One Brave Teenager vs the Rainbow Juggernaut

She is only 18 years old, but she now knows full well what the wrath of the homosexual lobby looks like. For daring to say on her own private media page that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman, young Madeline was fired from her job.

It is a good thing this happened at the hands of the love and tolerance brigade. Just imagine how much worse things would have been if she was dealing with a group that was not so steeped in tolerance and acceptance! I wrote yesterday of this shocking case of homosexual hate and bigotry:

Thankfully today some of the less biased and bigoted media has been running with the story of Madeline. Everything we learn about her demonstrates what a champ she is, and how nasty the homosexual militants can be. Here is how one media report covers the story:

The woman sacked by a children’s party business for promoting the “no” vote in the gay marriage postal survey says she is “very hurt” about being fired. The 18-year-old woman, who has been identified only by her first name Madeline, was let go as a contractor by the Canberra small business for posting a Facebook profile picture with a filter saying “It’s OK to vote no”.
Capital Kids Parties business owner Madlin Sims said she fired Madeline because “advertising your desire to vote no for SSM [same-sex marriage] is, in my eyes, hate speech”. “I am in complete shock,” Madeline told Triple J’s Hack yesterday.
She said the situation was made worse because she wasn’t able to articulate her position to Ms Sims before she was fired. “Most people see my views as bigoted — I did understand where she was coming from — but when I wasn’t able to explain myself to her because she had blocked me I felt even more hurt,” Madeline said.
“I just wanted to let her know why I was voting no and I wanted to ask her why she would discriminate against me and not have tolerance for my view. “I think it’s very unfair.”
Ms Sims told Hack that she believed Madeline’s views were a “risk” to her customers. “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, we’re a democracy … all good. That’s not the problem. The problem for me is that we work with children,” Ms Sims said.

Wait a minute – stop right there. As young Madeline told Andrew Bolt, she is the oldest of eight children, she loves kids, and she actually works as a nanny! Yet Ms Sims claims Madeline will put children at risk. What a disgusting thing to say.

Talk about anti-Christian bigotry and bullying. The article goes on to say this:

Madeline said her views were based on her faith. “I have been raised a Christian my whole life and, in the Bible, God clearly states that a man and a man and a woman and a woman are not to be together,” she said. “I believe that man and woman were created for each other and that when we’re together it’s a beautiful thing.

Another article sheds more light on the irrational and bigoted Ms Sims:

Ms Sims published another Facebook comment yesterday clarifying that the person she had “fired” was a contractor and suggested that she could not risk letting that person work around young children because she might pass on her views. “I stand by my decision to let go of this contractor,” Ms Sims declared.
“She was let go because her actions showed she is extremely out & proud about her views on homosexuals and as someone who, as I said before, has an (sic) responsibility to the vulnerable people we work with, could not risk her voicing those opinions to any children of ours.” Responding to the claims against her, Madeline said she would consider her legal options but was not committed to pursuing them.
Institute for Civil Society executive director Mark Sneddon said religious conviction was a “protected attribute” under ACT discrimination law. “So if someone sacks you or acts detrimentally to you on the basis of your religious conviction then you could take an anti-discrimination complaint against them,” Mr Sneddon said.
Pointing to the same-sex marriage postal survey safeguards passed in parliament last week, Mr Sneddon suggested that general threats not to employ someone based on how they were planning to vote in the postal survey could possibly be a breach of the anti-vilification provisions.
Madeline said she worked as a nanny and was trusted by people to look after their children, strongly rejecting claims she was homophobic. “I have plenty of homosexual friends and family who I love very dearly.

Um, earth calling Ms Sims: the only one who is “extremely out & proud about her views on homosexuals” is obviously you. You go around firing terrific staff simply because they dare to have a different point of view. How tolerant of you. How accepting of you. How loving of you.

But it gets even worse. Consider this bit of Orwellian madness:

Ms Sims yesterday told the ABC’s Hack that she stood by her decision to “let go” Madeline, suggesting she was taking “damage control before it happened” despite no parents complaining about the issue. Ms Sims said it was “homophobic” to vote No in the postal survey, but conceded her decision to stop employing Madeline was “bigoted”.
“What I did was bigoted,” she said. “But is it worse for me to be a bigot fighting for the rights of homosexuals or is it worse for her being a bigot telling people they can’t have equality?”

Um, so it IS OK to be bigoted and intolerant Ms Sims? How nice of you to spill the beans. What you are telling us is that you do not believe a word of what your side is saying: you do NOT believe in equality, in diversity, in tolerance, in acceptance.

You believe in sacking every single person who actually dares to think for themselves and have a differing point of view when it comes to marriage. How very tolerant of you Ms Sims. How very loving you are. Guess what? This is why so many will be voting “No”.

They see the ugly bigotry, bullying and hatred of the pro-homosexual marriage camp and they are utterly repulsed by it. And well they should be. The only thing worse than such thuggery and intimidation is when it comes in the name of tolerance.

It is clearly time to say “No” to the tolerance brigade. Let this story be a wake up call. Young Madeline was fired for her faith. She puts most Christians to shame in her commitment to truth. We need many more fearless folks like her to demonstrate what real heroes look like.

Please keep Madeline in your prayers. She is a champion in every sense of the word, and she should inspire every single one of you to stand strong and keep the faith. Recall that the word “martyr” comes from the Greek word for witness. Madeline is a terrific witness for her faith.

We may not be having Christians and others being put to death yet as we normally think when we hear the word martyr, but we are getting an ever-expanding list of those who have been fired from their jobs, fined, and even jailed, for simply standing true to their beliefs and resisting the militant rainbow warriors.

Thank you Madeline for your courageous and strong witness.

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33 Replies to “One Brave Teenager vs the Rainbow Juggernaut”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the other information about Madeleine that other media outlets did not. The fact that Madeleine is a Christian wasn’t mentioned elsewhere.

    I do not know all the details of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion policies, but would Madeleine’s sacking have been a breech of these? For example, at my workplace, we have a few Indian employees. I imagine that they could be practicing Hindus. In that case, they would not be forced to eat hamburgers if we had a staff barbecue, would they?

    Madeleine is to be respected for taking a stand. This shows her courage, and maturity.

  2. If I could employ young Madeleine, I would. She deserves commendation, not condemnation.

  3. This Miss Bigoted who sacked her was over the top as all she had to do was say to Madeline that she didn’t want her sharing her views with the children. End of story.

    The fact that she did what she did points out how intolerant she is.

  4. Madeline’s future is assured, genuine Christians will be flocking to employ her as she clearly loves The Lord, has great work ethic and maturity for such a young woman. She also sounds to be highly intelligent.
    As for Miss Sims, may her disgraceful and grossly intolerant behaviour wake her up, I suspect her business will likely now fail.
    Thanks Bill, will share.

  5. It’s great to see this young lady standing firm for the Lord. In an interview with Andrew Bolt (her first TV appearance) it sounded like she was still in shock and trying to process everything but wasn’t leaping to pursue legal action. Despite that George Christensen has asked the HRC to urgently investigate the blatant abuse of human rights, and Eric Abetz has suggested the Fair Work Act may have been breached depending on whether Madeleine was an employee or a contractor, and whether she was correctly employed. This also overlooks whether anti-discrimination law may have been violated given the sacking was based on a political-religious difference, and whether the recent survey protections also apply. As Bill said, keep this young lady in your prayers, also that God will use the situation for His glory.

  6. What a great read, thank you Bill. I pray that Ms Sims softens her heart and comes to the realisation that her hateful and clearly bigoted actions were wrong. Although, I don’t entirely blame her for this given the incessant propaganda parade plastered all over the MSM, the so-called partial media promulgating one side only. Worse still, if you disagree you are wrong simply because they say so. What happened to critical thought and debate, to mutual respect, wow, I’m sounding old fashioned!
    It would be a fantastic witness to see Ms Sims come to the knowledge of the Christian faith where logic, patience, love and tolerance reign supreme. Attributes that Madeline demonstrated so eloquently, much respect for you!

  7. Thanks Jonathan. Yes, as I wrote elsewhere:

    Hypocrisy much? Ms Sims is happy to pose in soft porn pics, yet fires a Christian teenager, claiming she will put children at risk! This is actually how the lunar left “thinks”! We need to pray for both Madlin and Madeline. Pray for salvation for the former and strength to keep standing strong for the latter.

  8. “It’s OK for me to be bigoted…..”

    See, the trouble today is that people don’t even understand the words they use. if this woman understood the dictionary meaning of the word she would not have used it in reference to herself.

    This highlights a deeply troubling underlying problem, that makes actually debating such things as SSM impossible today.

    Just think of terms like pluralism, constitutional democracy, civil discourse, due process…. (i’m sure Bill would think of so many more)

    No, we use words today with whatever personal meaning we feel like giving them. And so civilised discussion is now a thing of the past.


  9. She’s so young, only 18, and to be treated this way. She held up very well on TV. Her employer couldn’t post her unfair treatment fast enough to get moral kudos. What a nasty piece of work. This is the world we’re heading into.

  10. Great, comprehensive article, Bill. Madeline is truly one of a new breed of Christian; the kind that we will all need to be to face the ugly onslaught against our faith. The One they hate is Christ and the more Christ shines out of us, the more they will turn that hatred on us. They hate the holy Word of God because they love darkness rather than light. They want to sin and do exactly as they please, bottom line. We know what to expect and we will all need to call upon the limitless grace of God to empower us to fulfill our destiny, being born for such a time as this.

  11. I think she deserves an AWARD.

    We will just give it to her RIGHT NOW:

    ….. Sis Madeline; we do here and now BESTOWE UPON YOU THE EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE OF;
    The top & highest honor of the land of STICK TO IT Christian teens:
    THE AWARD of 2017…. With all its rights and privileges


  12. Well done Madeline! You are a true champion and at such a young age.

    As usual you can only have one view on the whole SSM thing, their view, all other views are labelled as homophobic, hate speech or something else.

    I know full well the wrath of the homosexualists brigade having lost my position as a leader in my local Scout Group for daring to suggest to the parents of youth members in our group to consider carefully the consequences of changing the Marriage Act.

    I only hope Madeline was spared the vitriolic bullying that usually comes with taking a stand.

    Bill, thank you for your support last week when I was in need, it was much appreciated.


  13. I admire Madeline for her Christian conviction it would have been very easy for her to have ranted and raved in anger. But she acted in a Christian way with great maturity. I will be praying for her that she will quickly get the extra employment she needs.

  14. Bill, something disturbing I stumbled over:

    According to the article last year Canberra elected a female majority to its Assembly, as well as a number of sodomites. That’s largely noteworthy because the marginalisation of ‘straight white males’ is deemed irrelevant. More disturbing is the fact the ACT’s Chief Minister has said he wants a discussion about freedom from religion to be included in the SSM debate. The NO campaign has been warning Australia about the dangers of SSM, and the YES campaign is demonstrating their fears are valid. The only question is how people will vote, and how the government will respond. As always we need to keep praying.

  15. I voted yes. But i agree she should not have been sacked. And i wish her all the best in the future.

  16. Unfortunately most employers are not so foolishly transparent when they apply their bigotry to their employees. The cases that come to court or the notice of the public are a very tiny fraction of what Christians constantly face.

  17. Hi Bill
    I appreciate your writings. Whilst an atheist, I value the role of religion in the structure of this society of ours.
    And whilst also a homosexual I’m interested in your views on the ‘trashing of marriage’ as you correctly call it, and of which I am also opposed, although for very different reasons to your own.
    Since homosexuals refuse any of the alternatives to marriage, common sense indicates there is another agenda to this homosexual marriage push. As you know.
    That it is simply an exercise in social engineering and bullying.
    An example of when democracy becomes indoctrination perhaps.
    You might disagree but I otherwise find it hard to believe any person’s desire to marry would warrant anywhere near the amount of aggression and determination that the gay mafia (or pooftia as Les Patterson calls it) is investing in this.
    And being married is about compromise?

  18. Madeleine, congratulations for taking such a stand. It tells me that you are teachable, have your own conviction of conscience and are willing to follow Jesus Christ, His church and the Scriptures. These facets of your life will stand you in good stead, come what may in this world.

    And I hold her parents in high regard for similar reasons. Truly their efforts are yielding fruit.

  19. Hello Bill thank you for demonstrating so eloquently just why one should vote no in your article about Madeline’s plight for expressing her opinion to vote No. It is clear that the SSM crowd want to just shut down all debate and discussion as to why one should vote no. This is what is happening in other countries that are the subject of oppressive regimes in the world and just demonstrates that there may be a hidden agenda to implement such a regime here in our free country so I too have voted no. Rev Dr Peter Marshall former Chaplain to the US Senate once said, “if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything”! Thank you Madeline for standing up and saying to all of us vote no!

  20. She needs to contact the American Council for Law & Justice (ACLJ) with Jay Sckulow (not sure if spelled right). They win over 90% of their cases. They take cases where people are told you can not pray before meals at school or can not bring their Bibles to school or work. They are all Christian lawyers.

  21. I countersign Mr Junkin’s award. Go Madeline. You are worth 20 of your former employers, to whom I say, “many thanks for giving me yet another reason to vote NO”.

  22. ‘A critic’s criticism remains the criticism of a critic’. ‘Extreme reactions’ tell us more about the ‘reactor’ than about the deed.

  23. Congratulations Madeline on your stand & God Bless your endeavours. We need to make a stand against evil. I’ve already voted NO to ssm.

  24. The mark of the beast, but we already know the outcome of this struggle.

    Sound like Madeline has been reviled, so she is blessed. If anyone knows a way to help out please post it.

  25. Good on you Madeline. You’ll make some fortunate young man a wonderful husband one day! Don’t give in to the hurtful remarks others will make. They will get their reward! So will you, so keep on making your stand. God Bless You.

  26. I hope Madeline is reading this stuff. Anyway my comment just to get on the record is: ‘What a girl!’.

  27. So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.” 1 Peter 3:7: “In the same way, you husbands must give honour to your wives. Marriage came from the very beginning in Genesis when God created the first man Adam and the woman EVE to live as man and wife.

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