Morocco, Muslims, Murder and Media Mischief

As you might be aware, a week before Christmas two Scandinavian students were murdered while hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They were: 28-year-old Norwegian Maren Ueland and 24-year-old Dane Louisa Vesterager Jespersen. The horrific deaths (including decapitation) were videotaped by the Islamists and images of it were sent to parents of one of the girls.

But as has now become the norm, much of the mainstream media in the West has put its own spin on the story. Thus we are once again left to get the actual facts from the alternative media. And there are several issues here which need to be addressed.

The main one has to do with the nature of Islam. There is nothing unusual about these murders for the devout Muslim. It is all covered in, and approved by, the main Islamic religious texts. Beheading the infidel is simply par for the course. I document this here in some detail:

But as usual the leftist MSM seeks to downplay any Islamic connection. Any excuse will do, as long as Islam gets a free pass. As one headline puts it concerning this story, “Swedish National TV under fire for ‘censoring’ murder on tourists and saying ‘it has nothing to do with Islam’.”

The state broadcaster SVT’s coverage of the double murder of 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and 28-year-old Maren Ueland by Islamists in Morocco has sparked a fury of criticism. Besides running an article that the savage murder of the two Scandinavian girls “had nothing to do with Islam”, they also pushed the narrative that sharing of the graphic video of the murder is illegal, warning Swedes not to share the video as that is punishable with up to four years imprisonment.

Scores of viewers complained that SVT was more concerned by people sharing the video of the killing, than they were with the horrific murders, themselves. As well, they failed to mention the ISIS style execution by beheading, instead reported the murder from “neck wounds”.

Bruce Bawer gives us some more of the details that we did not get from the MSM:

On Monday morning, December 17, Ueland and Jespersen were found dead in an “isolated area” in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Specifically, they were found “near Imlil, on the way to Toubkal, north Africa’s highest peak and a popular hiking destination.”

As the week wore on, the news media offered updates on the case. Although neither Ueland nor Jespersen had ever been in Morocco and were not familiar with the territory, they had been backpacking alone. On the last evening of their life, they pitched a tent in which to spend the night. The next morning, a French couple, also tourists, found them dead – one of them in the tent, the other just outside. Both had been subjected to “brutal rape” and then “hacked to death.” One or both of them (sources differ) had been beheaded. The killings have been described as “slaughter” and as having been performed “ISIS style.”

And the Left bears plenty of responsibility for all this. The left in general, along with the lamestream media in particular, have been apologists for Islam for decades now. Making excuses for Islamic crimes has become a specialty for both. Thus we now have university-educated women evidently completely clueless about Islam and the risks it poses. Bruce Bawer again:

Why, then, were those two young women so unaware of the dangers they were courting? They seem to have set out on their adventure thinking that the mountains of Morocco were no less menacing than the mountains of Telemark. How can this be? They were in their mid to late twenties, no longer children. They had lived through 9/11 and all the major jihadist acts that have occurred in Western Europe in the years since then. Surely they had heard of ISIS. Surely they knew that Morocco is an Islamic country (although a supposedly “moderate” one). And yet they both decided that it was a good idea for them to spend their Christmas holiday hiking, unescorted, in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and sleeping, just the two of them, unarmed, in a tent, in the middle of nowhere.

To say that these poor young women were ignorant is not to criticize them but to point a finger at the people who shaped their image of the Muslim world. Both of them grew up in countries where, in the wake of every deadly act of jihadist terrorism, news reporters and politicians were quick to avoid, or deny, the connection of those atrocities to Islam. Throughout their formative years, the TV channels available to them were full of upbeat programs, and the newspapers and popular magazines on sale at their grocery-story checkouts full of cheery profiles, celebrating the wonderful contributions made to their societies by Muslim immigrants. All that brainwashing plainly had an impact.

Brainwashing indeed. And Robert Spencer also pointed out the culpability of the Left here:

The world is justly sickened by this animal barbarity on the part of the three Islamic State jihad murderers who were arrested shortly thereafter. However, it must also be noted that Jespersen and Ueland are not just victims of the Islamic State (ISIS). They are also the latest casualties of the Left’s fantasy world. The responsibility for their deaths lies not just with ISIS, and their deaths are not simply a result of their own poor judgment. The deaths of Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland are also a consequence of the Leftist world in which they moved and lived. Leftist leaders constructed this fantasy world, because Leftist ideas are dead on the drawing board without it. What were they doing, two young women alone, camping in Morocco?…

It obviously did not even occur to them that what they thought they knew about Morocco’s religion and culture might be inaccurate and designed to whitewash Islam, leaving them ill-informed about a threat that they actually did end up facing.

Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland no doubt learned in whatever Scandinavian universities they attended, since those universities were no doubt as saturated as universities everywhere else in the Western world with moral relativism and contemptuous of absolutes, that there is no dispute between people that can’t be settled by mutually respectful “dialogue,” and that the troubles in the world today are primarily the fault of the U.S. and Israel. So why should two girls from Scandinavia have anything to worry about in Morocco?

Jespersen and Ueland no doubt also learned that Islam is a religion of peace, and that only racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” think otherwise. So why should they have had any reason to be concerned about hiking in a Muslim country such as Morocco?

If they heard any dissenting views regarding Islam, there is no doubt also that those views were subjected to furious and concerted demonization. They were likely taught, if they heard anything at all about people who do not believe that Islam is a religion of peace, that such people were “bigots,” “racists,” and “Islamophobes,” and should be regarded with disgust and contempt….

Now they are dead, murdered in a gruesome fashion, and second only to the horror and tragedy of their murders is the great pity of the fact that no one among their peers is likely to learn the true lesson of their deaths. And some among them are certain to repeat their mistake. The Islamic State will be waiting, and can thank the Left for providing its jihadis with a continual supply of victims.

But we need not rely only on noted international commentators to get some clear thinking on this. Anyone who is even slightly able to think for themselves and is not a MSM zombie should be able to connect the dots. For example, a humble housewife and friend of mine on the social media who prefers to remain anonymous said this about the entire episode:

Apparently the women who were murdered in Morocco by Muslims were sympathetic to Muslims. I watched the beheading video of Maren Ueland. I have always refused to watch these clips for obvious reasons but decided to watch this one. There is no horror movie that compares and I’m not even talking about the physical violence in the clip.

Everyone sympathetic and in denial to what Islam and Muslims are, should watch it. This is Islam. They don’t want to play kissy kissy with you. They want to conquer and destroy. Just because you’ve met a nice Muslim person once, it doesn’t invalidate what an evil religion Islam is and what their objectives are. Suburbia won’t protect you anymore. We have to wake up. Maren and Louisa died because they were naive like so many Westerners. You are protected from the harshness and barbarity of the other death cultures in the world. They went to a Muslim country and thought they could conduct themselves there like in their Homeland because they made the grave mistake of making our cultures equal. They aren’t.

In the clip, after Maren dies from the blood gushing out of her neck, these men didn’t react normally. The blood seemed natural to them. It was nothing. And there was no mercy. She cried out for her mother. It’s like they didn’t hear her. None of it meant anything to them. The scariest part of the film was the mercilessness. And when she died, I was relieved. She went limp. It was over. I felt relieved for her in that particular moment. Because of her fear and her suffering. They brutalised her.

I am frustrated because almost everyone around me just doesn’t care. They’re too busy going to concerts and wasting all of their time on useless crap. And their passivity impacts on people who are trying to be informed and who are trying to stop this. It’s so frustrating.

It sure is frustrating. The simple but sober truths are these:
-Islam hates the West and intends to destroy it.
-Most Westerners are too focused on amusing themselves to death to give a damn.
-As a result, more such attacks will take place.

Unless and until we get these facts straight, we are all toast.

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  1. Yeah,
    They are just being good followers of Mohomad. For what other way is the road to perfection?
    If only us Christians followed our founder “Jesus.”
    How much more perfect would the world be?
    Maybe the world would not be in these times of Noe?

  2. Another one For you Bill.
    I see the Kurds are in grave danger.
    It is the price they will pay for being allies of America and the West.
    It seems to me the Kurds are the remnants (i.e what is left after Islam got to them) of the Persians and even perhaps those wise men… Those that followed the Star to Bethlehem?

  3. I looked up the girls profiles as soon as I read about the murders and found one girl had posted a ” Don’t judge people by their appearance” video link on one of the girls’ timeline. Of course it showed the muslim man as the good guy and a white man as the drug dealer.

    This facebook post from Nate Harves is very well written. He writes — Below, is a post from Maren Ueland from her FB page. She is one of the two Scandinavian college girls savagely beheaded by Muslims while backpacking. They pulled her from her tent, assaulted her, and put their boots on her head to hold her still as they cut her head from her neck. They then tossed her head aside and spat on it. All on gruesome video.

    This is an example of failure.
    Failure of her parents to teach her about the reality of the world and to protect her. Failure of her educational system to teach her history and the difference in societies. Failure of her government to tell her the reality of the differences between her culture and sub cultures.

    This is what happens, in a 2018 “We’re all just one big happy family coexisting on the planet with open borders and nobody is better than anybody and all faiths and cultures are equal” bullshit society that continues to lie and inundate its citizens with nonstop propaganda.

    We see massive immigration into countries and the harm it brings. We hear the propaganda narratives that accompany it. You are in a constant brainwash machine meant to shame you and vilify you if you dare step outside of group-think. If you dare for a moment say “Hey… now hold on. I have a different view and some valid concerns”, you will be immediately identified and punished. Social media will censor you. Activist groups will target you. People will doxx you and try to get you fired or removed from positions. Friends will abandon you. Rumors swirl. (I’ve had this happen.) It’s by design. It’s meant to make an example of you to others. An ominous warning: BEWARE. STAY IN LINE. OR YOU ARE NEXT.

    Ironically, useful idiots protect and defend this globalist fascism, while claiming to be anti-fascist. Having been failed themselves, they ignorantly take their marching orders and work toward what will eventually lead to their own slaughter.

    You are constantly told that nationalism is bad. Real bad. In fact, it’s wrong. You should have no pride or allegiance to your homeland. You shouldn’t think better of yourself having been born there. The reason for that is so you won’t defend it when the time comes. In fact, you’ll tear it down yourselves over time. It will become worthless and discardable to you. You’ll open your borders and flood your country with a culture that at its core wants to conquer you. You’ll allow your women and children to be raped. You’ll watch your citizens get ran over in Christmas markets. You’ll witness the stabbings. The bombings. But, you’ve been told that if you speak out, well, you’re a RACIST. You are an ISLAMOPHOBE. You’re a number of really bad things. “Not ALL of them are bad,” you’ll say to yourself, re-educating yourself in your own private propagandized mind like a good little NPC. Some will speak out, and they’ll be destroyed quickly. Most will just stay in line, oblivious.

    We have lost the ability to recognize fact for ourselves. We are programmed by various sources. The progressive State tells you what you are allowed to think. They download into your mind daily. Hollywood hides it in their movies. Comedians squeeze it into punchlines. Teachers push it on the young and impressionable. News and media presents it as fact. Songs put it to tune. And meanwhile, Big Brother watches. Tracks. Listens. Punishes. People used to fear being spied on. Now, in your homes, you say “Eavesdrop, play this song.”

    Can you even fathom any more the idea that you are better than someone else, or someone better than you, through the totality of you and your culture? Why is that a bad thing to say? The people that will scold you for this will also be the ones to say they’ll wear this clothing line but not that one. Or live in this neighborhood, but not that one. Why? Would you rather your daughter marry a doctor from a good family? Or a Somali warlord? If aliens landed tomorrow, do you think Bob down the street should be sent to talk to them? Or maybe someone like Neil deGrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking? I mean, we’re all the same. Right?

    People ARE different. Countries ARE different. Cultures ARE different. I’m not saying look down your nose at people and lose what makes us human. But recognize fact and reality and understand something else….. fear is an important mechanism that protects you. It is absurd to deny it. It’s the thing that kept an ancestor from walking up and petting a bear. It’s why you’re here. It’s why you should legitimately look at things that in your gut give you pause so that you, too, survive and go on so that people in the future exist because YOU recognized danger. Facing your fears is one thing. Denying them is another. We have lost our need for hard and tough things and lost our awareness of danger because we live in societies that shield you from it. We see it daily. Nobody NEEDS a gun. Nobody NEEDS a mean dog. Nobody NEEDS (whatever, fill in the blank.) We as a society are losing our hardness and our toughness and the things that got us here.

    Politicians and celebrities tell you, “This isn’t who we are. We’re better than this.” Ironic that you claim to be better while claiming you’re not better. It’s good guy camouflage propaganda talk meant to shame you and get you to deny what you know in your heart. And it works on most of the population because I believe most people are absolute followers, sadly. Incapable of their own thought. They shame easily and care too much how others accept them.

    Anyway, this young girl was failed by many. And through a sad turn of fate, of karma, of survival of the fittest, reality coldly fell upon her. Had you stood and told her that day, “You need to go. You are in danger. These people will kill you.” Know what she would’ve done? Ignored you. Laughed at you. Maybe called you a racist. Or something else. I don’t know. She was a product of the failed system of the Coexist bumper sticker generation. But now, literally, she is removed from time and her ancestors stop where she fell that day. Think about that.

    In the video she screamed out “ow!” as they carved into her flesh with the knife. Her final cry was one word in her native language…. but translated, she heartbreakingly cried out for “Mother”. ?

    Luke 10:3

  4. When will the Left stop pandering to Islam?

    Islam and the Left are in many respects like polar opposites and are only united in things like their contempt of the West.

    The Left loves multiculturalism. Islam takes advantage of multiculturalism to gain access and acceptance in Western countries, but if muslims ever were to become the majority of the population in those countries then multiculturalism would be one of the first things to go as they go about seeking to bring the country under Islam.

    The Left loves same-sex marriage – do they honestly think for a second that same-sex marriage would ever pass in a country where the significant majority of the population are practising Muslims?

    The Left loves Gender theory – Would Islam ever be accommodating of radical notions of gender?

    The Left loves feminism – how many feminists would, when the road meets the rubber, want to live in an Islamic based country?

    The left hates conservative religion – indeed the Left hates most things that have a good dose of conservatism, whether it be conservative religion or conservative something else – is there any religion that is more conservative, and indeed not just conservative, but hardline, than Islam?

    Much of the Left appear to be blind – they appear to bend over backwards to shield Islam from reasonable and important criticism, yet Islam embodies the polar opposite of many of the Left’s prize values and interests. However what the Left is blind to the most is the thing that the Left (and anyone else) can afford to be blind to the least – the violence done in the name of Islam.

  5. Wake up people, Marxism and Islam are in bed with each other. Our so called leaders have Islam as a preferred species while the ‘fake news’ media bend over bend over backwards to Appease Islam. So what coclusion can you make from what you see? Look at Trudeau in Canada and Corbyn in the UK!

  6. Bill, I’ll be much in prayer for you, as I saw one of these awful videos many years ago and know that the images can not be erased from your mind. They make your spirit groan. I felt that I had to see it, I had to know, just like I did with the Twin Tower’s jumpers and those who simply fell from the windows because they couldn’t see where they were going. It is the toughest spot to put yourself into, as you’ll never erase from your mind and spirit what you’ve seen. I understand that it seems like those who were murdered were far worse off than you, having only seen it yourself, rather than experiencing it first hand…but you need prayer for this whether you realize the full extent of your need or not at this time. Will be praying for you very much…..God bless.

  7. Those poor girls were the lefts sacrificial offerings to their god.

    I moan at my dad if he says I can’t go out to do a babysitting offer I have had unless my brother takes me and escorts me back which he won’t always do, how am a supposed to learn about childcare so I may be a good mother one day if I can’t practice on someone else’s children I exclaim to him! Of course, he is teaching me something about childcare I do not want to hear, yet, will have to deliver to my frustrated daughter one day (I hope).

    A nation that does not value the importance of tomorrow’s mothers simply will not have mothers, but just those who cannot say no to their offspring and use their offspring to virtue signal their tolerance of intolerance of anything truly moral.

  8. I truly believe that there will be another Holy war. You must give Islam credit for pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and taking advantage of the West and our crazy ideas of coexisting. As the crazy bumper sticker states, ” you cannot coexist with people who want to kill you.” For me my time is short on this playground for satan but I worry so much about my kids and grandkids.

    2 Peter 2:2-3

    These ungodly people turn the church into a commercial operation. These are men of evil ambition; they are covetous. Their primary objective is success in argument, not truth. They make changes in order to exploit. This is the reason for the feigned words and the deceptive or phony arguments.

    We in the United States, especially, have been conditioned to be tolerant. But, from what is written in II Peter 2 and Jude, it is clear that God is not tolerant of this kind of thing. We are tolerant because we have lost, or we never had, a sense of the diabolical danger of Satan’s false teaching. It leads people to their deaths! As a nation, we have become dulled to the distinction between truth and falsehood, not only in terms of right and wrong in behavior, but also in terms of ideas or concepts.

  9. I am amazed that two twenty-something young women would go backpacking without any male escort anywhere. Rape and murder are the sort of horrible crimes which can happen anywhere. However, when you add beheading and videoing, you know you are onto something deeper and more sinister. To be fair, this sort of behaviour is extreme even by Islamic standards, but not, unfortunately, all that uncommon.
    Mrs Proudie has some pertinent comments on the matter:
    <blockquote cite="“Why do these young women go to such dangerous, misogynistic countries in the first place? Do they think they are invulnerable?” said the Signora, dapping her eyes with a cambric square.

    “Ah, the young,” I replied. “They see the world quite differently, you know. Schools teach that all cultures are equal, that kindness and decency conquers-all, that silk purses can be made out of sow’s ear, that boys can be girls if they wish and vice-versa, and that all shall have prizes.”

    “How does that prepare them for the real world out there?” asked the Signora.

    “It doesn’t, but it makes them feel good about themselves,” I said, matter-of-factly.

    “But these girls were raped and beheaded,” said the Signora, in some degree of anguish.

    “So I understand, and it is truly terrible. But the same fluffy unicorn mentality runs like a septic sewer through most of Western Europe, poisoning minds and denying reality. Governments, whose prime duty is to protect their citizens and promote their well-being, have thrown reason out of the window, opened up their borders and welcomed the seventh century into the present. The peoples of Europe didn’t ask for this, they didn’t vote for this, but the powers-that-be have engineered it nevertheless.”

    “Where will it all end?” wailed the Signora.

    “Read your Bible, dear, read your Bible.”"

  10. This may seem a little off centre regarding your great article, Bill, but bear with me. Yesterday it was announced on the news that Coles is bringing out hot-cross buns to feed the compliant masses today – about three months before Easter. As a Catholic who was brought up to consider Easter the holiest of times, with the crucifixation of Jesus Christ and his subsequent rising from the dead, this causes me considerable anger. I wrote on Coles’ Facebook page and got several stupid responses from people saying they enjoyed hot cross buns all year round. I also got the usual spiel from Coles themselves, saying they were disappointed that I felt this way etc. etc. So my point is Bill, with regard to the beheading of these two unfortunate and foolish girls, is the way people are being manipulated by the media and the corporations. Coles and Woolworths started selling hot cross buns well before Easter a few years ago, and the masses fell for it. Up to that time, hot cross buns remained at tradition closer to Easter and were never considered to be something to have ‘all year round’. It’s the same with Christmas – each year it is pushed earlier and earlier. Soon they’ll be bringing out the Christmas pudding and tinsel in August. The same with the deadly aspects of Islam, which are concealed from the general public and whitewashed, so too, are the masses being brainwashed to believe that this is a ‘religion of peace’. They are being manipulated by the MSM as much as they are being manipulated into the commercialisation of Christmas and Easter. For these two poor girls, this was the result. A brutal killing and even despite this, the media is closed shop about it. One would have thought that 9/11 would have brought the Western world to its senses. But if anything, it is more brainwashed now, than it was then.

  11. ***Important warning to all fellow Australian Christians***

    The greatest danger for Christians in Australia in 2019 is institutionalised religious persecution under the name of “religious freedom”.

    When Parliament comes back next year Mr Morrison will introduce a Bill for a Religious Freedom Act including a Religious Freedom Commissioner.

    This Bill will be sent to “Committee” and won’t become Law before the next election.

    Bill Shorten will be under pressure to promise to protect religious freedom during the election. He will promise to do that.

    If Labor wins the election, they will pass Mr Morrison’s Bill but with amendments for homosexual students AND teachers, and there will be no protection for people who believe marriage in between one man and one woman only.

    Prime Minister Shorten will then appoint a MUSLIM as the one and only “Religious Freedom Commissioner” and he will weaponise the Religious Freedom Act against Christians who speak the truth about Islam.

    What can we do to stop this?

    Mr Morrison’s Government is a lost cause. Our only hope is a Senate cross bench full of Biblical Christians. So please Vote [1] in the Senate for Australian Conservatives, Christian Democratic Party (NSW), Australian Christians (except NSW), or Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party (Qld).

    If there are any others I have missed we would love to hear about them. Don’t be deceived into voting One Nation or Liberal Democrats. These parties have some policies attractive to Christians but aren’t Christian at heart. They won’t be reliable in this our most important battle for the next decade. Pauline Hanson has a homosexual Chief of Staff and David Leyonhjelm was a lifelong agitator for homosexual marriage.

    If Christians hold the Balance of Power in the Senate we can ensure that the Religious Freedom Bill that passes through Parliament will guarantee that only a Bible-believing Christian can be appointed the Religious Freedom Commission (this can be done by making the law say the RF Commissioner must be recommended by both the Catholic and Anglican Archbishops of Sydney), OR like the ICAC in NSW there must be three Commissioner picked to represent Australia’s religious beliefs (so two Christians and one “other”) and complaints can only be dealt with if two of the three Commissioners agree.

  12. This is such a sad story and out come.But the crusades where jst a bad.All through history they have killed in the name of God.
    I’m so sorry for the families and the victims.
    But why would 2 young woman go to a place where they could be harmed.They where advised by locals not to go.
    I’m Jewish and my husband is Muslim and there are jst places women shouldn’t go alone.
    Stop blaming Muslims for this behavior. Do u know how many woman have been killed in Australia in the last 12 mths.So we should blame all males because all men are rapists and murderers, thats absurd.
    Its not Islam as a whole it is evil people who use it to kill for the sake of killing.
    Isil killed there own kind other Muslim’s. They started this whole ugly crusade and have use social Media to make sure it goes world wide.

  13. Thanks Jodi. Yes you are right that these young women should have known better. But I differ with you on your other points. The Crusades were of course a very belated response to 400 years of Muslim aggression. See the details here:

    And while most individual Muslims thankfully do not kill infidels, this is because they are not seriously living out the teachings of their own faith. But sadly Islam as a whole is in fact the problem. All the sacred texts make it clear that the infidel must be killed, forced to convert, or submit to dhimmitude, and beheading is a part of this, as I documented in the link in my article (and which you presumably did not read). If you have not read the Koran, sira and hadith I suggest you do to learn what Islam in fact actually teaches on these matters. See here if you need a brief refresher course:

    So yes of course, not every male is a rapist or a killer, just as not every Muslim kills infidels. But that is to miss the point. There is nothing inherent about being a male and raping and killing. There is something inherent about Islam and what it teaches on violence, jihad and dealing with the infidel. Muhammad left us the perfect example as to how the infidel should be treated, and the three main religious texts of Islam carefully detail how this should be done. Thus when a Muslim kills in the name of Allah, he has full justification to do so from the life and teachings of Muhammad, and from the basic Islamic religious and legal texts.

  14. Hello Bill, thinking back on my life every time I started to do something foolish friends would step in and warn me, or I would have a warning dream from Him, or I had a gut feeling I was going against God’s Will. Before President Lincoln went to the theater the night of his assassination he was warned by 3 different people “not to go.” Before Pres. Kennedy was assassinated he also was warned by many including, “Let the secret service ride gun shot on your vehicle, wear a bullet proof vest, allow a bullet proof glass around your vehicle, & Don’t go to Dallas, Texas.” Pres. Kennedy turned down all his secret service requests because he wanted to be available to the people. I believe both these ladies were warned not to go and they didn’t heed the warning. But even if this is true it still doesn’t let the liberal news media or the terrorists off the hook.

    I am heart sick reading about these two beautiful ladies. My opinion, for what it’s worth, the liberal news media coddling Muslims is as guilty as the terrorists. They will all stand before His throne and be accountable just like you and I. And the Lord’s Words back to you will be, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

    Sending your article out to 50 on my email list. Thank you Bill, Louise

  15. Yep, the MSM has a lot to answer for, but in a sense, so does much of the church for having abandoned the spiritual battle and capitulated to the world in area after area in western society. We’ve allowed the nuts to take over the nuthouse and now they’re running the media, the courts, the government, education, the police and now even a large number of so-called “Christian” denominations. We urgently need to repent and get back to teaching and proclaiming the truth of the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through to Revelation 22:21. We need to relearn how to think critically and teach our kids to do so, so that they’re not washed away with the flood of this evil culture which left these poor girls mentally defenceless due to their having been indoctrinated by leftist lies.

  16. I am in total agreement Ernesto Giuliani; the churches of today have a lot to answer for. I believe so much so that when Jesus returns He will vomit many of them out of His mouth. It could even be the church I attend at times but I have been studying the Bible to make sure I am not falling for a few of the heresies I know my church is following. I have searched a long time for the so called perfect church only to come to the conclusion no church here on earth is even close to being perfect. Having said that if a person is vigilant one can attend a variety of churches that are not too far off the path.

  17. The first words Jesus said in Luke 21, regarding end times was “Be not deceived.” Our whole society has been so deceived that Islam is a religion of peace. I just don’t understand how people can embrace this false, evil, and violent religion as peaceful. They are allowed to lie about anything to make their way into positions etc. Obama did that for 8 years! All these comments are spot on, and this horrific atrocity is heart breaking but O God I pray it wakes some people up!! Canada has a leader who thinks the same as these young women, and I truly wonder, if the basis is a fear. Perhaps they think being friends and giving allowances will somehow spare them from any bad consequences. Their only mercy is to those who denounce Jesus and embrace their beliefs. It certainly all ties in with the antichrist and his mark of the beast. What times these are; it is all coming together and may we be worthy to escape the wrath that is to come!!

  18. With reference to the murderers’ indifference to the bleeding out, I have seen footage of muslims cutting the throats of animals and they revel in the blood.
    Halal slaughter which is practiced universally in Australian abbatoirs requires that the animal be fully aware that it is dying, so stunning is not allowed.
    This is another disgusting aspect of Islam imposed on our secular society which is kept secret.

  19. We should not forget that this sort of thing is happening all the time in Northern Africa. We should not be taking note when this happens to pretty while girls and ignoring all the times it happens with pretty black girls. Young black girls are assaulted and are in Islamic slavery every day in Northern Africa.

  20. And Australia had a so-called Christian Assistant Defence Minister who appointed an Iman to advise him.

    Is it true that God’s judgment comes in THREE stages?

    1. He stops warning;
    2. He removes good leaders;
    3. He sends delusion.

    ” and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. ” 2 THESS 2: 10-12

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