More on the Victorian Election Disaster

Last night I offered 1500 words on the Victorian election result, presenting both political and spiritual commentary. Things were very grim indeed last night, and today things look just as bleak. While the numbers may not be quite as horrific as forecast, they are still tragic – at least if you are a Bible-believing Christian or a conservative.

My article from yesterday can be found here:

Despite still serving my latest Facebook 30-day gulag sentence, that article has managed to have been shared over 500 times there. Had I not yet again been sin-binned, and was free to post that on FB far and wide, it likely would have had several thousand shares at least by now.

Many thanks to those who did share that article on FB – and hopefully this one as well. I guess many people found my first piece to be of some use, or of some comfort. Indeed, I know that many people, like myself, are in rather deep pain because of this election outcome, and a number have already told me that what I wrote pretty well expressed their own thoughts and feelings on this.

So let me add a bit more to what I said last night. The dust is still settling, the numbers are still being finalised, and recriminations and infighting are already erupting within the ranks of the losing parties. Let me again look at some political issues and then offer some biblical/theological observations.

The political washup

The Liberals and Nationals look to be in a real bad way at the moment. Consider just a few historical truths. From 1955 to 1982 the Liberals ruled the roost in Victoria. They reigned supreme. However, since 1982, the Liberals have been in power for only 11 of the past 26 years – which will be 30 years by the time the next election happens.

Thus Labor is, and will be, reigning for a full two thirds of this period in Victoria. Many of the safe Liberal seats in Melbourne’s east have fallen, and this of course will have real implications for the federal election to be held next May. It is now quite likely that Shorten and Labor will win then, taking us further down the tubes.

In the meantime, Dan Andrews proudly told us last night in his victory speech: “We are the most progressive government in the nation. We are the most progressive state in the nation.” By that of course he means that Victoria is the most hardcore and militant hyper-left state in Australia, and he and his party intend on making it even more “progressive”.

If you thought his attacks on Christianity, on free speech, and on children, along with his promotion of every nasty leftist agenda item was bad for the past few years, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Of course some of us sought to warn Victorians about all this, but evidently our warnings fell on deaf ears.

Most Victorians it seems – including most Christians – simply do not give a rip. As I said yesterday, Francis Schaeffer’s chilling words of warning are being played out before us. He warned about how most folks will happily settle for “personal peace and affluence” and not give a hoot about anything else.

As long as they can be left alone to be amused and entertained, and have enough money to get more and bigger TVs, buy nicer homes, and take more spiffy overseas vacations, they really could not care less about the moral, spiritual and cultural swamp we find ourselves in.

As to the actual numbers, the counting is still continuing. The dire figures I offered last night may be ever so slightly revised, with Labor perhaps not taking quite as many seats as many thought they would. At the moment, the Lower House numbers may end up like this:

Labor 55
Liberals 28
Greens 2
Others 3

Those numbers are a smidge less doleful than the ones presented last night, but they still are terrible. As for the Upper House, it seems that the slim majority the Libs and Nats held there is now gone.

A few (very few) bits of good news:

-Bernie Finn, the stalwart pro-life Upper House member from the western suburbs retained his seat. Well done Bernie for hanging on to your seat for a dozen years now.

-Fiona Patten seems to have lost her seat – the only person elected from the Sex Party last term. Imagine Victorians being so immoral and amoral that they actually voted in a former sex worker – someone who, along with her partner, Robbie Swan, set up a porn group, the Eros Association. Only in hyper-left Victoria could folks actually support a candidate from a smut party. Good riddance.

-The Greens did not add more seats, but lost a few. Indeed, as many as four of the five Upper House Greens may have lost their seats. Good riddance.

And some more bad news:

-Rachel Carling-Jenkins, the champion pro-life, pro-family and pro-faith Upper House member has lost her seat. She was one of the best politicians we have had, and she will be sorely missed.

-As mentioned, a number of Melbourne eastern suburb seats were lost to Labor. That bodes poorly for the upcoming Federal election. It is now time to consider moving some place where our values are still being upheld: perhaps Hungary or Poland!

The spiritual washup

More important than the political fallout is the spiritual fallout of all this. If Victoria is the most hard-core leftwing state in the nation, one also has to argue that it may well be one of the most anti-Christian states as well. Are there plenty of churches in Victoria, including a number of mega-churches?

You betcha. Did they do much of anything to stand up for righteousness and act as salt and light over the past few months? It seems that ‘no’ is the primary answer. A handful of courageous and principled pastors and church leaders would have spoken out and warned their people about how serious this election was, but the overwhelming majority said and did nothing.

Shame on them. They have blood on their hands, as Ezekiel very clearly tells us (see Ez. 3 and 33). They should have been our watchmen on the wall, warning the people. Yet most remained in cowardly silence and were derelict in their duty to be salt and light. God will not forget their abdication of responsibility.

I said yesterday that we need to look at the long term. This is a horrendous outcome, but it will not last. If the Lord should tarry, one day Andrews will be long gone, more liberal governments will be put into office, and the ebbs and flows of the political cycle will continue.

But as I keep saying, politics cannot save us, and while elections and the like are important, they are not everything. God continues to work out his plans and purposes, and he will continue to be with his people. Times like this are just another opportunity for much needed sifting to occur; separating the sheep from the goats.

As always, we must stay on our knees and seek God even more. We must pray much more as well. Prayer and spiritual warfare are needed now more than ever in these exceedingly dark days. Satan is running around unopposed it seems, while most churches are absolutely asleep and apathetic.

Thankfully this will not always be the case, and one day our Lord will return and set things aright. But in the meantime, massive damage is taking place. Many will suffer even more under this radical secular left government, and children will especially be abused and abandoned as even more radical sexualisation programs are unleashed in our schools.

This sexualisation and radical abuse of our children is one of the things that most bothers me about this election result. And we know full well that God feels the same way. Jesus made this perfectly clear when he said that those who harm one of these little ones will be in big trouble – being thrown into the sea with millstones around their necks will not be sufficient.

So quite literally, there WILL be hell to pay for these child abusers. But until payday happens, how many millions of innocent children must be assaulted and ruined for life by these satanic programs and diabolical agenda items? And the only ones who are just as responsible for this besides these activist politicians are all the voters who just did not give a crap about this. They too will one day stand before their Creator and Judge and give an account of their damnable apathy and indifference.

But despite all this, we must stand strong. We must keep steadfast in prayer. We must keep on fighting. We must keep being salt and light. We must continue to stand strong for the gospel. We must never abandon our children and grandchildren. And we must never give up. Even if you or I end up being the last man standing, we must never surrender.

As Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:13: “And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right.”

Amen. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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  1. Much appreciated Bill. Some succour here. Someone asked me yesterday, what do “you” stand for. I said, recognition that the womb is a sacred place. The dignity of human life, until we all shuffle off this mortal coil. Generally, my Christian values. Prayers to you Bill.

  2. There are about 220 Catholic Parish Priests in Victoria as well as four ordinary bishops who are in charge of dioceses. They have let down their parishioners and fellow Victorians. There is something in the scriptures about them I believe that they will be like unburied dung. I hope this is not too strong for you Bill but I am as mad as hell about them now.

  3. Thanks Greg. Catholics and Protestants alike: the overwhelming majority of their leaders, priests and pastors did zippo to speak out on this, and worse yet, some actually promoted, supported and voted for the diabolical Greens and Labor. They will have to give an account one day.

  4. Yesterday, Taiwan also had local elections. Amongst various issues, they firmly rejected ‘homosexual marriage’!
    So an island ‘quasi-state’ that does not have much Christian presence and influence (to the best of my knowledge) put up a much better fight against the immoral rainbow crowd than most Christian-influenced societies. The times we live in……..

  5. It is bitterly disappointing and scandalous that this has happened. Shockingly scandalous to adults let alone children. I agree that many people will have a lot to answer for. Thanks for your leadership Bill.

  6. Now these Cultural marxists have been, in their eyes, given a clear mandate to expand on what they are intent on doing, there will be no holding them back. Isa 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” really is exactly what they are trying to do. Mix with this the satanic doctrines of “Do as thou wilt” and “Order out of chaos” and we get an idea on where this Marxist “government” wants to see Victoria end up. There will be a total ban on critiquing Islam or any of the ism’s. One thing we can be assured, is the rapid increase in laws to control the very people whom voted this mob into place. These so-called “progressives” or more aptly “regressives” peddle the lie of “more freedom” when in fact less freedom always results from these Marxist/Satanic ideologies. We can even look forward to MS/ZE/whatever Roz Ward coming out of her dark hole to further enlighten us with the inner workings of her deranged mind. Yes the cockroaches will once again feel safe to come out from behind the closet with the false belief no light will be shone upon them. I say false belief because light will shine upon them as we continue to shine the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. As you have pointed out Bill it is the children that is the biggest concern. Their little minds will be polluted with sick deviant thoughts and ideas that only the Lord can remove. Sadly, as is the usual way of Marxists, home education will cease to be an option as the “State” makes sure it places its ugly propaganda on everyone from a young tender age. Might sound alarmist to some but history does repeat itself. Cultural Marxism, Islam and all the others goings-on in Victoria sounds a lot like something one reads in the “Book of Revelation”.

  7. Good on you Bill for being there and, as always, telling it how it is.
    You are spot on when you say the only ones who are just as responsible for this besides these activist politicians and the toxic LGBTQI are all the voters who just did not give a crap about this.
    No doubt many will be rudely awakened in a few years time when their children present with horrific psychological problems brought about by the very toxic cretins these idiots voted in.
    My daughter refers to these voters as being guilty of “naive treason”, but I feel it’s much worse than that where children and freedoms are involved. When our kids, culture and country are being destroyed, to me they are more like Charles Manson’s sycophants, enabling the work of the Devil.
    In these dark times, you and CultureWatch provide a very supportive service to people like us, Bill, for which I’m sure others, like me, are very grateful.
    Please keep up the great work.

  8. Thanks Bill, let them stuff up our economy, throw away good road money etc. etc. etc., but somehow we must pushback NOW against the attack against the unborn, depriving vulnerable elderly of their natural lifetime and the absolute abuse of our innocent children. I believe the HOW will come by faith AND works. We cant just pray and wait for the next election to save them. At the same time, WE ALL need to join a political party for the medium term expulsion of the termites. But. waking up the Church may take a bit longer to do…

  9. Hi Bill, I stood for the upper house in Western Victoria (I still have a chance at this stage btw). I have worked non-stop for 2 months campaigning. I put in pretty much all the money I had and about the same amount of the party’s money.

    The hardest thing? Getting Christians to support me. I spent $1000 and two weeks of my campaign time travelling key to key cities to get the local pastor’s support. At three of them I found pastors who were willing to help, two of them withdrew their support when their church councils decided that they needed to be neutral. The third was hit by a strong attack of sickness across his whole church, and there was no one left to help. They even buried someone. All I asked was they distribute 500 flyers which would take less than 10 hours work and organize a “meet the candidates” meeting in their church hall. These pastors had done these in the past, but their members swayed them away from doing it again. I even sent them the contact details of every party so the whole thing would have taken 1 hour admin and 10 minutes to set up the hall. In one city I spoke to 5 churches who had been active like this in the past, not one wanted to do it. Two at another and two at another one too. One pastor told me his council thought such things would be better suited in a sports hall or something and they should be neutral. I had already explained that they were being neutral by inviting all the parties, and that most of them would not come. Somehow I was going to get a meet the candidates organized at a hall and advertised through the minister’s fraternal. There were 4 Christians running in Western Vic that I knew of who would have come to these meetings. I started offering churches $1500 if they would organize to have the early voting centers manned 80% of the time…. still no takers.

    I am also talking about my Christian brothers and sisters in my own town who have known me for 6 years and shared Bible study and food over those 6 years. Nothing, not even a text saying bless you today! Some I know had handed out for Australian Christians in the past. No offers of help, no offer to look after our two kids whilst we were both busy handing out htv cards at early voting centers. I am not bitter, just giving you a picture of how totally alone we were in this. I regret the time I wasted trying to get them involved.

    It turns out that the DLP had the same problem with their long time faithful volunteers, as did Rise Up Australia party. I expect that ACL did too, judging by the number of emails they sent begging for volunteers to door knock and phone call. (I have to say one retired pastor in a nearby church (you went to a meeting there a few months ago) was able to get 3 or 4 members to drop flyers for me and an anti-safe schools brochure.)

    So on Tuesday morning as I was waking at 5:30ish, for the 50th time I was wondering why they had all become like that. God gave me two scriptural events. The first when Jesus was crucified, the apostles and disciples went in to hiding behind locked doors, “strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered, the church has been hit” He said. The second was when Stephen was stoned and they all fled Jerusalem, which turned out to be a good thing as the gospel finally started to be preached in all the world.
    I asked “but when was church struck” I asked. He said at the ssm vote. A lot of Christians stuck their necks out, dropped leaflets, spoke out on social media, prayed, paraded, demonstrated, etc. and they were rapped on the knuckles hard for it. They have since retreated within themselves, or in their homes and church buildings and do not want to be seen anymore. Their shepherds, the “pastors” did not help them, did not offer support. They have scattered.

    This can mean several things:
    1) Jesus will rebuild His body, the church. It will come back from this strike and take a good hard look at itself and realize that it was not ready in the time of trouble. It has failed miserably, had grown too fat and complacent. God has abandoned Victoria to its own will (Rom 1), persecution is coming to the church and judgement to the people but perhaps a rebuilt church may come out of this (Build Your church, Lord Make us strong, Lord Join our hearts, Lord, through Your Son). I have met 7 like minded Christians who have not been scattered in the last week, praying Christians who have a district wide view. I want to keep in contact with these people.
    2) Or maybe it just means that the path is narrow and truly few are the one finding the way to salvation.
    3) Alternatively it could mean “get out, get out, get out while you can”.
    Remains to be seen.

  10. Thanks for your commentaries Bill, they are inspiring and encouraging – a reminder that we are not alone in this. I am thinking of using parts of your last two posts in a sermon which I believe my church (in rural Vic) really needs to hear. Hope that is OK? (I am a kind of unofficial lay preacher who gets to preach occasionally in my church. 🙂 )

  11. Bill, I am wrestling with bitterness at the apathy Costa and I experienced from churches and Christian radio stations as he ran for Upper House here in Western Vic. The verdict is still out at this stage. We tried everything to get church ministers and ministers fraternals to hold a meet the candidares event for Christian candidates, or to share who they were to their churches. One church on the South west coast agreed to mention us and one in Hamilton. Our How to Vote people were horrendously attacked in that church with sickness and pulled out. But what made me so angry was 3 months of trying to contact Australian Christian Lobby, to give them names of Independents like Dianne Colbert, Jeff Truscott, Rachel Carling jenkins etc so they could let members know. No answer, no interest. How were Christians to know who to vote for. Eventually they put out a lazy values checklist basically giving DLP as the only Christian option.

  12. Thanks Shelley. Yes apathetic churches are among our biggest problems. And getting all the various Christian groups to actually work together a bit is always a big ask. Hang in there. Jesus knows all about disappointment, betrayal, and the like. Keep standing strong.

  13. Dear Bill, thank you so much for penning these two articles, even just because of the comments they have elicited from your readership, all making for fascinating reading, especially the first-hand experiences of Costa and Shelley Di Biase. (Thank you Costa and Shelley for sharing, at a time no doubt you would still be feeling exhausted!)

    It’s Costa’s remark about the result of the SSM survey being pivotal in all this that is prompting me to write (from Queensland, not Victoria), as I think it is deeply insightful. It certainly resonates with me. One of the things that most dismayed me about the SSM result was that ‘Bible belt’ electorates (and I would include my own district/region in that category) were among the many voting FOR allowing ‘same-sex marriage’. (Presuming the count was honest.) So it can only mean that many Christians voted for it. I have pondered this long and hard since then, and have a hunch now as to one of the reasons why. Since the vote, I’ve discovered a surprisingly (to me) large number of people in my Christian circle of contacts have offspring/siblings/friends who are openly homosexual or even desiring ‘sex-change’ surgery. It seems ‘everyone’ knows ‘someone’ of that ilk. Now I haven’t been game to ask the relevant individuals in my circle how they actually voted, but … well, the electorate voting statistics are very telling, aren’t they?! So I’m guessing the Christians went against godly principles for the sake rather of their family and friends’ societal comfort. Compare this to the amazing courage of the Levites who boldly declared themselves for the Lord (Exodus 32:26), and were blessed by God for having had the courage to go against their own sons and brothers (Exodus 32:29). And note that what the Levites were required to do against their own family members, friends and neighbours required substantially more courage and commitment to the Lord than the mere action of marking a piece of paper against a proposed law change!

  14. Dear Shelley and Costa,

    Bless you and thank you for fighting the good fight.

    Your experience made be wonder what ever happened to the Australian Christian Lobby’s Freedom Team:

    There is a crystal-clear realisation that win or lose the marriage plebiscite, the fight must go on.

    Australia didn’t just arrive at this crisis overnight.

    Activists have been planning and preparing for change to family and education for decades while we have been sleeping.

    They are not going to go away. But neither is the Freedom Team.

    A sleeping giant of concern about where our nation is headed is stirring.

    The Freedom Team has now been blooded in the most challenging of political campaigns.

    We are battle hardened.

    We know how to use an app for political persuasion, we have the courage to hold banners in public places, we know how to door knock strategically, we know how to staff call centres and we know how to stay on message.

    We all realise that our fight goes on after the result is announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at 11:30am on Wednesday November 15.

    We know that we can no longer take our nation for granted and trust that politicians will protect our most basic and bedrock institutions.

    We’ll have a rest when the result is announced.

    But we’ll be back.

  15. We were totally shocked at the apathy most churches had towards the 22 week abortion bill raised by Rachel Carling-Jenkins a couple of years ago. My wife and I contacted numerous churches in our area to raise support and get petitions signed, It really demoralised us when most didn’t allow us to speak after numerous attempts and assurances of support. This included many ‘bible believing’ churches. We are in big trouble from a natural point of view.

  16. Just heard Derryn Hinch on radio. Most likely will win 4 seats in the VIc Parliament. Yes its good to lose Fiona Patten with her evil, anti christian agenda, but Derryn Hinch is on an anti Christian rampage also. He stated on 3aw this morning that he will team up with labor to get rid of all religion in state schools, so I would say that the Chaplin Program will be doomed shortly along with R.E. And he is pro abortion, pro euthanasia, pro LGBT marriage and their rights, pro safe schools etc, pro the Injecting room, wants to legalize soft drugs etc. I think we have jumped out of the fire and into the cauldron sadly with his wicked atheist agenda. The so called progressive state will ramp up to a state like we have never seen before with lunatics like him having power pushing his agendas.

  17. Thanks Andrew. Yes, for all true biblical Christians, Victoria is clearly on the highway to hell, and we will pay the price big time, unless God somehow miraculously intervenes. Nominal and worldly Christians will continue as usual, and will not mind at all what transpires. But for the genuine people of God, it is going to get REAL bad REAL soon. We need to pray and fast more than ever.

    And as just one more indication of the anti-Christian bigotry and persecution, an american friend of mine has just had his page taken down by Fascistbook because it is critical of the homosexual agenda:

    I expect that my pages will also soon be taken down by FB.

  18. * I remember the third thing this could mean now, I was very tired last night:
    3) Pray for Daniel Andrews. Now that he has the Greens off his back, maybe, just maybe, by the grace of God he can go back to being a real Labor party and not a Marxist stooge.
    I hear Dandy Andy has his kids in a Catholic school. I hear that he grew up Catholic and his family are still involved. Whatever turned him to the red side, maybe he will turn back.
    It is possible he is just a typical politician and pandered to the Green’s Marxist agenda because he had to keep their support. But he has the numbers now and doesn’t need them.
    In fact why not write to him and suggest that he go back to being a true Labor party?

    And if that doesn’t work we can always pray imprecatory prayers until he is out LOL.
    Psalms 7, 35, 55, 58, 59, 69, 79, 109, 137, 139. 1 Cor 5:5

  19. Michael, David and Bill. Thanks for your comments.
    Adding to Andrew’s comments: unfortunately Hinch’s JP has voted the same way as the Greens in federal parliament 80% of the time. Animal Justice party also is as Marxist and anti-Christian as the Greens. The candidate running in Western Vic is the Vic president and I heard him speak (way too long) a few weeks ago. He started his summary by addressing an independent Christian candidate’s comments (Dianne Colbert’s) by saying that he is the proud parent of a transgender, and that he was proud to be involved in writing the legislation for same sex marriage passed at federal parliament. I spoke to one of their hander outerers and they are basically hell bent on making everyone vegan and getting rid of animal industries. If that was all I could cope with that, we wont completely collapse as a nation (just become poor) if that happened. But it is obvious it is not just about animal justice. So we have gone from 5 Greens to possibly 7.
    Make no mistake, this was not just a vote for Labor handouts that we saw. We saw a turning against God and for satan inspired philosophy. This state is in big trouble and the Christians are about to cop it.
    If you haven’t read Romans chapter 1, I suggest you do. As much as I have not wanted to accept it, this has happened in Vic. I have seen it repeatedly since 3 years ago and I have tried to forget it, hoping it was just bitterness against society, but no, It will not go away.
    If Shorten gets in, it will be Australia wide.

  20. Thanks again Costa. As I said in part in a comment under my previous article on all this:

    Had the Libs gotten in in Victoria, I would not have seen it as some great victory, but more as a temporary reprieve. Australia, the US and the West look to be toast, and the Saturday results in Victoria seem to be part of God’s judicial abandonment of a sinful people. The godly remnant remaining will have to suffer along with everyone else alas. Indeed, they will grieve over all this the most.

  21. I must admit Bill, after praying so hard that Andrews would be taken down, and knowing that so many Christians from our biggest churches down there had to have voted him back in to make the numbers work – I am utterly at a loss on how to pray now except to say “Oh God I am so sorry your people failed and rebelled against you – I am sorry”.

  22. Thanks Jo. Yes it is heart-breaking, mind-numbing, and soul-destroying to realise that so many folks who claim to be Christians actually voted for some of the most anti-Christian parties and politicians around. It really is devastating. And yes, praying a prayer of repentance on their behalf is an important part of how we should respond. Bless you.

  23. Thanks so much Bill and all who stand firm against this evil that is being forced on our state and nation. Yes it is very apparent that the apathy of many so called Christians is allowing this to happen.

    A case in point is the Unsafe safe schools program. This program was initially allowed and funded by a federal Liberal government. Just how a supposedly conservative government allowed this to happen speaks volumes about the lack of scrutiny of such programs and concern for morality in government. However we now know that several Liberal members may as well be Labour members as we have seen.

    I don’t think the Liberals will be the party to lead us back to sanity any time soon. Pray God raises up leaders who are willing to do the hard yards to bring us back from the brink of destruction. Amen.

  24. Is it our Christian duty to warn these evil, evil people. Should we start manufacturing ‘Reduced Cost Millstones’. Print some pamphlets and send them to every public state school and politician.
    Include the appropriate verses Matt 18:6: “but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea” and Luke 17:2: “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin”.

  25. Could someone pretty please explain why the Labour DLP primary vote in the upper house seats stayed at the 2% average it usually gets in recent Victorian elections?
    As the only so-called ‘Christian party’ standing, why did not the previous votes for Rise Up Australia/Australian Christians/Family First/Australian Conservatives go to Labour DLP to boost the Labour DLP vote closer to a 5% average across the upper house seats?
    Surely it is not an anti-Catholic sectarian prejudice thing?

  26. Sorry folks for ask this question twice but does anyone know what happened to the Freedom Team that the ACL was going to send out into the field, door knocking and that sort of thing, to support Christian and conservative candidates in elections?

    They were meant to have lists of volunteers and an app to coordinate them.

    Does the ACL still have these things?

    Did Lyle take them with him when he went to AC? (AC didn’t participate in the VIC election so maybe that’s why we didn’t see the Freedom Team on the streets but this would mean good news for the federal election.)

    Or has the new leader of ACL (Mr Iles) ditched the Freedom Team concept?

  27. Good point Fred, I think it is because, as we have been saying earlier, the overall vote for conservatives has dropped. Also there was no one to tell Christians about the DLP. I met many who did not know the DLP was the only party standing to put Christian values as their policies. We begged ACL to let their email list know about all the Christians running at least 5 times over the last 3 months.
    Michael, I think they just did not get the numbers. I would like to know too.

  28. Michael,
    The Freedom Team was a compilation of 4 major groups and about another 60 or so smaller groups. The big 4 were: ACL, Sydney Anglicans, Sydney Catholics and Marriage Alliance (which I think has just recently morphed into Binary). The FT entity was shut down some time after the SSM outcome.
    As an ACL supporter and campaign area coordinator, it was extremely difficult to get ANYONE out of their lounge chairs. In one swinging electorate, we had about 25 people working, but they; like myself, came from way out of that electorate, with minimal to no help from those “supporters”living in the area.
    ACL like your good selves suffered from the “supporters” with the #nonotmetoo disease that most Christians have chosen to infect themselves with.

    In fact it makes me very angry when you consider:
    1. Christians know the beginning (in the beginning God…),
    2. They know the end (Jesus will return for those that love him),
    3. But do they know the signs of the times? (“….you can tell the weather from the colour of the sky in the morning and at night but……”)
    Grrrrrrr, they can’t. They won’t.

  29. Dear Peter,

    Who are the termites? Is that Labor gender benders who are undermining society?

    I feel like we were lied to about the Freedom Team when we were promised “We’ll have a rest when the result is announced… But we’ll be back.” Yeah, all talk. Just talk.

    This is the same way I felt when that good Christian boy Ben Gittany painted over that blasphemous wall painting (mural) in Newtown and Lyle and the ACL came out strongly behind him. Then he goes to court and it’s only us Maronite Christians who turned up to support him.

    Shame I can’t join the Liberal Party in Goldstein coz I live in Sydney. I was tossing up joining the Libs here or AC. The Libs are controlled by left wing in NSW. AC got big raps in my community for choosing Maronite boy Joram Richa to run in Bennelong, so we all prefer AC. Except the developers, they join the Liberals!

    Thank you and God Bless!

  30. My wife and I have just recently put in an application to join the Libs. It was explained to us that the influence we have as members choosing candidates is FAR FAR MORE POWERFUL than our vote on election day, and our polling booth “how to vote” duties, and our support for a Christian “splinter” party put together.

    So Michael, join the Libs near you.
    There should be at least one Lib group (branch) in your electorate that you can work with.
    Can I suggest that you get in touch with Damien Tudehope the Member for Epping who will understand exactly what you are looking for. I am in the process of hopefully getting permission to put his phone and email up on this site to make it easy.

    We are waiting to be accepted and the guys processing our applications know our Christian values and will recommend a branch to join.
    In the Libs there can be multiple branches in each electorate and they are often joined around an ethical or political viewpoint; eg left, right, etc etc.
    Once you are a member for two years, you can vote for a candidate’s pre-selection.

  31. As I see it, there’s always been three parties involved in the cultural war. Those firmly on the side of AntiChristian Marxism, those firmly on the side of social conservatism, and all of the rest who aren’t that interested in “philosophy” or “worldview” but just feel their way along based on immediate concerns and media influence. So just because the majority voted in a hard Left government, doesn’t mean the majority is ideologically committed to a hard Left worldview.

  32. Yes you are right about that Brendan. Unfortunately however the results are the same – whether due to leftist ideologues, or apathetic, undiscerning, lazy and careless voters, we still end up with reprehensible government.

  33. I must let you all know Kevin Bailey, an Order of Australia holder, is the Victorian representative for Australian Conservatives. Throughout Costas campaign here in West Vic, he tagged along to some Australian Conservative meetings and Kevin generously let him explain his Christian and Aust Country Partys rural building strategies. The Australian Conservatives is set to become the next major party, and they are gathering momentum and well organised. I personally believe joining the party/s, Liberal and National, that conservatives are disillusioned with is not the answer. They brought in SSM, whether Greens pushed it or not. Putting pressure on them to change by presenting a real patriotic voice for the people is the answer. This is what has happened overseas. Huge parties forming new from disillusioned conservatives. Both sides of Australias major parties signed Free trade agreements and sent our jobs overseas and both seem to have a global focus. If we are not required by our party, which is also growing, we will be helping Australian Conservatives get their campaign out for the Federal election. Blessings.

  34. As a candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance, I also noticed a lack of mobility within the formerly politically active Christian community. However, it was encouraging to find a handful of committed Christians spread across the State actively involved in the campaign either as candidates or workers. The absence of some of the traditional Christian type parties (CDP/AC, FFP, and RUAP) was no doubt a factor in the lack of Christian motivation but I agree with Costa above that the passage of SSM appears to have had a demoralising effect on that part of the church which could previously be relied upon to support conservative Christian political activism.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  35. Hi Bill,, silly question, how do I tag you if I share a post of yours, IF you are placed “behind bars” once again.
    Seriously, I am so pleased that you take the time to share your thoughts on fb. May God continue to bless you . 2Timothy 2 vs 15, seems to apply to you.

  36. Thanks Erna.

    How to tag someone on facebook:
    -Begin a post or a comment on another post, photo, or video.
    -Start typing a someone’s name anywhere in the post or comment. Facebook will make suggestions as you type.
    -Alternatively, type @ before typing a name. …
    -Tap the name of the user you want to tag when it appears.
    -Tap Post in the upper-right.

  37. An unbloody cold war is taking place in Australia. But it may turn into a bloody hot civil war. Let’s pray not, but that the Spirit of the holy, living God moves mightily across the land.

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