Yes, They Have Declared War On Children

It used to be that the best way to ascertain how civilised and compassionate a culture is was to see how they treated their most vulnerable – especially their own children. This had always been a good test of a caring culture. But it seems that in the West today we have turned that principle on its head.

We now seem intent on destroying our children, and we happily use government policy to do so. A state-led war on children has been declared, and the casualties are mounting up. Of course I and others have documented this assault on our children for decades now.

It is happening all over the West. No place seems immune from this ongoing war on our children and their innocence. Let me offer three recent shocking examples of how this is being played out in just one place: the Australian state of Western Australia.

It seems the Labor Government there is so committed to radical social engineering ideology that children are mere fodder for their political manoeuvring. They really do not give a rip about WA kids, and see them as pawns in their militant sexual agendas.

Here then are three news headlines and opening paragraphs that should cause every parent in WA to want to see this despicable government chucked out at the next election.

Shock Headline One: “Year Three students will be given ‘ethnic clothes’ to try on and boys will be encouraged to ‘explore gender’ by wearing girls’ dresses under new school program”

Boys and girls in year three will be encouraged to explore different gender roles in class and wear ethnic clothing as part of a controversial new program. The fresh syllabus, which has the backing of the McGowan Government in Western Australia, will be introduced to a handful of Perth schools from term one in February.

Students will be provided with a range of dress ups and toys and will also learn about different kinds of ethnic dress such as burkas, traditionally worn by women of Islamic faith. The primary aim of the course, previously introduced to over a dozen Victorian schools in 2018, is to break down gender stereotypes. Up to 10 schools in Western Australia will take part in the $1million Respect Relationships program.

Thankfully a few voices of sanity have been heard on this madness. Peter Abetz, of the Australian Christian Lobby said this: ‘It will indoctrinate children with the idea that they then choose to be a boy or a girl. Why do boys need to get dressed up in girls clothing? Let’s get real about education.’ And even Prime Minister Morrison entered into the debate, saying that he didn’t ‘want the values of others being imposed on my children,’ and ‘it shouldn’t happen at a public or private school.’

Shock Headline Two: “Parents against gender identity change must be counselled: Children’s Commissioner Colin Pettit”

Parents who don’t support their child’s request to change their gender identity should be made to get counselling, WA’s Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit says. Mr Pettit wants counselling to be a requirement in family disputes as it would help parents to “understand gender diversity and encourage acceptance of their child’s gender identity”.

Children should also receive counselling “given they may be experiencing parental rejection or lack of familial support for their gender identity”, he wrote in a submission to a WA Law Reform Commission review of the State’s gender laws. Mr Pettit, an ex-teacher appointed by the WA Government to advocate for children, said many kids became aware of their gender identity “at an early age”.

Hey Colin, why not just lock up all those recalcitrant parents? Why not just take away those children from their hateful and bigoted parents? After all, the state knows so much better than a parent what is best for a child. Let’s get serious here Colin!

At least the Liberals were not too thrilled with all this:

Shadow attorney-general Michael Mischin said he was concerned about the “proposed ease” by which a Gender Identity Certificate to change gender could be issued. “In the case of children, for example, there will be no requirement that a child’s ‘self-determination’ to change their gender, especially if unaligned to their sex, must be considered with regard to their maturity, understanding of the implications, or any counselling or professional assessment,” Mr Mischin said. “No testing of an alleged ‘belief’ will be necessary in the case of an adult rather than claiming a ‘genuine belief’ of their claimed gender.”

Shock Headline Three: Rebranded $1.4m ‘Safe Schools’ anti-transphobia program rolled out across WA

The $1.4 million Inclusive Education program — which aims to make schools inclusive for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students — has been paid for with existing education department funding, and fulfils an election promise made by Labor before the state election.

According to Inclusive Education’s website, it runs gender diversity training sessions for teachers, provides support for transgender and gender-diverse students, and offers lesson plans to reduce homophobia and transphobia in schools.
The program is not compulsory and schools can choose which parts to implement, if any.

The curriculum offered by Inclusive Schools for years 7 and 8 includes lessons saying that sexuality exists on a continuum and it is wrong to assume that everyone is heterosexual. Teachers are encouraged to create safe spaces by letting students “pass” on questions or discussions that make them feel uncomfortable, and by “modelling correct language use”.

The Inclusive Education program includes information on how to use a person’s preferred pronoun. “Some people use gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘they’ (singular) or ‘ze’, while others use no pronoun or may wish to be addressed by their name only,” the material reads. “It is important not to make assumptions about people’s gender identity and to be respectful when using pronouns.”

Oh dear, here we go again. This is simply more sexual militancy, indoctrination and propaganda, and has nothing to do with dealing with bullying of all kinds. Scott Morrison had previously said these sorts of radical programs made his “skin curl”. He also said: “I don’t want the values of others being imposed on my children in my school and I don’t think that should be happening in a public school or a private school.”

Yes parents should be the ones sharing values and educating on things like sexuality, not activists using our schools to target vulnerable children. Young children need to be learning about the three Rs, not about the latest agenda items of the sexual revolutionaries.

These three headlines tell us quite clearly that the Labor Government in WA really does not give a rip about parents, and it certainly does not give a rip about children. It only cares about placating the militant activists, and ramming down the throats of all children the sexual anarchy of the secular left.

It may be time for all concerned parents in WA to start thinking about pulling their kids out of the state indoctrination centres and either home-school them or send them to Christian or independent schools.

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33 Replies to “Yes, They Have Declared War On Children”

  1. Hi all,
    The WA labor Government clearly has too much time on their hands. Time to Lose 20% of the taxpayer funded electorates and save taxpayers some serious money. Labor Victoria , Queensland and WA they are toxic,
    What a sad joke!

  2. My heart breaks for that little girl sitting on school steps somewhere in WA begging to be rescued from the gender fluid brigade. ?

    We must help her!

  3. It is always the most vulnerable in the community (The children ) who pay the highest price…… The first instance coming to mind is with SSM, where the children miss out on a normal childhood by having one parent eliminated,…therefore they have two mothers or two fathers instead of
    mother, father child as in a normal family.
    The next instance is the one mentioned above …where the children are used as pawns in the Safe Schools programmes.
    Children are used in Pornography and young girls used as brides for certain cultures.
    The list where children are used as pawns is endless.

  4. I think the war was first declared in Virginia in 1988 Bill, at the original “war cabinet” LGBT conference where the 175 primary activists declared war in the “straights” and that the spoils of the war was to be the straights’ children.
    As you’ve recently said, they’ve pretty well won that war.
    Like you and many other members, I have trouble comprehending how naive, gullible and disinterested the general public are in what’s going on.
    Maybe it’s a byproduct of kids being hand-balled off into childcare at 6 months; maybe the parental responsibility and care is not the same as it was in previous generations.
    My well educated daughter’s response after I repeatedly warned her about Safe Schools and all the other dastardly things her children are at risk from, was “Dad, you wouldn’t waste your time trying to teach our pet dog algebra, so stop frustrating yourself by trying to tell people things they can’t comprehend or just don’t want to know about!”
    As more and more things we’ve warned of eventuate, the penny will drop eventually, but for at least one generation of children it will all be too little too late. “Sorry, we should have listened” just won’t cut it.

  5. I think parents should dress up their children and apply the necessary make -up to give the impression that their little Tommy or Jennifer, identifies as 60 year old grandfather clock , or a two year old, disabled Filipino, or 2000 year old dinosaur, Napoleon, or even Queen Elizabeth.

    If the children are being given the green light to self- identifies, rather than resist this cart, it needs a helping hand down the slope, preferably straight through the front door the Principals office .

    Way to go :

  6. We all must stand strong against this dangerous deception, that is inconceivable to be pushed upon our children the most valuable resource of our nation, wake up politicians and stand up for our children and for the freedom we once held as being so precious. Lets make our voices heard loud and Clear across this state and Nation.

  7. These people believe they are doing the right thing for the children? We can pray all we want but we, as humans created this mess, sadly we will have to live with it. Voices of common sense have died a thousand deaths and fallen upon deaf ears. The culture of craziness and sin has full control and satan is doing the happy dance.

    Standing strong will not solve the problem. The progressive agenda will only be stopped by violence but we cannot even go there. Everyone talks about a spiritual revolution but we have no ammo because we have waited to long to respond. You can not reason with people who are ruled by satan, culture and perversion reign supreme and grows strong. People now worship Man not God. They believe our savior is fiction and depend on the judgment of men to make decisions on right and wrong, for them. “They said it, it must be true”. Besides it makes the progressive feel good with overflowing faux compassion.

    Isaiah 5:20
    20 They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

  8. These lunatic social engineers who claim to be leading our children to utopia have categorically said that they are going to smash heteronormativity, break down the barriers and borders, whether they be conscience, religious belief, a nation.s laws and traditions , to getting unlimited to rights for the LGBTs. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Let us in the name of equality smash down the doors of these strongholds and invade their space as they have invaded our schools, homes and community with their Satanic ideology. It is war and as yet we have not fired a shot.

  9. Why isn’t Scott Morrison saying something about this. He claims to be a Christian or the Fed Govt in general not have a say in state matters??

  10. I’ll say it again: these things can only happen with the tacit support of the teachers. If one or two individual teachers dig their heels in and refuse to do it, it will give moral courage to waverers among the others. If any disciplinary action is attempted, they should immediately go to the press, the PCA, and their MP and make a fuss. As soon as individual parents hear about the program, they should get a few other parents together, and make a fuss. It is easier to stop a snowball at the top of a mountain than an avalanche at the bottom, and it is an almost invariate rule that social engineers will back off if they meet early opposition.

  11. So sad. It’s clear the left (including many in the LNP) are siding with Satan.

  12. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for the informative article. I have only one thing to say.

    Australians have not cared about their children since they decided to legalise the murder of them in the womb.

  13. Our children will be dreadfully confused by all these things. When they grow up they may have mental health issues and other health issues. Some of them may be unable to work or only able to work sometimes. A full-time career may be too much for them. There will be a worsening of the ageing society problem. The young adults will not be able to work and the elderly may not be able to work. There will be very few taxpayers. There will not be enough taxpayers to pay for our health and education spending. If nothing changes for the better there will be hard times ahead.

  14. Patricia Halligan so true, not all of us though, we tried to fight it, Unfortunately the Govt (Palachook) legalised it whether we wanted it or not. Labor have always been pro abortion..

  15. If commonsense were allowed to be exercised , we would know the difference between a real man and someone pretending to be one. Commonsense tells us the difference between a real train, dog, or black man and someone pretending to be such.
    I have heard it said that the law does not force us to believe things that are not true, but merely forces us treat transgender men as human beings – to treat them with courtesy and allow them to enter a woman’s shower room, to compete against women in sports and force men seeking a wife on a marriage dating site to include transgender women on their list [1].
    Is it humane and loving if I see someone who thinks they are a bird and about to jump from a building, only to believe they are tragically mistaken and not make an attempt to stop them? Governments try to persuade us that we can, possibly in the name of freedom think and say what we like, as long as we keep those those thoughts and words in private, but that we must allow LGBTs not only to believe what they think but to act out their beliefs, without let or hindrance in the public space. Whilst we are forced to detach our beliefs from our behaviour, they are allow to give expression to whatever they imagine.

    David Skinner UK

  16. If commonsense is exercised, we all know the difference between reality and fantasy, between a real man and someone pretending to be one. Commonsense tells us the difference between a real train, dog, or black man and someone pretending to be such. This does not require any lengthy intellectual argument. It is a self evident truth.

    I have heard it said that the law does not force us to believe things that are not true. We are free to believe and think whatever we like. The law merely forces us to treat transgender women as human beings – to treat them with “kindness” by allowing them to enter a woman’s shower room, to compete against women in sports and force men to seek a transgender woman for wife on a marriage dating site [1]. It is claimed that the law considers our inhibiting a man from castrating himself and having breast implants, or dissuading a woman from cutting off her breasts and mutilating her genitals, as being unkind and treating a transgender as subhuman [2]

    Is it humane and loving if I see someone who thinks they are a bird and about to jump from a building, to limit our response to only believing they are tragically mistaken and not to attempt to stop them? Governments try to persuade us that we can – possibly in the name of freedom – think and say what we like, as long as we keep those thoughts and words strictly to ourselves, but that we must allow LGBTs not only to believe and say what they think is reality, but to act out those beliefs, in public, without let or hindrance . Whilst we are forced to detach our beliefs from the way we are increasingly coerced to live, they are allowed to give e_xpression to whatever they imagine [3]. We are not allowed to make any connection between cause and effect, but instead to believe that everything is chance and chaotic; but they are permitted to attach whatever cause they wish to the way they feel and behave. For instance they will trace the reason for a transgender’s suicide to a stranger’s, facial expression or something the stranger is wearing [4] Indeed it does not even have to be something the transgender sees or hears. It might be what a third party sees and hears another person saying which they think might be transphobic.

    The Lesbian and Gay Liason Officers (LAGLO) have said,
    “ A homophobic or transphobic crime is defined as any incident which is perceived to be homophobic or transphobic by the victim or any other person . This means that if you or anyone else see or hear anything that you believe is homophobic or transphobic – even if the victim has not been affected, then the crime or incident can still be recorded. Why report these incidents? Hate crimes and incidents hurt . They can be confusing and frightening. By reporting them when they happen to you, you may be able to prevent these incidents from happening again, or to someone else. You will also be able to understand the extent of hate crime in your local area, so they can better respond to it….. “ [5].

    We are repeating the madness of the Chinese cultural revolution.


    (slide to 1minute 38 seconds).

  17. My experience is that eight-year-olds love to dress up but I think even eight-year-olds are going to feel there is something gravely wrong in all this. I think, inside, the children will know they are being manipulated. It will be up to us to ensure that they know they are right to feel that way.

  18. Well, Mr M, I can tell you my limited observation of dressing up and how that appealed to the boys and the girls in a history class at a state school in the UK. The history teacher brought in to class costumes from the Elizabethan Time, dresses, corsets, hats, military uniform, sword, and footwear. None of the boys was interested in the dresses, corsets or hats, some, however, were interested in us girls trying those items on. None of the girls was interested in the sword, yet it fascinated the boys as did the soldiers uniform!

    There was, I think it was a liberal professor who brought his daughter up to play with boys toys and to his dismay when he asked his daughter why she was putting all the small cars into the toy lorry she told him since the lorry was pregnant! you must understand that far left liberals are those who think gender is socially constructed when it isn’t, that isn’t to say it isn’t influenced in some way. Newborn baby girls tend to be interested in faces and newborn boys tend to be interested in things that move.

    The boys in my class seek respect from girls and other boys. I and other girls seek love. I babysit to experience love, boys kick a ball around as they are attracted to things that move and can get respect by scoring a goal or stopping a goal. obviously, you could force a young child to play or dress outside their gender. But you can’t force them to be what they are not for long. If you believe sex and gender are socially constructed then you will try these crazy things on your children or worry your children are being corrupted.

    The real issue is that parents have had their children stolen from them by the state, there are only two victims of this theft that I can see-
    1. Parents who think the state can do a better job at bringing up their child than they can. If they think that they are probably right.
    2. Parents, who are failing parents in that they see their children being “abused” yet do nothing about it.

    Lefties get involved, they become school governors, write letters, and complain. They consider they own you and your children. More parents need to become school governors and complain to the school, their MP, and education authority if their child comes home having being taught liberal nonsense.

    I assure you, Mr M, that most in my class despite the liberal nonsense we are exposed to daily, the boys still chase us girls, the girls still love little babies. none of the girls in my year group consider themselves male and none of the boys I know of consider themselves girls, of course, the liberals want to tell my dad how to bring me up, best of luck with that, as I can’t even convince my dad I should be allowed to wear a little makeup at the weekends and I’m very persistent and challenging, therefore, they have no chance at getting my dad to inquire of me if I would like to magically change my gender! What the liberals want is for you adults to become accepting of their insanity, fear not if you adults lose the plot I will still want a husband, baby, and a home of my own and when I have these things I will treasure and defend them from the lunatic lefties, in the same way, my dad does, which basically is telling my teachers that they borrow me not own me.

    Thanks for another great post Mr M.

  19. Hi, Michael Taouk and Mark Wong.
    The guy who would interest you is, Dr Steve Turley, (you may know him already perhaps.) he is a Christian and a conservative and specialises in watching conservative trends (Christian) around the world and has reported much on Europe and the changes taking place that would cause your heart to overflow with Joy. It’s likely you are getting your news from the MSM, which is globalist and atheistic. I have disconnected myself from the BBC (my local MSM) since its nothing more than globalist propaganda or the British Brainwashing Corporation. The left and far left have captured the Media, Hollywood, Academia, including schools. They have turned universities into places where reason and logic go to die. These places were once places of truth and learning now they are nothing more than Marxist recruiting establishments. Dr Turley may be found here-

    Sarah xx.

  20. Well said Bill. The attack on Christians by the heterophobic bigots is hideous. Christians need to take up the battle and elect politicians who are sincere and genuine followers of Jesus.
    Like John the Baptist, you are a voice crying out in the spiritual wilderness of Australia: Make straight the way of the Lord.

    May God bless your work and protect you and your family.

  21. Yes, this sickness is against all Reason & Aquired Wisdom. I am interested Bill, since this is State imposed, what is the response/attitude of Aborigine Scools/Communities? Is this pogram (homo/trans/fluid etc) in tension with their Traditional Belief/Practices? Does it conflict with their Dreamtime? What is the approach of the Elders & what are the statements of the Aboriginal Christian Leaders? I have heard nothing & am interested to know if ALL Australians are affected by this Perverse Policy. Keep the fires alight Bill, God Bless.

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