The Lifestyle Police Juggernaut Roles On

All around the Western world the forces of radical activism and moral anarchy are hard at work. And a leading player in all this is the militant homosexual lobby, along with its government supporters. They are on a crusade to make everyone conform to their dictates concerning what is acceptable thought on sexuality and relationships.

While President Obama is pushing Gay Pride Month down the throats of everyone in America, in Australia things are not much better. Everywhere the militant homosexual juggernaut is rolling along, crushing everything in its path. The pace and ferocity of this wave of political activism is something to behold.

Consider three new developments, which have burst on the scene in the past 24 hours. The first concerns one of the most activist Attorneys-General in Australia. Victorian AG Rob Hulls has pushed one round of social engineering after another. It seems each month he has a new scheme he is trying to unleash on hapless Victorians.

His latest is to introduce hate crime legislation. Said Hulls, “We, as a community condemn hate-based crime and no Victorian should be attacked let alone attacked specifically on the basis of their gender, their race, their religion or their sexual orientation.”

Of course this is so much nonsense. How much crime is not hate-based? If a guy murders someone, there’s gotta be a bit of hatred going on there. If a man rapes a woman, he is not exactly showing love to the victim. If a person breaks into a home and steals the family jewels, he isn’t quite demonstrating Christian charity.

What these activists want to do is elevate certain groups to an even greater, protected status. Notice how “gender” and “sexual orientation” are mentioned here. This is about one thing: providing even more unwarranted protections and special benefits to homosexuals.

Hate crimes are anti-democratic and inequitable. If a heterosexual is assaulted and robbed, the criminal might get 6 months in jail. But if a homosexual is a victim of the identical crime, the assailant might get several years in jail – all because this is a hate crime. Go figure!

This is yet another attempt to put homosexuals above everyone else, and make them into some sort of protected species. And somehow I just don’t think others will get similar treatment. If a homosexual bashes and robs me, will he be charged with a hate crime? I wouldn’t count on it.

The truth is, this is all one way traffic. It is political favouritism. And it is destroying the rule of law, in which all citizens should be treated equally. But in the brave new world of political correctness, some citizens will be treated more equally than others.

The second recent example of the enforced acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle involves Victorian schools. This is how one press account puts it: “Teachers who ignore abuse of gay students could face legal action. Teachers are being urged to stamp out negative comments such as ‘that’s so gay’ in a new policy to rid schools of homophobia. Schools are being encouraged to display information and phone numbers on noticeboards relevant to gay pupils. They are also being asked to strategically place books about homosexuality to make gay students feel welcome.”

Oh come on, stop beating around the bush. Why don’t these social engineers just get straight to the point. Why don’t they pass a law which states that homosexuals are a protected species, and that everyone who enters a Victorian school must sign a pledge to love, accept, embrace and grovel to all things homosexual?

All students should likewise be forced to swear to forever renounce their own hate-filled heterosexuality, and admit that homosexuality is the only acceptable form of human sexuality. And while they are at it, make all students renounce all religious objections to homosexuality, upon pain of expulsion.

That of course is where all this nonsense is heading. It is the gaystapo and their bureaucratic henchmen forcing a minority lifestyle upon everyone, whether they like it or not. It is sexual totalitarianism, and it is getting more coercive and encroaching by the day.

The last example concerns the sporting world. The AFL has just announced that mandatory pro-homosexual classes will be annually required of all players. Here is how the story is reported: “AFL stars will be formally lectured every year about the pitfalls of gay jokes under the league’s new anti-vilification policy. The league has confirmed that AFL draftees, as well as all senior players, will now be educated not to pressure, put down or embarrass opponents or teammates by using language some might consider homophobic.”

Of course jokes about Christianity, heterosexual marriage or other more normal pursuits will continue to be just hunky-dory. But dare to make any fun of the homosexual activists and it’s off to the reeducation camps to be reprogrammed into right-speak and right-think. If it sounds all very Orwellian, well, that is because it is.

Plenty more examples could be presented here. This is nothing less than the state-enforced promotion of a lifestyle. Any objectors will be dealt with by the full force of the law. From now on we must all bow to the homosexual lifestyle or face the consequences.

Sexual totalitarianism is well and truly at work in the West. While all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and no one is condoning assaults or attacks on homosexuals or anyone else, this sort of oppressive social engineering is completely unwarranted.

It has nothing to do with preventing abuse or assault – those issues are already dealt with in the law. This is simply about the coercion of society by a big brother government to embrace a politically correct and politically protected lifestyle. Conform or suffer the consequences is the clear message of this nefarious juggernaut.,21985,25571398-2862,00.html,21985,25581037-2862,00.html

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  1. In criminal law it is the mens rea and actus reus that has to be proven ie, the intent to do harm eg kill and the act itself, the killing. Once those two are proven beyond reasonable doubt then the crime is proven. One without the other cannot be and if there is the slightest doubt than the case has to be thrown out because the spirit of criminal law is better you let 10 guilty go then hang one innocent man. So Why does Rob Hulls want to do this? One will have quite a time in court proving how much hate one has and this can be categorically denied because it is an emotion. So it becomes the accused’s word against the prosecution. So how does he propose to change these laws to make an emotion a crime? Even if Bill says any bad action starts from hate, in Criminal law it is quite irrelevant because the mens rea (Intent) and actus reus (action) are the two elements to be proven. So Bill is quite spot on that there is another agenda, always is another agenda. Distortion of laws of the first order.
    Siti Khatijah

  2. One of the most wonderful and articulate pro-life politicians who worked tirelessly during the abortion debate warned all of us – he said: “Rob Hulls is THE most dangerous politician of our time” and he was absolutely right! The only way we can fight these battles with Mr Hulls is with prayer…. his intentions are just too evil!
    Jane Byrne

  3. Thanks Jane

    Yes we must pray very hard indeed. But we must supplement our prayers with work. We must get involved in the political, social and cultural fronts as well. We must put feet to our prayers. As Augustine once said “Work as if everything depended on you, and pray as if everything depended upon God.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Hey, I’ve found another reason to justify my eschewing of the cult of football worship! Thanks Bill.

    Ewan McDonald.

  5. Thanks Bill!
    You are right! We saved a baby and famly last Saturday (from the abortion facility) through prayer and lots of hard work! I know thats what you mean when you say “we must put feet to our prayers”!
    Jane Byrne

  6. But this law will also catch men with unwanted homophilic attractions. A homosexual is simply someone who gives physical expression to his homophilia. A homophile who goes for help to be cured from his attraction to other men will be guilty of homophobia. In the same way that a Muslim will be trapped into remaining a Muslim and will be threatened with death if he attempts to leave, so a homophile will be condemned to either remain celibate or give full expression to his homosexual appetites, but never allowed the choice of re-orientating towards heterophilia. He might even be deemed mad and sent for treatment in a lunatic asylum.

    Talking of emotions, to perform a crime of violence is generally mitigated if it is done in passion and blind rage, whereas a premeditated and cold- blooded attack carries a heavier sentence. But here the passion of hatred will presumably carry a heavier weight than if done dispassionately. But even if one were to prove that one had carried out the attack in love, this would still be regarded as a hatred crime if in the mind of the one being attacked, criticised or being asked to refrain from sodomy, he or she felt hatred – even if there were none. A homosexual only has to say that he felt hatred and you are guilty.

    The whole palette of emotions – love, hate, anger, peace, fear, joy, desolation – that are displayed in human nature are all necessary for our survival, like the notes on a piano, all are equally essential. For a government to eliminate feelings of antipathy or hatred in order to produce a dehumanised society that runs like a well-oiled piece of machinery, sounds ominously like the film “Clock work Orange,” where the behaviour of citizens can be controlled by drugs or brain surgery. This is surely pure evolutionary humanism. Truly, of the Attorneys-General in Australia, Victorian AG Rob Hulls thinks he is God.

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Bill Very well written and your message is clear and confronting. Thre is nothing new about the desire of the homosexual movement to dominate. I can recall quotes from a leader in the homosexual movement over 20 years ago about what was then described as recognition of “equality” of homoseual relationships with marriage. Of course that was simply the language of the day and the intent has always been domination so that on offence against a homosexual is worse than an offence agaist the majority who are not.
    The reality of the agenda is now being clarified and we must work and pray for God’s assistance in turning this injustice about.
    David Grace

  8. It is always strange to watch homosexual activists and their political enablers continue to dig their own graves like this.

    Do they really think this will end well for them in the end ?

    What is it about homosexual activists that makes them so unable to endure even the mildest criticism or disagreement with their “lifestyle” ?

    You’d have to wonder if even mild criticism is something that pings at their conscience and reminds them that they know there is something wrong with indulging these desires and so they seek to shut up anyone who disagrees.

    Strangely this psychotic desire to silence any who dares disagree results in them working fervently to essentially destroy the civilization around them, just to silence these noisy consciences. Surely there is a simpler route, of course that involves admitting that their opponents are right and sadly for many that price seems to be to high.

    Jason Rennie

  9. It’s funny how the homosexual lobby has found a sort of Messiah figure in Rob Hulls, but unlike Jesus who rode a donkey into Jerusalem, Hulls comes into the City riding on a Brumby.

    Nino Suraci

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