Time to Say “No” To Trans Madness and the Assault on Our Children

The activists and their supporters are always telling us to relax and ease up – they insist that what they want will have no impact on anyone else. They tell us that what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is not the business of anyone else.

They say nothing will change when things like homosexual marriage are legalised. They accuse us of being alarmists and fear-mongers. They tell us to just shut up because they are entitled to do what they want, and we should just butt out since it will have no impact on us.

Yeah right. These are among the biggest lies being thrown around by the militants. They know perfectly well that EVERYTHING changes when they start seeing items on their bucket list being realised. We are ALL impacted by their social engineering. We are ALL affected by the radical ideologies they are ramming down everyone’s throats.

Every day we find more proof of this. Every day we see the activists making more frightful demands. Every day we see them getting bolder in their attacks on faith, family and freedom. Every day we see the utterly moonbeam agenda items being rolled out.

The sexual anarchists never sleep and never eat it seems. They are ever on the prowl to push more chaos, more madness, more oppression, and more tyranny. Their steamrolling juggernaut keeps moving forward, crushing everything and everyone in its path.

If you blink you will miss their latest outrageous set of demands. Their non-stop insanity never relaxes nor diminishes, but only gets worse. And it is not just a few cranks or kooks pushing all this, but all sort of “respectable” types in high places: leaders, educators, bureaucrats, politicians and others who have way too much power and influence.

They are happily and incessantly running with these outrageous proposals. Consider what we woke up to this morning. Now the rainbow militants want to censor our children’s book, toys, games, stories, and anything else they deem to be verboten. Yes, they are actually pushing this. Consider this news item:

Victorian councils are auditing libraries, schools and kindergartens and urging a ban on the terms “boy” and “girl” in a bid to teach kids as young as three to have “gender equitable relationships”. City of Melbourne is among a number of local authorities responding to radical new research that suggests educators should:
AVOID classifying children according to gender and having boys-only and girls-only activities;
AVOID use of the terms boys and girls and to “minimise the extent to which gender is labelled”; and
AVOID comments that define what females or males do or should do.

The Australian National University research, published in March, studied how children were influenced by gender stereotyping and found “prejudice along race and gender lines can be observed in children as young as 3-4 years of age”. Under the new guidelines, children’s favourites including Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy and Winnie the Pooh could be banned for not meeting gender tests. Disney dress-ups, Barbie and Bratz dolls and superhero play could also become a thing of the past.

Dr King wrote: “If girls avoid playing with toys such as Lego, they may miss opportunities to develop special and mechanical reasoning skills that are necessary for careers and courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.” Girls who played with “highly feminised characters” like Barbies had fewer career options; engagement with Disney princess toys led to more female-stereotypical views.

Boys who watched superhero shows were more gender-stereotyped in their thinking, according to the study, which analysed 28 academic papers on gender in early learning. The City of Darebin recently got a $26,000 state grant to look at how promoting “positive and respectful roles and relationships” at preschool could prevent violence against women.

Educational resources suggest educators apply a “gender lens” to programs and materials, such as by reviewing books to ensure “a range of different stories and experiences beyond gender stereotypical narratives”. Teachers are told to not select toys in gendered colours and to not use expressions such as “boys will be boys”.

Oh for heaven’s sake – just STOP! Will this madness never end? Will these rainbow warriors ever be satisfied? I think we all know the answers to these questions. The militants will keep on going with their coercive utopianism until everyone is a fully compliant servant to their radical agendas.

They will keep agitating and pushing this craziness until all opposition is eliminated and all recalcitrants silenced. They really are totalitarians at heart. They do NOT believe in tolerance and diversity and openness. They want everyone to conform, or else.

The pink brownshirts have proven this time and time again, and this latest bit of idiocy is just one more link in the chain. “WE will decide what children can read, and play with, and watch, and do. They and their parents certainly cannot be trusted to do the ‘right’ thing here, so WE will decide for them.”

“Their only choices will be what WE decide they can have. They will submit to our bidding and they will not complain.” Hmm, if all this sounds a bit familiar, well, it should. We have been there and done that. The war on freedom, on democracy, and on choice has happened too often in the recent past.

And it took oceans of blood to resist those tyrannies. And now we are getting the same tyranny, but it is in the form of “this is for your own good” “In order to ensure that we have tolerance and diversity, we will not tolerate any diversity accept that which we endorse.”

Big brother is alive and well. And I for one am absolutely fed up with this. And of interest, I just received a phone call from a concerned mother in another part of the country who had just read about these maniac proposals, and she was beside herself with grief, worried sick about her children and all the darkness enveloping us.

Well, that makes two of us. And I got a bit of hope in the form of the closing words of this article:

But Opposition youth and families spokeswoman Georgie Crozier said councils should “butt out of this nonsense” of banning books. “It’s crazy. Boys should be boys and girls should be girls,” she said. “Any funding should be focused on interventions to prevent family violence, and not radical gender-based theories.”

OK, that now makes three of us who are fed up with this lunacy. Who else has had a gutful? I am convinced that there are millions of other Australians who are also utterly sick and tired of all this PC crap being forced on us. But unless we speak up and fight back, it will soon be too late.

If you care about your children and your grandchildren, and if you care about freedom, you had better start acting now, before we lose it all.


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27 Replies to “Time to Say “No” To Trans Madness and the Assault on Our Children”

  1. A young friend of mine, a male nurse and father of three, recently told me that he no longer enjoys his job. He is disillusioned after seeing children as young as five being brought to the hospital where he works, for puberty-blockers. Their PARENTS facilitate it! This, plus the dark spectre of euthanasia, have made him look for work elsewhere. The culture of death and delusion takes casualties wherever it spreads.

  2. Stop this madness with our children, and let them be who they were made to be, boy or girl!! This sort of social change can dramatically effect how an innocent young child sees the world, and more importantly themselves…we ALL knew that once Gay marriage was made legal, that it wouldn’t stop there!! and it hasn’t…LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE, to grow up normally..

  3. Thanks again Bill for speaking up! It is almost impossible to believe what is happening today in our nation! It is crazy… and it is heartbreaking!

  4. The rainbow warriors often speak about how Christians in the past used the Bible to justify, slavery and the subjugation of women . They also speak of how the church attempted to suppress scientific progress by forcing, under threat of torture, Galileo to say that the sun revolved around Earth, rather than the Earth revolving around the sun.
    John Harrison the man responsible for saving the lives of millions of sailors by his invention of the marine chronometer, was consistently opposed by the Royal Society, the Astronomer Royal who felt their own authority and cosmic ideology were being threatened by the realities of measuring time being demonstrated Harrison’s time piece.
    But reality cannot be suppressed indefinitely and both Galileo and Harrison were vindicated.
    But we now have a new kind of orthodoxy forcing us to say that the “moon is the sun and sun is moon” , driven by social engineers driven by beliefs in the pagan fertility goddesses of Babylon and ancient Greece, Baal, Molech, Ishtar, which are all basically moon religions. Moonbattery it is; and it is time the moonbats were comprehensively smashed , before they smash our children.


    David Skinner UK

  5. I honestly cannot understand how a minority of deranged and mentally ill people (homosexuals, transgenders etc.) can hold Western civilization at ransom like this.

    It is simply unfathomable to understand how this is happening.

    Sure, the sexual revolution is a great starting point to understand depravity, divorce and abortion – but to get to the stage now, where having teachers brainwashing children as young as 4 in classrooms across the country to believe that they can be a boy or girl – regardless of natural God-given characteristics – is just absolutely astounding.

    I cannot understand the logical (albeit sinful) jump here. No marriage leads to depravity, which leads to abortion. That makes sense (albeit sinful sense). But how do you get from that to teachers telling your children that they can be the opposite of how they are born and then facilitating that process for them?

    To make matters worse, I have recently seen an article which stated that lawmakers were looking at ways in which they could charge parents for child abuse if they refused to let their child “transition”…

    The world needs Jesus Christ now more than ever before.

  6. Bill,
    You are not alone!
    As a father of five young children, I am very concerned about this indoctrination from the government and education system, pushing away self evident truths for pure fantasy.
    And you are right, the activists don’t want us just to tolerate it, we are being told to affirm it.
    In fact, my wife and I are so concerned that we have just recently decided to put all our kids into a Christian school.
    But what can we do? Our kids participated in the national sit-out, protesting the “Safe Schools” program. But this did not even get noticed by the media.
    I think one of the most important things politically that families can do in Victoria is vote Daniel Andrews OUT of government. He has to go! Andrews has supported all this nonsense from the start.
    On a positive note, I do think that people in general are waking up to it.
    Thanks Bill for fighting and speaking up. My family appreciates your ministry.

  7. The minorities have managed to acquire huge financial backing for their lunacy; along with government support in many quarters; whether it be the minorities of gender benders, homosexuals or ethnic/religious types. There is an evil force behind it all, supplying vast quantities of cash, propaganda, nudge units, opinion-formers and all the rest of the garbage. I know God is in control, but some of the situations are really on the verge of being impossible to handle on a daily basis.

  8. Gail Fischer
    May 21,2018 9.25 pm.
    Thanks for speaking up Bill. I’m mortified at the rate society is heading for the abyss. Driven by a handful of dabauched reprobates. Time to say NO to their vile agenda. I fear for my grand children’s lives.

  9. Saw the article and could only shake my head. Talk about pseudoscientific claptrap and agenda pushing! Why is it immoral for girls to not want to pursue science, technology, engineering or mathematics? Why are gender roles deemed evil? Why is there no recognition that gender differences are fundamentally biological? When I was at uni the nature v nurture debate was raised yet it seemed to be that many things are the product of both. Attempts to eliminate social influences to force particular outcomes simply denies biological realities.

    On a totally different note, and speaking as someone who holds Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy, Winnie the Pooh, and other such books in high regard, albeit as literature I’ve ever so slightly outgrown, perhaps council efforts to ban healthy entertaining literature for children, especially in favour of what can probably be classified as Satanically inspired books for children, should be seen as encouragement for individuals, churches, and Christian groups to establish their own collections. (Sorry that’s rather a long winded sentence!!!) As a child with a voracious appetite for books, my mother signed me up to a private library. Doubtless sounds elitist but it was open to anyone, run by a trust, operated by volunteers, open for only a few hours each week, and with a loan limit of something like 3 books for a 1 week period. I believe we visited a couple of times a week, and even getting the privilege of twice the official item limit failed to quench my appetite, though it did keep me reading longer. Could this be a ministry opportunity? A children’s library ministry could be a new way of connecting with and serving a community. Churches already offer various groups and services to the wider community so this may not be such a radical step as it seems at first blush.

  10. Great (and scary) article again Bill. So much can be said, it’s a really tense situation.

    This quote here is really interesting though:

    “Boys who watched superhero shows were more gender-stereotyped in their thinking, according to the study”

    So… I’m interested to see what will happen when this self defeating ideology begins to target some of its largest and most powerful allies.

    It’s no secret that the Hollywood superhero genre has become a playground of liberal agendas for decades, and when the sexual revolution agenda starts to influence what Hollywood should be allowed to put on screen, we’re going to learn whether this liberal trend is because Hollywood is a true believer, or because they know where the money is.

    I know which of those scenario’s I think is most likely.

    Because Marvel and DC can talk all they want about how progressive they are, and how they support empowerment and all that stuff, but I wonder how they will feel when they are told they are not allowed to dress their female superhero’s in skin tight outfits, or even have ‘gendered’ superhero’s?

    Who wants to see a movie about how Jamie the zim zhe saves the world from the evil overlord Thunas who is a man who wants to use his eternity gauntlet to save half of the population of the universe from Jamie’s social engineering agenda?

  11. So glad I came across this article for which i have immense gratitude, I have been ostracized by some family members because I tried to warn them about the impending implications of the same sex marriage rubbish and at times have felt very alone in all this. It is so refreshing to find others that can see through the lies and that others are now waking up to the ramifications albeit a little late. I still have hope that this can be reversed, some countries have done so , so why cant we… Thanks Bill and all the others on here that have the vision to see.

  12. Hi Bill. Two scriptures comes to mind concerning this lunacy, 2 Peter 3:3. Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. I also have grave concerns for my children’s future with this militant rainbow mentality sweeping our culture. Regrettably, there is also a culture within the Christian community that one should not oppose this agenda as it is hurtful to that minority, not demonstrating Christ’s love. You covered this ‘love’ message perfectly yesterday with the progressive liberal preacher, Michael Curry and the Christianity-lite model. Good grief! The bible is offensive, it convicts and even pierces to divide the soul from the spirit, and the joints from the marrow (Heb 4:12). OUCH!

  13. As Basil Faulty once said, “This is just how it started in Nazi Germany”, maybe not so funny now.
    Please God, help us through this mess to a better Kingdom.

  14. Hi Bill, I don’t always agree 100% with you, but I do on this occasion!
    Absolute rubbish all this ‘gender equality’ stuff, and councils should be butting out of things they are not elected to do, let kids be kids for God’s sake, they’re not stupid, they can figure out the differences between the sexes without having silly agendas like this rammed down their throats. I voted no on the same sex marriage thing, not because have an issue with gays, but because I was dirty on the fact they wanted to hijack the word marriage which has always traditionally meant between a man and a woman, plenty of other terms they could have used, but no, they wanted that word. I think this latest craziness is what happens when too many fruitcake ‘Greens’ get elected to councils, they’ve tried to scuttle ‘Australia Day’ now they want to control the minds of little kids. Pathetic, and none of us should stand for it! Good one Bill!

  15. Bergoglio is seen by a number of Catholics to be anti-papa on account of using his office to express his heretical personal views.

  16. The proposed purge of “gender-stereotypical literature” from Victoria’s public libraries set me in mind of the 1933 book burnings which took place across the Third Reich [For more see: https://www.ushmm.org/collections/bibliography/1933-book-burnings ]. People who watched the movie The Book Thief, or read the novel it came from, will be familiar with this Nazi attempt to eliminate “un-German” matter from libraries in the Third Reich.

    It is a small step from banning books to banning people who are not converts to the new “Rainbow Orthodoxy”. The words of 19th-Century Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine were: “Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too.”…

  17. John – another good book to read in this respect is ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (one of four classic dystopia novels I have, and can see turning into reality), and Ray Bradbury may have written this as a warning for the future. Note that it was written before TV arrived in Australia, and yet the screens Mildred Montag watches remind me of Facebook or Twitter.
    Personally, I see myself as being like one of the ‘book readers’ in the novel; and how such people ended up as hobos in the book may be a bit like what I’ve read from reviews of ‘The Benedict Option’.
    Another point to note from this book is that the book-readers – near the conclusion – are chatting, and there is reference to the phoenix. In other words, just as the phoenix is reborn from the ashes, so mankind will have to learn everything from new again. No doubt, this sounds familiar for the West, the way it is going.


  18. Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    In my opinion, one of the major problems is that we have delegated the vital job of training our Children in the way they should go to others. To my knowledge, even the teachers in the Christian schools have been generally trained up in leftist secular universities and will therefore often be of the liberal (unsaved or highly deceived) variety.

    It is imperative that Christians take the responsibility of training their children themselves through homeschooling wherever possible, as it is the only way to truly know who their influences will be and the motivation behind the teaching.

  19. @ Ernesto
    I totally agree with your comment. Education is the parents’ responsibility in general, and the father’s in particular. Nowhere does the Bible say to send your children to school — there’s a world of difference between being schooled, and being educated.

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