Affirm Traditional Marriage and You Can Lose Your Job for “Hate Speech”

Let me cut to the quick: if you dare to question the radical homosexual agenda, or if you dare to publicly defend what the institution of marriage has always been about, chances are very good that you can lose your job, be fined, or face other heavy-handed penalties for your views.

All over the West today free speech, religious freedom, and the democratic process itself are under direct attack. And overwhelmingly those stomping on our freedoms are the activists from the homosexual lobby and their many and various supporters.

The way things are going, I really need to write a book featuring all those who lost their jobs for daring to stand up for heterosexual marriage. Oh wait – I already did this. The first chapter of my 2014 book Dangerous Relations features not one, not two, but 165 cases of pink persecution.

They come from a 34-month period (January 2011 to October 2013) and feature just some of the cases of people losing their freedoms, being kicked out of a job, fined, or even jailed – all for the “crime” of insisting on the usual understanding of marriage, and refusing to bow down to the homosexual juggernaut.

And these were certainly not all of the cases that took place during this period. And of course not every case of this kind gets a wide public hearing, as the ones I reported on did. Thus I think it is safe to say that we now have many hundreds – if not thousands – of occurrences of this happening.

Not a day goes by when some poor soul who thought living in a free democratic society meant he could speak out on things that matter – including the historic understanding of marriage – has found himself on the receiving end of rainbow repression.

And in some places things are now this bad, but homosexual marriage has not even been legalised yet. Just imagine how much worse things will get if and when it is! Australia is one such nation, where the rainbow activists have been on a search and destroy mission, targeting anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda.

I have heaps of examples of this already documented on my site. Well, it is a new day, so we of course have plenty of new examples to include in this ever-expanding list of victims of the pink mafia. Let me offer just three more of them.

The first involves a small business owner in Canberra who has just fired one of her staff members. Was she caught stealing company goods? Did she seek to molest a customer? Did she trash the joint in a drunken rage? Nope, she did something far, far worse: she actually said she affirms heterosexual marriage.

Yes that is now such an horrific offence that you can lose your job over it. Try telling this guy nothing changes when we seek to redefine marriage. It has not even been legally changed here yet and we already have people losing their jobs! Wakey wakey folks!

The shop owner, Madlin Sims, wrote this on her FB page (I slightly edited one word):

Today I fired a staff member who made it public knowledge that they feel “it’s okay to vote no”.
Advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech.
Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online.
1. Its bad for business
2. I don’t like sh*t morals
3. I don’t want homophobes working for me, especially in an environment with children.
It’s not okay to vote no. It’s not okay to be homophobic. This isn’t a matter of opinion or even religion. It’s a matter of the love & livelihood of real human beings. Freedom of speech is there for a reason and so are consequences.

Wow, did you get that? To support traditional marriage is “hate speech”! Affirming male-female marriage is “sh*t” morals! If you say marriage is about one man and one woman you are being “homophobic”! And the real howler is this: “It’s a matter of the love & livelihood of real human beings.”

Um yeah, try telling this real human being who just got fired what this love is all about, and how it impacts one’s livelihood! Usually the leftists are the first to scream about unfair dismissals and authoritarian bosses running roughshod over workers’ rights. Um, just where are all these lefties now? As Martyn Iles pointed out:

This woman has sacked a contractor for using an “it’s ok to vote no” frame on Facebook. She has a problem, though…
1) Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT) s13 — “It is unlawful for a principal to discriminate against a contract worker… (b) by not allowing the contract worker to work or continue to work”
2) Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT) s7(1)(o) — “political conviction” is a protected attribute.
It appears that what she has done is plain illegal.

My second case is not much better. One person actually rented a plane to sky write the words “Vote No”. For daring to do that all hell has broken out. They are now after his head, and he is now likely hiding in fear of his life! One news item puts it this way:

The electoral watchdog has received complaints about the “Vote No” skywriting over Sydney on the weekend not being properly authorised. A grassroots campaigner against same-sex marriage commissioned a pilot to write “Vote No””Vote No” in the sky four times on Sunday, a day after the anti same-sex marriage campaign launched nationally.
The skywriting, which was not organised by the key “no” case group Coalition for Marriage, attracted much discussion on social media, and the website from which it was crowdfunded was inundated with comments. The Australian Electoral Commission has received a number of complaints regarding the skywriting.

But get a load of all the love and tolerance he is now getting:

Social media users quickly began circulating the company’s contact information, abusing them for taking on the job. One message said the business owner is an “a***hole”. Another post said it was “probably the end of your business”.
One text message to the business owner read “you really are a sh** human. You’re definitely the biggest piece of sh** in Australia today. Probably tomorrow too. Hope you’re proud of yourself. Don’t be surprised by the hate coming for you. Titt for tatt, it’s only fair, right? You stupid, ignorant, remorseless, pathetic, old, LOSER”.

My final case involves a church that had the audacity to actually affirm two-thousand years of Christian social teaching on this issue:

A billboard outside a Brisbane church has sparked outrage ahead of the same-sex marriage vote. The Bellbowrie Community Church posted the sign: “God designed marriage between a man & a woman”. It was condemned on social media, and critics took to the church’s Facebook page to object.
“Hopefully there are churches in the area that cater to ALL Christians and not just the ones who fit in the narrow minded view of this “Church of God”. I’m sure Christ would be very disappointed in your view of Christianity,” one post said. Others started taking to the church’s review section and posting one-star reviews.
“A closed-minded group which overtly discriminates against members of our valued community and their (very reasonable) quest for marriage equality,” one woman wrote. Cartoons of same sex couples and sailors waving rainbow flags were posted in the comments under unrelated posts by the church.

So let me get this straight: now churches cannot even state publicly what the Christian view of marriage is without the haters and frenzied mobs coming out in force? I repeat: if things are this bad now, can you imagine how much worse things will get if faux marriage is legalised here?

And yet the other side keeps pushing the same old mantra that nothing changes when we change marriage. There will be no negative repercussions, they keep insisting. They are lying through their teeth and they know it. As just one of a kazillion examples, just yesterday lesbian activist and sister of Tony Abbott Christine Forster said the same thing.

She claimed on Sky News that homosexual marriage would have zero impact on free speech. She claimed that “there is nothing about changing same-sex marriage laws to allow same-sex couples to marry that will have any impact whatsoever on people’s ability to speak freely about their religion and their beliefs.”

Sure Christine, sure. Try telling that to the gal who just lost her job, or the skywriter facing the wrath of the militants, or the Queensland church subjected to so much hate and abuse. Try telling them their ability to express their beliefs – whether religious or not – will not be put at risk.

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26 Replies to “Affirm Traditional Marriage and You Can Lose Your Job for “Hate Speech””

  1. There are more ironic statements than I can count by the people who are criticizing those who affirm that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    I think you need to write squeal anyway since your old one was before the US Supreme Court decision, Ireland voting & countries like Germany and Malta bringing in so called ‘Same Sex Marriage’. I know there have been some minor victories since you published your book with a couple of people too. You may want to wait until after this postal vote.

  2. Fifteen months ago I was diagnosed with a parasitic infection, caught in India several years earlier, but only recently causing mayhem. It had a profound affect on my body: Loss of weight, dietary restrictions, exhaustion, metabolic disorders, disruptions in homeostasis (feeling icy cold most of the time)…. but I somehow coped. That is (hopefully) now behind me. However, compared with what is happening now (or being threatened) via the whole SSM activism in our midst, my sickness was a piece of cake (oops, I wasn’t allowed that either!)

    How on earth can these people have such absurd and contradictory ‘values’? On the one hand, they continue to proclaim words like ‘homophobia’ (along with more offensive terms), and threaten closure of any business that makes a stand via the ‘no’ vote…. while on the other hand, saying or doing absolutely nothing that would reassure us they have our best interests at heart, Their mantra “Love Wins” rings hollow. Sometimes I wonder whether this is all a bad dream – well, perhaps a very real nightmare! It seems all we can do on a practical level right now is pray for repentance and revival, as in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  3. You’ve pretty much gave countless examples Bill and I think even some people have also realize this. For some reason despite having equal rights already in countries like the U.K, the LGBT activists are still pandering and still want more. Just a couple of days ago the Lancashire police in the UK were more concerned about LGBT people and have painted their cars rainbow colors to fight “Hate Crimes”, all while a terrorist was on the loose over the bomb in London. People were calling them out on their priorities – even one comment stated: “The LGBT people already have equal rights here, why are you still so focused on these people when there’s a terrorist on the loose?”

  4. Fred Nile has just reported that:
    “Funds raised to pay for “VOTE NO” to be written in the sky over Sydney have reportedly been “frozen”. Money for the skywriting had been raised using a crowdfunding website which now – according to media reports – is withholding the funds”.

  5. Fred Nile says:
    “Let’s take a moment to note that something that is perfectly legal, that is voluntarily funded by individuals, something that concerns the debate on an important social policy issue, is being ‘blocked’ just because the wrong ‘opinion’ is promoted.”

  6. Roger Corbett, who was Woolworth CEO, from 1999 to 2006 affirms M-F marriage. True to form and right on cue:
    “Since the interview, disgruntled same-sex marriage supporters have used Facebook and other social media platforms to push for a consumer boycott of Woolworths despite Mr Corbett running the company more than 10 years ago”.

  7. Yes quite right John. Even if a stopped doing everything else and just tried to stay on top of all these cases of homosexual hate, bullying and thuggery, i still would not be able to cover it all. It is never ending. Just think how much worse it will get if they get away with destroying true marriage.

  8. It truly astounded me that people claiming to promote love, tolerance and equality would use such a harsh and odious reaction to someone who has a different opinion to theirs. But I guess I am prone to being quite optimistic. Worst of all, that these individuals do not see their own hatred and bigotry in themselves! We live in a democratic free society, it is this mechanism that gives minorities freedom to prosper! Differing opinion, and respecting that opinion is what makes this and other countries that share democratic free speech so diverse and free. Am I naïve or is this not a tenet of fascism to fire or shut someone down solely on the basis of disagreeing with their view (rhetorical). This tactic seems to be shared with the Antifa movement sweeping the US at present. Promoting violence to promulgate only their view is a clear form of fascism, but this group either refuses to acknowledge or are completely ignorant or fatuous on purpose. Honest Christians can do is to love one another including people who hate them and despitefully use them, Paul says ‘be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good (Rom 12:20 KJV). It is sad that open rational dialogue does not reign over this emotional issue, I agree with what Ann says, pray for a revival and repentance.

  9. It seems the one who shouldn’t be allowed near children is Ms Sims who holds to a pro-homosexual viewpoint, not the contractor she fired.

  10. Nothing will change unless we change, that is, the people who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of all human beings. Without change, we will keep getting the same results we’ve always got. Shouldn’t we wake up now and do what Jesus said we must do?

  11. Thanks Tom. Yes as I keep saying, we must seek for revival in the church while we seek to be salt and light in society. Both need to be worked at.

  12. Something new from the slippery slope –

    It would appear that the notion of sex with minors is increasingly tolerated at an academic level. Where once studies suggesting there is no long-term damage on children who have sex with adults would have been loudly condemned, there is now silence. And if academics no longer wish to argue that such relations are harmful, then activists will have ‘facts’ and articles upon which to demand equality.

  13. Have read some but not all of what has been posted here, but I think I can safely say I am so happy I voted no and to everyone here who did the same well done. We live in a time where our most basic rights, like free speech are taken away from us because we refuse to bow down to the minority

  14. Hi Bill. Just letting you know that this post comes up on the first page of a google search ‘contractor loses job for voting no’. I was scrolling through the links and got to yours and thought, ‘there’s a decent perspective’ and then saw your name! Congrats that your posts are getting such high ranking. May God continue to raise your profile and voice more and more.

  15. The promotion of a form of marriage where man is divorced from woman for the purpose of physical intimacy of the spouses and for the purpose of parenting of the children is also the promotion of a compulsory divorce of children from at least one of their biological parents.

    What do the terms “inclusion” and “diversity” actually mean in a “nouveau” relationship which is built on the two above-mentioned a priori divorces and their implicit exclusions – their insistence on a “sameness” of sex and sexual orientation for the two spouses?

    When the sappers’ work is almost done, we may expect some of their mines to blow up before the appointed time of the final advance on the fortifications under siege!

    Marxist thought and its less overtly revolutionary cousins have never really had any serious interest in the continued survival of patriarchy, marriage and family. Their ultimate interest is surely in the socialisation of all the capital of a society, including its human capital, under a dictatorship of the proletariat. Ultimately, the State will be left holding the babies abandoned by disintegrating adult intimate partnerships.

  16. One of my children works in a youth refuge where they had to patch up a clients suicide attempt. He grew up in a family broken to pieces by this debate. Please pray for the workers there and their clients.
    It has set me wondering – how can Christians care for those who are suffering the results of our fragmented culture? (Some in the lgbt camp seem to think that legislating all they yell for might fix something that is part of the disorder of their lives!)
    I’m respecting those people who are out there at the bottom of the cliff, rescuing children who have not heard the warnings or the Gospel.

  17. Thanks Mary. Yes there is so much that needs to be done in this broken world. My job is primarily that of building fences at the top of the cliff, so that I can lessen as much as possible the work of those at the bottom of the cliff picking up the pieces. We need both types of activity, but the more we can prevent the madness from happening in the first place, the less work we will have to do in repairing damaged lives.

  18. Tanya Plibersek has a new video piece saying that help line calls have increased by 40% since the launch of the plebicite. She is calling on the govt to increase funding. The implication she obviously wants us to draw is that the whole debate is causing this spike in demand since it is bringing additional stress.
    It is a cleverly scripted video, because it does not actually say anything about what the actual causes are. The two issues are just mentioned together.
    It would be really interesting to see a detailed analysis of this.
    Just a phrase like “hate speech from bigots” is likely to send some to the brink.
    Just saying that “I’m voting ‘no’ ” should not send anyone reaching for the smelling salts unless they are trigger primed for a strong reaction.

  19. I would like to know your thoughts. If I remember correctly, sexual orientation was introduced in the Anti-Discrimination Act because people were ‘born this way, and it cannot be changed.’ Now-a-days the gay lobby are proud to say that a personal sexuality can, and does, change. Does this mean that sexuality orientation should be removed from the Anti-Discrimination Act?

  20. Good question Peter. As I like to put it:

    So let me see if I have this straight:
    -People are born male but can change to female.
    -People are born white but can change to black.
    -People are born homosexual but can never change.
    Makes perfect sense I guess…

  21. Well done, Bill for keeping up so aptly informed………….
    WOW what challenging times.
    For those of your Readers & Commentators who are not Christian – I tremble for them.

    We must continue to fight this battle for our beautiful families on our knees…..
    God Wins the War no matter what the outcome on this plebesite.

    Brothers & Sisters in Christ, let us continue to:

    Gird ourselves with the AMAZING protection of God’s Holy Word, Jesus Precious Blood & The Holy Spirit Gifts of of Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement,Courage, Knowledge, Reverence and the Wonder & Awe in God’s Presence.

  22. Well worth the read…
    this link will take you to: “What same-sex “marriage’ has done to Massachusetts”, go to the link “Download text in printable pdf format.” for the PDF file.
    Vote “NO”

    Copyright (c) 2012 MassResistance
    This article, including download version (top) and booklet (above),
    may be freely copied and distributed in unaltered form.

  23. Voting Yes is equivalent to forgoing traditional marriage but also agreeing to Safe Scholls progrom which has a hidden agenda of encouraging radical sex experimentations to our young sons and daughters.

    Vote NO.

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