Activists Silencing the Masses

One of the clearest lessons to be derived from the current Australian homosexual marriage debate and vote is just how the other side operates. The whole nation can now see for themselves that the side that screams the most about acceptance, diversity and tolerance are nothing of the sort.

The cases of intimidation, bullying, violence and censorship have been occurring on a daily basis, and the general populace has seen plenty of it. If the ‘Yes’ vote is shot down, all this viciousness and thuggery will be a major factor in why folks voted ‘no’.

I and others have documented numerous cases of this bullying and intolerance. It is part and parcel of how the secular left in general, and the militant homosexual lobby in particular routinely operate. They are NOT interested in genuine debate – they want to shut down all debate.

In their view there is only one way to think on these matters, and all competing views must be quashed and all dissenters silenced. Thus Mark Latham had it quite right when he said a few weeks ago that the ‘Yes’ camp is all about censorship and bullying:

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has likened gay marriage to mind control as ‘No’ campaigners are barred from speaking at venues they had paid for. The media commentator and author said the ‘Yes’ campaign’s tactics were a threat to democracy itself after same-sex marriage opponents were shut out of two venues in Hobart.
‘It’s about control of what people can say, what people can think, what people can believe in and even where people can speak,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday ahead of the Sydney launch for his new book ‘Outsiders’. ‘In a democracy, this is just horrific news.’
His concern comes after the Wrest Point Casino in Hobart last week prevented the Coalition for Marriage from hosting a 600-seat ‘No’ case rally even though they had booked the Plenary Hall, the ABC reported. The University of Tasmania then refused to take them.

As mentioned, the constant cases of rainbow fascism are producing a backlash. People are sick and tired of all the bullying and intimidation from the ‘Yes’ camp. Many are rising up and saying enough is enough. Tony Abbott certainly understands this:

Tony Abbott has hailed the rise of a new conservative movement prepared to fight for Western culture and religious freedom as a result of the same-sex marriage campaign and warned Liberals the “activated” voters will wonder “who will represent them in the years ahead”.
The former prime minister said the “nucleus of an organisation” had been created in just two months of campaigning for traditional marriage but there was no support from Malcolm Turnbull or conservative ministers.
He said the new movement, which could represent 40 per cent of Australians, could become a counter to the pro-Labor, leftist GetUp! movement which has been around for a decade and heavily funded by unions.
This week John Howard, a leading advocate for traditional marriage, also warned of the “fragmentation” of politics in Australia and is concerned about the lack of representation in the same-sex marriage debate for conservatives.
In a speech to be delivered in New York overnight to the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom group, Mr Abbott will say thousands of young people had sprung to defend marriage despite attracting “an instant social media storm and reputational death”.
“Such robust characters, once activated, are unlikely to fade away; and could continue to make their presence felt (even after marriage is no longer an issue) because they’ve had the guts to campaign for a cause they believe in,” he says.
“With the leaders of both big political parties, 60 large businesses and most of the major sporting codes all coming out on the other side — and no cabinet minister, not one, in the centre-right government prepared to campaign with them — they will understandably be wondering who and what might represent them in the years ahead.”

But the bullying continues. And this is not just true of Australia. We see the same thing happening in America. There too ordinary folks are afraid to open their mouths and voice their political opinions, for fear of being attacked by the militants on the left.

And there is research to back all this up. Just today I spotted a report from the US which highlights this very thing:

With the holiday season fast approaching (Halloween has passed so look for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations to go up any day now), Americans across the country are no doubt beginning to dread the dining room table talk that comes along with the festivities.
But in 2017, it’s even worse. Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of those surveyed for a new poll agreed that the “political climate prevents them from sharing their political beliefs.”
The survey by the Cato Institute found that 73% of Republicans said “they keep some of their political beliefs to themselves.” Fifty-eight percent of independents also keep views to themselves, while 53% of Democrats did so, the poll found.
What’s more, a whopping 71% of those polled “believe that political correctness has silenced important discussions our society needs to have,” the survey found.

Yes the militants and their political correctness sledgehammer have intimidated millions of people into silence. It is getting harder and harder for normal citizens to state their opinions on the vital issues of the day. Such is the climate of fear and intimidation created by the radical secular left.

But in one sense this is nothing new. There have always been groups which sought to silence and intimidate others. Just this morning in my daily reading I came across a passage in John’s gospel and the first thing I thought of was the hostile political and ideological climate we find ourselves in today, especially with all things homosexual.

What I read in John 7:11-13 is quite interesting indeed in light of all this:

Now at the festival the Jewish leaders were watching for Jesus and asking, “Where is he?” Among the crowds there was widespread whispering about him. Some said, “He is a good man.” Others replied, “No, he deceives the people.” But no one would say anything publicly about him for fear of the leaders.

Hmm, there have even been press reports over the past weeks of this very thing: voters – especially ‘No’ voters – are afraid to even reveal how they voted. They are so cognisant of the radical left’s program of intimidation, harassment and bullying that many just remain silent.

Well, in two weeks’ time we will finally know just how most Australians feel about this issue. In the meantime, we still have a few more days left, so if you have not yet cast your vote, please do so now.

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6 Replies to “Activists Silencing the Masses”

  1. Here is a compilation of so called peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, democratic and civilised behaviour of the cultural Marxists and their useful idiots, the LGBTQIP…..XYZs

    Examples of the same darkened minds of Pro -European Unionists (PEU) those who wish to keep Britain enslaved to the EU :

    Examples of the voice the vicious homosexual founder member of the Nazi Party, Ernst Rohm, being echoed by militant LGBT:

    Examples of the same descent to profanity :
    iii) Children encouraged to mouth obscenities

    Examples of the same attempt to shout down any opposition

    LGBTs :
    Trafalgar Square
    London Gay Pride

    Boy George
    Christian Rally outside Houses of Parliament drowned out
    Debate shut down in Universities, colleges and schools

    Example of same incitement to hatred
    LGBTs :
    Drag Queen whips up hatred towards Christian preachers

    Examples of the same threats of violence:

    Example of the The same violence

    In the name of social cohesion they create division and a police state
    Mr and Mrs Pauline Howe intimidated by Police
    Police monitor social media
    Police crossing the line
    Sir Peter Fahy leads Manchester police in YMCA gig and cavorting
    ii) Policeman proposing to man in London Gay Pride
    Police and judiciary side with LGBT thugs.
    LGBT fascist Military display.

    I could go on and describe the violence and depravity within the so-called gay community and the their violent sexual practices apart from buggery. But let Liberty Alliance have the last word.

    If anyone can add to the above compilation, I would be most obliged.

    David SkinnerUK

  2. With apologies to Winston Churchill for having the presumption to appropriate his words when, in in 1898 he warned the West of the threat of Islam. [1]:-

    How dreadful are the curses which homosexualism has on those who are enslaved to it! Besides the militant frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful sociopathic fatalism. The effects are increasingly apparent in many countries: the rise in abortion; mass murder, rape; sexual violence; paedophilia; pederasty; promiscuity; sexually transmitted diseases; mental instability; suicide; drug taking; a hatred of truth; justice and righteousness ; a threat to democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; respect for parents; a threat to the economy; to the military; freedom of speech; freedom of conscience; a terrible threat to children; marriage; the family, the nation and life itself.
    These threats exist wherever the followers of the prophets of homosexualism rule or live, of which, like the prophets of Baal and Molech, there have been scores of them , ever since Karl – Maria Kertbeny coined the words “homosexual” and “heterosexual” in 1868 [2] and the German sexologists Magnus Hirschfeld and bisexual paedophilile , Alfred Kinsey, peddled their twisted philosophy , dominating the mass media with their propaganda.

    A degraded and perverted sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity, sanctity and humanity. The fact that with Pink Law every heterosexual man is regarded as a dirty breeder and every girl is reduced to being potentially farmed for eggs, a human incubator, with children being treated as commodities to be bought and sold, must delay the final extinction of sexual slavery, until Cultural Marxism , the Sexual Orientation Regulations and the normalisation of homosexuality have ceased to have their iron grip on our nation.

    Gay partnerships afflicted with this condition may in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, appear “stunning”. All know how to die bravely in the genito -urinary clinic in the cause of equality, diversity and inclusion; but the influence of their ideology paralyses the personal and social development of those who follow it. Apart from Mohammedanism , no stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

    Far from being moribund, homosexualism is a militant and proselytising ideology, whipped up by Stonewall, Peter Tatchell, the gay liberation front, hundreds of LGBT organisation proliferating daily throughout the UK and now by Mohammedans themselves [3]. These are the product of a thinly veiled rage and hatred of Jesus Christ; Father God, the Holy Spirit, marriage and family.

    Their narcissism and hypersensitivity are without limits. They have already spread throughout Britain and other western nations, with devotees at every gay pride parade, screaming, “ homophobic bigot” , when the slightest lack of affirmation is made towards their macabre and grotesque strutting, whistling, mincing, shuffling and cavorting.
    Whilst the pink pound has come to dominate government, the film industry, the mass media and every area of life – except the domain of producing the next generation -they still claim that they are an oppressed, victim group.

    One would think that they had already achieved their pink utopia here on earth, but no! What are those trance induced mantras they repeat? “There is so much more work to do”; “there are so many more barriers remaining to smash, impeding us from getting what we want, whenever we want it” and “there are so many more laws to pass in order to force society to submit to our will and achieve world domination”. Immersed in their pseudo- scientific, quasi- religious evolutionism they lurch misty eyed and ketamine fuelled, along with our children, towards Never Neverland: an early grave or Sharia- whichever comes first.

    No technology, no reasoned debates, no appeal to common sense, or health and safety can stop this virus eating away at the heart of our nation. Desperate for identity, the Stonewall zombies, scream with evangelical hysteria : “Some People are Gay. Get Over It!”, or “We’re Queer. We’re here, Get Used to it”. They claim that it is only an oppressive, white, Christian society that stops us all from joining them on the dusty plains to enjoy the benefits of sodomy, sadomasochism, fisting, necrophilia, coprophilia, incest, bestiality, cannibalism, a host of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, cancers and last – but not least – giving the gift of HIV and AIDS.

    Just as Babylonia, ancient Greece, Rome, Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany and other dead civilizations vainly struggled with the consequences of sodomite idolatry, so we too are condemned to join them, unless as a nation we repent and cry out to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, for mercy on our children and nation. Only then will we have the moral courage and martial vigour to stand for freedom in Christ, under the laws of God, as in olden times and defeat this monstrous predator and parasite that is devouring us from within.

    [1] Winston Churchill and Islam,
    [2] Karl Maria Kertbeny
    [3] Gay Muslims
    iii) Baroness Warsi
    Sadiq Khan
    [v] Sharia courts in Britain

    David Skinner UK

  3. Thanks for this article. Eventually, the University of Tasmania did allow the Coalition for Marriage event to go ahead on October 6th, after the Coalition quoted the University’s terms of hire back at them. When covering the story, the Mercury tried to give the impression that only grumpy old men would vote No, and used a photo of Archbishop Julian Porteous, Kevin Andrews and Senator Cory Bernadi waiting to speak, but didn’t picture the female speakers Heidi McIvor or Politicalpostingmumma. Media equality, I presume.

  4. I missed putting in this up.

    But this demonstrates how Britain has gone down the gurgler. I had the privilege of standing with courageous Christian street preachers,the Rev Peter Simpson and David Carson, in this year’s London Gay Pride, which was the mother of all parades, lasting over 4 hours, because it was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.
    Though we had police protection, they themselves were under the supervision of gay police inspectors. They barely protected us from violence and did nothing to arrest any of those who were clearly breaking Section 5 of the Public Order Act. A lesbian police officer in the crowd was actually encouraging them in their lewd and manic behaviour. We were provoked in our spirits by this endless display of vulgarity and nudity and yet it is we who the ones being accused of provoking the violence simply by speaking the truth in love.
    What is disturbing is that only a handful of us were prepared to engage face to face with these lost souls – and lost they are- and yet your nice Christians are not prepared to dirty their hands and attempt to administer to these needy souls. They are no where to be seen. They would accuse us of being insensitive! They are the ones who have no compassion, or regard for the thousands children and teenagers who are getting sucked into the swamp. Where would we be if Jesus Christ had treated us in the same manner and remained aloof, unwilling to jump into the cesspit of planet Earth?

    David Skinner UK

  5. While militants may indeed have cowed the masses into silence, a recent article in The Australian about Leninism noted that the closer a society gets to realising socialism, the greater the need for repression. And yet another article reported that 16% of Australians think that “… romantic or sexual relationships with people of the same sex should be charged as criminals”. If the militant Left establish violence and repression as the new norm, and a political backlash follows, it will be very hard to sympathise with them.

  6. The Soviet Union of Australia which is against reason and natural law can only be maintained by fear and oppression and hence is unsustainable. In time it will collapse leaving only a faint trail as from a particularly bad dream. In years to come people will be incredulous as how this happened to Western nations, noted for their freedom from tyrannies.

    Homosexuality has to be put once more put back in the box with the lid tightly bolted down. This will be achieved through stigma and lack of social acceptance . For those who insist on corrupting children through promoting homosexuality, a range of penalties can be created, from cautions, fines and prison for those determined to peddle Queer ideology. Castration or the death penalty should be reinstated for those who rape or deliberately infect others with AIDS, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.
    However, The rest of society needs to look at itself. Apart from the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the late 1960, the decriminalisation of abortion, the relaxing of laws on divorce, pornography and sex outside of marriage (especially under the age of consent) have all demoralised and corrupted society, to the point that we have not only high profile politicians having to resign because of sexually molesting women, but children raping and molesting other children in schools. It has been the bisexual paedophile activists, such Alfred Kinsey who have led this charge in smashing down the doors of restraint and morality. They have led the assault on society.
    It is only by prayer, couple with activism of whatever form is legitimate and a return to enshrining the Ten Commandments in government that our nations will ever live in “peace and quietness”, as opposed to being in constant uproar and disorder.
    As for compassion and forgiveness towards those who have been at the forefront of subverting our nation, this can only be exercised if they genuinely repent. Apart from that they should experience the full weight of the law.
    At present both our police and military have crossed the line and instead of protecting the public and even their own families, have been enlisted in ranks of the pink shirts, the Gaystapo . We are in a zero sum game in which the winner takes all and losers leave with nothing. It really is either the LGBTs or us. There is no live and let live, tolerance or inclusion. We either have to destroy this cancer or it will destroy us.

    David Skinner UK

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