Time to Put Canada Out of its Misery

What is wrong with Canada? Is it competing for the “We want to be as morally bankrupt as the Netherlands” competition?

In yet another case of anti-Christian bigotry, the British Columbia Supreme Court has ruled that a school teacher had no rights to make anti-homosexual remarks. The BC high school teacher wrote a letter to the newspaper critical of homosexuality. The Christian teacher was suspended for a month without pay for his crimes. On February 3 the Court sided with the BC College of Teachers concerning the suspension.

In his Reasons for Judgment, The Honourable Mr. Justice Holmes writes, “[T]he appellant’s publicly discriminatory writings undermine the ability of members of the targeted group, homosexuals, to attain individual self-fulfilment.” The good judge continued, “Discriminatory speech is incompatible with the search for truth.”

Once again, activist judges pushing the politically correct pro-homosexual agenda have ruled that religious freedom is unimportant, but the homosexual lifestyle is. Of course this is the same BC Supreme Court that has ruled in the past in favor of child pornography as freedom of expression.

Child porn and high-risk homosexual activity, it seems, are acceptable, while religious expression and concern for biblical truth is not.

The point of all this of course is that Australia is heading in exactly the same direction. Freedom of speech is being eroded, and Christian freedoms are being stripped away on a regular basis. Thus we need to be aware of what is happening in other nations, and we need to be active to prevent the complete eradication of religion in this country.

And prayer is needed for the well-liked teacher, Chris Kempling, who has since quit his job and is appealing the case, at great personal expense.

The homosexual juggernaut continues to rumble on, taking no prisoners. Canada has lost the plot, and Australia is not far behind. Those concerned about freedom – especially religious freedom – need to take note of what is happening overseas, and make sure that such moves are not implemented here.

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  1. Excellent cri de coeur Bill. Just one small constructive-critical observation if I may – or maybe not so small, because it actually touches on the heart of the matter:

    I would strongly advise against saying “religious/religion” when you actually mean “Christian(ity)”. This is in fact to play straight into the hands of the semantic straitjacket the cultural atheists wish to trap you in. It is 100% bound up with their pretence that they have no religion of their own, i.e. theirs is the true neutral and default position over against which anything else is an oddball deviation.

    Instead, do be sure to make clear in all posts that the ‘war’ is between the Christian religion and the atheist religion. Homosexuality is but a presenting issue, albeit seemingly the dominant one at this time.

    Dan Violab

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