Christian bashing thwarted

Today Senator Ron Boswell sent out this media release. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Democrats mission to abolish prayer fails

The Democrats’ attempt to abolish prayers in the Parliament and remove tax advantages for religious groups was intolerance on a grand scale, said The Nationals Senate leader, Senator Ron Boswell today.

Senator Allison’s Notice of Motion was rightly defeated in the Senate today.

Former Democrat Senator the Rev John Woodley would never have allowed this persecution of groups whose contribution to the social capital of Australia has been so great and ongoing.

It is a sad day when the Leader of a political party in Australia feels free to openly attack the religious contributions of so many Australians.

The Democrats are increasingly a party of extremists. They have to move more and more to the left in order to capture a slice of the political pie from their Green competitors.

It appears that Senator Allison has some deep personal prejudice against prayer.

It is a really sad day when a political leader takes direct aim at Australians who believe in prayer or support the charitable leanings of religious organisations.

The Parliament needs as many prayers as it can get.

The Democrats’ Notice of Motion calls on the Government, if it is serious about a secular state, to take steps to:

  1. remove religious references from statutory oaths and pledges,
  2. abolish official parliamentary prayers,
  3. remove tax advantages that solely apply for religious purposes…

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2 Replies to “Christian bashing thwarted”

  1. Christianity is looking for converts, not conscripts.

    Tolerant Christians do not force other people to perform their rituals.

    John Kloprogge, Croyden, VIC

  2. What harm does the act of praying inflict on an individual? Rejecting prayer is rejecting the foundations that our country was built on and our Christian heritage. Traditions like this remind us of our history, they are not insidious attempts to brainwash.
    Sharny Annison, Leongatha

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