Inclusive Culture or Kiwi Caliphate?

Having already penned six articles on the horrific Christchurch shooting and its aftermath, it still seems that even more can be said about all this. In my previous pieces I documented the very rapid and very alarming reactions and responses by the powers that be in New Zealand and the West.

I have carefully demonstrated how so many Westerners, activist Muslims, a derelict media, dhimmi dunces in the academia, and clueless political leaders have all combined to elevate Islam at all costs, while merrily whittling away at our democratic freedoms.

This has been as rapid as it has been shocking. It seems so many of these folks are falling over themselves to see who can be the most Islam-compliant, the greatest appeaser, the biggest critic of the West, and the greatest candidate of dhimmitude. It really is scary stuff indeed folks.

Since satire sites are making a bit of a splash of late (think of the very successful Babylon Bee site in Christian circles for example), I have decided that another way to cover all this would be for me to try my hand at some satire as well. I claim no expertise in this of course, but given how close good satire is to reality, it is worth taking a stab at.

If my previous pieces have not convinced you of the very ominous and alarming developments since Christchurch, including the scary clampdowns on our freedoms – especially free speech – perhaps a bit of satire might do the trick. (And before you get all upset, please read this article to the very end.) So here it goes:

In the not too distant future….

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who was raised a Mormon, but then became an agnostic, has now converted to Islam. Having seen all the sweetness and light that comes out of this faith, she has decided that it is the best expression there is of true peace, love, harmony and inclusion.

Here then are a number of the official duties, decisions and policies she has run with since embarking upon her exciting newfound faith journey:

-Declare New Zealand to be a Kiwi Caliphate.

-Rename Christchurch to Muhammadmosque.

-Rename New Zealand to Old Mecca.

-Declare Christianity to be an enemy of the people, as it is intolerant, offensive, and not in accord with Koranic truth.

-Close down all churches since they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge and venerate the Prophet (blessings be upon his name).

-Arrest all infidels who still refuse to submit to the loving and tolerant faith of Islam.

-Ban all Bibles, since they are but incomplete revelations of God, and are now outdone and superseded by the Glorious Koran.

-Order all New Zealand women to immediately quit the paid workforce and get straight back home and in the kitchen where they belong.

-Women who are raped will be accused of adultery – and that will be punishable by death.

-Women will be veiled at all times while in public, and strict enforcement of Islamic policy will apply at all times.

-As a terrific public service, all hospitals and medical centres will now provide free female genital mutilation – which of course will be required for all women.

-All churches are to be torn down, replaced by inclusive, tolerant and peaceful mosques.

-All New Zealand Christians must renounce their faith, become Muslims, be killed, or submit to the jizya.

-The official language of New Zealand will from henceforth no longer be English, but of course Arabic.

-All driver’s licenses granted to women will herewith be cancelled, annulled and destroyed. We all know women can’t and shouldn’t drive.

-All restaurants will immediately be banned from serving any dastardly haram products, including evil pork and sinful alcohol.

-All dogs will be shot on sight – those filthy, unclean animals!

-Mere head coverings (hijabs) for women will be replaced by more appropriate attire for women, the burqa (full body covering). We do not want those poor New Zealand males to be incited to lust by those inappropriately clothed women!

-All cinemas, discos, bars, theatres, concert halls, and music venues will of course be shut down at once. No more of this evil entertainment.

-It goes without saying that all homosexuals will be executed immediately. Being thrown from tall buildings will be one of the methods of execution.

-Ms Ardern will of course step down as Prime Minister since Islam does not look highly on women who have a child out of wedlock, nor on female leaders.

As I said, I make no claims to being an expert in satire. But the value of good satire of course is to highlight various realities – its value lies in “the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices” as one site puts it.

And in this case, the above points can be justified and defended in light of official Islamic teachings as found on the Koran, hadith and sira. The last few points can be examined a bit further. For example, female leadership does not get high marks in Islam.

The hadith of al-Bukhari for example can be appealed to here: “During the battle of Al-Jamal, Allah benefited me with a Word (I heard from the Prophet). When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, ‘Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler’.” And recall the fate of Benazir Bhutto, the female Pakistan leader who was assassinated in 2007 by a devout Muslim.

And while Muslims are quite happy to have useful idiots in power for now, as they enable the Islamisation of the West, once their power is fully consolidated, folks like Ardern will of course be the first to go. This is common practice, and as the Islamisation of New Zealand is finalised, expect to see much more of this.

I repeat – the above was satire. But sadly there is much to be concerned about in New Zealand and the West in this regard. My previous pieces have listed many of the disturbing reactions since this fateful shooting. As always, we keep in prayer those who are suffering, but we also seek to be wise and discerning as to what is going on around us.

Necessary afterword

There will be plenty of folks who will be quite critical of this piece, just as many have been critical of my earlier pieces. It goes with the territory, and critics are a dime a dozen. However, as I have often said, it is important when constructive criticism comes around to listen to it and learn from it, making any necessary adjustments along the way.

But it seems that there are two unhelpful extremes which must be avoided here. One is that of the gung-ho conspiracy theorists who find an evil enemy under every rock and a secret cabal behind every door. Yes evil people are at work, and sometimes they band together to do their thing, but I still remain cautious in this regard.

The other extreme of course is to be utterly clueless and ignorant about the reality of creeping sharia and stealth jihad. Such things do indeed exist, and we must be aware of them. Pretending no moves are under foot to implement Islam in the West is naivety in the extreme, and is part of the problem.

Again, folks may not have the deliberate aim of seeing the West become part of a global caliphate with everyone in submission to Allah, but plenty of even well-meaning people are in effect helping to bring all this about nonetheless. Just as there were countless “useful idiots” who helped make communism palatable in the West, so too here.

Ardern and others may have the best of intentions, but that alone is not sufficient. If attempts to show solidarity and identification with the Muslim community results in even more aggressive Islam in the West along with reduced freedoms, then that is something to be challenged.

And as just one more recent example of this, we now learn that in addition to banning the video of the massacre in New Zealand, they have now made it illegal to even have the killer’s “manifesto”! Consider this shocking news item:

New Zealand’s chief censor has banned mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant’s white supremacist manifesto, as well as videos of his violent rampage. The bans have ignited a debate over free speech in the grieving country. Chief censor David Shanks declared the killer’s 80-page manifesto – entitled ‘The Great Replacement’ – “objectionable” on Saturday, and ordered anyone in possession of it to destroy it. “New Zealanders can all play a part in denying those who exhort hatred, killing and terror,” Shanks said. “Do not support the murderous objectives of its author by republishing or distributing it.” Following the classification, anyone caught with the document on their computer could face between 10 and 14 years in prison.

Wow! Did you get that? Recall that Hitler’s Mein Kampf is still readily available in NZ bookstores. Why has the chief censor done nothing about that? Surely there must be plenty of other “objectionable” books waiting to be banned in NZ. As one friend rightly asked, “Could Tarrant’s manifesto be more dangerous than the Koran?”

Exactly. But if you dare to have this manifesto, you are toast. Um, I have a copy of it on my laptop. If I fly into NZ, will they seize my computer, check it out and then imprison me for 14 years? Really? Maybe what I wrote above was NOT satire after all! This is really scary stuff folks. It really is.

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19 Replies to “Inclusive Culture or Kiwi Caliphate?”

  1. Greetings Bill,
    Loved that satirical piece!
    FYI, our resident “celebrity Muslim”, Waleed Aly, will be interviewing Jacinda Arden on “The Project” tonight. Sure to be a “mutual admiration society” at its finest!

  2. The chief censor, in his ruling, referred to part of the manifesto where Tarrant discussed/justified the killing of children. What utter hypocrisy and irony, that NZ has legislation that legitimises the killing of children (around 300 per week), and yet such legislation is not deemed by the censor to be offensive and thus banned. Furthermore, she who will not be named…the PM…is a passionate advocate for this killing of children, who celebrates such killing and wants to further/make it easier in NZ. When she had her child (presuming she defines herself as a she – you never know these days!) – the media gushed over her like something you wouldn’t believe. But if she had decided to kill the child instead, this same media would have praised her bravery in making such a difficult decision, and would have fully endorsed her action. Perhaps she’ll abort the next one. After all, having a child or aborting it, isn’t much different to these people.

  3. Good evening Bill
    Another masterpiece. In a major hospital as my wife has just had necessary surgery. All good though. Doing something I never do – watching TV. You may be correct, the notorious ABC just had some ‘head’ threatening social media as being a contributor to the New Zealand atrocity.
    Heaven help us all.
    God bless you Bill may Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ protect and preserve your efforts and work.
    Mark Bryant

  4. I visited a local imam last year to discuss a concern I had with a pamphlet his congregation was distributing. When I arrived for the appointment, he apologized for not having found the time yet for reading my explanatory (of my concerns with the pamphlet) email. But he was all politeness and had even ordered coffee and muffins.
    For the next hour while I tried to discuss the pamphlet with him, he talked of many other things – none relevant to the pamphlet – and then to show the mercy of his god, he explained what life will be like for me in an islamic New Zealand, (I am a Christian). He said that while I would not be allowed to bear arms, he would be bound to protect my life! I think I was meant to be favourably impressed.

  5. If New Zealand did not go to these lengths there would have been a terrorist repercussions for New Zealand. The PM basically has stepped away, pointed at Australia and said…they did it. Islamic terrorism is real, it is feared and it reduces nations to submission. New Zealand is on its knees in complete submission to Islam. That is not peace, that is cowardice.

  6. Every day I get post after post about the problem. I think it is high time we started receiving post after post addressing the problem, proposing realistic solutions. What do we do about the rise of Islam? Are there leaders and commentators out there with plans but not willing to publicly share them because of the risk? For my part the only plan I can see to deal with the rise of Islam is:
    1. Pray, Pray, Pray. We need Gods help to deal with this problem.
    2. Educate. We have got to continue to spread well prepared messages highlighting the problem.
    3. Advocate. Join a lobby group and a political party as led by the Lord. I have joined Aust Conservatives. Consider joining the Liberal party for they need members who recognize the danger.
    4. Call on leaders to address the problem. Reduce Islamic immigration is the first, most obvious step -though I acknowledge that is a very difficult thing for a politician to do. The outrage and campaigning from the left will be massive.
    5. Long term contingency plans need to be drawn up for discussion and debate. Islam is here and we cannot remove it nor reduce it. As Islam continues to grow, so will the conflict. I can only see one logical solution in the long term (I am talking generations from now) and that is partition. Give Muslims their own area. I don’t know how we would achieve it but the simple logical location would be a large island separated significantly from Australia. That would be Tasmania.
    6. Recognise and prepare for the threat from the North. As Islamic numbers and influence continue to grow, it is highly likely the largest Muslim nation in the world who happens to be our neighboring power – Indonesia – will likely become more and more involved in our politics for the sake of their Muslim brothers.
    7. Unite, strategise and action. We can learn some lessons from the left. They are more united than conservatives and they have been very successful with their strategy of infiltrating the main influences on society – politics, education system, media. We need to learn from their successes and establish our own conservative party* our own conservative education system and our own conservative media.
    8. Prepare for the worst. Christ prophesied Christians will be hated by all nations. Christians need to prepare for losing this war, christians need to prepare for becoming an outlawed faith. The two big achilles heels I see for western christianity are a) our love of wealth. When many christians realise standing firm will mean stiff fines and jail time (leading to loss of job/income) how many will capitulate to save their worldly investments? b) children. When christians realise standing firm will mean the removal of their children, how many will stand firm? My responses to these problems are for a) we need to repent of the love of mammon and simply our lifestyles and also get organised to help those christians who are targeted first. Alternative accommodation, food provision, christian welfare funds for those who cannot work or whose income provider is in jail whilst the remaining parent has kids to look after but cant get government welfare. For b) we need to have an all for one and one for all approach. When the state starts seizing christian children, the response from the body of Christ needs to be en masse, well planned and well co ordinated. Imagine 10,000 christians practising peaceful civil disobedience camping out in front of Parliament house, supported by other christians who bring them food and water. Imagine 10,000 christians turning up to parliament house with signs saying, “I agree with family X, arrest me also”.
    * I think Howards broad church claim about the Liberal party was a big mistake. The broader the views you allow in your church, the greater the room for heresy and infiltration by the left there is. Either the Liberal party needs to become committed to right of centre politics or we need a new party that is unashamedly right of centre. The name Liberal may have been good in Menzies day, now I think it has become a problem.

  7. Who on God’s earth said you were not versed in satirical literature?
    In keeping with your black humour I admit; were that to come about, I would move to Australia!

  8. The Caliphate, whether visible or invisible. (like the church…the visible and the invisible), won on 9/11. Sure, the media stopped showing the horror of the ‘jumpers’ and those who accidentally fell from the Twin Towers due to the horrific fire, and we went back to shopping, as President Bush told us would really show those bad guys what we were made of, (gag, gag),…but those Godless jerks, pawns of God’s adversary, won bigtime.

    We now kiss their fannies and bow and scrape to the political correctness that dictates we coddle Islam as a “religion of peace.” By all means, we must not offend them, to the point of us electing officials who adhere to their viewpoint. We are meant to pretend Islam is a religion when, in fact, it is a political position…one meant to eliminate all who oppose it by whatever means it takes to do so. (Thank you, President Bush for announcing within 24 hours of 9/11 that “Islam is a religion of peace).

    God help us! To question Islam, to stand against it as a false religion, inspired by none other than our Lord’s adversary, is to make us as sheep to the slaughter. Such is the perilous times in which we live. Those who do not believe the gospel think we are nuts and enemies of the state. We are the haters, the eternal fruitcakes and troublemakers.

    Just as Peter and his fellow apostles could not have imagined as children that they would one day die for Jesus, for God’s truth, for the gospel, it is hard for us to grasp that we are in desperate and perilous times. I have no regard or love whatsoever for the late Oral Roberts, but there is one thing he said that had the ring of truth. He said, “If there is nothing worth dying for, there’s nothing worth living for.” A bit confusing perhaps at first, but mull that statement over. I pray all who read this will get what he meant.

  9. Greetings Bill, Servant to the Most High, with a heavy heart I read this article. My daughter was born in New Zealand and we lived there a short while so am shocked and disturbed to hear what has happened to this incredible country. For many years now to bring myself comfort about where America is headed I felt good knowing my only adult child had dual citizenship and could move back to N.Z. if things got really bad here. I forget it’s much easier to take over a small nation of 3-4 million and then work your evil up to the big nations.

    Thank you, friend for all your writing & warnings to us. I feel a kinship with you because of your brave spirit and bold words of warning to us. His richest blessing on you and yours.


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