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The Death of Christian Higher Education

Dec 14, 2015

OK, one rather clueless dhimmi does not make an entire institution bad, but one sure has to wonder why such a person is allowed to stay. I refer to America’s most prestigious and well-known Christian liberal arts college, Wheaton College

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Magna Carta: The Christian Connection

Jun 16, 2015

Eight hundred years ago the Great Charter was written, and we still are enjoying the benefits of it today. Simply put, this hugely significant document helped secure genuine democratic reforms, restrictions on government powers, equality and freedom under law, and

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America, Christianity, and Secularism

Apr 12, 2014

“We are NOT a Christian nation. The Constitution IS NOT based on the bible. It IS a secular document.” This comment – so very typical of the secular left – was thrown at me recently on another site. It is

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Another Christian Sell-out

Mar 25, 2014

The New Testament clearly teaches that as we move closer to the end of human history, there will be major cases of apostasy, compromise, and selling out of the gospel. The spirit of the age will slowly but steadily grip

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Islam No Match For Praying Christians

Mar 25, 2013

Since I have written several articles about the big Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne, asking people to pray for it and engage in some spiritual warfare over it, it is appropriate that I now record the aftermath of the whole

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When Vice Becomes Virtue

Feb 2, 2013

I have said it often before, but it is worth saying again. The law can do one of three things when it comes to various activities, behaviours and lifestyles. It can prohibit, or it can permit, or it can promote.

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In Search of Christian Vertebrates

Jan 28, 2013

Talk about an endangered species: it is getting harder and harder nowadays to find believers with a bit of backbone. One fears they may soon become extinct altogether. Sure, the churches are filled today with hordes of Christian invertebrates –

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Nations, Virtue, Religion and Freedom

Dec 22, 2010

Very few people would realise it, but there is a very real and vital connection between freedom, religion and morality; between liberty, faith and virtue. And perhaps nowhere was this concept so explicitly and strenuously promoted and championed than in

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Notable Christians: Count Zinzendorf

Apr 29, 2010

This piece is as much about the Moravian church as it is about Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, its founder. Both have secured a place not only in church history but secular history as well. Surprisingly, however, there has been

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