A Review of Get Out Now. By Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan.

Regnery, 2018.

The classroom has now become a battle ground. The school system that most of us went to decades ago is no longer recognisable, because the radical takeover of Western education is now nearly complete. The biggest winners in all this are the radical secular leftists. The biggest losers are our children and grandchildren.

Numerous books over the years have warned about the downward spiral public education is in. Many of these volumes -such as those penned by Thomas Sowell, Ben Shapiro, David Horowitz, and Dinesh D’Sousa – looked at how bad the situation is in our universities.

But our high schools and primary schools are now just as bad – indeed they have become hot houses for leftist political indoctrination, radical sexual agendas, and militant social engineering. Good schools which are not anti-faith, anti-family and anti-freedom are getting hard to come by.

That is why this brand-new book is so important. The main message of the volume is found in its subtitle: “Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late”. In short, say the authors, “public schools are failing our children morally, culturally and academically”.

And in 300 pages this is all documented very thoroughly indeed. In fact, a third of the book is devoted to footnotes, and they are just as important to read and study as the rest of the book. All up the case is forcefully made: modern public education in America is likely beyond repair, and other options must be explored by concerned parents.

The situation in America really is quite dire. The problem is not with the rank and file personnel, but with progressive activists: just about everything concerning the schools, from curriculum to discipline to school policies, “are determined by progressive ideologues, both inside and outside the school systems.”

As an introductory paragraph points out:

It’s time for an honest conversation about why we are losing our kids. Why are the children of patriotic Americans ready to believe the worst about their country? Why are the sons and daughters of committed believers becoming moral relativists and “nones”? Why are the children of well-grounded adults growing up unsure of “who they are” in the most basic sense—whether they are male or female—even as they embrace the mandates of identity politics?

The authors say that the militant homosexual and transgender gospel being peddled everywhere in our schools is the last straw, and demonstrates conclusively just how rotten to the core public education now is. Thus the opening chapters of the book look in some detail at the madness of the gender bender revolution which is being rammed down the throats of our children.

Most schools have now fully embraced the radical gender policies and philosophy. The result of this ideological crusade is that “the state will no longer take account of biological sex, an existential reality in the life of every person.” Indeed, “every cell in the body is male or female, a physiological reality that will not change, ever.”

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Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late by Hasson J.D., Mary Rice (Author), Farnan Ph.D., Theresa (Author) Amazon logo

This is as ludicrous as it is harmful: “If a four-foot tall child who can’t swim wanted to jump into five feet of water because he had a deeply held sense that he was six feet tall, would you let him jump?” All this despite the fact that medical researchers keep demonstrating just how different the two sexes really are.

The authors demonstrate how the devious gender ideology is now found everywhere in the school system, beginning with the earliest ages. And there are plenty of consequences, from students being sent to the principals’ office for using the wrong pronoun, to teachers being fired for refusing to go along with this moonbattery.

And it is the poor children themselves who suffer the most: “Lies don’t heal, and wounded people deserve more than a protocol that puts them on a treacherous journey that may require lifelong medication and major surgical interventions, burdened by extraordinarily high rates of suicide, mental illness, physical illness, and more.”

Those staff and teachers who seek to resist all this face mounting pressure from “their own professional organisations, from school boards, and from progressive advocacy groups.” Indeed, radical leftist groups and individuals are pouring heaps of money to ensure these radical agendas are in the schools and being fully implemented.

Tragically, it is now impossible to put the transgender genie back in the bottle, at least in the public schools. The education establishment has fully embraced gender ideology. Families who stay in the public school system must understand that the gender ideologues intend to indoctrinate their children. There is no “safe space” from gender ideology in the public schools.

Other chapters in this book assess some of the other major problems found in the public school system, including the war on religion, the attempt to denigrate patriotism and stir up hostility to America, and the dumbing down of academic standards.

And the schools have become quite adept at turning kids into activists to fight perceived sexism, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia and all the other isms and phobias. Globalist political agendas, and denigration of the West and its achievements, are now routinely preached in many public schools.

A student may enter a school as a religious, moral, patriotic individual, but will likely leave as a secular, androgynous, immoral progressive. And in all of this the parents are increasingly powerless. Indeed, they are usually excluded from decisions impacting their children, and are often kept in the dark as to the radical agendas being foisted on their kids.

Parents become ever more marginalised as the State takes over. Values, beliefs and cultural habits that once were the domain of parents are now being inculcated by the secular state. No wonder the schools are turning students against parents.

Another chapter looks at how the public school system is raising a generation of kids who are perpetually offended, and constantly triggered with microaggressions. These fragile dandelions are taught to take offense at everything and live as perennial adolescents, emoting their way through life.

As the authors put it, “Thanks to progressive identity politics fused with a victim mentality, our public schools are producing a generation of ‘snowflakes’ ill-prepared for the challenges of adult life and unwilling to engage differing viewpoints.”

The authors finish their book with these words:

Public education in America is a sinking ship. Whatever you think about the idea of state-run schools, the system is, for the time being, corrupted beyond repair. It is a monopoly run by a ring of teachers’ unions and ideologues intent on denying parents not only the freedom to choose the school where their children spend thirty-five hours a week, but also the right to be informed about the values and beliefs in which those schools are indoctrinating their children. Since this monopoly is mandated, funded, and protected by government, only government is powerful enough to break it up. Parents certainly aren’t. Our best option is to shake up the system by pulling our children out. Forcing it to change or become irrelevant….

American parents must face the reality that public schools are not going to improve in the next few decades. The political and ideological headwinds are too strong. As parents, you must first take care of your own children. It would be unthinkable to sacrifice your child’s future for the survival of the public school system. Look for alternatives: private school, parochial school, home school, cyber education, co-ops. Only you will be able to discern which school is right for your child. But we can assure you that if you are concerned about your child’s faith, intellectual formation, and patriotism, public schools are working against you. It’s time to get out, now.

The authors conclude with a helpful Q&A appendix. For example, ‘Can’t parents just opt out of objectionable materials in schools?’ No: in many schools now “you can’t ‘opt out’ of gender ideology. It’s not taught as a discrete class but pervades the entire curriculum and school’s culture.”

Or, ‘I can’t afford private education’. Yes there certainly are financial challenges – no question. But a parent’s most important role “as the primary educator of your child is exercising meaningful oversight when your child is in school. Public schools crowd parents out of the picture with government ideology, goals, content and curriculum. While private schooling and homeschooling are not panaceas, they provide a better opportunity to watch over the well-being of their children.”

And another common objection: ‘Shouldn’t my kids let their light shine in pagan schools?’ A few mature and spiritually solid children might be able to do this, but most will likely be won over to the dark side. There is nothing amiss in protecting children from the ungodly and immoral agendas being pushed in schools. They quote Matt Walsh:

“The question is not whether our kids will be exposed to this or that depravity, but when and how and in what context? Are you prepared to trust the school’s judgment on when Junior is ready to learn about concepts like ‘transgenderism’? Do you trust their judgment on how he learns about it, and what he’s told about it?”

Again, ‘Can parents be trusted with school vouchers?’ Say the authors:

If you believe, with the progressives, that the state is the primary educator of our children, then the state should call the shots. We are convinced, however, that parents are uniquely qualified to oversee their children’s education – not because they are experts about education but because they are experts about their own children, if we’re right about that, then parents should have a say in how their education tax dollars are spent.

Our schools may well be in terminal decline. Some parents may choose to stay and fight. That is their choice. But it is really their children who are being forced to stay and fight. However, if even half of what we read here is accurate, they may be in a losing battle.

At the very least, this book deserves a wide reading. We owe it to our children to get the word out.

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31 Replies to “A Review of Get Out Now. By Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan.”

  1. Private Christian school tuition fees around here for my children are $19,500 (kindergarten) to $31,830 a year (year 11 and 12) and then excursions, sports, uniforms, surcharges etc are a few $1000 extra a year on top. An average of $27,000 a year x 13 years for K-12 is $350,000 x how every many children you have. Not doable for many families especially large families.

  2. Thanks Jo. Yes I mentioned in my piece that this is a genuine concern for many. However, two further thoughts:

    -Not all Christians schools are that expensive.
    -When we looked into Christian schooling for our kids, we discovered that most schools offered discounts for more than one student. Often the more children you had enrolled, the more of a discount you got.

    But it will not be an option for every concerned parent.

  3. I know what you are saying but unfortunately where we live the Christian schools are that price and no less and the traffic here is so bad it would take my children at least 1 hour and 10 minutes each way to get to a cheaper school.

  4. Thanks again Jo. As mentioned, each parent must prayerfully and carefully consider what are the best options for educating their children as the public system continues to get worse. For some it will be homeschooling, for others, non-public schools. Others may feel they have no choice but to use public education.

  5. From what I’ve heard, in America the first major movement to remove the Bible/Christianity from schools was as long ago as 1886. Sadly, it was Christians themselves that started it. Feuding Protestant and Catholic families squabbled over which Bible version (the KJV or the Catholic Douay) to read in public schools. The feud got intense enough to reach the courts. In the end, the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided reading any Bible in public school was ‘illegally uniting the functions of church and state’ and stopped it totally. That was the decisive start. When the US Supreme Court banned Christian prayer in public schools in 1963, they actually cited the Wisconsin case as a precedent. And the only real, consistent victors since then have been the secularists/non-religious/anti-religious types.



  6. You can tell this is from America, because the writer seems to be so concerned about “patriotism”, which should really be a lower order concern for Christians.

    Personally, I think more Christian young people should be encouraged to be school teachers, or work in the Education bureaucracy. Parents should talk to their children about what they are learning at school, take an interest in their children’s school, get to know the teachers and principal, be volunteers when they are needed. Not act in a nasty, judgmental way, but be friendly and involved, then they are more likely to listen if you have concerns.

    For a long time, parents relied on Scripture, Sunday School, Youth Group and Church to teach their kids Christian and they relied on the government and society to back them up. Now the government and society doesn’t back them up, so they have to do the teaching at home. Really think about it, have family Bible Study and discussion. Of course, it is harder for some parents if they are divorced and one parent is Christian and other not.

  7. Thanks Louise. But perhaps I did not do a very good job of conveying the urgency and gravity of the situation as documented so carefully in this book. You may need to read it if I have failed in this regard. But a few points in reply:

    There is of course nothing wrong with a love of country, properly understood. Indeed, one must be aware of just what the radical left is all about: it hates the West and seeks to denigrate it, undermine it, and eventually destroy it. America and other Western nations, for all their faults, were built on the Judeo-Christian foundation, and are still the best places on earth for tremendous goods such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law to flourish. That is all being warred against by the left.

    As to getting a few more concerned parents and Christians involved, that is to underestimate the deep-seated and pervasive corruption of public education. The simple truth is, getting some more well-meaning teachers or Christians involved in the schools is NOT going to be a panacea. The radical left ideology is so deeply entrenched now in public schools, and the leftist teachers’ unions are so powerful and so unwilling to relinquish control, that it will take a whole lot more than getting more nice people into the system to really change things. Even if the bulk of teachers one day were Christians, that still may not be enough. Tinkering at the edges is just not sufficient. As the authors put it: “The problem is that those in power – administrators, unions, and school boards – see schools as vehicles for social engineering, financed by our tax dollars, whether we like the results or not.”

    And you may be a bit too optimistic about Christians and conservatives easily getting into teaching and admin roles – especially the bureaucracy. All these areas are now heavily dominated by the ideological left, and they do not just allow anyone to waltz in. Indeed, increasingly such folks are being weeded out, or prevented from getting in in the first place. More and more, anyone seeking such involvement or employment has to pass various PC tests, undergo “diversity” training and the like, agree to fully embrace the radical homosexual agenda, and so on. So it is not so simple in most places just to hope to get it.

    If some parents feel called to get in and fight, more power to them. Go for it. But we need to be realistic here. In small-scale settings, and with enough people power, a few limited victories may well be won. That is great. But overwhelmingly we are dealing with a system so inundated and consumed by the radical left, that tweaking a few policies or getting involved in a few schools is not going to stop the rot. Indeed, those who live in Victoria will now have mandatory “safe schools” propaganda being force fed in all state secondary schools – for now. That will soon expand as I often say. So I think we need to be much more realistic about the very real war that we are in.

    And our children should come first here. Again, as the authors write: “But we don’t advocate surrender. We can and should fight to save our public education system – but not at the expense of our children.”

    But thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Since Jo Deller mentioned the fees in her area I thought I’d offer some contrasting figures. My local Christian school is $4,000-$7,000 (Prep – Year 12), and offers a discount to every child should more than one be enrolled at the same time – up to 40% off with 6 children at the school, or something similar to the total cost for one student at Jo’s local. By contrast the local private school – ostensibly Christian, charges $8,000-$9,000 (Year 7 – Year 12) and also offers discounts – 10% off the second child up to 100% off the fourth child.

    On a completely different note, while Bill’s piece reports that children are being indoctrinated by the Left I’d argue it’s actually worse than that – the Left see children as footsoldiers in their war. On Friday students from schools in 30 different towns and cities across the country played truant. As I understand the law that’s illegal, and yet the Greens accused the PM of being out of touch for not supporting the students. How does a politician justify encouraging students to break the law, and condemning those who don’t? Apparently the students were protesting Australia’s failure to jump on the climate change bandwagon. One 14 year old organiser claimed they were sick of politicians playing politics and that people’s lives were on the line. I’m curious though, what would happen if students from ‘conservative schools’ went on strike next to protest politicians failure to reject climate jihad? Odds are the Greens would be furious at schools engaging in politics. Seems like every act by those deemed righteous is acceptable, no act by those deemed unrighteous is acceptable.

  9. Many thanks Andrew – on both matters. As to the first, yes quite right – there are various cheaper alternatives, and they can become affordable for many. Yes, some folks may not live real close to such viable schooling options, but another option – admittedly a big ask for some – may be to move to those areas where more affordable – and more Christian – education is available.

    Say the authors (at least concerning the scene in America):

    Private schooling can pose an enormous financial challenge. Believe us – we know! But you may have more options than you think. Mission-driven private schools usually commit to not turning away anyone in need and often give tuition breaks for each additional child. Other private schools offer financial aid and scholarships or have benefactors who will help defray the cost for needy families. If all else fails, talk to the private school and see whether a payment plan or work-study is an option. In addition, many schools have uniform exchanges, fundraisers, and other ways of defraying the cost of education.

    We are not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone here, and each parent must carefully and prayerfully consider what is best. But sometimes we may allow for what seem like insurmountable obstacles to deter us when perhaps there are ways around them – especially as we seek God’s help in all this.

    As to your second point – exactly right. The leftists ARE seeking to use our children for their radical ends, and turn them into little leftie activists. The authors of the book make that point as well.

  10. Suzannah Wesley homeschooled 17 children and look what they achieved! Turned the whole western world up side down, just like Paul.

    Don’t believe mothers and fathers who say they can’t do it. It is that they won’t do it, their children’s Godly future is not important enough to them.

    With homeschooling large families are often best, speaking as a homeschooling mother of 9 years and counting.

  11. Bill,

    I have asked the Attorney-General Christian Porter this question – Does the Australian Guideline for Sex and Gender apply to all humans or only for people who believe in the inner feeling of gender? The Victorian Agricultural officer informed me that sex and gender are the same for all animals because these things are based on a male and female reproductive system. The word “people” include the unborn and babies, and they’re unable to self-identify or verbalise their gender/pronoun like all animals. Also, people who are unconscious, incoherent, confused, demented, delirious and dead are unable to self-identify or verbalise their gender/pronoun. Therefore, people who are unable to self-identify or verbalise their gender/pronoun can’t have less than animal rights, so they should naturally be identified by their biological sex which is based on a human male and female reproductive system.

    The Australian governments have established laws, regulations, guidelines and public registries which treat people with a mental illness (psychosis, schizophrenia, dysphoria and suicidal) differently from people who are in control of their mind. The abortion law is based on the pregnant mother’s suicidal mindset which is caused by her unplanned/unwanted baby, despite the mother is quite physically able to have a live baby. The state wants medical doctors and registered nurses to treat a legal abortion as if it is the same practice as a still birth. The legal contract/consent is signed by the pregnant mother which makes the “intentional killing” of her baby no longer the criminal activity of murder.

    The euthanasia law is based on terminally ill patients who think that they can have a dignified death whilst they’re still in control of their mind. The state wants medical doctors and registered nurses to treat a legal euthanasia as if it is the same practice as a natural death of a terminally ill patient. The new Australian Marriage law between 2 people is based on secular people believing in a legal contract/consent will deter/prevent marriage/family breakdown, despite this new civil registered marriage can be “irretrievably broken-down” for legal fees in a no fault divorce, and this is equivalent to the civil partnership which can be revoked for a fee. The anti-discrimination law doesn’t deter/prevent all people from discrimination, but only people who self-identify with protected identities.

    Genuine Christian parents will need to educate their children about the way to discriminate between people with a mental illness and people who are in control of their mind because an insane person can’t be charged with murder. A psychotic teacher or healthcare professional is unable to protect the public and society from harm. If a teacher strongly believe gender is fluid and biological sex is irrelevant, then educating students about sex/gender for all animals is impossible. If a healthcare professional believes gender is only a social construct, then there must be another reason for medical doctors and nurses participating in physical sex change surgery. A de-sexed animal doesn’t change its gender, but a human who mutilates their sexual organs, breast tissue and changes their hormone level believes they can self-identify with a different gender. I tell my 3 children not to worry about “gay marriage” because gender fluidity has made sexual orientation irrelevant. There isn’t 2 women or 2 men when there is no definition of a woman and man in law. I use the scientific evidence on biological sex to prove to teachers that their supporting a mental illness which is protected by law, but I have to self-regulate my behaviour and practice including man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) because I don’t have a mental illness.

  12. J. Sheryl Adam makes such a lucid and well thought argument against the insanity of so-called gender fluidity. If we are to take this to the next level, then we should be able to change the sex of animals. So if a horse breeder wants to change his mare into a stallion, this is achievable given that we can do it to humans. I’m not sure if the poor mare will agree or infer she identifies as a stallion. The horse breeder will have to assume that. If the devil is not truly in charge of this world at present, I don’t know what is.
    Keep up th fight Bill and God bless you.

  13. Why aren’t conservative activists as successful as left wing activists? Are conservative activists outnumbered – there are simply too few conservative activists? Or is it that left-wing activists were / are just better organised and know how to bring about the changes they want better?

    I suspect (but can’t prove) that conservatives in general are just more complacent than the left, but if I’m right then why is that? Is it that conservatives just have a more easy going ‘She’ll be right mate’ attitude, or do conservatives in general just not care as much? Perhaps both?

  14. Yes Michael – a bit of all of that. And a few other points:

    -Most conservatives are too busy trying to raise a family, work hard, and be responsible citizens. That is often not the case with leftists. So the former tend to be too busy doing what is right and responsible, while lefties often have plenty of free time to get involved in various sorts of activism.

    -The left has made a concentrated effort to march through the institutions of power and influence, and have been quite successful at it. Thus overwhelmingly the schools, the media, the courts, and even many churches, etc., are now firmly in the hands of the left.

    -As such they are awash with funds – often taxpayer funding. Our side struggles to get such funding.

    -Conservatives are often Christians, and they believe in playing fair, not lying, not using any means necessary to achieve political power, etc. The secular left tends not to have any such concerns or moral restraints – anything that furthers their cause is seen as fair game. The end justifies the means.

    -Conservatives in many respects simply seek to conserve that which is worth preserving. It is more of a passive position. But leftists want to destroy, and it is more of an active position. In other words, leftists are on the offensive while conservatives are mostly on the defensive.

    -Too many Christians who may be politically conservative wrongly think that believers should avoid politics. Thus we keep losing by default – we let the other side win the battles, while many Christians are not even involved.

    My proposed reasons, along with yours, would go a long ways in explaining why the other side seems far more active and committed, and seems to keep winning.

  15. Forty years ago I decided to homeschool my children. This was at a time when homeschooling was unheard of, let alone actually done. I had the wonderful support of a former teacher named Bettina Dobbs who founded and headed an educational group called Guardians of Education in Maine (GEM). Back then I didn’t have access to all the wonderful resources that are available now….things like on line schools hadn’t yet been invented! Today I am helping my youngest daughter homeschool her children.
    Homeschooling is a viable option. It’s biggest objection is that it requires too much of the parents time. So many parents simply do not want to spend that much time with their children! There are so many misconceptions about homeschooling. I still hear the tired argument about homeschooling lack of socialization!!
    I have been saying for forty years that public education is a toilet; and while some toilets are cleaner than others the fact remains that no one wants to drink out of even the cleanest of them. While some public schools appear better than others they are ALL infected to some degree with the same godless, left-wing agenda. I’m sure the only way to save this institution is to dismantle it and rebuild. To dismantle it requires folks to remove their children. Will sacrifices be required for several generations to come? Absolutely. But if we are unwilling to make these sacrifices for our children then perhaps we shouldn’t be parents to begin with.

  16. Seems we are facing a 21st-Century “remake” of the scenario depicted in Pink Floyd’s three-part classic, “Another Brick in the Wall” where education is all about “thought control”… Ultimately, students will work out that they can revolt against “the oppression of Progressive Educationism”… Then it will be a case of “Hey Teacher, leave us kids alone!… We don’t need no education….”!

    Revolution must always find something new to revolt against if it is to survive as an integral, self-perpetuating part of our rotting social fabric…

  17. If I can hazard a response to Michael Westcott’s question I suggest the answer lies in scriptures such as:-

    Luk 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
    Luk 21:26 men fainting from fear, and expecting those things which have come on the earth. For the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

    If you are relying on the physical, scriptures like this and Isaiah 51:6 and Isaiah 13:10 etc. are certainly not reassuring. People are retreating into their imaginary worlds because facing up to reality is becoming too difficult for them and so they clutch at straws and clamber over other people in an attempt to save themselves by their own hand. This is why you see, what would be otherwise be rational people, allowing this gender madness or believing that Australia somehow has its own atmosphere and so, if you vote for the Greens or Labor, you can save the Great Barrier Reef etc. This is why they push laws that kill the unborn and the elderly because they see this as helping them cope. Completely heartless and irrational, of course, but if you have no reassurance then thinking rationally does not help. This is why it becomes so imperative for them to shut down opposing arguments because the truth is simply too hard to bear. They end up being like children closing their eyes and covering their ears and going “la la la la …”. Unfortunately this is occurring on a huge, national scale and the worst culprits are institutions like the ABC and SBS because they feed and promote this tendency. This even leads to the point of making laws that try to force people into not saying things that upset them and so shut down free speech and consequently propose laws that would have people who say upsetting things dealt with by the law behind closed doors so no one can see or hear. Clearly when it gets to that sort of level there is something intrinsically wrong with the corporate thinking of a nation. They will not admit it, of course, because to admit it would mean seeing the problems and so they invent pseudoscience to support their views and work hard to ensure that any real science that opposes their perspective is shut down. Free speech is actually essential to becoming truly progressive. The only reason to shut down free speech is because you are not coping and, unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening to the West. Labor and Green give an easy bogeyman and take people’s focus away from the real problems.

  18. My eldest daughter is in grade 9 and just about to finish her first year of home schooling, which is technically distance education because she is self-supervised. I have a home based business so it works out well. She was attending a Christian school but volunteered to do home schooling which surprised me because I had suggested it as an option the year before and she was very much against it. My first thought was that she’s getting bullied or doesn’t like some of the teachers but that wasn’t the case; just wanted to try it for some unknown reason! So I said that she has to commit for 12 months minimum no matter what, then after that can return to the Christian school if she wishes. The first 3 months were difficult for her because of social aspects but now she loves it and will continue right through to grade 12. My daughter has good friends in youth group and does plenty of socialising with church friends. She is also legally allowed to work many extra hours at KFC because she is home schooled and often works shifts in the days and is still keeping up with her studies and getting good results. One interesting thing I noticed is how quickly she gets her work done and is often several weeks ahead of the curriculum in some subjects. I guess there are fewer distractions at home than at school 🙂 We use Australian Christian College and it only costs $1400 a year.

  19. Hi Bill

    You may already be aware, if not, please find link below of a story in our infamously purported ‘impartial’ public broadcast station, ABC of a student coming out of the closet at a catholic school. It then takes the opportunity to say that staff should be hired based on their professional experience they can bring as opposed to their sexuality. Of course, in the secular business world, this is certainly the case, but at a religious institute that is supposedly following Christ’s teaching. Nowhere in the bible does it say that one can continue in their sin, be it fornication, adultery, murder, lying, homosexuality, lewdness, lascivious and remain in Christ. A religious school should be able to choose who is the best candidate based on their qualification and evident obedience to the faith, one would think, but not so much now. It is a clear contradiction, at least according to the apostle Paul, apostilles, Jesus and the plain reading of the text.

  20. Thanks Jonathan. Yes this is part of the endgame of the radical left: the complete destruction of Christianity. In part this will be done by forcing all Christian schools to not only have homosexual and transgender students, but teachers, staff and even principals as well.

  21. I think St Ignatius, Riverview is known as a private school that “produces leaders” of business and politics. That is why parents, both Catholic and Protestant, scrimp and save to send their boys there. There appear to have been no gay teachers or “out” gay students, because the boy in the story says “there were no (gay) role models” for him to follow at school. It is the boy who says: “that staff should be hired based on their professional experience they can bring as opposed to their sexuality.” because he wants to be a school teacher. Barnaby Joyce went to this school and while he became a political leader, in his private life his morals are not good.

  22. Hi Bill!

    When you said,

    while lefties often have plenty of free time to get involved in various sorts of activism.

    I can see that it is indicative of funding from someone or some organisation with a global agenda.

    Leftists are humans too, who have to eat, drink, work, commute, pay bills, etc. Why is it that leftists seems to have a lot more free time than conservatives? Especially when cost of living are rising relentlessly for both conservatives and leftists alike.

    The answer is, these activists are PAID to do what they do. Activism costs a lot, either in terms of time or money. Why is it that leftists activists seem to have the upper hand in both?

    Something for everyone in this blog to think about…

  23. I’ve just read Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, and am now reading another interesting one, ‘Rules for Radical Conservatives’, a bit like C S Lewis’s ‘Screwtape Letters’ where a senior devil instructs a junior devil their trade. Only this time it is a 2nd generation leftist radical taunting conservatives by outlining the lefts tactics, strategies and successes. It is done with some humour. It addresses the US but the issues are global. Alinsky’s rules can be and should be used against the left.

  24. Thanks Dave. As to our lousy leftist Australian education system, the current expert would be Kevin Donnelly of course.

    If it is a home school expert you are after, I know many of them here in Australia.

    Let me know.

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