The Chilling Crackdown on Freedom and the Uncritical Elevation of Islam Following Christchurch

If you are reading this article – or this website – you are doing well. I really do not believe both will be around a whole lot longer – not the way the crackdown on free speech is going. Throughout the West the forces of intolerance and bigotry – yes, the secular left – are doing all they can to stamp out all points of view but their own.

And leading the way here is how the left is seeking to make all criticism of Islam illegal. Demands have been made for decades now that all criticism and critical assessment of Islam become verboten, and after Christchurch this is ramping up even further.

The Islamic war on freedom, free speech and the West – aided and abetted by the left – is now moving along very nicely, and anyone with eyes wide open has good reason to be very concerned. Daily now we see moves to restrict our freedoms and constrain free speech.

A few recent examples can be noted here. Recently in the UK an African street preacher was arrested for simply proclaiming the gospel in public. As I wrote on February 28, “A black street pastor, believed to be a Nigerian man, was arrested in London on 23 February apparently for an alleged ‘breach of the peace’ as he preached the Gospel outside Southgate Underground Station.”

When the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was asked about this worrying case involving Oluwole Ilesanmi, he could not give a straight answer, but mumbled about the importance of free speech. When asked if street preachers could freely read from the Bible on the streets of London, he simply said that he had not read all of it. Andrea Williams, head of the Christian Legal Centre, said this about the case:

Street preaching in the UK has a long, storied history. Open air preaching is the only way to guarantee that all the public is given the opportunity to respond to the love of Jesus Christ. But despite laws that theoretically support the freedom to preach in public, in practice, police officers are quick to silence preachers after any suggestion (often false) of Islamophobia or homophobia. This is not only unjust, but chills free speech through self-censorship. We want to see police officers protect the freedom of street preachers by only using their powers when truly necessary.

But let’s look further at the fallout from the Christchurch shooting. I have already mentioned some of them, including how one New Zealand book chain has pulled the best-selling book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson simply because he dared to pose with some fan who had a t-shirt on which was critical of Islam.

A private business is free to do what it wants I suppose, but the rank hypocrisy here is sickening. As has been pointed out, while Whitcoulls has ditched Peterson’s book – which has sold millions of copies and helped so many people – it is still happily selling Hitler’s Mein Kampf!

Consider also some political fallout from this. On Tuesday March 19 Islamic prayers were heard in the New Zealand Parliament in a further “show of solidarity.” Um, whatever happened to the separation of mosque and state? Recall that over a year ago New Zealand dumped any mention of Jesus in its parliamentary prayer. As one report said at the time:

Mentions of Jesus and the Queen have been removed from Parliament’s Te reo karakia, or prayer. A consultation period for the new karakia isn’t over yet but the Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, has already adopted it, RNZ reports. That’s been causing concern amongst some in opposition, but Mallard says he’ll consider any feedback before a final decision is made.–no-more-queen-or-jesus

And on Friday Muslim prayers were broadcast around the nation with full, official government support and backing. Not only that but many schools were strongly encouraging their female students to wear a hijab in support. But I thought education in NZ was supposed to be secular?

Many are now wondering if the aim here is the eventual Islamisation of New Zealand. If so, not bad, considering only one per cent of its population is Muslim. While Christians make up around half of New Zealand’s population, it seems they have nowhere near such influence. Are we soon to witness the establishment of a Kiwi Caliphate?

And recall that the previous Friday various newsreaders for the evening news in New Zealand had donned the hijab for yet more ‘solidarity’ and ‘identification’ with the Muslim community. Wow. Talk about falling over themselves in an attempt to appease Muslims while effectively slapping the faces of those in the Christian community and other faith-based or even non-faith-based groups in NZ.

And even more frightening was this recent headline: “Hijab wearing police officer’s photo makes powerful statement in wake of Christchurch mosque shootings”. I offer the photo of this above.

So we now have the leader of the country, schools, the media, and the police – and who knows who else? – wilfully succumbing to dhimmitude as they seek the favour of Muslims. That is a real worry. While these clueless wonders and dhimmi dupes are donning the hijab all over the West, in Iran we have a different story: “Iranian Attorney Sentenced to 38 Years, 148 Lashes for Defending Women Who Removed Their Head Scarves”.

And the NZ shooting is also having quite an impact overseas. Consider a case in Canada where an atheist – not a Christian – who happens to be an ex-Muslim, has had his speech cancelled because of the NZ shooting:

An ex-Muslim who is now an atheist and secular activist says Mount Royal University is overreacting by canceling his talk that was planned on campus for Thursday. Armin Navabi, who lives in British Columbia, was being brought in by the Atheist Society of Calgary to share his journey and discuss the reasons he doesn’t believe the Islamic faith can be reformed. But now he says he’s disappointed he won’t get a chance to engage in some passionate discussions with staff and students, including those who still practice Islam, because of MRU’s last-minute decision.

“What do they want? Do you want to have less conversation? Isn’t less conversation exactly what leads to people having extreme radical positions,” said Navabi. “I mean the less words exchanged between us, the more fists and bullets are going to exchange between people. Having more conversations is exactly what you need in the face of some tragedy like this.”

And in the US all the usual suspects, including hyper-socialist politicians, have been gushing over NZ Prime Minister Ardern and her quick move to further disarm the population. Both Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have sung her praises and called for America to follow suit.

But wait, there’s more. Get a load of this one: “A petition started in France is circulating online for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her response to the shooting massacre in Christchurch.” Wow! Let’s just go all the way and proclaim her to be the Messiah!

Plenty more examples of leftism spiralling out of control, and the curbing of various freedoms as well as free speech could be offered here. The horrible NZ massacre – as chilling as it was – is now being used all over the world to push something Muslims have been keen to push: the end of all criticism of Islam.

Indeed, Muslims have long sought to shut down all criticism of Islam by any means possible. There are far too many examples of this to recount here. Let me just offer a few. A decade ago this was even being pushed at the UN level. The Organization of the Islamic Conference pushed U.N. Resolution 62/154, on “Combating defamation of religions.” It sought to have Islam be officially shielded from any criticism.

Countless other such calls have been made over the years. And following the Christchurch massacre we are again hearing such calls, loud and clear. Let me give just one more as an example, this time back here in Australia. As we have heard so often before, Islamic leaders are again calling for the end of critical commentary on Islam. As one report puts it:

The Grand Mufti of Australia and New Zealand Ibrahim Abu Mohamed has called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to push for new laws to greater protect Muslims against Islamaphobia. Dr Mohamed met with Mr Morrison following Friday’s Christchurch mosque massacre which claimed 50 lives.

He told SBS Arabic24 that he brought three items to the table during the meeting, including his request for the introduction of new laws which would make it an offence to discriminate against Muslims. He noted that such laws would be similar to those in place in numerous countries which protect Jews against antisemitic speech.

Section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act prohibits actions, including what is widely called hate speech, that “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group of people” based on their race. However, comments directed towards Muslims are said towards people who adhere to the Islamic faith, not at a racial group. He also asked Mr Morrison to ensure that the Christchurch attack was “documented” in a way that it would “go down in history as a terrible massacre”.

Section 18C has of course already been a disaster when it comes to free speech, and this Muslim leader wants to make it much worse. We should be getting rid of 18C altogether, not adding more to this draconian piece of Australian law. That case I have made elsewhere:

And again:

Suffice it to say that this massacre sure is having a huge spill-over effect. And the truth is, there are so many unanswered questions about the Christchurch massacre, just as there are about previous ones, especially the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, but many things just do not seem to add up about so many of these attacks.

It seems to me that if I were a lefty who was desperately searching for a foolproof plan to finally silence conservatism and Christianity, further promote and elevate Islam, disarm a nation’s populace, and bring about the end of free speech and the end of the West, I could think of nothing better than these terrible massacres. They seem to be working perfectly to bring about these very aims.

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  1. Thanks Bill. The hypocrisy, as always, is stunning. We are the point in history where blind Freddy can see that truth is being covered and lying is being elevated by the antichrist policies of the left. In order to go along with the current narrative of the mainstream media and all other accomplices, you would have to deliberately choose to be disingenuous. Gone are the days of the useful idiots. They will be without excuse when they stand before the God of the universe. The fact that a Nobel Peace Prize is on offer only confirms it when you look at the recent history of that award. Even Obama didn’t understand why he was offered the prize. In this era of lies and manipulations of reality, the truth is going to shine brighter than ever.

  2. Dear Bill
    The speed of events in NZ is rather frightening. One wonders if this event has been in planning for many months even down to the 1000s of hibabs that suddenly have become available for the police and citizens.
    I viewed NZ as a safe retirement destination for my family if it became too dangerous to remain in Australia as a Christian. Following the events of the last 2 weeks and the pro-Islam activities of the NZ government and the police force that idea has been buried. Western Qld living with some hard working country folks seems like a whole better idea now.
    Thanks once again Bill. Your a champion,

  3. Thank you Bill. I really appreciate you and all that you do. Good to note that you are an established ministry that we can follow and support. God bless you.

    Thank you.

  4. Regarding the future availability of this website, might a non-Western host be a possible solution?

  5. Hmmmm. I wonder if the media and movies will stop using ‘Jesus Christ’ as a swear word(s). It would be a mark of respect for all religions.

  6. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. The Christchurch massacre, tragic as it was has proved one thing, that things are moving very rapidly to the end of democracy and free speech. Everyone I have spoken to thinks the same. Once they start shutting down websites such as this that will be further proof.

  7. The attack on Freedom of Speech in NZ has happened before e.g when the Islamic community in NZ voiced their opposition to the visit in July 2018 by Far-right Canadian pair Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, were banned from speaking at Auckland Council venues New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh said it had written letters to the Immigration Minister, Minister for Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission asking for Lauren Southern to be denied entry. The article goes on ..
    “I’m talking on behalf of 50,000 to 60,000 Muslims in New Zealand who are going to face a very hard time by all the comments she is going to make.” Cancellation: Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern Live at Bruce Mason Centre. As a result the Canadians Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were banned. …..The event organiser said the decision was disappointing and a blow for democracy. David Pellowe from Axoimatic said Mr Goff had the wrong idea about what the pair wanted to talk about. “He’s misrepresented the purpose of the events as to stir up ethnic and religious tensions. He’s misrepresented them as views that divide rather than unite,” he said. “There’s a lot of their sort of talk worldwide at the moment and that’s attracting debate, people are getting educated on the issues and that’s probably a good thing. “It’s very sad for democracy and for debate.”..
    Ms Southern said. “The bug of this almost very totalitarian left-wing ideology which will not end well for you.” She said herself and Mr Molyneux would talk about a range of issues affecting New Zealand. “Immigration, western culture, the preservation of western culture and largely the infectious liberal or far-left ideologies that are coming and working their way into our media and why they will lead to the economic, social and political fall of our nations.”

  8. This NZ incident proves beyond doubt that we don’t want a pathetic wimp like Shorten (a useful tool of the labor left) as PM. Morrison was not perfect but he was streets ahead of Shorten’s wimpy servitude. Every Australian has a right to express a view on who we let into Australia without instantly being labeled as racist.
    God bless Australia,

  9. Time for a serious discussion folks. The real issue is not Islam nor the atheist Left. The real issue is an impotent Christianity that is no match for a holoistic Islamic religion that addresses all areas of life. Francis Schaeffer wrote about the pietistic dualism within Christianity which rendered the faith impotent. He predicted how this would open the door to other competing holistic ideologies that would fill the cultural vacuum left by this impotent form of Christianity. We will continue losing ground to the pagans until we get a change in Christian leadership. One which makes Jesus lord of everything in this life. I highly recommend reading “The World is Christ’s” by Willem Ouweneel, as well as “Total Truth” by Nancy Pearcey.” Until we get a change in the way Christians relate to the culture and the creation, the pagans will just continue taking ground and claiming the lordship of the creation for their own gods.

  10. Dear Bill,
    Christians need to get on their knees like never before in the next 2 months and pray for a God fearing federal government like never before. IMHO within 2 years globally we are heading into a 1932 like financial meltdown and a significant onslaught by Satan as his time is limited . Islam I believes is a central platform for Satan’s operatives. We are at the crossroads in a spiritual battle and we have to take our position as Christians (salt and light) very seriously. God bless Australia,
    Phil. Praise God for the result in nsw. Keep praying that Paul green can scrape into the upper house.

  11. Of course let’s not forget about the actual innocent victims of this tragedy. 50 innocent people have died, and their families completely devastated.

    It appears as if absolutely nothing good at all has come of this. It seems like we can’t even really appeal to the worldwide humanity of people. This whole situation has been transformed into a political gimmick.

    After all, if the attacker was indeed genuine, it’s difficult to comprehend the extent to which this whole ordeal has completely backfired on him.

    50 innocent people have died, the left is turning it into a political lottery ticket to advance their silence of free speech, the right to bear arms, and push the blame onto anyone they disagree with.

    I like your thought provoking point at the end Bill. There’s a scene in the movie ‘Mean Girls’ where one of the main antagonists uses essentially this exact strategy you’re suggesting. By making herself into the victim she frames her opponent and turns the whole school against her.

    What a completed debacle.

  12. I would love to hear more about the ideas Hector Falcon is talking about, and possible solutions.

    For me, it’s seeing St. Vincent’s Hospital, which was founded by nuns, now run by the Godless NSW Health, that’s evidence of “pietistic dualism” and our retreat from the public square. Seeing couples with marital issues going to see a university-qualified counsellor instead of their priest who is qualified by God, that’s another example.

  13. Do we have among believers some who know how to bypass the web when we are cut off? Just asking…

  14. What you should be worried about, Bill, is ‘she-ria’ (feminist) law, not sharia law. ‘She-ria’ law is far more destructive than sharia law will be.

  15. The Macdonald Center of The Hartford Seminary CT USA claims it is dedicated to scholarly research, teaching and publication in Christian and Islamic studies but a Video on their webpage has been deleted and the link is not functioning!
    Therefore I have provided the link for the Video
    What a Billion Muslims Truly Think – YouTube
    This video shows a some FACTS based on research of the true mindset of one billion Muslims not the propaganda being fed from the…
    Published on Mar 5, 2010

  16. Thanks Jannie, but with all due respect, you have come to my site often, but sadly you sometimes offer some rather strange comments. This might be one of them! It is problematic for various reasons. First, you commit the logical fallacy known as the false dilemma. This says we MUST choose between one of two alternatives, when in fact we need NOT make such a choice, or other real alternatives may well exist. Um no, I am NOT going to choose between one or the other – they are both evil, in their own ways, and it is foolish to try to tell us we should just ease up on Islam and the dangers of sharia law, and simply focus on feminism.

    Anyone who has actually read my articles knows full well that I am of course fully aware of the dangers of feminism and the war on the family. Not only do I have nearly 1000 articles on the family on my site, I have 88 specifically looking at the many concerns about feminism. So I of course know that this is a real battleground. But it really is foolish to imply that I must drop everything I have said about Islam, and just focus on feminism.

    And it is “far more destructive” than sharia? Really? The ideology of feminism is certainly destructive of marriage and family and the like, but as far as I know, feminists have NOT killed anywhere from 300 to 600 million people, as Islam has done in the past 1400 years. So thanks, but I will decide what I should be “worried” about, as God leads. And I will keep writing on what is important and what is a genuine threat waging war against us: that includes secularism, radical sexual politics, and all sorts of other things, including the political ideology of Islam.

  17. Marissa as regards bypassing the web when Christians are cut off, do you mean relying on things like the Dark Web and browsers like Tor? If Christians are treated as criminals then they’ll need to rely on the techniques used by criminals to evade detection. Most Christians won’t have the skills or knowledge to do so. Certainly the extent of my knowledge is that options exist, and that’s about it.

  18. This reminded me of the often quoted- the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Lefties hate Christians and this is the way to get rid of freedom: back the Muslims.

  19. Andrew S Mason, thanks for responding. I’m pretty afraid of using TOR. I think I’m reverting back to some Rapture movies that came out decades ago. Believers somehow set up their own signal. Sheesh, come to think of it those movies were so long ago that there was no internet. They must have hacked into radio signals.

  20. Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid. (John 14:27).

    We must trust in God first and foremost.

    Secondly, when the Muslims take over western society I have no doubt the first victims will be those in “same sex marriages”, people trying to change their gender etc…. so those opposing Jesus’ moral code of living! Christianity cannot be completely wiped out – Jesus did not die for 2,000 years – He died once and for all. I place all my trust in God, my Saviour.

  21. A Little Gun History
    In 1911, TURKEY established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    In 1929, the SOVIET UNION established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    GERMANY established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    CHINA established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    GUATEMALA established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    UGANDA established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    CAMBODIA established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    DEFENSELESS PEOPLE rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century BECAUSE OF GUN CONTROL: 56 MILLION!
    Fr J Dwight Catholic Prophecy Today
    More recently
    Massive humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could have been PREVENTED if the people hadn’t surrendered all their guns to a corrupt government regime

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