Islamic Jihad in Sydney

Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ while stabbing innocent citizens in Sydney.

A woman is dead and others are injured after a man went on a stabbing rampage in downtown Sydney – all the while yelling “Allahu Akbar”. But as is almost always the case, much of the media is not mentioning this latter fact. And just as bad, the authorities are telling us that this has nothing to do with terrorism!

Here is how one news report has covered the story (and it does mention what the terrorist actually said):

A man was arrested after stabbing a woman and attempting to stab others in Sydney’s CBD. Authorities believe a 21-year-old man who went on a stabbing rampage in Sydney’s CBD earlier killed a woman in a nearby apartment but they say the attack wasn’t a terrorist incident.

The Marayong man was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed a 41-year-old at the Hotel CBD about 2pm and then tried to stab countless others as he wandered the streets. Police subsequently discovered the body of a 21-year-old woman at a Clarence Street apartment.

“All the evidence we have at hand would link these two crimes,” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told reporters. Video footage shows the man, who was armed with a large butchers knife, yelling “Allahu Akbar” on Sydney’s streets. But Mr Fuller says Tuesday’s rampage is “not currently classed as a terrorist incident” by authorities and the “lone actor” had no links to terrorist organisations.

He did, however, have “some ideologies in relation to terrorism”, the commissioner said. “There was certainly information found on him about other crimes of mass casualties and mass deaths around the world,” Mr Fuller said, adding the material was found on a USB drive.

OK, a number of questions arise here. How is this not terrorism? Running around attacking people with a knife while yelling Islamic politic slogans is not terrorism? Really? And because he was a ‘lone wolf’ that also means he is not an Islamic terrorist? How does that follow?

The news item goes on to say that he had mental illness issues. Hmm, why does it seem that every Islamic terrorist is effectively let off the hook by saying he has mental illness? Are they saying that all Muslims are mentally unhinged?

Just imagine if a guy did the same thing while shouting “Praise Jesus!” Imagine what our elites would be saying about Christianity if that were the case! There would be no talk about mental illness or lone wolves. However, there would be a lot of talk about the urgent need to clamp down on Christianity.

Plenty of other questions arise here. But the good news is, he was stopped by brave Sydney citizens. We can use some more of this ‘toxic masculinity’. Here is a three-minute video showing the attacker being chased through the streets of Sydney by ordinary heroes:

The attack happened at 2pm this afternoon. The man tried to stab a number of people before civilians pursued him and restrained him, keeping him on the ground with a milk crate on his head. The police eventually appeared and he is now in custody.

These heroic citizens may have saved many lives by their acts of bravery. The police are now saying there are “multiple crime scenes”. They are also saying it is early days in terms of their investigations. The police praised the people who chased down the terrorists, tackled him, and restrained him.

Another news report tells us more about the heroes:

The Prime Minister and the NSW Police Minister have praised bystanders who put themselves at risk by tackling a man armed with a knife in central Sydney and holding him down until police arrived. Commissioner Mick Fuller said the men who tackled the man suspected of stabbing two women were “the highest order of heroes”.

Armed with nothing more than chairs, a milk crate and crowbar, several men chased the man as he ran up Clarence Street and jumped on the bonnet and roof of a car. Four of those men — Paul O’Shaughnessy, Luke O’Shaughnessy, Lee Cuthbert and Alex Roberts — said they instinctively sprung into action when they saw the commotion below the York Street recruitment office where they work.

It is still early days in terms of what we know about the attacker, and what his background is. But it seems this is another case of Islamic terrorism. As such, most of the media and most of our political leaders will do all they can to play down any connections to Islam.

As long as Western elites bend over backwards to cover up the crimes of Islam, we will simply see more such attacks taking place, and more blood on our streets. Heaven help us all.

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  1. The word terrorist has been bandied about the last many years. Its been made to look like a type of person who only fights religious wars.
    Definition: unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims: a terrorist organization | terrorist attacks.

    This was a terrorist. He terrorises people.
    Police will be the new terrorists in the NWO.

  2. What is it about the MSM that they cannot, or will not see the obvious connections between the teachings of Islam and the actions of people like this man? It’s so counterproductive to downplay the real issue, and doomed to see things repeated when a problem is not identified properly. Oh dear!

  3. I watched the ABC news report on this. Apparently he was not a terrorist, however the ABC did say he shouted a political slogan.

    As Australians, we have had more than enough of this deluded ‘see no evil’.

  4. Thanks guys. And I just heard the fake conservative Paul Murray on Sky News carrying on about how we cannot know if this was Islamic terrorism, even though he was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’! What an idjut!

  5. This reminds me of an elderly woman in North London being beheaded in her own front garden in 2014

    Boris Johnson the new Prime Minister of Britain produced a twelve part series on BBC 2 some years ago entitle, “After Rome, Holy Conquest”. I recommend that people listen to what he had say in last the 12th episode . Slide the bar to 7.00 minutes

    However the real extremists, the really dangerous and subversive elements in our nations are us, the Christians. We have all been noted and when the time is right, the thought police shall re-enact the “night of the long knives.”

    In the meantime here is more cheery information

    David Skinner UK

  6. The biggest terrorists are in abortion clinics. Abortionists are ISIS but in lab coats.

  7. Only Islam is protected from any accusation of terrorism. In common language a radical is simply one who is deeply committed to his/her cause or belief, hence, a “Radical Islamist” is an Islamist who is committed. It is a religion that all others hope is not taken seriously by it’s adherents.

  8. Obviously he was a terrorist and Islamic teachings are what he saw that matched his thoughts – therefore he is one the stupid world uses double speak to say lies. Islam creates terrorists period.

  9. After looking at a few mainstream news websites, I had to look up Robert Spencer’s website to find out what the alleged knife wielder was shouting.

  10. Comparing Jesus and Muhammad

    Further, when considering the vilification of Israel Folau for quoting the Bible.
    * Bible > we all are sinners, repentance is offered, with the theological response (described in the future tense) being heaven or hell.

    * Qur’an > the ‘Ummah‘ (society) response to LGBTQ, is proscribed in the present tense necessitating immediate action, with any criticism of Islam deemed as Islamophobic.

  11. Hi Bill, here is the clear definition of ”Terrorism”

    “unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

  12. Muslim extremists use “Taqiya” which is a tenet of their faith which permits them to deny their faith when being persecuted. The Christian Bible and the teachings of Jesus would never allow this corruption.
    Waleed Aly is an educated Muslim and his deceit is apparent whenever there is an atrocity perpetrated by muslims. His silence at Christian persecution is another example of his deceit. The Islamic faith is a backward evil ideology and definitely not a religion of peace.
    This is evident to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It really is that clear.

  13. A journalist live tweeted information as she heard it. When she reported the guy had screamed Allahu Akbar she was attacked by SJWs who complained she was being Islamophobic. Those who refuse to hear anything bad about Islam object to the truth being expressed.

    On a slightly different note it’s interesting how narrowly SJWs define terrorism when it comes to Islam, yet how broadly they define it in relation to so called white terrorism.

  14. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article.Of course he is an Islamic terrorist! His sister claimed on TV that the family are not practising Muslims but people can still be nominally Muslim just as people can be nominally Christian.The difference is that nowhere in the New Testamentare Christians urged to kill people in the name of their religion as Muslims are in the Quoran. Verses in the Quoran tell believers to ”strike the necks” of unbelievers ”wherever you find them” while shouting ”Allahu Akbar”. His mental state might have made some contribution to him becoming radicalised but Islam itself is also to blame as the Quoran is supposed to be a perfect book. Also just because most Muslims can’t explain these verses in the Quoran or choose to ignore them doesn’t mean that every Muslim will.

    I think this is also another example of failed integration due to the government’s multi cultural policies. I would bet my last dollar that this young man didn’t have a clue about how tough it was for the pioneers to settle this country. He would be too preoccupied with how tough it was for him.

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