The Church, Apostasy and Homosexuality

Full-blown apostasy is among us, with homosexuality leading the way:

Here are three things that you should have heard repeatedly: One, the Bible often warns about the dangers of apostasy, of falling away. Two, Scripture and church history both attest to the fact that the church is sabotaged from within as much as from without. Three, I have constantly said that Christians embracing homosexuality is a key indication of apostasy.

As to the third point, I just penned a piece saying that things like abortion and homosexuality are key litmus tests – we can assess a church or a Christian in good measure by what they do with these two moral matters. You can find that article here:

I have written on both of these vital ethical issues hundreds of times now – in books and in articles. And I have demonstrated how countless believers and churches have already crashed and burned as they promote these things. So many have been utterly snookered by the enemy into believing these things are just peachy, and that a follower of Jesus can somehow be involved in both. They are of course fully deceived, and they are sadly dragging so many others down with them.

Consider the threat of homosexuality: I have been seeking to alert the churches about this for well over 30 years now – but such warnings have too often fallen on deaf ears. I of course have not been alone in sounding the alarm on these matters: plenty of Christian leaders have been warning about this for decades now.

For example, ex-homosexual Joe Dallas has written at least ten books on the topic – most of which I have. His first book on this was Desires in Conflict (Harvest House, 1991). Near the end of that important volume he said this:

“The debate over homosexuality and the Bible – specifically, whether or not the Bible condemns homosexual acts in all cases – will do no less than rip the body of Christ apart within the next decade. It will force believers to declare, in black and white terms, where they stand on issues of sexuality and biblical interpretation.”

He certainly got that right. The churches are indeed being ripped apart by the homosexual tsunami. One church after another, one church leader after another, and one Christian after another, is falling for the lies of the enemy. So many are now rejecting biblical truth on this issue and embracing the world’s agendas.

I have documented far too many cases of this over the years. Consider one of the more recent examples of this in the US. Traditionally charismatic and Pentecostal churches have tended to stand strong on this issue while firmly emphasising holiness and the like.

But an Assemblies of God church in Texas has fully gone over to the dark side on this. One recent article on the church says this in part:

I’ve attended Assemblies of God churches at various times throughout my life, and I have so appreciated their devotion to holiness and classic, historic, biblical Christianity. I was stunned to hear about an Assemblies of God church in Texas making the decision to fully embrace homosexuality, without apology, becoming what is known as an inclusive church.

Eikon Church in Kyle, Texas, led by Pastors Dan and Kelly Matlock has sadly, tragically been duped by modern, cultural arguments and is now fully affirming. On an interior page on their website, suggested resources are provided, including a podcast titled “How to Be a Girl Podcast: A Christian Family’s Story of Raising Their Trans Child,” a book titled God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines, a glossary of LGBTQ+ terms and much more.

Of course there is nothing new here. Entire denominations have been caving in on this issue over the years, and plenty of noted Christian leaders have fallen for this as well. All this is a clear indication of the apostasy that is warned about so frequently and so seriously in Scripture.

Image of The Coming Apostasy: Exposing the Sabotage of Christianity from Within
The Coming Apostasy: Exposing the Sabotage of Christianity from Within by Hitchcock, Mark (Author), Kinley, Jeff (Author) Amazon logo

One year ago Shane Idleman wrote a piece on these matters entitled, “The Gay Divide Is Taking Out Churches; Is Yours Next?” In it he makes five main points. Let me share just two of them with you:

1. The definition of love is misunderstood. To truly “love” others, we must first love God and His truth; that’s the foundation (see Matt. 22:36-40). Does loving someone mean we approve of their lifestyle? Or does it mean we love them enough to share the truth? If a person is more worried about being liked than being truthful, do they really love those caught in sin more than those who are willing to speak the truth in love? The answer is obvious: Authentic Christians love the truth and others to the degree that they are willing to risk the consequences of confrontation in order to help others. This is genuine love, not hatred. The greatest gift parents can give to their children is love and truth rather than reinforcing a destructive lifestyle.

How can one person review Bible verses dealing with this topic and come to the conclusion that gay marriage is biblical while others come to the opposite conclusion? It’s very simple: The first group looks through the lens of opinion; the second group through the lens of genuine love and absolute truth….

4. Who’s influencing your decision: Hollywood or the Holy Spirit? Our beliefs should reflect God’s heart rather than the world’s influence. The world will know we are Christians by our love for one another and by our obedience, not by how well we imitate the world around us. Oswald Chambers once noted that a sinner, who is now saved by grace, “proves he is forgiven by being the opposite of who he was.”

Carnal Christians give God “His due,” a few hours on Sunday. The things of the world are exciting, and the things of God are dull. The love of this world and the praise of men have drawn a large section of Christendom away from God, hence the divide. A carnal Christian does not pray and seek the heart of God. A deep prayer life exposes facades and crushes hypocrisy. Carnality also destroys spiritual power and hinders the infilling of the Spirit. In short, everything God calls us to be is compromised, including a skewed view of sexual purity.

Finally, back in 2017 Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley wrote a book called The Coming Apostasy (Tyndale Momentum). Early on they say this:

Apostates are those who profess faith but rebel or fall away from it. They never possessed Christ and eternal life but simply professed faith. Apostates are consistently characterized by two things in the New Testament: false doctrine and ungodly living. Apostates believe wrong and behave wrong. “They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him” [Titus 1:16]. Apostates are the fifth column within the visible church.

Needless to say, they have an entire chapter devoted to homosexuality. In it they offer “three main reasons why homosexual behaviour is a watershed issue related to apostasy”:

First, in a unique way, this sin is contrary to nature and rubs against the grain of God’s created order. Three times in Romans 1 Paul emphasizes that homosexual sin is contrary to nature or unnatural. With this sin, a line is crossed that is different from other sins. A divinely appointed barrier is breached. Romans 1:27 seems to make that clear … In this one verse homosexuality is called unnatural, indecent, error, and bringing a due penalty….

The second reason homosexual behavior is a watershed issue for culture and the church—a bright red line—is that until very recently, belief that homosexual behaviour is wrong was pervasive…. Almost no one, including even the most hardened unbelievers, considered homosexual behavior acceptable. The avalanche in the last twenty years that has culminated in the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage has been nothing short of breathtaking. The radical redefining of marriage goes to the heart of humanity and society. The first human institution God created was marriage. Changing its definition means that nothing is sacred – nothing is off limits. Everything is up for grabs.

Third, more and more professing Christians are capitulating to the culture and accepting same-sex relationships….

Much more can be said about this, but let me close with some words by the Apostle Paul uttered two millennia ago. It is obvious that they are absolutely fitting in the year 2020:

In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. [2 Timothy 4:1-4]

(Australians can find The Coming Apostasy here: )

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29 Replies to “The Church, Apostasy and Homosexuality”

  1. The precursor test is whether they believe Gen 1 – 11 is history.
    If not, they are open to all apostasy.

  2. Homosexuality is the Trojan horse in the citadel of mankind and God watches and listens to those who want to bring the horse into their homes.
    Troy paid the price for relenting to adultery; we will pay the price for adultery and homosexuality.
    John Abbott

  3. A couple of days ago I rang the ANZ Bank (not some 1300 ANZ help line – I talked to a lady in the ANZ Corporate area) and quietly and politely raised my concern about the ANZ two-men-and-a-baby TV ad. I talked about ANZ being the primary sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras. I said my major concern related to the importance of mothers for children. She got very angry with me. Obviously it ‘struck a nerve’.

    Regarding the ANZ Gay Mardi Gras and children >> ANZ, you are enabling this: Gpup Alpha and other human dogs posing for pics with happy kids @ Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras as part of Pup Pride Down Under.

  4. Is the cause for homosexuality still seen as dominant mother distant Father?

  5. Thanks Kevin. Those involved in counselling homosexuals who seek help still find that the overwhelming majority came from homes with a distant, cold or absent father, or where abuse occurred.

  6. Thanks for upholding the truth Bill! Hey John Abbott, I think the Trojan horse is not homosexuality, but evolution which is the undermining of the authority of Genesis, which is where the original issue on our world view stands. Or falls! We have accepted pseudo science, which is a religion that verses creation which the science supports, of course. But Homosexuality, the immoral, etc etc, those who love of the world, denial of the origins as God declared it via evolutionary religion, are merely the philosophies of the soldiers of Satan who leads the rebellion of the rebellious against Truth! Homosexuality is an insult to the natural order which was to multiply as families and fill the land. And, on this topic, I have one for you to think about too. Satan is the only father against conception. Then, why do Christians also rejection (‘contra’) conception and not accept, or even desire the ‘fruit of the womb’, ‘the blessing of the Lord’. I believe many Churches are weakened because of rebellion on this matter too. We don’t want God’s blessings, we want to make the womb hostile to them. WOW! think about that! And tell me the trojan horse is simply not ‘rebellion’ against God’s will in many areas that are key to the original command to go forth and multiply etc. Sorry, hope my rant is not taken to be a put down to any one as we are quite imperfect and at different stages. But we are seekers of Truth are we not?

  7. Not sure about the term “ex homosexual “. If somebody sadly is born with that proclivity and comes to Christ then he or she would be still homosexual or lesbian but refraining from sexual activity as one would expect an unmarried heterosexual to do. Right?

  8. Um, wrong, John. There are many thousands of ex-homosexuals. I know many of them. Maybe it is time that you got to meet some of them! Yes, some ex-homosexuals will speak of still having some same-sex attractions, but many others speak of how God gloriously delivered them, and even freed them from their old attractions. I really do not understand how any conservative and especially how any Christian would want to run with the false homosexual narrative of an unalterable, fixed homosexual orientation. Christians of all people believe – or should believe – in a miracle working God who sets people free, and does not keep them trapped in their chains. You might need to read some of my books on this one day!

  9. Just intrigued and wondering what the first person to respond – see above – means by the words……
    “The precursor test is whether they believe Gen 1 – 11 is history.
    If not, they are open to all apostasy.”
    I wonder what they mean by that?
    Do they mean that unless one subscribes to 24-hour “creation days” then they will be predisposed to going off the rails, so to speak, on pretty much all things that are very important in Scripture?
    Of course folk are entitled to their own opinion.
    Just wondering.

  10. There is no gay gene. There are thousands of ex-gays see studies by Dr Michael Bailey, professor at North-western University in Evanston. Links have been found with sexual abuse, pornography and family trauma.¬gays/ Listen to the stories of ex-gays at

  11. As usual you are focusing on truth which is undeniable.
    The church has moved progressively from questioning the creation story, through (by the avenue of situational ethics) the abandonment of the Ten Commandments definition of morality and now to the denial of God’s creation being male and female. This reaches the level which God called abomination and certainty results in apostacy.
    Question: Is there no limit!
    Answer: No.
    My prayer if for God’s blessing on your work and His protection for you!

  12. Gail also the twin studies show this. Identical twins where one is homosexual the other in the majority of cases is NOT despite having the same genes.

    One problem is the left rewrote the definitions of key words in the dictionary and for some reason we feel obligated to use THEIR definitions not the real ones.

    It seems like in the 60’s groups became militant. Atheists, the left, homosexuals, etc. Before they were live and let live as long as we didn’t force our beliefs on them the didn’t force theirs on us but from them on the were live and let die we couldn’t even express or share our beliefs but that had the absolute RIGHT to force their beliefs down our throats. It used to be you could argue your point and at the end get a beer together now you would check for poison first. It seems the spirit of hatred and incivility had descended upon America and perhaps the West at large.

  13. Ex-gay Becket Cook says homosexuality is THE deal-breaker for gays when considering Christianity. I forget where I heard him say that, but here’s a link to his appearance on The Eric Metaxes Show.

  14. Charles Schwab, I believe that the question, fundamental as it is, comes second to the question “Do we believe that God’s Word is true?” If so the Gen 1-11 and more of a historical record of human development and fall into sin.

  15. Sadly in order to remain popular and not distant people from certain churches they are saying that practicing homosexuality is not a sin . 🙁 yet new Testament clearly defines males and males and females with female sexual relationships as not acceptable even abhorrent to God . Yet a lot of churches dont accept divorce ppl or single males and females sexually active without marriage in leadership roles etc . Yet all forms of sexual sin are just that ,sin ! . So whether single ,married,engaging in any sexual sin one should not be in church leadership. There are many signs of a lukewarm church this is but one dont you think so Bill?

  16. Charles Swab, the first eleven chapters of Genesis need to be taken as truth because the whole Bible stands or falls on their authenticity, even creation over six 24 hour days. Creation only about 6,000 years ago is consistent with modern science. Deep time is not. Go to my website: as I have 145 blog articles dealing with these issues.

    By the way the person who wrote initially, was a man; Paul Smith, not a genderless “they.”

  17. Thanks, Dr Gary Baxter for you comment in response to my earlier comment.
    I’m sorry I did not mention the name of the person, Paul Smith, about whose comment I was writing. There was not a spurious motive behind that, and no disrespect intended. My apology if in that I have erred.
    And, Gary, I cannot help but notice that you spelled my name wrongly….Charles Swab instead of Charles Schwab – but with a surname such as I have I am used to some ‘interesting’ alternative spellings. No problems!
    Having visited your website, I see it is loaded with great resources. Thanks for mentioning that.
    In regard to the 6 days of creation, if someone preferring a different interpretation of the 6 days of creation (e.g. an old earth view) is thereby failing to uphold the authenticity of the Bible….I would not be able to come to that conclusion.

  18. A bit sad to see the comments bogged down by discussion of what the days were in Genesis. The fact is science is actually confirming the existence of God, although it will never reach the final point of absolute proof because that is not in God’s plan. The whole idea of this creation is that those who do not have a love of God’s truth and faith in Him have a way out.

    Everything we know demonstrates that evolution can only ever be driven by intelligence. Cars have evolved, computers have evolved, planes have evolved and the second law of thermodynamics tells us, unambiguously, that things not driven by intelligence cannot evolve. The existence of evolution, and the science that has shown that species only reproduce “after their kind”, both confirm the scriptures. We have proved beyond all doubt that dumb molecules cannot evolve on their own. There simply is no naturalistic path to the masses of data and micro-machinery that are required for life to exist.

    The Bible tells us that there was a beginning. Abrahamic religions are in fact the only religions which claimed this, and now science has confirmed this but before the beginning, before our concept of time was created, what was a “day”?

    Why get bogged down when we know the ancient Hebrew language was hugely limited in what words could be used to describe things. Why be dogmatic about creation being in six Earth days when the Bible not only says that God created everything in six days but also in one day (Gen 2:4). Time and matter, let alone the Earth, hadn’t even been created at the start. Clearly holding to this view only limits people to not understand how vastly greater God is than man or our Earth or our understanding.

    Science (having been driven by intelligence) has evolved to the point where scientists are increasingly seeing that the entire creation can be described as energy and information. What did the Bible say? The first thing that was created was light (E=mc^2 – or matter is described as being equivalent to the square root of the speed of light times the energy involved) and that it was through God’s “Word” that all things were created (i.e. information). Science has battled through vast amounts of information only to discover, at the end of it, that God’s simple explanation is in fact correct.

    Christians need not fear truly validated science because every step true science comes to understanding things the more it is confirming what God has told us. The big problem is that much, if not most, of what is claimed as science is not correctly validated and the peer review system that was supposed to ensure this, has been demonstrably corrupted.

    Everything from the discovery of the cosmological constants to the amount of information required for even simple life to exist points overwhelmingly to there being intelligence behind creation.

    Having said that God has created things such that those who do not want to believe in, trust in and rely upon Him will always have a way out, and that includes the cleverest of scientists. Salvation can never be achieved through intelligence.

  19. Keep up your good work Bill.
    So many of us need to be kept honest to Gods standard.
    If we say God got it wrong about sin then we undermine His Word, the Gospel and the Cross.

  20. Charles in a vacuum I could say old vs new did really matter as long as you believed everything else. But nothing happens in a vacuum. It only takes one step to start the descent from the bible is God’s infallible word to there is no god. A good illustration is called the descent of the modernists. One step leads to another. True not all will become atheists but even those who don’t help influence those who do. And at some point you have denied fundamental truths so are no better than the atheist.

    Say are you perchance in investments?

  21. Charles Schwab, you have completely dis-armed me with your response to my response to your response to a comment by Paul Smith; well done; an object lesson on how to handle criticism.

    Please accept my apologies for mis-spelling your name.

  22. Thank-you Gary (Dr Gary Baxter) for you gracious words. Without having met you personally, I respect you, your love for our Lord, and your heart to publish the truth of God. And that you are prepared to enter into at least one area about which genuine Christ-followers do not have unanimity, such as the interpretation of the Creation ‘days’.
    Perhaps, among those who love Jesus fervently and desire to represent him faithfully and to declare his Word (Biblical truth) accurately, there never will be unanimity on this until the Day of our Lord’s return.
    Bill’s article on the horror of apostasy clearly brings back to our focus those aspects of belief and practice that please our Savior King and to which we are bound by love for God and our fear of him. And reminds us of the tragedy of apostasy from the truth of God.
    And thank-you to others in this column of comments who have contributed their insights and thoughts. I think I am always the better for weighing up open commentary from those who care to post in such venues>
    Much thanks to Bill Muehlenberg for his tireless ministry and making this forum available. His faithfulness to Jesus in the face of some (or much) hatred and misunderstanding is a signal to me to declare truth openly, with wisdom, and to be strengthened to handle biting criticism in a Christ-honoring manner. By God’s grace I want to attain to that.

  23. Thank you so much Bill for your courage in speaking the truth and helping others to see the light.
    I have been attending a Church in my local area for 3 years in the UK, but they seem to be accepting and embracing LGBT groups more and more. Just this week, I was shocked to see they were supporting LGBT History Month on their web site – the first time they have done so. This year they will also be considering whether to allow same sex marriage in their churches – I am certain they will unfortunately. All this has led me to feel I can no longer belong to a church denomination that condones and supports these things. I want with all my heart to stand by God’s word and be led by it. Trouble is, I know I will have great difficulty finding a church that DOESN’T accept homosexuals etc. I want to belong to a church as I feel that it’s important as a Christian. What would you advise me to do in this situation? I would be so grateful for your thoughts on this. Thank you Bill and God bless.

  24. Thanks Bill for your comments. I want to stay in my church, but I will wait on God to show me the way. I know He will if I put my trust in Him. If I have to leave, then I will. I feel very sad and discouraged indeed that this situation has even arisen in the church. The final vote on same sex marriage will probably take place at their summer conference this year. May God give me strength to stand up for His truth as you do! I will let you know what happens and what I decide to do, with God’s guidance of course. Thank you again Bill for taking the time to reply. Take care.

  25. Dear Sir
    it is always a problem for me that people are prepared to accept one sin but not another.
    Why is paedophilia not acceptable but homosex is ok? both are sins and lead to the pits of hell.
    Why the misunderstanding?

    Many thanks sir.
    May the Lord bless you in all that you do.

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