The Trans War on Truth and Reality

I told an audience yesterday morning that a good definition of truth is “that which corresponds to reality”. If there is a major mismatch between what you say and the way the world actually works, you might not be speaking truth. An obvious example is to claim that the law of gravity is merely a matter of opinion or personal preference.

Testing such a claim is easy enough. Stand on the roof of a five-story building and jump. Then see what happens. Reality will always trump personal opinion. Broken bones, if not death, will be the result of that little experiment. The objective truth of the law of gravity stands. Not so mere subjective feelings.

While we are entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. And when we live in denial about the truth, we will always get a pushback from reality. One illustration I use when I speak of truth as that which fits reality is a road map.

Today of course we might prefer to mention the GPS. But either one, if they are any good at all, will always correspond with the way the world really is. As I told my audience yesterday when I was in northern Victoria, if I wanted to return to Melbourne and I consulted my GPS, and it told me to head due north, you know something is amiss with that GPS.

It is time to get a new one. But it is not just a Global Positioning System that might go haywire. So too can various Gender Positioning Systems that now seem to abound with all the social activists on college campuses, in pop culture, in the mainstream media, and in most political parties of the left.

They are seeking to reposition gender, or sexuality, and as they do so, they move away from reality, not toward it. The idea that you can simply “identify” as a sex that you were not born with is a flight from reality and will cause as much damage as a leap from a five-story building.

And the activists have even dreamed up new terminology for those whose feet are NOT planted firmly in mid-air: cisgender. For those not in the know, that refers to you and me – normal and rational people. It refers to those who identify with the gender they were born with.

Um, I just call it living in the real world, and not giving in to mental madness and psychological delusion. But the flight from reality knows no bounds with the trans activists and the other sexual revolutionaries. They are not just intent on destroying sexuality and biology, but reality and nature.

They have in fact declared war on human nature itself. A great piece just penned by Tom Gilson convincingly makes this case, basing it on earlier insights from the great C. S. Lewis. Entitled “The Transgender Abolition of Man,” Gilson begins:

Mankind has been trying for centuries to conquer nature. Now we’re trying to conquer not just nature but human nature. How? Look at the transgender movement. C. S. Lewis explored this conquering impulse in The Abolition of Man, his brilliant analysis of mankind’s impossible quest to re-engineer mankind. It’s our grand project to free ourselves from the constrictions imposed upon us by human nature. And not just human nature, but that to which human nature looks: “the Tao,” Lewis’s chosen term for moral principles recognized by people the world over.

Here’s how he saw it unfolding when he wrote in the middle of the twentieth century. Human nature has to be wiped clean of its “flaws,” both physical and mental. Someone must manage and correct everyone’s thoughts and attitudes through propaganda and behavioral conditioning. Only one all-controlling, all-wise State could have that “conditioning” power.

That inevitably leads to tyranny. That is its first, most obvious problem, illustrated masterfully in Lewis’s novel That Hideous Strength. But there’s much more wrong with this project: The tyrant seeking to control Nature will always find himself controlled by nature.

I too have often referred to both these books by Lewis to assess the way modern coercive sexual and social utopians are seeking to remake the world in their image. He was certainly prescient, having written them so long ago: Hideous was penned in 1946 and Abolition in 1947.

Gilson looks a bit further at the latter volume and then writes:

We can forgive Lewis for not seeing today’s “transgender moment,” as Ryan Anderson calls it in the subtitle to his new book, When Harry Became Sally. No one else saw it coming either, not even as recently as five or six years ago. But Lewis did foresee quite accurately how far Man would go in his quest to conquer Nature: All the way, until he collided with reality.

The sad thing? Even when modern man collides with reality, he won’t admit it. He just doubles-down on the idea that he can make reality bend to his wishes. But he can’t; especially not according to the philosophy that would allow a man the choice to be a woman. That same philosophy, you see, also insists that his choices are determined by Nature. Everything is determined by natural law, period. The mind, as Lewis noted, is ruled by the weather or by digestion. Even the LGBT “born this way” defense is an admission that the mind has no power over Nature after all.

So in the world of transgender activism the mind controls all, yet in that same world the mind controls nothing. Physical nature determines nothing, yet physical nature determines everything. Or as Lewis put it, “Man’s conquest of Nature turns out, in the moment of its consummation, to be nature’s conquest of Man” — meaning, all that is distinctly human.

The transgender person born male wishes to abolish his manhood; the transgender movement carries forward the abolition of Man. And all humanity — or so it seems, at least — is stumbling over itself racing to throw itself on the fires of its own destruction.

He concludes:

While I have nothing but empathy for the gender dysphoric, who cannot feel comfortable in their own bodies, I have nothing good to say for the movement that tells them their best answer is to defeat their bodies. These activists are urging them — and all of us, really — to fight a fight on the wrong field, trying to overcome Nature where Nature simply cannot lose.

The wiser, saner battle to fight is the one that takes place within the mind. Victory isn’t easy there; if it were, it wouldn’t be the battle it is. It isn’t always easy even to define what victory means. But if it means anything at all, it must include this: holding firm to humanness, resisting the abolition of manhood and womanhood — and with it, also resisting the abolition of Man.

Lewis would not be surprised at all this, but even he might not have expected it to go this far. When we bind ourselves to bizarre ideologies which pit us against reality, reality will always win. But there will be plenty of casualties along the way when people persist in this militant moonbattery.

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11 Replies to “The Trans War on Truth and Reality”

  1. This actually supports what I have been thinking this whole time. Even if the theory of evolution is true, there is nothing in evolution theory that supports transgenderism. Heck if naturalism is true then there is no such thing as a guy trapped inside a woman’s body or vice versa. In fact,if there’s one thing i’d like to ask any tranny is, how exactly do they “feel” like a woman, how would they know what being a woman feels like?

  2. Nietzsche’s Zarathustra spoke of humanity as something to be overcome on our way to from ape to superhuman: Is the present “revaluing of all values” in matters of gender and sexuality a part of Nietzsche’s chilling vision of the “twilight” of humanity? In the process of this politico-social evolution, we are creating a whole new crop of hollow idols whose own twilight will one day come when He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life returns as King of Kings.

  3. Unfortunately for many people groupthink trumps fact and truth. The best and most efficient way to overcome groupthink is through the Faith and Truth of Christ Jesus.

  4. From what I can make out the “cis” from cisgender is from the Latin for “this side.” If this is so that would mean people who are not “cisgender” are from the “far side.”

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up could you.

    As much as I feel sorry for people who’s head doesn’t fit with reality I just cannot conform to all this absurdity. No matter what, if your real sex is giving you this much grief there really has to be something very deeply psychologically wrong with you. Even if it was possible to have a male brain in a female body or whatever (which it isn’t), why would it be giving you so much grief that you would want to abuse your own body with drugs or surgery? No these people need help but not by conforming society to insanity. We already have enough insanity with the idea that homosexual relationships are equal to marriage.

  5. Same sex attracted people are not happy with transexuals using them as a Trojan horse to get their rights, just as they discriminate in terms of sexuality against the opposite sex, yet sexual revolutionary activists demand equality and an end to the privileging of anyone not in their group. In my opinion, it’s all part of Marxist Critical thought, progressively pushing the boundaries to…what? Many people of immense wealth and power glory in placing themselves above the law and secretly indulging in extremes of loveless, predatory sex in orgies and rituals so abominable as to defy belief. It’s telling that this extreme activity needs to be secret and dark. In their view, the trouble with belief in Jesus the Messiah and Yahweh/ I AM/ is that the message to the world is the pursuit of holiness. This conflicts with their outlook and the activists want it censored. Fortunately many people of various sexual persuasions are happy to live and let live so everyone is free to find love and choose his or her path in life. That’s how I see it.

  6. Excellent article, Bill…..with excellent “additions.” I often wonder what God is thinking about His creation now!! Does He laugh? Does He cry?? I think it may be the later,… and I want to cry with Him. (I know He appreciates you!)

  7. Rachael Smith, as I recall, there was always an LBGT in the activists propaganda literature…then they added a Q and other letters.

    In 2003, the gay Episcopal ‘Bishop’ Gene Robinson bragged that they were going to promote a whole alphabet of orientations and genders.

    Then came Obama in 2008, and the activists pushed and succeeded to have sexual gender dysphoria removed from the list of pathologies in the DSM-5. Then the media began to celebrate people who attempted to become the opposite sex. And states and cities made it illegal for therapists to help people who wanted to overcome same-sex attraction.

    The left are continually trying to push the envelope, to create and increase social/moral/spiritual chaos…to diminish the influence of Biblical Judeo-Christian traditional Western social and family structure, values and morality. What hasn’t been displaced, has been counterfeited.

    It’s disturbing, angering and heart-breaking.

  8. Orwell wouldn’t be surprised either. Control the language, control the thoughts. Ask trans activists to define the word woman- you’ll now get circular non-answers like ‘anyone who self-identities as a woman’. It is nonsensical on purpose, to obfuscate meaning, shut down discussion and ultimately police thought.

    Cis is also meant as ‘comfortable in your assigned gender’ which is ludicrous.
    1. They don’t define gender. Is it culturally constructed gender roles? Is it the nebulous gender identity- something subjective and akin to mysticism? Is it gendered brain/hormone wash in utero/some kind of genetic thing – it’s not, but is this what they mean?
    2. It confines people to regressive sex stereotypes- I’m not comfortable with many sexist stereotypes, I’m still a woman! No wonder there’s been a huge spike in trans identifying teenage girls.
    3. No one is assigned a gender. That’s newspeak nonsense. Our sex is observed, with remarkable accuracy.

    I don’t know if you’re following what’s happening in the UK at the moment, but it is getting very scary. Women trying to discuss proposed new trans laws have been physically attacked, threatened by police, venues cancelling bookings after trans activists threats, now the (conservative) MP who hosted a meeting at the house of commons is being investigated! (Happy to provide links if interested)

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