Education Wars: Raising Your Children in an Anti-Child Culture

The recent Victorian election has resulted in the most hardcore left-wing government in Australia being re-elected. Indeed, Premier Dan Andrews boasts about how leftist it is “We are the most progressive state in the nation.” And with majorities in both houses, that means there is now really nothing to stop him and Labor from further implementing their diabolical secular left agenda.

And most of these radical agenda items have a direct – and negative – bearing on our children. The wretched “Safe Schools” programs and the like is just one example. They will now go ahead much further and much faster. I have said all along that these dangerous programs will not be confined to state high schools. Primary schools will now also be targeted, along with Catholic, independent and Christian schools.

Those who want to protect their children from radical sexualisation, including all things homosexual and transgender, will increasingly find fewer and fewer alternatives available to them. There will soon be nowhere safe for the concerned parent to send their children.

Even home schooling – which is becoming a big option for many – will be targeted by our hard-left governments. Indeed, already it is being heavily monitored and regulated, and one wonders how much longer it will be a viable and safe option.

And it is now very likely that a Bill Shorten Labor government will win the federal election in May, further promoting and solidifying all the ungodly and immoral leftist agendas. So between the states controlled by radical Labor-Greens ideology, and the federal government, we soon will have the entire nation under their militant and coercive hegemony.

So what are parents to do? Nothing of course – that is, if parents do not mind the militant takeover of education. If they do not give a rip about the homosexual and transgender brainwashing going on in our schools, the promotion of identity politics, the dumbing down of educational standards, and the radicalisation of students by leftist teachers and education unions. Then they need not do anything.

But those parents who want their children to actually learn how to think – and not just be force fed what to think – and who seek to have them adhere to Judeo-Christian values and beliefs are quickly running out of options – certainly in the public school system.

As I mentioned, home schooling is one option for now, along with private schools. But as I also mentioned, these too will not be exempt from the radical social engineering plans of Dan Andrews, Bill Shorten and others. However, for now, the real culprit is public education.

What to do? Many are saying that we have only one option here: Get your kids out now! Indeed, that is basically the title of one very important new book making the rounds in America. Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan have just released Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late (Regnery, 2018).

The book is as serious and urgent as the title indicates. While describing the situation in America, it is fully applicable to what is happening here in Australia. The situation is really quite dire in America, and it seems that the only sensible option for concerned parents is to pull their kids out now before it gets even worse.

I hope to have a full-length review of this book up in the next day or so, but let me here offer just a few snippets from it. The authors make a very strong case that the public education system is now so far gone that it seems to be irredeemable – at least in the foreseeable future.

A paragraph in the introduction helps to set the tone for the book:

Image of Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late
Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late by Hasson J.D., Mary Rice (Author), Farnan Ph.D., Theresa (Author) Amazon logo

It’s time for an honest conversation about why we are losing our kids. Why are the children of patriotic Americans ready to believe the worst about their country? Why are the sons and daughters of committed believers becoming moral relativists and “nones”? Why are the children of well-grounded adults growing up unsure of “who they are” in the most basic sense—whether they are male or female—even as they embrace the mandates of identity politics?

Indeed, the opening chapters look at the madness of the transgender revolution which is being rammed down our children’s throats. The authors say that the militant LGBT gospel being peddled everywhere in our schools is the last straw, and demonstrates conclusively just how rotten to the core public education now is.

The breath, depth and rapidity at which this evil sexual agenda has permeated all aspects of our school system is a clear indication of just how radically the schools have changed over the past half century. Indeed, the schools that most of us went to are no longer recognisable.

The authors finish their book with these words:

American parents must face the reality that public schools are not going to improve in the next few decades. The political and ideological headwinds are too strong. As parents, you must first take care of your own children. It would be unthinkable to sacrifice your child’s future for the survival of the public school system. Look for alternatives: private school, parochial school, home school, cyber education, co-ops. Only you will be able to discern which school is right for your child. But we can assure you that if you are concerned about your child’s faith, intellectual formation, and patriotism, public schools are working against you. It’s time to get out, now.

But stay tuned for my full review of this very important and timely book. Australia is in the exact same boat as America is in this regard. Various radical leftist agendas have infiltrated and taken over almost all schooling in the West.

Victorians now face very uncertain times with a hyper-left government in place, hell-bent on pushing deplorable anti-child agendas. Parents who care about the moral and spiritual wellbeing of their children need to prayerfully and carefully look at various options other than the state school system.

Just yesterday a piece in the Herald Sun featured this headline: “More parents give school the flick.” It said this: “More Victorian families are shunning a traditional classroom education at school and are teaching their children at home with the number of home schooled students sky rocketing”.

That will increasingly be an option for many – as long as it is allowed to continue! Sure, not everyone may be able to home school, and other options will have to be looked at. But as I warned, all these options will be coming under further attack, and the future is looking very bleak indeed.

We may soon get to a place where perhaps the only viable option remaining is to pack up and leave and find a country that still honours traditional and Christian values, and still seeks to help, and not harm, our children. Some of these nations still exist – including a number in eastern Europe.

Maybe I will see you in Hungary!


As mentioned, here is my review of this important book:

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36 Replies to “Education Wars: Raising Your Children in an Anti-Child Culture”

  1. Before the pushback can begin, the first thing to do is to identify the opposition – fully identify the opposition!

    I am amazed how shallow people can be in that by identifying the opposition by half measure can be as destructive as the opposition itself.
    The opposition is NOT – REPEAT NOT LGBT – it is LGBTIQA+. I have written this on numerous occasion but even Bill seems to miss the point. Consider this, by leaving out the ‘I, Q, A, +’ the ‘Intersex’ which includes bestiality as ‘inter’ is syn ominous with crossing borders and don’t let the opposition tell you otherwise as they are masters at deception – just look at the use of ‘G’ for homosexual to get some idea of how deceptive they are.
    The ‘Q’ for queer – this alone gives a full reading of the lunatics that we are pampering to. They are queers and proud of it. Lunatic and queers – great combination to be examples to our children.
    ‘A’ for asexual – no sex at all thus they can mate with whoever or whatever – one step below transgender.
    ‘+’ for anything goes or additions to follow – this makes way for just about anything including pedophilia, bestiality (already covered by intersex but may be used as a confirmation or addition).
    In my view, serves us rights for shying away from dealing with the act of homosexuality to which God expressed his great concern and ordered the death penalty. We know better it seems and the lessons that are on their way will be hard schooled as was in Sodom and Gomorrah.
    John Abbott

  2. Thanks John. But I am neither shallow nor missing the point thanks. I almost never use the rainbow acronym, but when I did today, I deliberately stopped where I did. Genuine, and very rare, Intersex conditions (such as Turner Syndrome, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, etc) have nothing to do with the radical homosexual agenda, as I document in my books.

    Of course this alphabet never ends, since it involves the total deconstruction of sex, biology, humanity, and reality itself – all pushed by the radicals. We agree about this nefarious agenda and that it must be resisted. But my recommendation would be that we attack our ideological enemies, not our allies and friends thanks.

  3. The thought of moving to a Christian friendly country would have crossed the minds of us soon-to-be-seriously-persecuted committed Christians more than once in recent years.
    Would there be value in doing such an exodus as a group effort rather than as random individuals?
    That way information can be exchanged, the pros and cons of various destination countries can be seriously evaluated, and negotiations for group/bulk discounts with the relevant businesses and/or assistance from destination countries (or even our own government if they really hate us that much).
    Or would less effort be involved be establishing within Australia (which is big, wide and very sparsely populated like Greenland or Mongolia), mutually self-supporting ‘intentional communities’ or even towns (preferably on private land) to minimise the ways in which anti-Christian pressure can be brought to bear. Similar in general concept to what the Amish, Hussites, Old Believer Russian Orthodox have done for centuries and what is currently being discussed in some Catholic circles as the ‘Benedict Option’.
    Unless some serious ‘conscientious objections’ protections are in place (which at this time appears unlikely), many committed Christians may well face recurring struggles of trying to get through the day without losing their souls.

  4. Thanks Fred. Although my talk abut moving to another country is made half in jest, it is also half serious. As things gets worse and worse in most Western countries, that might be one real option. And I mention places like Hungary because they really are turning things around and repudiating so much of the secular left agenda. See this earlier article for example:

    But yes, forming smaller, more or less autonomous communities might also be one option to explore.

  5. Hello Bill, although I read most of your articles [Many Thanks] I felt sick after reading this one. I am so upset and grieved for Australia children and U.S. children. I am also angry that the church is practically silent on this. I’ve tried going to my church to discuss this and see about praying about it and they never got back to me. I gather twice a week with two different prayer partners and we pray for the unborn and our youth and all this horrible sexualisation agendas. All I can say is, “May God forgive those who are being silent on this evil.”

    My heart aches, Louise

  6. Thanks Louise. Yes my heart aches too – big time. My children are grown up now, but I still care deeply about all the children who will be sexualised and politicised and destroyed in the radical public education sysytem. And my prayer would go a bit further: “May God forgive those who are being silent on this evil, or judge them and rebuke them for their damnable apathy, indifference, cowardice and carnality.”

  7. I’m calling Amazon now and ordering the book “Get Out Now”.

    I Thank God for you Bill.

    Grieved for our children in Bend, Oregon.

  8. Bill, are private Christian schools under threat at the moment? Or are they still a safe place for children.

  9. Thanks Kyle. Sadly far too many independent, Christian and Catholic schools already have these sorts of programs in their schools – usually willingly! But as I keep warning, now that the uber left Andrews’ government is in for the long haul – soon likely to be joined by Shorten on the federal level – there will be next to nothing standing between them and their ungodly agenda of exposing ALL children to this despicable stuff. A conservative rump in most parliaments will not be able to do anything about it. And with most churches utterly unaware or unconcerned about all this, I would say it will just be a matter of months before we see all this taking place.

  10. Hi Bill, you’ve been warning of these consequences for several years now, mostly to no avail. Based on your best understanding of the direction a Shorten Labour Government will take, how long would parental teaching cooperatives be able to hold out if they don’t take any government funding? Blessings, Kel.

  11. Thanks Kelvin. I have long said that all Christian bodies – be they schools or churches or whatever – must remove themselves from the government teat. The one who pays the price calls the tune. But I fear that even if all Christian groups received NO government funding, soon enough they too will come under the heavy hand of the law, forced to promote and celebrate the various secular left agenda items. Things really will get that bad real soon, especially if Shorten gets in next year.

  12. Hello Louise, yes i too felt sick to my stomach after reading and knowing what is happening, however, repentance comes first.
    Me thinks that the churches are more interested in toeing the PC line, filling the pews and not “rocking the boat”. Jesus made a whip and drove the money changers from the temple, I wonder what He would do today, Sodom and Gomorrah could be a hint as to how the Father feels. its getting harder and harder to find righteous people. I guess (Matthew 7:13)  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    Jesus tells us there will be only a few that find the strait gate.
    My prayer is that more are called into the light and are able to see the error of their ways, repent and seek forgiveness.

  13. Bill,
    I prayed that God would provide Christian friends for my children at school and I am thankful that he answered my prayers, especially under the current situation. My 2 daughters are currently in high school at Ivanhoe Girl’s Grammar School (Anglican), and they have a Mustard group (Christian group which meets every Friday at lunch time) which has doubled this year so they have split into 2 groups. My youngest daughter is in year 7, and she has made friends with 2 other Christian girls whom attend church and youth group on a weekly basis. My eldest daughter is in year 11 and she has brought her friends along to the Mustard group, youth group and St James Ivanhoe Church ( this church is also used by the IGGS), CMS and Lutheran camps. I have educated my girls to be critical thinkers and I’ve given them strategies how to ignore/reject LGBTIAQ ideology. Christians aren’t to live in fear as we have the hope of everlasting life in Christ. We can’t run away to another place because God has placed us here in Melbourne to be light in this part of the world. I’m not alone as a Christian as God created my family of 5, and our family partnered with over 1000 other people with Light FM and City Mission to give $1 per day towards helping getting homeless youths off the street of Melbourne. Christians don’t need to move overseas to share the gospel as Christ’s mission field is right here in Melbourne. I am encouraged that my children aren’t ashamed to bring their non-believing friends to Church, so their friends have an opportunity to give their life to Christ.

  14. Hi Bill
    My strategy on education will be to continue to support CDP (Fred Nile and Paul Green) and also Mark Latham in the upcoming NSW State elections. Latham will not tolerate the LEFT maniacs and he is courageous.

    In the Federal Elections I will be voting for the CONSERVATIVES for the SENATE mostly and pray like mad that they get the balance of power. I no longer trust the LIBERAL PARTY. I will never support the LEFTY LIBERAL Marise Payne ever again but will support Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and possibly Jim Molan.
    My daughter is off to High school next year.

    God bless.

  15. Hi Bill,

    On this topic, I encourage you and your readers to check out the recent Australian book, ‘God Doesn’t Want You to Send Your Children to School, He Wants Them to Have an Education’ by Lance Alan Box PhD. A very good overview of all kinds of schooling, from both a secular and Christian perspective. How we got where we are and what we ought to do now. Speaking as a teacher, the research and data included in this book confirmed a lot of what I thought was the case just from my observation and experience.

    It’s not just school to be wary of, either. Kids pick up their values and information from TV, whose news stories are more ‘narrative’ than ever, with more pronounced tension, conflict, stakes and villains. Kids and many others pick up on those things, and pay less heed to the dry facts or nuance of a story. Apropos; I think it was von Goethe who noted that the morning paper had replaced morning prayers.

    (Please don’t publish my name. I’m currently working as a public school teacher, so promoting Box’s book is somewhat subversive).

  16. Hello Bill
    Many thanks for your article. Ive previously thought long and hard if Labor won this election. Home schooling may be like a spot light now considering the article mentioned in the Herald-sun. The activists smell any easy kill and it hightlights individual parents/familie. a good Christian privateschool even if forced, may overall hightlight the fact to the children that they are being forced, at least for now… Or perhaps when immigrants are coming here they could leave their boat for us as they pile out and we can jump in and paddle away?

  17. Then again… perhaps homeschooling make it appear your child has completed the safe schools curriculum somehow 🙂

  18. Hi bill,
    To clarify my strategy as a voter it is to block Labor. There is a frightening possibility that Labor will be the next federal Government. Christians need to prayerfully consider how the left Marxist activities of labor and the greens can be minimised. Eg If One Nation is closer to conservative Christian values then potential senators from their party should be considered. We are heading into dangerous times I request all Australians to carefully consider how they should vote. Victorians clearly didn’t, either as a result of ignorance or stupidity,
    God bless
    Philip in Sydney

  19. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this sort of thing can only happen if teachers and parents let it. How many teachers really believe such nonsense? What if a teacher point blank refuses to teach it? What if a principal refuses to introduce it? The important thing is that they stand together. The teacher who refuses to teach it should seek support from similar minded teachers. Moral courage is always stronger if it comes in twos or threes. If action is taken against them, or threatened: make a fuss, make it public. Don’t sit down and let it happen.
    Likewise with parents. As soon as they see something like that happening, they must seek out a couple more parents and make a fuss – first in formal complaints to the school, then at the PTA, then in the local newspaper. It has always been the case with social engineers that if they are called out early in the piece, they retreat into their holes.

  20. Thanks Malcolm. But that is the question – how many teachers and parents have such moral courage? Sadly most seem to be sheep who do not want to rock the boat. Very few will stand strong and speak out.

  21. Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School (Anglican) and Ivanhoe Grammar School and have willingly registered (2007) as having the Safe School Program.
    As a mother and an experienced teacher (and researcher) I would advise parents against sending their children to any SSP/materials school since students are to varying degrees all being exposed to its materials.
    As a Christian I believe that as a parent I will be accountable to Our Lord Jesus for the parenting choices I have made. Parents have an obligation to minimise the risk of harm to their children whether it’s directly or indirectly to their physical, psychological, moral and spiritual development.
    On August 17, 2016, the American College of Pediatricians issued a statement saying “gender Ideology harms children,” … is child abuse.

    RE Catholic Schools with SSP/materials:
    1.The Principals and teachers of the Schools with the SSP/materials are in direct violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church (Canon Law) and the Catholic Ethos. The OFFICIAL RESPONSE in the Catholic Archdioceses is that this SSP/materials and the similar are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in Catholic Schools. NB The Catholic school (name witheld) that Daniel Andrews sends his own children to does not intend to have the SSP/material.
    May God bless you all.

  22. John Abbott has correctly stated that we need to correctly identify the opposition. The opposition is the UN directed Agenda 21. All issues that we are concerned about here can be found at the core of this agenda which aim is global communism. This will pave the way for a global anti-Christ. Sexual deviancy, weakening of the family, making it more and more difficult to live in rural areas, huge conservation areas, any policy that begins with smart, sustainable, green, environmental etc. If you are wondering why people are worrying more about parrots than pre-born children, check out Agenda 21 aka global earth, Agenda 30 etc. The author concludes, ‘The flame of liberty is dying, as a collectivist world government is being set-up right in front of our eyes. Only an informed, and educated, public can prevent this.’
    An excellent website is by Rosa Koire. – Peter Forde
    The good part of this is that we can unite with people we would normally disagree with. Rosa Koire is a pro-life lesbian democrat. She is absolutely worth listening to. Unlike many Christians she says she is willing to die for the good of her country. The verse about, if they are not against us they are for us, comes to mind.
    It does not appear that anyone else here is seeing this. Please tell me I am wrong. We need to identify where the main battle is and utilise all resources!

  23. Good idea Michael. I joined a week ago. I am also a member of AC and associate member of RUAP. I am sending info re Agenda21 everywhere with little response as yet.

  24. To J. Sheryl Adam, thank you for your valuable contribution to this current issue that Bill has under discussion. My wife & I live fairly close to Ivanhoe Girls Grammer. If you continue to uphold your parental responsibility under Proverbs 22:6, then Father God will definitely uphold His side of That Promise. May our Mighty God continue to richly bless you & your family, Kelvin.

  25. Thanks Michael
    Getup has driven the agenda for too long.
    We must continue to pray for Scott Morrison. A very tough day today. It is regrettable that loyalty means nothing to some people in the parliament.

  26. Dear Bill,

    I have just watched the 7-30 report on ABC and was disgusted to see a student of a prestigious Catholic school in Sydney who made a speech before the whole school openly admitting he is homosexual and got a standing ovation from students and teachers alike.It later showed him with his ‘boyfriend’ and his mother who had agreed that he should make the speech. He claims he ‘feels better’ now his teachers and peers have accepted him for ‘who he is’.

    In my opinion there was absolutely no reason for him to make the speech other than he wanted to further the homosexual agenda especially in the school.

    A so called prestigious school but as Lenin would say full of ‘useful idiots’ apparently.

  27. Lord, Jesus forgive our silence [churches & synagogues] for allowing this evil into our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Because of our silence we have turned into a wicked and perverse generation. Come quickly Lord, Jesus — Pleeeeeeeeeeeasssse ! Dear Lord.

    “For evil to exist in a nation all it takes is for good men to be silent.”
    Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman, 1700’s

  28. Kelvin,

    Thanks for your encouragement and I do believe that God will hold that side of his promise in Proverbs 22:6. God has surrounded me with other Bible believing Christians at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School as the Principal and the Vicar at St James are on the board of directors and I’m a committee board member. Also, I have made friends with other Christian parents at IGGS and these parents want to protect their girls from harmful behaviours and practices. I appreciate Dr Marie Tarabay warning, and I have had discussions with the Principal, Deputy Principal, IGGS Chaplain and the Vicar at St James about the Gender Diversity Policy. I have been informed that IGGS has signed up to the Victorian Safe School Program but it isn’t used because the school has designed their own Resilience, Rights, and Respectful Relationship program and Safe School Program.

    I have worked in critical care over the past 25 years, so I have experienced many moral and ethical dilemmas during my career and I know there is no problem which is too big for Christ. My faith has grown during difficult circumstances, and I have witnessed my 3 children growing in their faith as they’ve had to debate or write persuasive arguments against legal abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage. Plus, I have been able to discuss the “me-too movement” and the American Supreme Court.

    Genuine Christians hold the hope of a future in heaven with Christ, so we need to let our light shine right here in Melbourne. I give IGGS honest feedback about the direction of the school because I expect the school to uphold its Christian ethos including telling the truth and rejecting deception. I’m not afraid to do homeschooling because I homeschooled 2 of my children when we lived in America, but I believe my daughters should be able to attend IGGS as it was established by St James Ivanhoe for Christian students and their families. May God Bless you and your family.

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