This Is Why We Continue To Lose

What is the main reason that we keep losing in the culture wars?

Why is the world going to hell in a handbasket? There would be many obvious answers that we can give. Satan is alive and well on planet earth and is working overtime to destroy faith, family and freedom. And numerous leftist and activist groups are also working overtime to destroy faith, family and freedom.

We are being attacked on all sides. Those who hate everything we believe in and cherish are working 24/7 to see our way of life replaced with their vision of what society should look like. That in large measure explains why the West is so far down the gurgler. It really is getting close to rock bottom.

But there is at least one more reason – a very significant reason – why we keep losing. Those who are most at risk here, who are most under threat, who are being targeted the most here – they are largely dead silent. They are saying nothing. They are doing nothing.

They are just sitting there as all that they hold near and dear is being wiped out right before their very eyes. And the number one group that is guilty of this is the Christian church. These assaults are ultimately about one thing: silencing, if not destroying, biblical Christianity.

Yet most Christians and most churches and most pastors and most religious leaders are doing absolutely nothing about the wars they find themselves in. They are just sitting there, pretending none of this is happening. Or they are giving atrocious copouts such as: ‘Christians should not be involved in politics,’ or ‘the Bible says things will get worse,’ and so on.

I have written plenty of pieces dealing with these useless cop-outs. Here are three of them:

In the past week I have dealt with a perfect example of all this. Allow me to tell the story. It happens to be a rather personal one in fact. It involves my hometown in America, and some old hippy friends of mine. Let me give a bit of background:

The sleepy and rather conservative small town in Wisconsin where I was born has never seemed to be a prime candidate for leftist activism. Sure, in my wild youth as a leftist hippy I did my bit to change the town. But I became a Christian in 1971 so left off trying to radicalise the place.

And soon after that some of my hippy friends also became followers of Christ. Incredibly I got to return there just a few months ago, and had a glorious reunion with some of these folks. You can read all about it here:

But it seems that this small town has now fully gotten on board with leftist politics and the radical homosexual agenda. And it took one of my old hippy friends to alert me to this. Around four days ago he sent me this email:

Bill, in tonight’s Sheboygan Press: “Sheboygan Common Council could ban conversion therapy on minors next week”. Any ideas on how to stop this from passing?

You can see the article here:

It seems the city is now in the hands of radical loony lefties. The piece opens:

The Common Council will vote Monday night on an ordinance that would ban the practice of conversion therapy on minors in the city of Sheboygan if passed. Conversion therapy is defined in the ordinance as any practices or treatments offered for a fee that try to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity “including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual attractions or romantic attractions or feelings towards individuals of the same gender.”

It doesn’t include counseling for someone undergoing gender transition.

If the ordinance passes, anyone practicing conversion therapy on someone under 18 for a fee will be referred to the state’s Department of Safety and Professional Services, which regulates therapy services and professional counseling. “It’s a personal issue for me,” said Alderperson Betty Ackley. Ackley has a child who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community and she’s also written papers on the topic in her classes at UW-Green Bay where she is studying psychology, she said.

Good grief. This is what I wrote back to my old friend:

Thanks ****. Well, concerned folks need to contact them and speak out. If you know of ex-homosexuals, they are helpful in sharing their testimony. And churches and church leaders, pastors and counsellors all need to be alerted to this, and made aware of how this will directly impact them. But I have written often on why these laws are bad news:

A few days later he again emailed me:

Bill, here’s a link to a copy of the actual ordinance ban the city council of Sheboygan plans to possibly vote on tonight. PLEASE NOTE THAT 4 OF OUR 10 ALDERMEN HAVE ALREADY SIGNED THE BILL, and 5 of the 10 aldermen helped in the creation of it. They only will only need 2 more votes to pass the ordinance through.

He followed that up with another email:

I’ve thought of possibly reading this speech at the city council tonight. I’m trying to focus on the actual proposed ordinance itself. But, I am not a lawyer so I don’t really know if it would change anything.

My reply was this:

Thanks **** and well done. I am not a lawyer either, but it is always worthwhile to speak up in cases like this. Get others to join you as well. They can make use of the articles I sent the other day. It is important to speak up – we then leave the results up to God.
Thanks for standing strong champ.

And just now I got this sad email:

Bill, just got back from the city council meeting and I am sad to report the ban has been voted to pass, 6 to 4. Guess we will need to lean on Jesus more now.

Wow. I sent this reply back to him:

Thanks again. The truth is, the churches there should have been on to this and fighting it – were any? Well done to you sir, but were any other Christians in this battle? As long as churches and Christians are sleeping through the revolution, things will keep getting worse. But I have been making these warnings for decades now!
Bless ya.

That last reply of mine was sent minutes ago. So I await his answer to that one. It is slightly possible that I will be pleasantly surprised. He may write back and say that dozens of churches banded together to fight this diabolical law, and that large groups of Christians were protesting outside the Council, and numerous submissions and letters were sent in, and so on.

Um, why do I think this will NOT be the case. Again, I am open to being proven wrong, but I have a horrible feeling that this old hippy friend of mine may have been a sole voice in this battle. One concerned citizen, in a town of some 50,000 people.

There would be dozens of churches there. Who knows, perhaps a third of the folks living there still attend church. So why was there not a huge outcry about this? Are these Christians so utterly clueless? Do they not know that a law like this will directly impact upon them?

Christian pastors, counsellors and others will all be at risk. And those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions will have nowhere to turn to. We expect that places like San Francisco or Sydney or Amsterdam will push these draconian anti-Christian laws which will leave those seeking help in the lurch. But a small midwestern town?

So how did my friend know all about the dangers of such a bill? Well, he is switched on, and if I may say so, I know he also often comes to my site and reads the articles. So he is aware of what is going on. He is aware of how great the stakes are.

But were any other Christians in this Wisconsin town even remotely aware of how serious this law change would be? Indeed, did they even know that the issue was being discussed? And if they did, did they care? Did it bother them and spur them to action?

My friend cared and he sprang into action. He even went to the council to share his concerns. That man is a hero in my books. And if he went there alone, without the support of other Christians, then he is even more of a hero. Well done sir. I salute you, even if no one else does.

As mentioned, he may send me a reply and prove me wrong. But I am not really convinced that I will have to eat humble pie here. And I am not picking on this one city. What happened in that small town is happening all over the West: the militants have declared war on faith, family and freedom, and the great majority of Christians do not know or do not care.

That is why we keep losing my friends. The other side is switched on, is active, is concerned, is involved, and is working overtime to bring about the revolution. But our side is asleep at the wheel. We don’t seem to give a rip. We just could not care less about the culture wars engulfing us and our churches.

And by the time Christians do finally wake up, it will be too late. This is how nations and cultures die. And it is mostly our own fault.

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  1. I am so thankful for this article – I have been so frustrated over the church sitting back doing nothing – I though I was crazy and that believers should be silent – that God is in control – but this article helped me become recharged for the battles and more vocal in my community and nation. Thank you for keeping on and being a warrior for truth – you are a blessing to many.

  2. That and half the Christian population has swallowed the evolutionary lie and think there really are incorrectly gendered people etc.

  3. Remember, all this has been foretold in the Bible by Jesus Christ… We must prepare ourselves for this War, which may mean “kicking the dust off our sandals” on those Christians who choose to walk the broad path… and concentrate on leading those who are seeking the true Gospel and true Christ. We need to focus on God — not Man. He is the one in control…

    Signs of the End of the Age (Matthew 24:3-14 ESV))

    3 As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” 4 And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. 5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you dare not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.

    9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. 10 And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. 11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. 12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

  4. I am so distressed by all this …not so much because it’s happening but because Christians are going along with it.
    Is there something wrong with my doctrine or am I a voice in the wilderness?
    I have spoken up but get ignored or brushed off.
    What has happened to our church? Should I just stay home and keep quiet?
    Sinners are welcomed into the church but are they being transformed? Are they submitting under the mighty hand of God? Does God hate pride? Should a rainbow flag be flown to welcome rainbow people??

  5. Bill,
    Stupid Christians say that we should stay out of politics but when politics don’t stay out of the church they still stay silent.
    Homosexuality is a spirit. Politics is one front on which we must engage the enemy. We must also engage upon the principalities and powers. Wherever there is evil and we are led to, we must engage the enemy. The one codicil to all this is that when we engage with a demonic force wisdom needs also to be employed.
    Christ is the overcomer not us. When we engage in warfare against a demonic power without the anointing or blessing of our Lord, it is like those who try to take on Godzilla with a toothpick.
    I am reminded of a de-brief one of the leaders of Israel had with God that ran something like: ” Who told you to go and fight the xyzites?” to which the response was “I did it for you”, the Lord responded “Well I didn’t tell you to”. I know it is awfully paraphrased but that is the gist of it.
    If we don’t consult Him how can He bless it? It certainly cannot be blessed retrospectively.
    Yes the evil of homosexuality must be confronted but it must be confronted with the means that He provides and in the manner in which He directs. That, however, does not mean we should sit around looking at the sky waiting for a sign.
    Did Saul not impatiently offer a sacrifice himself in the priests stead instead of waiting before he went into battle?
    I am also reminded of impulsive defenders in rugby who rush up out of the line only to have their tackle attempt broken and a try scored under the posts.
    The opposite is true too. It is absolutely futile to be told to go and then do nothing.
    Anyway these are my thoughts.

  6. Love this article:


    Going to read over this article again tomorrow when starting my day to get the full impact.

    Thank you again for speaking my heart so much better than I can. : )

  7. We lose because we care more about OUR RELIGIOUS freedom than about innocents in danger of sin of whatever grey or rainbow colour.

    We didn’t counter the LOVE is LOVE argument in the same sex marriage debate and we still fail to argue the evidence that same sex marriage is counterproductive. In other words we have already surrendered freedom of speech.

    So now we bleat on about our religious freedom but ignore the non-religious quiet Australians who voted to accept same sex marriage but did NOT vote to have gender ideology and LGBT sex practices rammed down their kids throats in school, and don’t want genetic males in women’s sports, clubs or private spaces. So not only have we surrendered freedom of speech, but now freedom of conscience, belief and association are being denied to ALL Australians, whether religious or not. Yet all Christians do is complain about our own religious freedom.

    This seems to be a deliberate policy on the part of “Faith leaders”, one of whom, in response to my appeal for them to major on freedom of speech, rather than religion, replied: “No (you are) mistaken. Because of the mess that Tony Abbott and George Brandis made of trying to remove section 18c of anti-discrimination legislation, there is NO political capital to address a general ‘freedom of speech’ act. The current environment regarding religious freedom at least gives us the opportunity to at least address and discuss freedom of speech. Remove it from the issue of freedom of religion and it will go nowhere”. 5th August. And 6th August: “Had a productive meeting with the PM today. Besides myself there were 20 Faith leaders there.”

    Think about that: if all 20 faith leaders were focussed on religious freedom rather than freedom of speech what sort of hollow victory would ‘religious freedom’ be, if it only applies to faith ghettos? We need freedom for all. The Abbott/Brandis failure re 18c was before the SSM vote. But by now the politicians and the quiet Australians should be aware of the danger of LGBT and gender ideology being forced on them and their children. There should be ‘political capital’ here if only Christian leaders have the gumption to lead – and to argue the truth.

    Arguing primarily for religious freedom attracts flak and accusations of bigotry and ‘hate speech’ (Bible quotes) causing harm to LGBTs. Instead we should drop the ‘Religious’ title and argue for freedom of speech, conscience, belief and association: That covers it for the majority of Australians, who, while most are not religious, think boys are boys, girls are girls, and marriage is best between one man and one woman, even though they voted to permit same sex marriage. To do this we must speak the truth in love: that LGBT mental health issues and damage to children result from their lifestyles rather than from discrimination, ‘hate’ speech, or ‘conversion’ therapy. And yes this will attract flack also: but withholding truth is hate not love.

  8. “Yet most Christians and most churches and most pastors and most religious leaders are doing absolutely nothing about the wars they find themselves in. They are just sitting there, pretending none of this is happening. Or they are giving atrocious copouts such as: ‘Christians should not be involved in politics,’ or ‘the Bibles says things will get worse,’ and so on.”

    I no longer attend the church of my choice because of the Pastor falling into this trap of the culturally correctness. I too am displeased with the state of the church. I no longer could accept his PC attitude. Perhaps it is his 35 years of age or perhaps he is Biblically challenged because he feels it is not the duty to change the political enviroment which is killing attendance. Soon the sanctuary will only have the wicked attending with victory smiles.

  9. As Charles Finney often stated, the issue always get back to either the lack or the corruption of Christian leadership. In the West we live in a world that is saturated with the Gospel and yet Christians are impotent to stand against the perverted 1% that are running our governments. The reality is that the lawlessness started within our own churches. Today we have church leaders like dispensationalist Andy Stanley teaching that Christians should “unhitch” themselves from the Old Testament laws and the Ten Commandments. Perhaps this explains why there is little behavioral difference between those that attend churches and the pagans.
    Then we have other leaders like John MacArthur teaching that government will not save us so why get involved trying to change it or the culture? Just wait for the rapture and save as many as you can. I attended Westminster Seminary in the US where the professors teach the same “Two Kingdoms” theology that discouraged German Christians from getting involved with cultural issues and government reform in prewar Germany. This was the dominant theology in Germany that allowed the Nazis to take over the nation and its churches, without resistance and often with the support of Christian leaders.
    Due to the politics involved within Christian leadership and our churches these cultural and moral issues are not being addressed, especially within Christian television networks. These networks and many churches have become nothing more than businesses that are motivated by profit which determines what they will present. Until we get leaders to actually address the cultural and church leadership issues plus the corrupt theologies coming from our pulpits , we are condemned to continue rotting culturally. Time for a new generation of non-compromising leaders to arise and restore the sovereignty of Jesus and his laws in all facets of this life.

  10. In the early twentieth century a 10 point plan by Theosophist and New Age pioneer Alice Bailey was launched to destroy Christianity:

    -Take God and Prayer Out Of The Education System
    -Reduce Parental Authority Over Children
    -Reduce the Judeo-Christian Family Structure
    -If Sex is Free, Then Make abortion Legal and Make It Free
    -Make Divorce Easy And Legal, Free People From The Concept of Marriage For Life
    -Make Homosexuality An Alternative Lifestyle
    -Debase Art, Make it Run Mad
    -Use Media To Promote And Change Mindsets
    -Create An Interfaith Movement
    -Get Government To Make All These Law And Get The Church To Endorse These Changes

    In 1950 a gay group known as the Mattacine Society emerged. In 1969 a landmark riot took place at the Stonewall Inn in New York – an event which firmly launched homofascism, ie, a highly organised and ruthlessly intolerant gay rights force promoting Tolerance of gay rights, Acceptance of gay rights, Celebration of gay rights, Forced Participation in gay rights and Punishment of Dissenters to gay rights. Replacement of family-based morality with sexual anarchy is also high on the agenda.

    Vigilant readers should also keep the insidious subject of Cultural Marxism in mind, not forgetting the swelling list of people – including the protracted case of UK magistrate Richard Page – who are losing their jobs for having a different perspective from the seriously unBiblical views presented above. The recent case in the UK of Dr David Mackereth is relevant too. And that is but a handful of such cases!

    Many years ago the late Dave Allen told satirically of a person who was emigrating; when asked why, the person said: well, they used to have the death penalty for homosexuality, now they’re making it legal, so I’m emigrating before they make it compulsory!

    The mass of the beguiled British public don’t have a clue about the highly orchestrated machinations behind all these rampant advances of unBiblical activities championed by the far left who seriously believe no one will be interested in religion in the future as Marx prophesied; likewise capitalism will fail (or rather be destroyed by Cultural Marxism’s long march through the Institutions) leaving communism as the only natural politics left whilst attracting no opposition to the communist takeover; another 100 million people will not need to be murdered because the left will have found the final perfected version of Marxism at last, so it will be a walkover where everyone will live happy ever after.

    Someone had better remind the communists and the gays about Islam after the revolution in Iran for example – and consider the hypothetical case of Farook, a gay atheist and communist living in an Islamic country under Sharia law. Would Farook fare well, or would it be farewell Farook? And I haven’t even mentioned women’s rights in Islam!

    Interesting juxtaposition of Marxism and Islam. Which one of these incompatible ideologies will prevail for a season? Neither of them will ultimately prevail over Christ!

  11. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the problem is that Christians vote according to party loyalty or bread-and-butter issues rather than morality, and their leaders show no leadership. Please remember that you do not need to have 51% of the vote to control the situation; you only need to control the 10% swing vote. If parties could be told: you will lose the swing vote if you take such-and-such a course, they would stop producing immoral legislation. And if the parties knew that their Christian members would cross the floor if immoral legislation is proposed, they would stop proposing such legislation.

  12. Re John Miller and “Eternity News”.

    My observation is that this Bible Society web site has gone downhill remarkably quickly of late. It now seems to bear little resemblance to what the Bible actually says. Recently we actually had an article that condemned Israel Folau for effectively quoting what the Bible said and pushed the nonsense, homosexual propaganda idea that because there were only a relatively few Bible verses that condemn homosexuality we should consider that the Bible does not contain a resounding condemnation irrespective of the fact that some quotes are directly from Jehovah Himself.

    The idea that there is a correlation between how many times the Bible condemns something and how heinous or abominable the sin is an absolute and complete absurdity. There is nearly no correlation but if there is a slight correlation it would be an inverse one because the obviously greater sins should reasonably not have to be mentioned as often because moral people should simply know this as a matter of course. We see only a very few Bible verses condemning child sacrifice or bestiality or many other major sins. How many times do we have to hear from God’s mouth that something is an abomination before we will listen? It is the sins that are less obvious that the scriptures have had to repeat many times.

    In the New Testament we see very little condemnation of things like homosexuality in the letters written to formerly Jewish believers because these people already knew this was an abomination just like we see very few New Testament scriptures condemning murder to non-Jewish believers simply because those cultures already knew this was wrong.

    Surely this should be obvious but apparently, to whoever is now running the Bible Society web page, this is not readily apparent and we should simply do a count of how many times a sin is condemned to see how bad it should be considered. I see this as complete wickedness.

    I also do not think it is simply a coincidence that the Newcastle diocese that has, in the past, had major issues with child sex abuse is also the one which now promotes things such as abortion and homosexuality. This is no different to the sections of the Catholic church that turned a blind eye to the problems with homosexuality being the same ones where child sex abuse was uncovered. The Scriptures are absolutely clear about the “leavening” effect of sin.

  13. “they just sang louder”

    Unfortunately sitting on the sidelines or joining up with evil has a long history in the church. while the church fought to free slaves there were some in the church fighting to keep slaves and many others happy to stay out of the whole thing ‘it is a political issue’. Many of them believed slavery wrong they just didn’t want to face the wrath of the pro slavery people some in their own family. Same with segregation while many in the church fought against it some fought to keep it others just sat by and did nothing.

    A quote from Babylon 5 Fits here: “Whether it was a total stranger or your worse enemy, YOU WERE A WITNESS! It doesn’t matter if they stopped! It doesn’t matter if they listen! You had an obligation to SPEAK OUT!”

    A sad fact in many a church today is satan is welcome and given a pew up front, the bland inoffensive sermon won’t bother him at all, while Jesus can’t get through the front door. (I am reminded of a joke when a man keeps trying to get into this ritzy church and is turned away and asks Jesus about it and he says ‘keep going I have been trying to get into that church for years’.) After all Satan in his fancy suit and his wads of money can help remodel the building or build a new one, get pews with thick padding, and a brand new plush carpet, a real kicking sound system, cool games for the youth, maybe ever a neon billboard for the front to post the sermon topic on even a new Cadillac for the pastor. Jesus will say this building is in good shape and we don’t need a new one, these plain wooden pews are fine, this carpet though thin is in great shape, a sound system is unnecessary, youth need instruction not games, a neon sign is showy not humble a simple sedan will suit the pastor just fine. How can we expect to maintain dozens of programs, retreats and excursions under the Jesus way?? We need $$$$ and a fresh way of doing things and this ‘angel of light’ guy has the $$$$ and ideas we need.

    A great persecution is coming and we will see who the faithful really are and who is simply ‘playing church’. for the church in the west it is VERY needed. We, as a whole, have become afraid to confront to call out and rebuke sin. we don’t want to “rock the boat” despite the fact the boat is the titanic and it is sinking fast! we feel we can LOVE people to christ however the definition of love keeps changing so we have to keep changing what we do so that we are still loving them. we let the world define words and set the rules then find we can’t play the game. We also are surprised we the world doesn’t even follow it’s own rules and seems to find it funny that we should expect them to.

    If you open the door of compromise even ONCE you will never shut it again. or as also said on Babylon 5: “….There is no turning back once you start down that road.”

    the only ‘positive’ is this seem to apply to therapy ‘for a fee’ so if you can make it free therapy it should not be covered by this law.

    in one version of the first the come for poem the rev. said “then they came for the catholics but I didn’t speak up because I was protestant. then they came for me and by that time there was no-one left to speak up.” I think with so much division between denominations (some unwilling to even join other denominations to fight abortion of homosexuality because of a theological issue they disagree on [why should I want to work with those whom I disagree]) we could rewrite that poem stating with one denomination and going through them all to the very last and the last denomination finding no-one left to speak up for them. A quote, at least attributed to churchill if not said by him, is “an appeaser is the one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last” I think a better wording is “hoping he will get full before eating him.” We think if we appease these various groups they won’t come after us. but the truth is they will just eat us last. satan and his people aren’t going to get full and then decide not to eat us. Satan talks about COEXISTENCE but he only says that while he and his people are not in power or in the minority. once in power or in the majority, as sometimes a very loud minority can gain power, he refuses coexistence but demands his way or else. his people seem friendly enough when they have no power and can’t harm you but when they are in charge, increasingly so in the west having captured a great deal of the generation in power and their progeny, they drop the ‘nice guy’ act and show who they really are. ‘Tolerance’ becomes ‘acceptance’ then ‘acceptance by force’. ‘We want to be left alone’ becomes ‘we demand you do want we say or we will punish you’.

    This IS a spiritual war and UNFORTUNATELY too many christians haven’t the stomach for it. We would rather be slaves in Egypt than freeman in nation we have to fight for. For some stupid reason we think satan can be reasoned with can be negotiated with. A Quote from the Dark Knight movie seems good here “Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

  14. Thanks Bill,
    At times like these it is good to remember our soldiers who gave their life to freedom in the world wars. The Tianamin (sic) Square individual. The souls who lost their lives for their faith. All these martyrs sacrificed for the ultimate reward. Recently, those who stood peacefully praying in front of clinics where abortions were undertaken, repleat with the invective and cameras inches from their noses. There are heroes!

  15. Now THAT is a Culturewatch page! Love it, comments and all.
    Yes Paul, “they just sang louder” in the churches while the holocaust trains rumbled by with carriage loads of howling Jews. I feel sick to the stomach just picturing it.

    And churches filled their services with the same old platitudes while NSW politicians vote for baby murder up to birth. I am right now tackling my pastor on their apolitical stance – even using the word “inclusive”. It’s a worry.

    You don’t even have to be a Christian to know how guilty the bystanders are.

    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein

    That’s what the churches are, bystanders. Getting hard to find a brave church these days…

  16. Also Tim look at the brutal beatings that take place and what are all the dozens around them doing? filming with their phones! There is always more than enough present to stop the fight or beating but no they would rather film it for some social media hits.

  17. Yes, Paul, atrocious. Not much different to the Roman colosseums where the crowds would go to watch Christians being murdered – live.
    But a bold and Biblical church overcame that culture. We need to be that way again.

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