Clear Lessons and Random Thoughts On 2020

Here are some reflections on the year so far in light of corona and government responses:

Without question we have two major takeaways from 2020 and the corona crisis. First, if a group of dictators wanted to know how easy it would be to take total control of a population and take away their freedoms, well, I think we now know. They would be smacking their lips simply by looking at what has happened in so many places – especially Victoria.

Second, and just as bad, the sheeple are so consumed with fear and paralysed by panic-porn that they are more than happy to be fully controlled, locked down, lied to, and led by the nose. These rulers who are drunk on power can see how readily the masses have fully submitted to their power grab. Um, we saw this very thing happening in Germany last century – have we learned nothing from history?


Every day it becomes more and more clear to me that the corona alarmists – just like the climate alarmists – run overwhelmingly on fear and emotion, and not on factual and logical thought. You simply cannot discuss things with them, because their surrender to panic and fear means they are immune to rationality.

Plenty of them – including plenty who claim to be Christians – have decided that they want nothing to do with me anymore, all because I dare to ask questions, think independently, and seek to hold our governments to account. I have had many corona alarmists emoting angrily, chewing me out, and turning away from me. So sad.


Nowhere else in the world do we have such destructive and over-the-top lockdown measures – nowhere! Even those countries with FAR more virus cases are not locked down like Victoria is, and for this long. Our Premier is so addicted to power and control that he has no intention of letting things go.

And he keeps lying to the Victorian people, saying there is no other choice but more destructive lockdowns. Baloney. Over 500 Victorian doctors have said that there is a much better way forward, and that his ‘cure’ is far worse than the disease.


Even experts from WHO are now telling us that the Andrews’ plan is no plan at all – it simply cannot and will not work:

An adviser to the World Health Organisation says the Andrews government roadmap out of coronavirus lockdowns for Victoria is “unworkable”. Premier Daniel Andrews’ plan did not see significant changes to restrictions until the end of October and had a target for zero cases for 14 days by the end of November. Professor Mary-Louise McLaws said at least 20 per cent of cases were asymptomatic meaning a risk for community spread was always present. Ms McLaws called for a strict contact tracing policy and adopt a strategy that was preemptive rather than reactionary.

State Opposition leader Michael O’Brien criticised the Premier’s plan arguing he had other options. “You’ve got epidemiologists in Victoria saying they don’t support the modelling he’s based this on,” Mr O’Brien said. “The economic devastation of this… it’s going to be something that’s generational.” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed his strongest criticism yet of the Andrews government calling for the Premier to step up to bear more of the financial burden for the decisions he’s making.


Have you ever noticed that most of the folks who claim that things are just peachy in Victoria, and who say that some of us Victorians are ‘overreacting’ to this state-enforced internment camp do not live in Victoria? Indeed, those who are slavishly defending Andrews and his draconian lockdown measures to the death fall into several camps.

They do not live in Victoria; they are card-carrying Labor supporters and Labor party hacks; or they are in the public sector enjoying the good life on the public purse (our tax dollars), with guaranteed incomes for life, while hundreds of thousands of private sector workers and businesses are going bust and will never recover.


Don’t get me started about all the so-called Christian leaders who love to talk about living in faith and victory, yet seem to be trembling in terror over Covid, bowing down to whatever the all-knowing State tells them. Yeah, gotta love the great faith they have!

They are bound by fear and panic just as much as any non-believer is, but they lecture and attack those of us who dare to ask hard questions and stand against growing Statism. I have even had some of them so fearful that they have attacked us for thinking freedom and human rights are actually important right now and worth championing.


While many church leaders have spoken against all the church shutdowns and restrictions in the US, I have not heard one major Australian Christian leader speaking out about this. That is a real worry. Back in April I wrote an entire article on this issue:

As one American Christian put it:

By opening back up, the pastors and congregants of Grace Community are doing what they must—not only as patriotic Americans, but as Christians. They are living out their belief that the true threat to humanity is not a virus, but the eternal agony of separation from God. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul,” said Jesus to his apostles. “Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10). With the true courage of their convictions, the people of Grace are acting as if their Lord meant what he said.

I cannot fathom why more pastors have not done the same. True, some passages in the Bible instruct Christians to “submit…for the Lord’s sake to every human institution” (1 Peter 2:13). But note the qualifier, “for the Lord’s sake”—it is ultimately to God, and to him alone, that we must submit. That is why the earliest Christians earned themselves a reputation for civil disobedience: In ancient Thessalonica, it was said of them, “They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus” (Acts 17:7).

As Americans, we are guaranteed by our Constitution the freedom to meet and worship as we choose. As Christians, we are bound to a law higher even than that 18th-century parchment—we are bound to serve another king, one called Jesus. I dearly hope more American pastors will rise to this extraordinary occasion, and defy the unjust decrees of our modern-day Caesars.  

And as but one example of this: “More than 12,000 people of all races and backgrounds gathered in the sweltering heat to worship Jesus Christ at the state capitol building in Sacramento, California. The Christians did so in defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom, the Democrat governor responsible for shutting down many churches across the state.”


I keep hearing horror stories of people suiciding all because of Dead-End Dan and his No-Hope Plan. Yet he and his zealous supporters and the corona alarmists do not seem to give a rip about this. It seems that for so many of these folks, including our Premier, only some lives matter.

I’ve got news for these guys: if they want to stay locked up in their homes for the rest of their lives to feel ‘safe’ they can go right ahead. I have zero problems with that. But I have had enough of their sanctimonious claptrap about how those of us who dare to question these lockdown measures are somehow the selfish bad guys.

They need to understand that life is NEVER fully safe – it is always about trade-offs. Taking sensible steps in a crisis is one thing – succumbing to alarmism that shuts down entire states, destroys entire economies, and causes far more deaths from suicide and the like is quite another.


I am getting really tired of the daily case/death numbers. These are the numbers that we should daily hear about: how many businesses have gone bust; how many bankruptcies; how many new cases of mental health problems; how many more suicides; how much more domestic violence; how many more divorces; how much more drug and gambling addiction; how much more alcoholism – all caused by these senseless and reckless lockdown measures.

And guess what? Every single day for thousands of years people in their 80s and 90s have died. We never held daily press conferences to inform us about such deaths. Enough of this government’s panic and hysteria being rammed down our throats. This is more about using the pretext of a health emergency to silence criticism of the government than it is about proper medicine and science.


If we make it through 2020 – and that is a moot point – the year will be mostly remembered for all the wrong reasons. And if we want to know what full-blown tyranny will look like, we need look no further than at the dress rehearsal of 2020. I for one am mortified by what I have seen take place. Couple that with a basic understanding of history, and things are looking very bleak indeed.

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  1. Sincerest appreciation for your clarion calls, faithful watchman on the wall!

    A couple of thoughts:

    . Covid/corona will undoubedly repeatedly mutate, meaning there will always be a form of it lurking around, and evading any vaccine;

    . The irrational destruction of our economies is in fact a century catastrophe!

    Thank you, Bill, for calling out this devastation for the dark agenda that is unfolding!

    Where is any wise leadership through all this? Tragically. experienced and excellent conservative federal Liberal ministers have in recent years been sidelined, and retired.

  2. Can our 5000 sensible medicos provide some of the stats you suggest? Are there other stats available, for:
    numbers in hardship situations, businesses and personal, presently unemployed, more or less permanently,
    affect on farm income and ability to prepare for the future,
    school and Uni dropouts,
    police and local council numbers for violence and family care needs;
    comparison of these numbers with previous month by month or seasonal stats?
    I like what I see of the potential for new or revived industries, such as the steel industry, time for a new ‘Holden’ type adventure, another Snowy and real rail, power and water infrastructure projects, and an industry development bank to bankroll such endeavors (not foreign investors or banks).
    Surely we have put ourselves at risk with the near zero interest rate, most of us paid off our houses faster because of 7% interest, what happened to self reliance, cutting our cloth to suit our ‘real’ needs, we started with an 11 square house and had 7 children before we extended with a new 5 year mortgage. Why is everyone so greedy?

  3. Hi Bill
    What practical things could concerned Christians do in Victoria? I sent off emails that the ACL helped provide. More letter writing? Should the ACL get a bit more involved and provide ways to hold the Government to more account? Petitions? # tags? Obviously lots of Prayer.
    In our prayer meeting today we read psalm 4 and there was a lot of wisdom in it for our situation.

  4. It is interesting Bill, but I have been exploring some of the blogs and face book pages of those who are not Christian, and who are actually putting strategies in place to get rid of Dan, or should I say Dictator Dan as they so adequately describe him. They know their rights and clearly they are prepared to fight for them. Even more interesting is that some of them are crying out “just where are the Christian Churches in all of this, what are they doing”? Now that is sad don’t you think? Really sad. It almost makes me cry as I am writing this. Is it are wonder that we don’t have the respect of most of the people in Australia, and you know why? Because we have not earned it. What an impression it would make if the church did stand up for them in the power of the Lord, maybe that is what it is going to take for another revival to come to Melbourne which is where I think the first revival took place so many years ago. I am are strong believer that when bad things happens, there is always goods things that come out of it too. The Lord always wins in the end. As I said before I believe strongly that the Lord is allowing this to happen, and more bad things are going to happen before the church wakes up to what it is called to do, and part of that is to hold our ground till his return.

    Also Bill did it ever occur to you that this virus may be just are smoke screen for something more sinister? Do you think that there might be are co incidence in relation to the Belt & Road deal that Dan did with the Chinese? Might be worth exploring don’t you think? I know that I have, and I pray that the Lord will show me the truth, because clearly it makes no sense what is happening over there at all. My prayers are with you, stay strong.

  5. The below parody is based on a part of the 2004 film “Downfall”, and does have some coarse language.
    Daniel Andrews Melbourne Lockdown meeting
    Rare insider footage of an ALP meeting with Daniel Andrews working through some issues with the Melbourne lockdown.

  6. A number of comments were made at the beginning of the year, before the Covid madness, about the symbolism of the year being 2020, and what we might have really clear sight about.
    The year has not ended but unless we are blind and deceived we now have approaching 2020 vision of what evil can look like in the heart of a maniac, in the hands of a willing or careless police force and other public servants, before a people paralysed in fear.
    Now this is what we needed to know. Yes?

  7. totally agree Bill. Could not have said it better. Let’s be prepared to lose, so we can defeat this attempt to confiscate our freedom. If we aren’t prepared to lose then we don’t have a chance of winning.

  8. Very interesting points. My theory is that, Just as the Apostle Paul speaks of people being “without excuse” I think, deep down, the Laborites and left-wingers know that their dogma is based on hatred and covetousness and that the people they appoint within government and public service positions are simply their cronies and are not actually competent, and so, to attempt to cover their respective positions, they have no choice but to bring in over-the-top measures, which we all then have to pay for, and to obfuscate the damage that their individual cronies are doing so as to stick together. This, of course, is the basis of fascism and tyranny.

    While Scott Morrison is attempting to come up with solutions to a very difficult situation, what we are seeing mostly in the states is government officials simply protecting their own positions. When things are going well, and they are able to take advantage of what the inherent, Christian culture of love of the truth delivers, they can get away with it. As soon as their dogma and methodology is put to the test, however, it is shown to fail. I hope some Victorians eyes will be opened from this and something will be done about their attitude to corruption within the public service but it is looking like the damage the other state governments are doing may be harder for people to see, on this issue anyway perhaps.

    It does not matter whether you are talking about misrepresenting equality to promote immorality or attempting to hide the pain and damage abortion does or covetously putting your own cronies onto the lucrative government payroll or stacking the public media to attempt to ensure the public is indoctrinated to your way of thinking or any other corrupt behavior, sooner or later the truth will come out.

  9. Carolyn Vincent
    All you say resonates so deeply within me Bill.
    In response to church leaders not standing up in these times, I’m reminded of a Word I received for my church many years ago, part of which says;
    “Men if God rise up and be counted!
    I, the Lord have called you for a purpose, not to sit idly season after season, men of God where art thou?
    As I called Adam from the hidden place, so too am I calling you to rise up and be counted. I am calling you this day to be men of valour, men of God who will stand up for righteousness who will arise and take their place…..the hour is at hand, the clock has been set and it is now time for you to move.
    Some of you feel unworthy, some of you feel inadequate, but I am the Lord thy God who raises men up for My plan and purposes. So take that step of faith today, stand to your feet and come boldly to Me saith the Lord. Yes, men of God, rise up and be counted, for through your God you will do valiantly.”

  10. Hi Bill,
    Interesting article article attached. In essence, The World Bank website has an active record for “COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Instruments and apparatus (902780) exports by country in 2018” even though the World Health Organization did not name Coronavirus “COVID-19” until February 2020 amid this year’s outbreak. There is also a record for COVID-19 tests exported in 2017. .

    The obvious reasoning is the pandemic was and is a staged event. Victoria may also be a test case as are many other World cities. It provides information on how people react and how exceptionally Powerful and Influential unknown Operators can control people thru fear. In the main the Victorian population has complied and has done what the Dictator wants, ably forced by the Victorian “thug” Police force.

    I have seen a video on Bill and Melinda Gates smirking about “wait till you see the version of the next COVID virus”. The population is being lied to . We will never get the bottom of who actually funded this virus development and where the funding came from and most important it’s genetic composition. There could quite easily be something far more deadly on the horizon. The suggestion that a quickly developed vaccine is going to solve the world’s problem is Naive.
    Such a vaccine may actually make recipients more susceptible. Here is the link
    regards Phil

  11. During the ‘marriage survey’, in September 2017, we remember how we were denigrated for mentioning the words, ‘slippery slope’.

    Now, three short years later, we have:
    * ‘drag queens’ reading to children and suing for their right to do that
    * a newsreader sued because she does not ‘social-media-like’ a transvestite
    * women ministers-for-women who can’t define the term ‘woman’
    * a bloke giving birth

    Rather than a ‘slope’, more like a ‘cliff’.

  12. During the 2017 ‘marriage survey’ we remember Tim Minchin’s song, ‘I still call Australia homophobic’ where he called those concerned about SSM, homophobic, ‘bigoted c . . .s’. (The video is available on YouTube – BTW from the YouTube community-standards – those insults are obviously acceptable ??)

    That song was played, and cheered on, during the Sunday morning ‘ABC Insiderers’ program. Disgraceful.

    BTW That song was plagerised from homosexual AIDs victim, Peter Allen.

    Seems all forms of abuse can be dished out by the Left. However the Left will not tolerate anything they say upsets them.

  13. Dear Bill, Thank you very much for the article. The situation in Victoria is day by day getting more intolerable. Daniel Andrews is definitely inciting civil unrest with his arrogance and stubbornness. From what I am able to see from TV reports the people who are protesting are mostly much younger than me although I did notice one older woman being handcuffed with her hands behind her back. I would class that as police brutality because personally I would find that too painful physically to be able to tolerate being in that position for long as I am 84 and have osteoporosis. I have no doubt that they would treat me the same way if I had been there. Perhaps fear of police brutality is why so many older Victorians kept away.

    I probably would not normally agree with the protestors, their moral values etc and the way they choose to live their lives but the issue is not about that is it? It is about the injustice and severity of the lockdown and the way it is being policed. I think the protestors are very brave to turn out the way they did and I bet my bottom dollar that many, many more Victorians really agree with their opinion on the lockdown. The way the police handled the admittedly foul mouthed young woman and the pregnant woman was truly shocking and a disgrace to Australia which is supposed to be a free country. Daniel Andrews must go and quickly.

  14. The one statistic that has always remained is that from the moment we are born 100% of us are condemned to die . No masks, shut downs, social distancing will effect this statistic one iota. However no matter how much length of life is allocated to each one of us, we will be required to give an account of how we used it. It will be no good saying we buried that life in the hope that worrying about it we might add a day, month or year to it.
    No, we shall be cast into the outer darkness. In that place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

    David Skinner UK

  15. Ingrid has a point. My elderly mother asked me if I had heard of China’s Belt and Road initiative and I had not, so I looked it up and came across a Youtube video entitled “Federal Government very wisely declined the Belt and Road Initiative” . It describes how China was undeterred by
    Australia’s Federal Government declining their initiative, so they applied separately to the State of Victoria and Dan Andrews agreed to the initiative which was in China’s interest but not necessarily Victorian’s. It seems that the Chinese dictatorial government style comes with the deal!

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