Heartless and Activist Autocrats Wreaking Havoc

Radical border closures and radical sexuality laws are both causing great damage:

Imagine losing one of your own twin babies because of government stuff ups and the out-of-control arrogance of our leaders. Imagine being arrested for showing concern about your children and their choices concerning sexuality. These are just two recent examples of how proud and power-hungry rulers in Australia are causing so much damage and disaster.

If their decisions did not have such negative ramifications for others, that would be one thing. But almost always foolish and dictatorial actions by our rulers can have very real disastrous outcomes for us ordinary peons. These leaders usually do not have to live with the consequences of their decisions – but we do.

Consider my first example which is so sad and so bad on so many levels. The headline alone should outrage every single one of you: “Unborn baby death sparks border anger.” The story opens as follows:

A mother from the New South Wales North Coast is grieving the loss of her unborn child after seeking medical treatment in Sydney as she was worried it would take too long for a border exemption into Queensland. Her family waited 16 hours for a flight to Sydney and another six to seven hours for emergency surgery. Scans eventually revealed one of her twins had died. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6185291220001

Like most of us, this poor mother was totally confused about all the arbitrary, irrational and draconian lockdown laws, including border closures. She had wanted to head north to a nearby Queensland hospital, but she was aware that earlier the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had said this: “People living in NSW they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people.”

Because of this cavalier and heartless rhetoric, this mother feared that she would be stopped at the border, so she took this much longer, circuitous route to a Sydney hospital, and now one of the twins is dead. So much for “we’re all in this together.” Add this to all the other horror stories about closed borders and the damage they are causing to so many people.

Gotta love how some of these leaders think. As one quote making the rounds on the social media puts it, “The left thinks compassion on the borders only applies to foreigners.” Yep. They are usually fully in support of open borders when it comes to illegal aliens and the like, but they are quite happy to break Australia up into little fiefdoms, which may well be unconstitutional anyway. As Alexander Downer recently tweeted “I don’t think an Australian state can legally close its borders to other Australians under section 117 of the constitution.”

But let me turn to my second example of rulers drunk on power, foisting their radical agendas on the rest of the population. This involves a new bill rushed through in the ACT Parliament which effectively criminalises parents and teachers.

On Thursday the Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill was passed through the assembly. Proper debate was not allowed on this and 85 per cent of parents in the ACT did not know this bill was coming. It is supposed to be about protecting young people, but it is really all about adult activism and radical sexual agendas. As one news report says:

From early next year conversion practices used on protected persons will attract up to a 12-month jail term or a fine of $24,000. It also provides for civil penalties, giving the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal the power to issue orders against people complained about, and order redress and compensation. The bill defines sexuality or gender identity conversion practices as “a treatment or other practice … the purported purpose of which is to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity”. Under the bill, practices related to supporting a person who is undergoing or considering a gender transition are not banned. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-27/act-bans-gay-conversion-therapy-with-sexuality-gender-bill/12600956

This is utterly confused and misguided. If a young person has questions about his sexuality, and wants help in removing unwanted sexual attractions, parents and others should be allowed to offer that if it is requested. They should not be treated as criminals and tossed into prison.

And the absurdity of this is those who DO want help and counselling to try to change their sex as in the transgender push can freely do so. The bottom line is this: if you are not happy with unwanted homosexual attractions, tough luck – you are stuck with it, and no one better dare to offer you any help. But if you are a young boy who thinks he is a girl, you not only can get all the help and advice you want, but parents seeking to even question this could also become criminals overnight.

Thankfully some voices of concern have been heard. The ACT Liberal Opposition Leader Alistair Coe said this about it: “The lack of clarity has serious consequences. It risks criminalising ordinary Canberrans who act with love and compassion. Kids could sue their parents.”

The former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson said this is deeply concerning: “We’re at a cultural crossroads, the whole thing has become deeply concerning. This offensive and very badly drafted piece of legislation is strangely enough at very best completely meaningless, but at worst potentially unbelievably dangerous.”

And Prof. John Whitehall, the National Chair of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia said this: “We do not support, in any way, coercive and aversive therapy. But we do believe that an adult should have the human right to seek and receive help with stress suffered from unwanted mental pre-occupations including, but not limited to sexuality.”

A detailed article by the Dean of Law at the University of Queensland Professor Patrick Parkinson is well worth reading. It concludes: 

Parents ought also to be concerned. If expert practitioners have no idea what forms of therapy the ACT Assembly wants to criminalise, how can parents know? Yet if they take the child to Sydney, unable to find a practitioner to help their child in Canberra, they risk 12 months in jail. Chief Minister Andrew Barr has indicated amendments will be made to the definition, but whether they are satisfactory remains to be seen.

If the Assembly wants to prohibit forms of gay conversion therapy that have long since disappeared, so be it; but there is no similar evidence of harm from the practices of clinicians dealing with gender dysphoria. The medical profession should be left to itself to work out optimal treatment approaches. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6894776/acts-conversion-therapy-ban-puts-practitioners-at-risk/?cs=14264

Dan Flynn of the Australian Christian Lobby says this about the legislation:

Fundamental human rights protect more than mere expressions of beliefs. They guarantee the freedom to teach and counsel adherence to those beliefs; they protect the family, their privacy and right to raise their children according to their beliefs. This ill-conceived amendment implies that expressing those important rights may be criminal acts.

Parents who raise their children in accordance with their moral and ethical beliefs about sexuality and gender may become criminals. A faith leader who encourages their followers to live by long-held religious tenets on sexuality may become a criminal. https://www.acl.org.au/mr_act_conversionbill

Finally, one very important group dedicated to these matters is CAUSE (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education). See their important website, Free To Change. Many concerned experts, including former homosexuals, are a part of this organisation. They are very concerned about these sorts of dangerous and harmful laws. As they state:

Our governments are trampling on people’s rights to personal happiness by passing laws that will make it illegal for people who have unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted Gender Dysphoria to get any assistance or help at all.  They claim no-one leaves their LGBTIQ lives and that all therapy hurts people. Professional counselling, medical assistance, prayer or support groups, even parental advice to children, are all now being labeled as Conversion therapy. https://www.freetochange.org/

They have put out a press release on the ACT bill which reads in part:


  • Many people struggle with unwanted thoughts, attractions or mental preoccupations of various descriptions that distress them and the ability to seek help to be rid of these is a fundamental human right.
  • Some may struggle with unwanted depression, others may struggle with unwanted addictions and still others may struggle with unwanted attraction to members of the same sex or unwanted feelings that they are born as the wrong ‘gender’.
  • So, just as the depressed person or the addict has the fundamental human right to seek help for these unwanted feelings, so does the person who has unwanted same sex attraction or unwanted feelings of gender confusion.
  • Parents should have primary responsibility for the care and well-being of their children and if they feel that their child should have therapy for feelings of gender confusion, then they should have the fundamental human right to seek such help.
  • Contrary to stereotypes, this therapy is really no different from therapies used in the management of other unwanted thoughts or preoccupations. It will typically involve some kind of counselling and will often involve support groups.
  • Children who are referred to ‘gender clinics’ often end up having major operations to completely rearrange their anatomy and take medications that can have long term harmful side effects including sterility. The therapy we are talking about has none of these risks. It is simple and safe and the study shows that it results in major reductions in suicide risk.
  • Any laws that remove the rights of individuals to have such risk free therapy to reduce their risk of self harm is a breach of their fundamental human rights.
  • Any laws that prevent parents from seeking therapy that is simple and safe for their children is also a breach of fundamental human rights.
  • All Australians, young and old have the fundamental human right to get help for any unwanted attractions and this ACT bill will be a breach of this fundamental human right.

This can be summed up best by Dr Con Kafataris, contributor to the study:

“Sexual orientation and gender identity can be complex issues for young people. Australian parents and counsellors should be freed to help children with therapy and counselling about their sexual orientation and gender identity in the way that is best for them and to discuss all types of changes with them-straight to gay, gay to straight, transition away from or back to gender of birth. It is neither ethical nor appropriate for any government to think it can legislate that young people can only change in one direction and make it a crime to help them consider other options. Typically, proponents of laws like this one say they are needed to reduce suicide risk but our study suggests that laws like this one are likely to worsen mental health and suicide. Therefore this bill should be rejected as the authoritarian infringement of human rights that it is.”

This bill is but another example of derelict leadership running roughshod over the rights and well-being of ordinary Australians. Whether it is over-the-top- lockdown measures and border closures which are causing so much harm and damage, or radical sexuality legislation, they are all to be resisted before even more people are hurt.


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  1. I wrote to Jill Hennesy the Victorian Health Minister about this and asked her that if a person wants help getting rid of a same-sex attraction, they are not allowed to under your Bill?

    Reply. Zilch. Zero.

  2. Yes Bill, injustice, corruption and persecution of all forms must be resisted before even more people are harmed.

    Just this morning I read the comments of my respected British Christian social commentator friend about the overall passive response of Aussies to ‘Comrade Andrews’ power frenzy, and to PM Morrison flagging restrictions/punishments for those who will resist his ‘mandatory as possible’ vaccine containing components harvested from unborn/aborted babies (as well as other issues of concern).

    My British friend notes that Aussies overall are ‘docile’.

    I have heard said that the reality is ‘WC’, meaning ‘Who Cares?’. Sadly, the answer is very, very few people care about many things – unless they themselves are personally affected.

    When I commenced my RN training, police attended to speak to the student nurses. The police showed a video clip of a young woman running down a street lined with apartments at night, being chased by a man and calling out “Help!” No outside light went on from any apartment. No-one cared enough to help the young woman in her plight because it didn’t affect them.

    The police then showed a clip taken a month later of the young woman running down the same street at night, again chased by a man, but she was calling out “Fire!” Straight away lights turned on and residents quickly came out onto their balconies, concerned to see how the fire might affect them.

    Friends, our Western world is aflame with fire from the pit, and our God is counting on us to be His faithful ambassadors in His beautiful world, in which darkness is encroaching rapidly . . . Not only engaging when an issue impacts us personally.

    We all know that evil flourishes when good people fail to act. The Lord would say to every one of His people who reads this post: “Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you!”

    And we know that every one of us will be called to give account to Him one day of every aspect of our lives.

    Postscript: an important point of interest . . . as more comes to light about the virus, it is increasingly being referred to as the ‘Plandemic’! Much more on this to come . . .

  3. FYI. I have worked in the health system, & colleagues have informed me, that in the absence of border closures, patients on the north coast beyond a certain latitude, which includes Lismore, are automatically referred north to South Queensland tertiary hospitals, rather than NSW ones further south.
    Had there been no border closures, this would have have taken place in a timely manner, both twins survived after appropriate treatment, & we would have heard nothing through the media.

  4. The claim that “overwhelming clinical evidence that practices aimed at reorientation of LGBT people do not work and are both harmful and unethical” is simply a lie but is this sort of deceit not what we are seeing time and time again? Everywhere we are seeing the forces of evil causing problems and then spinning the effects to somehow find cause to blame good people for the problems the evil has caused. This appears to me to be the current main strategy for the forces of wickedness. Queensland closes the border and then finds excuse to blame the federal government for the problems caused by them closing the border and their management of the situation. Victoria, by obvious mismanagement, ruins the economy and then will turn around and blame the federal government for these problems.

    The overwhelming and clear scientific evidence is that sexuality and gender dysphoria in children is massively and overwhelmingly fluid and is even fluid in some adults, so this claim is pure propagandist deceit. People, of all ages, have the absolute and fundamental right to seek help with what they rightly see as problems. This is a very basic, fundamental right in a free society.

    What amaze me is how blatantly this sort of thing is done. E.g. in the U.S. we are currently seeing Donald Trump being blamed for the racist actions of some police but my understanding is that the police in the U.S. (similar to Australia) are controlled by the states and the the states, in which these atrocities are mostly happening, are controlled by the Democrat party, not the U.S. federal government. The worst Corona virus outcomes were in the state of New York, controlled by the Democrats. Similarly, the problems with pedophilia in the churches and elsewhere were obviously caused by lack of control of left-leaning homosexuals, not the conservatives who are repeatedly the focus of the blame from the media. Similarly, the problems associated with homosexuality and gender dysphoria are because these are clearly intrinsic to these obvious, psycho-sexual dysfunctions, not because someone has tried to help the people with these problems. The evil here is blatant.

    Time and time and time again we are seeing the exact same strategy – cause problems then blame good people for those problems. How is it possible that people can be so deceived these days? The only possible explanation is the astounding and overwhelming bias of the media.

    Rev 13:5 And a mouth speaking great things was given to it, and blasphemies. And authority was given to it to continue forty-two months.
    Rev 13:6 And it opened its mouth in blasphemy toward God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, and those dwelling in Heaven.

    Rev 13:13 And it does great wonders, so that it makes fire come down from the heaven onto the earth in the sight of men.
    Rev 13:14 And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the miracles which were given to it to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth that they should make an image to the beast who had the wound by a sword and lived.
    Rev 13:15 And there was given to it to give a spirit to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might both speak, and might cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

    Is this not exactly what is happening with the media today? Are people not worshiping the image that is constantly presented before them instead of looking at the, often quite obvious, evidence? The evidence that deceit is flourishing in the current environment is literally overwhelming, and very often very obvious, yet most people simply refuse to see it.

    We are seeing overwhelming and clear deceit in educational facilities , especially in Victoria, and yet nothing is done about it. We are seeing clear and obvious bias in the media where the scriptures are characterized as a “homophobic rant” yet nothing is done about it. Time and time again we are seeing the obvious lie that because animals do something it must be considered as alright when it is obvious to anyone who looks that this is clearly nonsense, yet we are seeing laws now based on these obvious and profound lies.

    The scriptures clearly tell us that weapons formed against us will not prosper (and we have seen evidence of this yet again with Qantas and AFL and Rugby) yet we all will suffer to some extent if we do not put a stop to this overwhelming deceit.

  5. This is the ACT government’s:
    ‘Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill 2020’

    Section 1:6 : The objects of this Act are — to affirm that — all people have characteristics of sexuality and gender-identity; and no combination of those characteristics constitutes a disorder, disease, illness, deficiency, disability or shortcoming.

    So if a person believes his gender-identity is (or might be) ‘homosexual’, but would (or might) prefer the gender-identity ‘heterosexual’, the Act must therefore sanction ‘Gender Identity Conversion Practices’ in that direction.

    Seems the ACT bill is a bit confused as it actually gives the green light to, ‘Conversion Therapy’ ??

  6. Further
    Section 2:7 of the bill, actually supports detransitioning. From gender-Identity homosexual to gender-identity heterosexual.

    Confusion !!

  7. Today we have untold numbers of children wishing to be the opposite sex, yet years ago it was rare to the point that most people were unaware of such problems. Who are the deviants who are putting these ideas into childrens minds? I guese we will find out in about twenty years time when the victims seek legal redress.

  8. One just has to speak to those whose families have been impacted by the cultural sexual madness to know just how devastating this ruling is. These families are already isolated as it is by the growing cultural acceptance of this issue, even within the church. If you risk speaking about it with someone whom you think you can trust to give you a sympathetic ear, just because you feel you’ll scream if you keep it inside much longer, chances are that person you thought you could trust will turn on you and attack you for not loving your child for who they are. It has happened to me several times so now, I rarely speak about it at all.
    Making support for these families illegal slams the door on any hope we have that help can be found for our loved ones. It slams the door on the hope that the prayers we pray for God to lead the right person into the paths of our loved ones will be answered, because many of those who might have helped may well step back from their ministry as a result of this ruling. Our only hope now is in the knowledge that God can circumvent any slammed doors, so I, for one, will do my best to hang on to that hope.

  9. On the latter so many that “testify” for these laws tell terrible stories of torture, rape and humiliation BUT no one ever ask for names, dates, and locations or bothers to investigate the stories. Most are rehashed from a movie plot taken from a Ru Paul film. Too many politicians are way too gullible.

    Seems like anything can be justified if it’s “for the children”. (Cue Helen Lovejoy)

  10. Bill, who defines a person’s sexuality or gender identity under the legislation? How are LGTP conversion efforts not in breech of the law as it will exist? There is a mother in Texas for instance who is forcing her son to pretend to be a daughter, and the courts not only ruled in her favour, but ordered the boy’s father to pay ‘gender therapy’ costs whilst stripping him of all custody rights – the son enjoys being a boy when in the father’s company.

    Conversely, since Christians can reject the notion of sexual and gender identity as modern constructs, couldn’t activities be undertaken on the basis of aiding someone in their embrace or reversion to their true identity? Or is this simply a big stick for Christophobes and anti-conservatives to attack and sue those who advocate reality? If so then the details won’t matter as it isn’t about law but power.

  11. Andrew it is ALWAYS about power. it is about man saying “I am my own god. I am supreme. I control my own universe.” and ultimately it is about satan wanting to be god and be worshiped as god. the serpent is the same as he has always been and too many people listen to his lies.

    Problem has often been our UNDERestimating satan’s abilities and our inability to see the forest for the trees. satan sees the “big picture” and knows what he is going for but too often we don’t see it even refusing to see it. we want so desperately to see the good in people and in groups that we often refuse to see what is right in front of us. satan convinced the world he was powerless and the church has bought that lie too. now we see where believing our enemy is unable to do anything has gotten us. there are a number of people who know evil when they see it but say nothing because of the pressure not to or the consequences of doing so. even in the church you can suffer lose of fellowship for pointing out the truth to those who don’t want to hear it. Adulterers no longer have to wear a scarlet A they are welcome in church but tell the truth and you are unwelcome and must were a scarlet T.

    We look around at society and truly see nothing changes: Decadence, Immorality, Chaos.

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