Southern, the Media, the Left, and Orwell

The lamestream media coverage of the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux tour down under is as good an example of how the truth-benders operate as you will get. Between what the radical ferals said (and did), and how the media covered the events, we have a perfect case of simply making things up as we go along, including words and their definitions.

And the entire scenario is by now entirely predictable:
A) A conservative speaker seeks to exercise his right to free speech
B) The militant left vows to prevent the conservative from speaking
C) The militant left does everything possible to shut down the meeting
D) Police have to try to restore order
E) The media portrays all of this as far-rightists disturbing the peace

This was again on full display last night. Sure enough, the radicals were there doing everything they could to shut down the meeting, including blocking roads, throwing rocks, fighting with the police, sneaking into the event, and rushing the stage to disrupt the proceedings.

Yet somehow all this was the fault of the two conservative speakers. Somehow they are to blame for all this. And on top of all this, we had the truly Orwellian move by the police BEFORE any meetings were held, saying that because trouble was brewing by the left, the police were going to charge the conservatives $68,000 for having to show up to keep the peace!

I discussed this yesterday:

Just try to get your head around this, by looking at how this would play out if things were the other way around. Imagine a bunch of radical leftists holding a public meeting. That is not hard to imagine, since it happens all the time. What almost never happens is a group of conservatives show up to protest it, or seek to have it shut down.

And then imagine the police – before the event – sending a $68,000 bill to the leftists, to deal with any expected trouble by the conservatives! Um, I am not aware of this ever happening, at least here in Victoria. But if it did, the left would be screaming about how grossly unfair this would be. As one person said elsewhere, “If private enterprise did this, the police would call it a protection racket.”

And this is the hardest thing of all to imagine: imagine the media calling those holding the meeting extreme leftists, or far-left activists, while calling the protestors concerned citizens. Nope, that just is not going to happen. Any person who differs from the PC media worldview is automatically a “far-right” activist or an “extreme-right” controversialist.

But those coming with the stated aim of violently shutting things down never get any adjective attached to them. If anything, the brainless media runs with the idiotic names used by the leftists themselves, most notably, “antifascists”. Really.

Um, does no one know what a fascist is anymore? Among other things, a fascist uses violent means to oppose those of another point of view. A fascist will forcibly suppress all opposition and criticism, and use thuggish means to allow only their voices to be heard.

Hmmm, why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah, the leftist protestors are carrying on exactly like that. They are fascists, seeking to destroy free speech and democracy. They are brown shirts who use bullying, intimidation and violence to shout down and shut down all opposing voices.

Yet they call themselves Antifa, or anti-fascists! Talk about Orwellian double speak fully on display here. In this regard one of the best lines heard last night was found in one media account of the violence that took place. You may need to be seated first before you read this account from last night about the rioting:

A protester has managed to jump on stage to disrupt the Melbourne speaking event of visiting conservative commentator Lauren Southern, as hundreds of anti-facist [sic] protesters clashed with police outside. Nita Habibi was pounced on by security as she invaded the stage during Ms Southern’s presentation. She was quickly removed from the venue while shouting “I love Muslims”. “I love freedom of speech,” she told The Australian after being evicted. “I wanted to interrupt the thing. I think it’s really dangerous what’s happening. Hate speech should be interrupted.”

Yep, we can all see that you love freedom of speech. Because violently interrupting someone from speaking is such a terrific indication of how much free speech is valued and believed in. Yep, I can see that. Makes perfect sense to me. We see here the totalitarian misuse and abuse of words on full display.

And as another indication of how deplorable the mainstream media has become, notice in that quote how they can’t even spell properly the words they are using! As to the violence itself, you can see videos of all this action here:

The truth is, social engineering is always proceeded by verbal engineering. Change the words and you can change the culture. In this case, you try to convince people that a violent attempt to shut down a public meeting is actually an example of treasuring freedom of speech.

And you try to convince folks that a person giving a speech is a fascist, while the thugs seeking to shut down the meeting are somehow anti-fascists. Simply change the meaning of words like this and you can change a culture. Call black white. Call good evil. Call freedom hate. Call democracy fascism.

Anyone who has read their Orwell knows all about this. In his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949, we see the totalist state doing this to perfection. Winston Smith, the main character of the novel, works at the “Ministry of Truth”. On the outside wall are the three slogans of the Party: “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”

Hmm, sounds just like today with the radical left and their intent on destroying society by first destroying language. Later in the book Smith is being tortured in the ‘Ministry of Love’. His interrogator is trying to ‘cure’ him of his belief that reality is found in anything other than as the State sees it. Consider this snippet from the scene:

Interrogator: “How many fingers am I holding up Winston?”
Winston: “Two”.
Interrogator: “And if Big Brother says I am holding up three fingers, then how many fingers am I holding up?”
Winston: (after being suitably tortured) “Three”.

Orwell often warned about such things. As he said elsewhere, “The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” Or this: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” And again, “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”

And that is just what we find ourselves in today, with the radical left and their useless stooges in the media doing their bidding. But if your love of fiction has not yet taken you to Orwell, perhaps we can run with another work – this time Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, penned in 1865. There too we find the attempt to redefine language. Consider this very short bit of dialogue:

Humpty Dumpty: When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.
Alice: The question is, whether you can make words mean so many different things.
Humpty Dumpty: The question is: which is to be master – that’s all.

Yep, that’s about it. Let me finish with the words of philosopher Edward Feser from his important 2008 book, The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism. He argues that our secular humanistic thinking has led to the point where

we are well past the time when slippery-slope arguments might be used to try to shock a liberal or a secularist out of his folly. You can no longer attempt the reductio ad absurdum with him, for he will now simply embrace with enthusiasm any absurdity that follows from his premises and thank you for suggesting it to him. He is well through the looking glass, his mind and his moral sensibility so thoroughly corrupted that to him it is obvious that black is white, up is down, sodomy is marriage, and scraping a fetus from its mother’s womb is compassion.

Yes, it has come to that. And what we saw last night, and will see all week around Australia is just another indication of all this. If Orwell were alive today he would have so much more material to use. He could probably quite easily do a few sequels to 1984.

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  1. I’m daily watching evil being called good Bill, as satan would have it especially amongst the precious children, but more and more in every scenario in life, but stand We will and stand we must no matter what comes x

    1 Corinthians 16:13
    Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

    I’d like your posts but I’m gagged on FB atm )

  2. On Saturday 14th July 2018, for the third year running, I have attended a gay pride parade in my home town Bournemouth. I have gone to keep alive the memory of Harry Hamond, a 69 year old, Christian street preacher, who in 2001 had gone into the town centre with a large sign which read: “Jesus Gives Peace, Jesus is Alive, Stop Immorality. Stop Homosexuality, Stop Lesbianism, Jesus is Lord.”
    According to Paul Diamond, Barrister, writing in Telegraph in 2013, “As [Harry Hammond] started to speak, a crowd (the official report, says around 30-40 people) surrounded him, pushed him to the ground, threw water and soil at him, and pulled down his sign. The police arrived, noted that Mr Hammond had been attacked and arrested him for incitement of his attackers. They did not arrest anyone who had assaulted him . In court they said that they had been uncertain whether they should protect or arrest him . He was found guilty , and ordered to pay £650 in fines and costs. Shortly after his conviction he was hospitalised and died. Paul Diamond continues by saying, “I would not have believed such a scenario was possible in this country…..It seems that the British Legal system is in intent on removing the Judeo- Christian foundation of our laws, which have served us for a thousand years, replacing them with a secular, liberal world view, which dispenses tolerance to all those who agree with it and relentless hostility and even persecution for those who do not.”
    For the last three years, in order to keep alive the memory of Harry Hammond, I have attended the parade and displayed a board saying:
    ‘IN MEMORY OF HAMMOND – died 2001- Defending freedom of speech for Biblical truth- Assaulted by a crowd in Bournemouth Square for condemning sexual sin – Bournemouth’s shame. Needless to say this attracted tremendous hostility and threatening behaviour from the gays.’
    However on the occasion of this year’s parade, in addition to this sign, I had bolted below it another which was based upon a prohibitive, “No Entry”, traffic sign. i.e., a black image symbolising two men engaged in sodomy on a white background over which is placed a red circle and line running diagonally across them. Underneath there is just one word, “NOPE!”
    This is an image used in Eastern European countries where people, unlike in Western Europe, are free to express their visceral disgust and rejection of sodomy. [1]
    I waited for the procession to come level with me and only then held aloft my sign, to greet them as they entered the town centre. A cry of dismay and boos came from the crowd. As the procession went passed the facial expressions of many in the parade, which included the Dorset Police Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, the police, the fire brigade, paramedics, at least one convicted gay paedophile, transsexuals, teenage girls and even children in push chairs turned from mirth and merriment to confusion.
    Suddenly the procession ended, at which point someone came behind me and grabbed the pole supporting my sign and tried pulling it down. A young women rushed forward and threw liquid over me. Fortunately, not acid or petrol as one homosexual had threatened in a previous gay parade in London. Another man came at me from the front, also grasping the sign. There ensued a furious struggle to grab the sign and In a short lived melee, it was wrenched from me and smashed to smithereens.
    All this was caught on camera, but at a distance. One can see me in the middle distance, with my board raised high, and at around the 19 minute point of the video, the violence kicks in. The camera man came closer and zooms in on the aftermath [2]

    No one is arrested but if I press the police to find the those who attacked me, I am threatened with breaking Section 4a and 5 of the Public Order Act. It will be me, like Harry Hammond, who will find himself in court.


    David Skinner UK

  3. It seems that homosexuals are exempted from abiding to the accepted norms of civilised behaviour . It is a given that that they are creatures of instinct where self- restraint is not expected . At the same time their dangerous mix of insecurity, fragility and volatility is so great that they require the police and new laws to give them special protection against anyone who challenges them .
    And this is the point, when Christians hold their marches or rallies, which these days is hardly ever, since they have retreated behind the wall of the their churches, any police presence is not there to protect public or those in opposition to them from violent Christians. It is automatically assumed that Christians will turn the other cheek or be trodden on; for that according the secularists is their job description. In every instance whether Christians are the ones holding the rally or peacefully protesting, it is the Christians who need the police protection, because it is assumed that the secularists, Marxists and homosexuals are the violent ones- they were born like it . It is in their DNA . It is natural to them. Shouting blasphemies, obscenities death threats, hatred, creating deafening sounds and using actual violence to silence any opposition is what they do. It is their job description. It is their right to be the person they are in private in public. But whilst the police, for the time being (though this is rapidly changing), make a show of protecting the Christians, they are merely conducting a controlled explosion designed to destroy and to wipe the Christians from the public space. They never arrest blatant threats of violence and actual violence from the homosexuals, there merely manage the situation, thus giving confidence to the gays to go further and break down the next barriers protecting the public.
    Soon there will be warnings given to the inhabitants of towns that a gay parade is coming and the advice will either be to stay at home or if they attend, do nothing to spook the gays, since they are such a volatile and fragile minority group. The slightest gesture, facial expression or sound that might cause confusion or anxiety in the highly hypersensitive, paranoid and yet megalomaniac mind the gay is enough to stamped them into violent behaviour. People attending gay pride parades will be told that it is their responsibility too keep safe and not that of police .
    Without a shadow of doubt the police, in a secular, Neo- Marxist nation such as Britain, are the enemy of the people.
    David Skinner UK

  4. Dear DAVID,
    THANKS FOR YOUR COURAGE. You put us all to shame.
    Wish I lived in the UK I would have backed you up.

    Sadly our world is getting more wicked by the day.
    I fully expect God will intervene with judgements soon upon the planet within 12 months . Reference Lois Vogel Sharp and Byron Searle.

    Will the True Church of Jesus Christ in Australia be forced underground?
    I believe it’s certainly possible within 5-10 years as the State controls more and more.

    See video

    best regards
    Philip B – Sydney

  5. Black is the new orange. Soon black will be white. Those who refute God refute absolute truth and make up their own truth, which more often than not is absolute false.

  6. I am sure there is a lot of demonic activity going on among these protesters. While a lot of these rising conservative voices aren’t Christians they are certainly far more sympathetic to Christians and Christianity than we have seen with popular commentators in the West for a long time. I think this is one of the reasons why the enemy is furiously opposing it.

  7. I think David, you should have told them about Jesus, not fought for your sign?

    Or maybe instead of antagonizing them with the sign you had, perhaps you could have had a sign that spoke to them about how Jesus saves sinners? Still antagonistic to them but at least you’d be sharing the gospel…

  8. I got a invoice to pay a Transurban toll late payment invoice recently. After many hours trying to convince the organisation that the car was not in Melbourne on that day, they eventually conceded that the number plate was close but not mine. No apology for my time, no free pass for my next trip- just a letter saying that the infringement notice is on “hold” .
    It’s a pity for all honest policemen that the only person in Victoria’s history that has been recommended to be charged with murder, that hasn’t yet been charged….was a former policeman. Yes Bill, Victoria; we are standing in it. God help us all.

  9. Dear Lisa,

    I wouldn’t dream of telling David what he should have done, for the following reasons:

    1. I wasn’t there.
    2.The Law is necessary before the Gospel can be accepted. If they don’t admit their sin, they won’t see the Gospel as anything relevant to them, only (if anything) an excuse to keep sinning.
    3. I would never have the courage to do what David did.

    I pray more people will rise up to support those who have the courage to speak out in such situations.

  10. Lisa, yes. Fair point, but:
    1. How many Christians who say we should just preach the gospel and the love of Jesus, actually go on the front line? I do not mean to suggest that you do not have either the courage or the love of the LGBTs, to engage face to face with them, but how many times have you been on a parade with a sign that spoke to them about how Jesus saves? And how much success did you have? If you have any light to cast on this matter, then please enlighten me.
    Over the last two years I have had the privilege of joining far braver evangelist than me at London Gay Pride and this, under cover of their preaching, has given me the opportunity to speak to three people, out of thousands about the love of Jesus; but this has not stemmed the tsnami of wickedness engulfing our nations. Look at where we did precisely what you suggest and see the result. Tell me; what more could we have done?
    2. What do you do when the police cross the line and also become the enemy of Christian families and children? No one can accuse me of hitting the gays over the head with a Bible. Look again at the police in particular at the parade and how they actually encourage people to blaspheme against Jesus Christ. Look how the police and emergency services are all complicit, even driving this tide of rebellion and putting two fingers up at Jesus Christ and His people, or anyone who disagrees with same sex marriage. The police are the enemy of the people.
    Moreover I am the one who will be accused by the police of causing any attack on myself. Even if they severely injured or killed me, the police would say it was my fault; the gays are justified in using extreme violence to advance their campaign of “liberating” us all, like Pol Pot, onto the dusty and windswept plains of desolation and sexual depravity. If we won’t become like them freely; they will force us through terror and under police escort to leave civilisation and return to the land of barbarism.
    Lisa I do not think telling Dan Savage and the police about the love of Jesus, or getting involved in high Socratic or Miltonian dialogue will have the slightest effect.
    3. Also, Lisa, what do you do when even road traffic signs command us to engage in LGBT behaviour? How many people dare to complain to their local authorities?
    There comes a point, and we have reached it, where even governments who back the parades, are impervious to reason and least of all to passages from the Bible. There are already pedestrian crossing lights in London positively encouraging sodomy and lesbianism. It is only because Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London does not have the courage to include the image of two men going at it, that it does not appear on these. But soon such images will appear for those who are slow in understanding, giving not just encouragement and permission to engage in such sex acts but a positive command to do them. Just think of the different symbols they could use to portray, buggery, felching, fisting, rimming and water sports etc.
    Do not think that what I did was done rashly, without prayer, or reading the Bible or consulting Christian lawyers . All three lights were green. “Go!”. The beauty, if I may call it that, of the prohibitive road sign, is that it speaks directly to the observer. “Stop it! Stop sodomising the minds, if not the bodies of our children!” This sign is unmistakable and the irony is that the gays find it deeply offensive too . We agree with them: it is offensive. No one likes having their noses being rubbed in their own sin and filth.
    4. What will you do Lisa? The youtubes showing other countries resisting sodomy and using the traffic signs is merely a wake up call for our own nations. Children are screaming to be heard, Let us pray that, for their sakes, ordinary mums, dads, in the West, wanting to protect their children will gain encouragement from Eastern European countries and rise up to smash the normalisation of these disgusting and dangerous acts:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
    After all the opposition have said they are going “to smash heteronormativity in our schools, the community and in the home” and abolish the family and wipe out Christians. What is it we do not hear or see? Can we not read or understand?
    For too long we have been silent giving the gays and politicians more and more courage to push the boundaries indecency and depravity even further. Please, Lisa, let us disabuse the LGBTs and our governments of the fancy that the vast majority of society support them. I believe my showing the sign was perhaps a first in Western nations. I take no credit for this, but encouragement from Brian Camenker of Massresistance who is prepared to take the glove off .
    One final point,Lisa, and that is we will be accused being far right, fascists, members of the KKK. indeed unpleasant and thuggish gangs of men in Eastern Europe are also displaying these signs. That is a different issue. Leave the far right fascist and far left Marxist thugs to fight it out and destroy themselves. But anything we say, no matter how gracious and kind will be taken as being racist and stirring up hatred. Instead we must remain within what remains of the law and use what remains of our rights of freedom of speech, expression and religion to protect our wives and children. The police by not upholding the law are instead conducting a highly managed and slow controlled explosion of hatred and violence against us, the people.
    How come we are never allowed to interpret the gay movement’s intent or liability to lead to widespread ‘ terroism’ – or at least the kind of non- violent extremism that would breed terrorism, which is defined simply as activity designed to bring about change through force (the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians) in the pursuit of political aims?
    If however the enemy does declare open warfare on us, it is then that we are justified in reaching for whatever comes to hand to defend ourselves. Democracies have never been establish by democracies or sweet talking, but by military means, which is why we have the armed forces.
    Sign up to massresistance
    David Skinner Massresistance UK

  11. Dear David,
    You certainly don’t need to defend your action. The majority of Christians are happy (maybe Lisa included) to criticise other Christians and yet do nothing. During the same sex marriage debate the Christian/ catholic association at Sydney university set up a simple stall to promote biblical marriage including free biscuits and hommus.noted that SSM marriages stalls had been going at Sydney uni for days and days. The simple and unassuming stall resulted in abuse and attacks by Gay students .hommus bowl smashed , filthy language and NSW police called. As David has written above we are dealing we some gay activists that now think they are free to operate outside the law and have no respect for the rights and views of others in society. This is a very dangerous precedent and many police forces seem to think this behaviour is acceptable. There was also a case approx 12 months ago where Gold Coast police arrested a street witnessing Christian for speaking against homosexuals. This was a false accusation but actually s sad indication of intimidation used by some law enforcement personnel to shut down Christians.
    My question to David is what happened to the 100s of Bournemouth Christians on the gay pride day.? Why weren’t they having a presence at the event to proclaim Jesus and standing in a group with you to support you. Clearly they were not prepared to make a stand for Jesus? It’s far easier to conform to this worlds values and say nothing. The Christian church has regrettably become tasteless. We are no longer salt.
    Best regards philip

  12. Philip Browne I believe we need to start planning now to become an underground church in AUSTRALIA. To be a faithful remnant no matter what our denomination is. To be ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS to quote the sign that use to hangover the road at BELGRAVE HEIGHTS KESWICK CONVENTION back in the 1960s.

  13. Things are not falling apart, they are falling together…Jan Markell, Olive Tree Ministries.

  14. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. During the Weimar Era the Left engaged in violence, and the Right responded in kind. In our era the Left engages in violence, and the police charge the Right despite them being the side which generally respects the law. What happens if\when the Right conclude that law is simply ‘left-wing privilege’ and used as a form of oppression? It only took a decade or two to upend the society of the liberal democratic Weimar Republic and replace it with the Third Reich after all.

    If per David Skinner’s example (which is referenced on Wikipedia), an elderly man speaking peacefully whilst holding a sign can be assaulted, then charged by police for inciting his own assault, with his attackers escaping unscathed, then opposition to the homosexual agenda is a criminal offence. What difference legally is there then between the peaceful Christian who states that Scripture denounces homosexuality, and the radical Muslim who preaches death to homosexuals – other than that the latter is a member of a privileged protected class? What cause is there then for those who reject abnormal lifestyle choices (homosexuality, transgenderism etc) to embrace Christ’s generally peaceful opposition to sin, rather than Islam’s violent response, a response that the Left frequently kowtows to? Obviously this isn’t a theological position but primarily a social and historical consideration.

    The Muslim population of Australia rose 50% in a mere decade (2006-2016), and 60% in the UK (2001-2011). Whilst far from a majority – Muslims comprise a mere 2.6% of the population in Australia and 5% in the UK, their growth is far in excess of that of the native population, and they’re even establishing themselves as the majority in some regions – 51.8% in Lakemba, Sydney (2011), and clear plurality in others – 34.5% in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (2011). Of the 13 countries which apply the death penalty however only one isn’t unquestionably Muslim – Nigerian Muslims ‘only’ comprise 46% of the population, and of the roughly 35 other Islamic nations, most outlaw homosexuality, though don’t deem it a capital crime.

    The Left in both Australia and the UK, indeed I suspect all Western nations, espouse the LGBT agenda yet at the same time embrace the colonisation of the West by Islam, a religion which rejects LGBTism. This sets up a future values clash – either a Muslim plurality imposing Sharia Law or at least elements of it on the society in which they live, or a radical shift in the Left’s attitude towards Islam. At the same time this is happening the Right is being increasingly marginalised for adhering to and expressing traditional and Godly values. What happens if they wash their hands of the current political offerings and instead of UKIP, One Nation, or another such parties deemed ‘radical’ by the Left they vote for genuinely radical candidates, ones who make Trump look like a socialist, or worse yet engage in civil, or decidedly uncivil disobedience per the Antifa\Islamic fundamentalist model?

    In America Trump preaches that the media are liars and the enemy of the American People. A decidely emotive turn of phrase, but is it so inaccurate? I could quote statistics about media bias but this post is already drifting rather far afield. Suffice to say that most journalists are left-wing, and most news organisations will have more Far Left, even Militant Left journalists than right-wing journalists, assuming they actually have any of the latter. Are such likely to offer honest coverage of anything? In the event of the Right washing their hands of the status quo, would the content of media coverage be a consideration?

    It’s easy to be an armchair philosopher, but the current trend of Western civilization strikes me as just so very troubling. As we drift further and further away from a rational, and righteous society the possibility of either a collapse into a Satanic modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, or conversely a backlash and the establishment of a Western Reich seems ever more likely. Both of course assume we can avoid the Caliphate option, though that presently seems like a more distant concern. While pure fiction Tom Kratman’s Caliphate explores this to some degree – a liberal Europe which is militantly anti-American yet meekly collapses in the face of Islam to become a Caliphate, and an America which succumbs to fascism in response to terrorism and other issues. Sadly I have a vague recollection there may be some more adult oriented content so it’s not a book I recommend for personal collections but interesting nevertheless.

    Hope this is coherent enough, and doesn’t ramble too far afield. Not sure if it’ll pass muster with the censor 🙂

  15. Dear Naomi, but I was there…I have David’s story of what happened.

    Dear David, I think of these things…
    1. If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; if they kept My word, they will keep yours also.
    John 15:18-20
    2. But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power.
    2 Timothy 3:1-5
    3. Are they servants of Christ?-I speak as if insane-I more so; in far more labors, in far more imprisonments, beaten times without number, often in danger of death. Five times I received from the Jews thirty-nine lashes. Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, a night and a day I have spent in the deep. I have been on frequent journeys, in dangers from rivers, dangers from robbers, dangers from my countrymen, dangers from the Gentiles, dangers in the city, dangers in the wilderness, dangers on the sea, dangers among false brethren; I have been in labor and hardship, through many sleepless nights, in hunger and thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure. Apart from such external things, there is the daily pressure on me of concern for all the churches.
    2 Corinthians 11:23-28
    4. How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, ” HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!”
    Romans 10:14-15

    I have no illusions that preaching to anyone will not be popular, in fact it may be so unpopular that I may be hurt, and a time will come that I may even be killed. However, I also know that without hearing the Good News people aren’t going to be saved.
    In what you talked about David, I did not see someone who wanted to share the Good News-because you didn’t do that.
    You made sure they knew about their sin but dear David, you didn’t let them know who could save them from their sin…there was no hope for them in your sign, only condemnation. Jesus is hope. Jesus is new life. Jesus is grace and reconciliation and those people didn’t hear about that. Which is what I meant.

  16. And David, I think of these things..
    2 Timothy 2:24
    The Lord’s bond servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses, and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.
    2 Corinthians 5:20
    Therefore we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

  17. Thanks Lisa. A few replies if I may. I know David personally and he cares deeply, he does share the gospel, and he also seeks to be salt and light. A Christian need not share the gospel every single time he opens his mouth. Wilberforce did not do it every single time he spoke out against the evils of the slave trade for example. Sometimes he did, but sometimes it was sufficient to just denounce the sins of his day. That was part of his Christian calling. And Christian critics in his day would have accused him of being “quarrelsome” and the like. Armchair critics are always around it seems.

    Indeed, I see you have not answered David’s questions to you as to how you are going about doing all this. At times like this, I am often reminded of the story involving the great evangelist D L Moody:

    One day a woman said to him, “Mr. Moody, I don’t like the way you do evangelism!” “Well, ma’am, let me ask you, how do you do it?” Moody asked. She replied, “I don’t!” Moody responded, “Well, I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it!”

  18. Dear Bill, I have not been in front of a crowd yet but I have spent the last few years on a forum with muslims and atheists sharing the Good News. I don’t know if that counts in your your mind but I was always personally attacked, lied about, ganged up on and was considered by them to be the worst person there.

    Yes I can see that you might not always share the gospel when you talk to people, but if your going to condemn people, why not give them hope? And like I said I think he would have been treated the same anyway, the difference in being that he also gave them Jesus.

    Thanks for allowing my comments.

  19. Thanks again Lisa. But sadly you sound just like the homosexual activists David and I are always dealing with. How in the world does sharing truth about homosexuality amount to condemnation? Again, Wilberforce would have regularly denounced the sin of slavery without every single time offering a lengthy gospel message. Sorry, but I will side with someone like David who has faced the heat big time, risking life and limb, as he stands up to one of the biggest challenges and threats to the Christian faith and to religious freedom – the radical homosexual agenda – than with those who seem keen to just sit on the sidelines and take pot shots at him and judge him. And to be honest it is one thing to sit in the safety of your own room behind a computer screen, and quite another to personally step into the enemy’s territory and seek to be salt and light there, regardless of the consequences, including the risk of physical abuse and attack.

  20. I thought the law condemns us? Telling someone they are condemned for their sins is one thing but aren’t we Christians supposed to offer hope? Isn’t that why Jesus sent us out? Not to condemn but to give hope in God’s Son? John 3:16?

    Well, we must all start somewhere. I do have experience in sharing the Good News even if it is over the internet. I feel that God prepares you for good works. Before that I would have never said anything to anyone because I was too timid.

    And I wasn’t taking pot shots at him, I think he should have shared the gospel. Iron sharpens iron after all, Bill.

  21. Thanks Lisa, but you really don’t seem to be grasping basic biblical truth here. Preaching against sin and preaching the need of repentance has always been the core biblical message, whether preached by the prophets, Jesus or the disciples. There IS NO good news apart from the bad news. One has to first let the lost know that they really are lost, dead in their sins, and headed to a lost eternity, and then one can proclaim the good news. It always must be in that order. There can be no good news until we first proclaim the bad news, as all God’s great saints have always known:

    -“The first duty of the gospel preacher is to declare God’s Law and show the nature of sin.” Martin Luther

    -“The man who does not know the nature of the law cannot know the nature of sin. And he who does not know the nature of sin cannot know the nature of the Saviour.” John Bunyan

    -“Before I preach love, mercy, and grace, I must preach sin, law, and judgment.” John Wesley

    -“Never does a person see any beauty in Christ as a Savior, until they discover that they are a lost and ruined sinner.” J.C. Ryle

    -“We have to convince our hearers of the unwelcome diagnosis before we can expect them to welcome the news of the remedy.” C. S. Lewis

    -“The effort of liberal and borderline modernists to woo men to God by presenting the soft side of religion in an unqualified evil because it ignores the very reason for our alienation from God in the first place. Until a man had gotten into trouble with his heart he is not likely to get out of trouble with God.” A.W. Tozer

    -“If I had one hour with every man, I would spend the first 45 minutes talking to them about God’s law, and the last 15 minutes talking about His great salvation.” Francis Schaeffer

    But see much more on this here:

    And here:

    And you have now spent a fair amount of time judging and attacking David. Have you spent the same amount of time praying for him? The constant criticism is an indication of running in the flesh, not the Spirit. But I have given you a very good run here, so we will leave it at that thanks. Spend the time in praying instead of arguing – that will do far more good for the Kingdom. I will rephrase Moody one last time here: ‘I much prefer the way David is seeking to be a witness and salt and light in a very dangerous environment than the way the armchair critics simply attack him but have never get out of the comfort of their own homes.’

  22. Thank you Bill. You just about covered all the bases, except to say that on the few occasions, relatively speaking, I have appeared in these arenas, I realise I am engaging with all manner of people: there are the useful idiots, the straight people, the lefties who, often, are more militant than the gays themselves; there are the out and out Marxist subversive who use the gays to do their dirty work: there are deeply disordered and demon possessed homosexuals and then there also those who have been brainwashed for the last two, three or four decades into believing they are gay, but are unhappy with the state they are in. They feel obliged to be in the parade but don’t really want to be there and are looking for answers. These I have met and with whom I have had deep soul searching conversations. This year, I met Gavin at London Gay Pride and did just as Lisa said, spoke to him about Jesus Christ. For the sake of this one soul, it was worth travelling a hundred miles just to meet Gavin. However, if he succeeds in escaping from the curse of homosexuality, the gays will not allow him to walk away just like that. He may well receive death threats just as other ex -gay and post-gays have received them.
    There comes a time when we simply have to say “Stop it !” A policeman, even a father does not start telling a paedophile caught in the act of sodomising his child about the love of Jesus.
    There comes a time Lisa, when we have to have less sympathy and empathy for the molester of children and more concern for the child. But maybe you think children in school, as young as four or five, should tell the teachers, who are mentally and emotionally abusing them with gay propaganda, big time, and forcing them to engage in mini gay pride in their school, about how much Jesus loves them. I am sure you do not believe that.

    Road traffic signs do not appeal to your soul Lisa. They do not have gospel tracks printed on them. They simply say do not break the speed limit, or else there are consequences. Perhaps you ought to attend a drivers’ training course Lisa, as I have done twice for going over the speed limit. When I drive I don’t need the Holy Spirit or Bible verses to tell me not to break the speed limit. All I need do is remember how much it cost me the last time!

    Homosexuality must once more be made illegal, just as stealing is illegal. Everyone, I would imagine has stolen something sometime. At the age of seven, I stole some cakes my mother had just baked and I was forced to confess. I did not go to prison, receive a fine or even get a thrashing. I merely was made to feel I needed to say sorry. One could say that in my mind, stealing was stigmatised.
    Likewise a child engaging in romantic homosexuality should be admonished. If the incident is more serious parents should be contacted. If it is more serious still, expulsion should be considered. If it is even more serious, youth courts should be involved and if the activity carries onto into adulthood and the homosexual behaviour is blatantly predatory and a threat to public morals, then fines can be invoked and if this does not work, the option of prison should be there. In other words, just as with stealing, homosexuality should be made illegal but punishment should be proportionate. Bring back stigma.

    With regard to Andrew Mason and his comment. I did say to the gays on the parade that Britain, within 10 or 15 years will come under Shariah law. We already have a Mohammedan Home Secretary, the Lord Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is one and councils up and down Britain, open council business with a reading from Koran or a prayer to Allah.

    I warned them. The writing is on the wall. Do you, Lisa, care enough to warn the gays that they will suffer destruction in this life, either through STDs or the Mohammedans and certainly in the next life with eternal destruction.
    Finally Lisa, read the blessing and curses in Deuteronomy 28.
    Moses says in Deut 30:19, ‘I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.’

    David Skinner UK

  23. Phil Browne, you ask where the 100 Christians were on the day of Bournemouth Gay Pride. Many of them were probably in the gay pride itself, as they are increasingly in all gay pride marches. Phil, you had better get used to the idea that we are more likely to get support from those who are not in the church or even claim to be Christians but have a strong moral code and love their own children enough to want to protect them.

    David Skinner UK

  24. Well said Bill,

    100% agree with you.
    You yourself I am sure have had to endure written and verbal abuse over many years. Many would have given up by now, but Praise God you remain engaged and not bitter.
    God bless you and keep you in the days ahead.
    Who will stand when hatred of Christians really starts to ramp up. My belief is it will get far worse before the rapture. Those Christians who think they are out of here in the short term via rapture are mistaken I believe.

  25. Has the media ever used the term “extreme leftists” or “far-left activists”? I don’t think so. And no wonder, they are already extreme far-left activists, so nothing looks more left to them. They can only see the opposite – anything on the right.
    Not that I really agree with left/right labelling. Christianity started as a left-wing movement – grass roots transformation of society by people standing against those trying to conserve the old guard – the power structure of the traditionalists (Jewish religious leaders).
    But now that the “left” is established as the ruling paradigm, it has become the “right” wing, the system of the government/education/media/big business rulers.
    It can most naturally be overcome by grass-roots resistance. Trying to bring back the conservative “good old days” of Christendom is a lost cause. Instead, we should push for underground grass-roots revival, like it was in Acts.
    And if we don’t go there now, we will soon be pushed into it.

  26. It is good Bill that you are loyal to David, but I agree 100% with you, Lisa.
    I think you are not only right on the surface in your assessment of the events that have taken place here, but also speaking prophetically to David about the state of his heart.
    There is no question that he is very brave, and once his bravery is working together with a heart full of love he will truly be a force to be reckoned with – no fear and love together are a devastating force against the enemy.
    What I don’t think people sometimes take account of is that people with a homosexual orientation are in most cases gripped by spiritual force/s that have control of them. A church that is itself almost completely blind to the spiritual realm has done – and continues to do almost zero to tell them that they can truly get free, let to help them to actually get free. Given this, and so thinking that their desires are a part of who they are, they naturally still want – like all of us – to feel loved and accepted. They have finally found this acceptance in the ‘gay’ community and from those who are their friends. If someone suddenly appears in the midst of their engaging in their search for acceptance with signs that speak of attack and rejection they are very unlikely to welcome them, and much more likely to see them as hateful.
    Let me ask these questions: what exactly did David want to achieve by his actions that day? Did he achieve it? Is there something he could learn from the man who quietly stood near him with a sign saying “I was gay”, and thus both spoke ‘against’ homosexuality and offered a way out of it to those there who might be open to hearing about this, whilst at the same time not inviting antagonism? His ‘opening gambit’ was “I understand”, rather than “I oppose”. I know which of the two I would respond more positively to, were I struggling with same-sex attraction and open to being shown how I could get free of it.

  27. Thanks David. But you join with Lisa in condemning David, even though both of you know absolutely nothing about him. I have known him for many years now, and have even stayed in his home. You two sit in judgment, condemning him, all the while telling us how wrong and unchristian it is to judge and condemn others! You two seem to know all about David’s heart, when in fact you know nothing about him. I can assure you he does have a heart full of love, otherwise he would not be there and endure all the abuse and hate – including all the criticism from armchair critics like you two.

    And one might as well foolishly ask what a loving prolife presence in front of an abortion mill achieves, or what Wilberforce and his mates achieved by speaking biblical truth about the sin of slavery. The truth is, homosexuals desperately need to hear the truth. They NEED to be offended. One ex-homosexual said exactly that: he hated it when Christians shared biblical truth with him – it offended him big time. But in the end he was so glad, and he turned from his sin and found new life in Christ. Read his story here:

    As to the street presence in question, one can have BOTH approaches of course: one person can remind the lost of their lostness, and another can say ‘I used to be homosexual’. Both are forms of Christian witness and both are fully needed. It is foolish in the extreme to say that only one form of biblical witness is acceptable. Try reading the Bible and you will see a multitude of various ways and means used to convey biblical truth and reach the lost.

    You are right to say that most churches are blind to the spiritual realm. But you are wrong to talk about “acceptance” in the homosexual community. Sinners will always defend those who share in their own sins. Bank robbers will also not feel very welcome in a church, but will find ‘love and acceptance’ with other bank robbers. But that is not what they need. They need real love which tells them the truth and warns them of their sin. That is the first step to achieving freedom.

    So one more time: I would much rather have one brave Christian seeking to be salt and light than a thousand armchair critics who do nothing, but delight in criticising the one actually doing something.

  28. Wow David
    Christians supporting homosexuals in marches!
    Exceptionally sad!!
    The modern day Church of Laodicea in all it’s glory? Bottom line, our God will not be mocked.

  29. I have no wish to be patronising towards Lisa, but I welcome her criticism. Everything has to be tested and certainly her intervention has given traction to the wheels of this thread. I get the same kind of criticism from my nearest and dearest. Thank you Bill for throwing up all the quotes from both the Bible and past Christian defenders of the faith like Bunyan, and Schaeffer in particular.
    Just one or two last points if I may. Being in a forum or on a platform criticising Islam is nothing like even talking about homosexuality. Brave politicians, like Lord Pearson of Rannock and even Tommy Robinson can push the boat out and expose Mohammed for who he was but were they talk about homosexuality, that would be the end of them.

    I have no desire to take anything away from either Lord Pearson or Tommy Robinson, but I would like to know if Lisa has ever spoken on a public platform about homosexulity?

    The reason for this silence on homosexuality is that talking about Mohammedanism is something exterior to us. Whereas anything sexual impacts on the most personal, vulnerable and sensitive areas of all our lives. Speaking about Homosexuality exposes all of us to our sins and it is then that the defensiveness and rage begin. Moreover we might have a son, daughter, even parent who is LGBT. End of conversation.

    On the topic of the need to belong and be accepted, as Bill says, thieves and criminals certainly feel accepted in prison and that is where they belong! As I have pointed out to homosexuals at gay pride parades, they might feel euphoria in being amongst several thousand LGBTs, but they have to go home, maybe to a small community, where they are the only gay person. Their good feel factor evaporates and depends on being in a crowd, whereas the Christian often feel closer to Jesus Christ, precisely when, like Richard Wurmbrand, when he is deep underground in solitary confinement. Our sense of belonging and acceptance with God are not dependent on others. And as we know homosexuals can live in the most liberal and accepting societies, such as those of Holland and California and yet still feel isolated and prone to drug-taking and suicide. What they are seeking cannot be satisfied by either their lust or acceptance by society. Nothing can heal their own internal hatred of themselves – their own homophobia. Only God can satisfy our deepest need which is to be forgiven for our sins and rebirth into an eternal life with Jesus Christ – free from guilt, condemnation, the power of sin and the power of fear.

    In answer to David Smith, I know the gentleman, dressed in khaki. He has stayed at my house and eaten at my table. Indeed being an ex-foreign legionnaire and violent ex-convict, he came to protect me. Indeed, I was glad of his presence, feeling like Wellington when the Prussians turned up to aid him at the last moment. The board he had up saying, “I WAS GAY”, was not referring to him. He was referencing someone else, so he did not really have a personal testimony. Moreover, he did not attract much attention. When he did intervene it was after the event when he began shouting at the police. Enough said.

    I just pray, that as Churchill said, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Join Massresistance
    David Skinner UK

  30. AntiFa and Nazism have one thing in common when it comes to Islam and Jewish Zionism: In the years leading up to and including World War II, Nazi Germany openly supported pan-Arab Nationalists in the Middle East and their ardent Muslim leaders – even to the extent of conferring honorary “Aryan” status upon the Arab peoples. You will be hard put to find a Zionist amongst the AntiFa crowd. Not unlike the Nazis, they will, to the last person, support the Palestinian cause, which they regard as the epitome of social justice.

    I have never read of any desecration of German or Italian war graves in North Africa during the troubles of the Arab Spring… The war graves desecrated all bore a cross or the Star of David on their tombstones.

  31. Upthread Tim asked if the media ever uses the term extreme leftist or far-left activist, and noting that he doesn’t think they do as they are themselves extreme far-left activists. This 2013 article: may be of interest, and for those really interested the paper is available here:“Hanusch%2C+F”. A survey of roughly 600 of the 8,000-10,000 journalists in Australia netted 372 responses. Of those 43% vote Labor (Left), 19.4% Greens (Far Left), and 30.2% Coalition (Centre-Right). While News Corp – which is accused by it’s critics of being right-wing, leans 19.8% Far Left, 46.5% Left, and only 26.7% Right, the ABC which is taxpayer funded, legally required to be impartial and provide diversity of prospectives, and championed by the Left, skews 41.2% Far Left, 32.4% Left, and only 14.7% Centre-Right. While not conclusive I’d call this strong support for Tim’s contention. Also noted in the paper, but not the article, is the fact that the majority of journalists are irreligious – double the norm for Australians according to the 2016 census which was itself 50% higher than the 2011 census, and only 11.6% though religion to be very important – 67.7% saying it’s of little to no importance.

    I disagree with his point about Christianity starting as a left-wing movement – trying to transform society against the prevailing power structure. Remember Jesus condemned the Pharisees and the Sadducees for their erroneous application of the Law. They perverted it, He restored it.

    I do however concur that the Left constitutes the ruling elite – I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say paradigm, and largely in control of government, the judiciary, education, the media, and big business. I think he’s also right that a grass roots\underground approach may be most practical. It’s probably also closer to the model of Christianity as practiced in nations such as Iran or even China, which is where the West is headed.

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