Monday 14th and pm Friday 25th August. Was in Melbourne from QLD for work and had to walk through the lane to access Little Bourke St from Lonsdale St.(return) a minimum of twice a day (more when accessing Lonsdale St Greek Restaurants/Cake shops for lunch/dinner breaks) including Sat/Sun. 4-5 times in that period a number of us from work had drinks at the Union E Bar in Heffernan lane also. Being from QLD and curious I read all posters/signs in Laneways and Streets for Band/Shows for entertainment ideas in the CBD. I would NOT have missed a poster like this!

    I was astounded to hear tonight where the Poster was supposedly found conveniently by an Activist but no-one else from Council etc could locate it or others like it…..

    The lies, bullying, name calling and violence of the SSM actvists has got out of control. Had I not been there myself I could have believed it and this is exactly what the activists are counting on….From my perspective it DID NOT Exist and certainly NOT where they are saying it was, so to me it is a Big Fat LIE! The location of this poster was not mentioned by Waleed Aly when he attacked in an interview I viewed regarding what I now know is this mythical poster with the gentleman from the Aust. Christian Lobby and It was a particularly nasty attack based what I now know was a LIE!

    The Main Stream Media wonder why they are not trusted and people are finding alternate places for News/The Truth.

    Where are the Politicians calling out what is now known to be this deliberately false information by those pushing the SSM debate?

    from Douglas:

    The PR response from Network Ten is beyond belief.

    ” The poster in question had been taken down”…

    Translation : We could not tell whether it had ever been posted in Heffernan Lane.

    “…. so we were forced(!) to source a copy online.”

    Translation: We had to desperately find a replica from somewhere, anywhere, and we were forced to do this.

    ” Unfortunately, an oversight in briefing our graphics department interstate may have created a false impression about its size and location.”

    Translation: We asked graphics to impose on a large bus stop billboard a mock up of a ” Stop the Faggots” poster.It was beyond our local graphics mob but we gave it a run via ” interstate graphics”telling them to make it look like it could be in Melbourne.


    from Paul:

    In human history, can anyone remember a campaign where the protagonists put up just a single small poster in a back laneway? Not 1000, 100 or even 10, a campaign built around a single poster? You’d put up 20 to get back your stolen bike.

    False flag or fake news, maybe both, but not real either way.

  2. It’s a shame Lyle couldn’t ask Waleed what his thoughts were on SSM. No one appears to have ever done that.

  3. Matthew 25:31-33
    Will those Christian “leaders” who signed a public letter of support for homosexual marriage be among the sheep or the goats?

  4. A friend just sent me this on Whatsapp as a warning to be on or guard against false and weak leaders on our side of the ssm debate:-

    How many of our leaders will be blessing the fake marriages of their family and friends if we lose this vote? I can think of a few.

    If they could so easily reconcile themselves with a post-traditional marriage world are they really as committed to winning as we are?

  5. What can I say Bill? The list of lies perpetrated by the other side is not as long as your arm – it is way longer. This is the one and only reason why they don’t want the change discussed. The astounding thing to me is that not only is there hardly a grain of truth in what they claim but so many of the claims they make are the direct opposite of the truth. They claim it is society that is imposing on the rights of the children who are being raised by homosexuals when it is the homosexuals themselves that are doing that. Yes in the best cases they can muster there is not much of a difference you can easily detect but we didn’t oppose the lost generation simply on the basis that we could detect a problem in the children and there still are the cases like Mark J Newton and Peter Truong. What does society, including hypocrites like Derryn Hinch and Nick Zenaphon intend doing about this? We know these men put up a superb front and were the ABC, Queensland’s poster boys for homosexual parenting until the NZ police found they had posted images of the boy being assaulted not only by themselves but also their friends. We know there has been a problem with institutional abuse of children but we also know that the majority of abuse and the abuse that is most difficult to detect and deal with is what happens in the home. You may say that raising this is simply vilification and imposing on the rights of others but there actually is no right to call homosexual relationships marriage because it is in reality functionally different to the biological union and I am absolutely sure that if all would take is for my relationship to be called something different to help prevent this sort of thing I would jump at the chance. Instead they say let the rights of children be damned we want our feelings stroked and to have the status of biologically functional relationships and to force people to treat our relationship as equal even though it is nothing like equal in reality. Well I say that just proves their immorality but there is so much more at stake than this because what society is saying is that imagined conditions have rights. Rights are no longer based on reality and on things such as biological facts, they are based on what people feel. How can you possibly base laws and justice on that? Not only that but in conjunction we are also providing for politicians to say that society has moved on and that the words in the constitution no longer mean what was originally intended. This is a tool I have no doubt the Labor Party will make great use of. The sad irony is that if we say the government has the right to make laws with regard to marriage and marriage is solely based on love then we are effectively saying the government has the right to make laws with regard to love and this is exactly what is happening because they are making laws with regard to people’s love of God, truth, justice, biological reality, laws based on facts and the sacredness of marriage. We have to love their fake reality or suffer the consequences.

    They can get away with saying there is little change and problems overseas because the media, very clearly, avoids all reporting of the problems that are occurring; the institutions that are being threatened with closure even under conservative governments, the people who are losing their jobs and businesses and the people who are losing their rights including the hugely important parental rights. The reality is very different to what is being portrayed and even though those that go along with the immorality may expect little change, those that actually want to raise the issues do and I have no doubt the others will too within a short time. You can’t run a democracy by controlling the media and not allowing free discussion and the revealing of the facts. That is how you run a dictatorship. Biological parent and child rights do exists and we really can’t afford to give them up to allow laws based on imaginations.

    We really need to ask God to somehow reveal the truth to the people because the media simply is not doing it. We need the evidence to be shown clearly so people can make a proper, informed and moral decision.

    2Co 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds,
    2Co 10:5 pulling down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God…


  6. We do not need to seek out reasons to protect marriage from homosexuals, all we need do is ask the questions given that MSM and the entire group of queer individuals rely on EQUALITY ‘marriage’ for all’.
    The questions are obvious. As these groups or sympathizers advocate equality in marriage to LGBTIQ and equality to marriage to all then if you go down the alphabet and ask: do all LGBTIQ deserve EQUALITY? If so, does that include bisexual being able to marry one of each sex;
    include queers being able to marry queers;
    include siblings to marry each other;
    include transgender marrying one of each of the over 100 identified genders?

    The final question: would you give children to these queers, transgender, bisexuals and siblings?
    John Abbott

  7. Not only was the Getty image from overseas (dead leaves during the Aussie spring???) it was not even from a country where people drive on the left (see Moreover it is even questionable whether the poster was in Melbourne at all or even plastered on the wall. The picture from Mr Leach McG (you can’t fake this sort of name) shows wavy edges which is not what you would expect when a poster is on a wall. Furthermore, the colour saturation is, I would think, impossible to match with a camera if the poster would actually be on an outside wall. The black is too black and the colours too crisp. Finally, ‘fag’ is an Americanism and there is no mention about the actual referendum just because the poster has nothing to do with it. But yeah don’t let facts get in the way of a ‘good’ story.

  8. While I agree with the criticism of much of the mainstream media, especially on this issue, I was pleased to see Paul Barry call out channel 10’s fake news story on Media Watch last night.

  9. These fake report definitely hurt the Vote-No people by inciting hatred against them.

    But often overlooked is the fact that these fake reports also hurt the ordinary non-political LGBTI folks by adding to their distress.

    The fact that the MSM is willing to work to the detriment of the LGBTI people in order to push through their Vote-Yes agenda is very telling of their motives.

  10. This reminds me of this one fake hate crime that these lesbians set up back in 2012 I believe, where they spray painted their garage and made it seem like it was a hate crime. Before SSM passed here in the U.S, it wouldn’t surprise me if they used the same tactics before it passed.

  11. One is reminded of the old adage, “Believe half of what you hear and even less of what you see.”… Or was it “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

  12. God bless you for your commitment to God and the Truth. Your posts and the comments here give me hope that my stand for God, Marriage, and for the Right to Life is not in vain.

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