Islam and truth

Three related items on Islam.

One. Danna Vale has received a lot of flack concerning her comments that Australia is aborting itself to extinction, and we might become an Islamic nation in 50 years. I wrote defending her, and my letters made it into the Herald Sun, The Age and The Australian, all yesterday (see below).

You may want to encourage and support her:

Two. Mark Steyn has a great column in today’s Australian defending her:,5744,18159605%255E7583,00.html.

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Three. A Presbyterian Pastor in Sydney, Peter Barnes, is debating a Muslim leader over three evenings, beginning Friday night. Please pray for Peter. Details are:

Bankstown Town Hall Civic Centre, Cnr Chapel & Rickard Roads.

  • 7.00pm Friday, 17 February – God’s Word: The Bible or the Quran?
  • 7.00pm Saturday, 18 February – Is Jesus Lord?
  • 7.00pm Saturday, 25 February – The Way to Paradise

Danna Vale is being blasted (predictably) by the politically correct brigade when all she has stated are a few simple facts. It is quite true that Australia, along with most of the Western world, is facing a population implosion. Between our very high abortion rates, and our reluctance to have children, the West is heading into a crisis situation. On the other hand, it is also true that Muslims tend to still have large families, certainly compared to most Westerners. These are basic demographic truths. Of course what conclusions are to be drawn from these facts is something our politicians, opinion makers, and all of us, must sort out. But in this case we are simply shooting the messenger.Bill Muehlenberg

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