Turning Heterosexual Children into Criminals

It seems every week I am forced to do another story on how the gaystapo are terrorising the West, forcing everyone to submit to their agenda of radical social engineering. Increasingly they are co-opting the courts and legislatures to enforce their demands.

And the totalitarian demands of the militant homosexual activists will certainly not stop with unwilling adults. It seems that every single boy and girl as well will be forced to embrace the homosexual agenda, or face the strictest of consequences.

Consider this incredible story from PinkNews, “Europe’s largest gay news service”, involving a 10-year-old English school boy who is in big trouble. What was the horrific crime which this boy has been found guilty of? It is quite ghastly indeed. He actually dared to call a fellow student a “gay boy”.

Wow, throw the book at him. Expel him from the school immediately and never let him return to school or hold a job for life. In fact, he deserves to have the letters ‘PI’ branded on his forehead for such gross ‘Political Incorrectness’.

This is how the UK arm of PinkNews covers the story. It is worth presenting a large portion of the story here:

A ten-year-old boy has been placed on a hate register for calling a fellow pupil a ‘gay boy.’

It is one of the first publicised examples of how the government’s required hate registers are being used in schools. From this September, children as young as five risk being placed on a hate register if they make homophobic playground taunts.

The details of how hate registers are being used emerged after the mother of a ten-year-old boy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was told that her son’s name would be placed on a register and permanent school record following an alleged homophobic comment to a fellow pupil. Last December, PinkNews.co.uk reported that the government has asked all schools to record incidents of homophobic bullying.

It has been alleged that ten-year-old Peter Drury called another pupil a “gay boy” outside of school, but the mother of another child reported the incident to the head teacher of Ashcombe Primary School.

Penny Drury told the Daily Mail: “He doesn’t even understand about the birds and the bees, so how can he be homophobic?

“Peter is a very naive boy who didn’t know what he was doing and is now very upset as he is now in trouble. It doesn’t mean he is going to turn into a homophobic attacker when he is older.

“He must have picked up the word from somewhere and thought it to mean stupid.

“If I heard it I would have been the first to correct him and tell him not to use it, but putting him on a register seems way over the top.”

The boy’s parents asked the school if they would remove him from the register, but said the school’s head teacher refused.

Mrs Drury told the Daily Mail: “I’m now worried if this is going to affect him applying for universities in the future. I just think the whole thing would be better sorted out by the teacher or parent explaining to them that their language is wrong and not to do it again.”

Children’s charities have expressed concern that school pupils could be effectively being criminalised for playground banter. Michele Elliott of Kidscape told the Daily Express:” Children are being criminalised and singled out from a very early age when they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Well, what can I say? I am left utterly dumbfounded and gobsmacked by all this insanity. It certainly comes as a shock to those of us who have grown up in free and democratic societies. However, such stories would of course be all too familiar to those who have lived in totalitarian police states.

And people who have read such prophetic novels as 1984 and Brave New World would certainly recognise what is going on here. That is what makes all this so much more incredulous. We are witnessing with our very eyes the slow but steady erosion of democratic freedoms in the West.

We are actually living through a transition from democracy to a police state. It is happening incrementally, but it is happening nonetheless. And as in the story of the frog in the hot water, most people do not even know it is occurring.

That famous story speaks of how a frog will attempt to jump out of a container of hot water if placed in it. But if it is placed in lukewarm water, and the heat is gradually increased, it will not know what is happening, and will soon die, boiled alive.

That for me is the really most amazing feature of all this. Most people either do not know about how their freedoms are inexorably being whittled away, or they do not care. Where is the outcry about all this? Why are not people taking to the streets in mass protests about this encroaching tyranny?

In one of my recent articles I quoted from Melanie Phillips. Let me again repeat her words: “The great battles today are not between left and right. They are between morality and nihilism, truth and lies, justice and injustice, freedom and totalitarianism, and Judeo-Christian values and the would-be destroyers of the West both within and without.”

Indeed, let me offer a few more concluding quotes:

“Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

“The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of people who do evil, but because of people who sit and let it happen”. (Albert Einstein)

“Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?” (Psalm 94:16)

And I have also used this quote many times before, but if there was ever a time when it was needed, it most certainly is now:

“In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.” (Martin Niemoller, German pastor and Holocaust survivor)


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37 Replies to “Turning Heterosexual Children into Criminals”

  1. Should we put every thing in our wife’s name so that we can’t be sued, and risk going to jail for speaking up?
    Stan Fishley

  2. Thanks Stan

    Putting all your assets in your wife’s name may save your finances, but it will still not prevent you from going to jail. With all these hate crimes laws, they will get you one way or another.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Picking up on the mother’s comment, it seems that treating the kid this way would be the best way to make him phobic-something.

    Katherine Fishley

  4. “Children as young as five risk being placed on a hate register if they make homophobic playground taunts.” This is truly unbelievable. What would a five year old know these aberrations? It seems that in the UK homosexuals and Muslims are protected from all criticisms. What you may say about such people could be demonstrably true yet if they claim to be hurt by the remark you can be in trouble with the law. Age is no excuse. The British fought Nazi Germany, now they themselves have become goose stepping Gestapo.
    Des Morris

  5. Thanks Des

    Yes we have to wonder why the Brits fought the Nazi totalitarians, but they refuse to fight the homosexual totalitarians and the Islamist totalitarians. They are not only not fighting them, they are actively siding with them!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Churchill, when trying to alert Parliament to the threat of Nazism, in 1938, said: “I foresee and foretell that the policy of submission (I assume of submitting bills and amendments etc. – my words) will carry with it restrictions upon the freedom of speech and debate in Parliament, on public platforms, and discussions in the Press, for it will be said – indeed, I hear it said sometimes now – that we cannot allow the nazi system of dictatorship to be criticised by ordinary common English politicians. And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”

    Well Mr Churchill that bitter cup is with us like never before and I fear that Britain has indeed lost the moral health and martial vigour to rise again and take its stand for freedom as in the olden times.

    Amazingly the connection between Nazi fascism and homosexuality has been expounded by the homosexual, Johann Harri. As Bill, has said before, it is marvellous when the truth comes from their own lips.


    Without any fixed point of reference, like a ship without compass or captain, society will drift in a sea of relativity and will change its attitudes and values according to the political climate. The passengers and crew do not mind where the ship is going, just so long as everything is running smoothly and everyone has the feel- good factor. The only moral compass is a constantly changing political correctness – the average consensus at any particular moment, or the opinions of an elite minority. What might be shocking and completely unacceptable behaviour can almost overnight become respectable and what was previously considered to be decent and responsible behaviour can become criminal.

    Without any fixed, absolute point of reference, human nature has a way of accommodating and becoming comfortable over a period of time with a state of hell. It can gradually sleep walk into becoming hardened, desensitised to cruelty, barbarism and evil, until what was considered abnormal or deviant becomes the acceptable norm, as happened in Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia and now – even Britain. No doubt Germans today still cannot believe that they as a nation descended to such barbarism, just over fifty years ago.

    There are many who would say that I am exaggerating and that my fears for our children are unfounded. Really? Is there not all the potential, in this story of the ten year old Peter Drury, for the state to take children away from their parents and even to sterilise them. When one reads the comments on Pink News, one can see that the ideas are already there.

    David Skinner, UK

  7. I would recommend that those who are really concerned about the future our children, to visit web sites like the Pink News and to read the comments. It is here where one sees the real face of homosexuals who suffer from many conditions, but which can all be summed up by the one word, “homosexuality”. Instead of shrinking from those aflicted with this societal infection, we need to engage with its sufferers and to challenge those who, like drug dealers, pedal its pernicious ideology.


    David Skinner, UK

  8. With my deepest apologies to Winston Churchill and John Adams:

    How dreadful are the curses which homosexuality lays on those who are enslaved to it! Besides the militant frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful evolutionary fatalism. The effects are increasingly apparent in many countries. The rise in sexual violence, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental instability, suicidal tendencies, drug taking, a threat to the economy, a hatred of truth, justice and righteousness, a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and thought itself, a terrible threat to children, and a threat to marriage and the family exist wherever the followers of the Prophet and peddler of this evil, Alfred Kinsey rule or live.
    A degraded and perverted sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity, sanctity and humanity. The fact that with homosexuality every woman, every lesbian, becomes a second class citizen, simply a machine for bearing children, must delay the final extinction of sado-masochism, bondage and sexual slavery, until homosexuality has ceased have its terrible hold on men.
    Individual homosexuals may show splendid qualities. Many become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die of AIDs and HIV, along the broad highway of Equality, Diversity, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination. But the influence of Hegelian, Marxist and Kinseyesque ideology destroys the personal and social development of those who follow it.
    Apart from Islam, no stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, homosexuality is a militant and proselytising ideology. It has already spread throughout Britain and other western nations, raising strutting and cavorting followers at every gay pride parade. We have no government, no technology, no reasoned debates, no appeal to common sense, or health and safety, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Homosexual lust is breaking the strongest cords of our democracy as a whale goes through a net. Our democracy was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    David Skinner, UK

  9. In 2009, Ian Mckellen, one of the founder members of Stonewall UK, and actor who played Gandalf in the film Lord of the Rings, visited the Perry Beeches School in Birmingham, to talk about homophobic bullying and equality. But when one discovers the background of the headmaster, Liam Nolan, one realises that it was not so much Mckellen being invited to the school as he inviting himself. In 2007, two years ago, The Sun Newspaper reported that:

    “A GAY head teacher is to keep his 64,000-a-year job despite being convicted over a sex act with a man in a park. Liam Nolan, 39, was spotted by undercover cops with 58-year-old jobless builder John Brown. Both men denied outraging public decency, with Nolan insisting: I know the place is used for gays to gather, but I just went there for a walk to clear my head and relieve myself. Nolan was appointed at Birmingham’s 880-pupil Perry Beeches secondary school in April while awaiting trial. A jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court heard he had left his live-in partner at his flat in Birmingham city centre to go to the park at Sandwell Valley, near West Bromwich, last June. Police saw him and Brown engaged in oral sex.”

    Take a close look at the facial expressions of all those in this video.
    This is a letter of outrage from the lesbian Sue Sanders from SchoolsOut who describes Lian Nolan’s behaviour as mere extra curriculum fun:

    Note her outrage at Liam Nolan’s personal details being blasted over the press, including his address. And yet, there is no hesitation with homosexuals blasting the personal details of those who oppose their agenda on the web. One wonders what Sue Sanders would have to say about one of her tribe, the chief executive of the LGBT Scottish Youth? Was this also extra curriculum fun?

    How long before children at the Perry Beeches School are taught, under compulsion, how to perform oral sex and fisting during sex education classes? Is this the kind of behaviour underwritten by the General Teaching Council, Ofsted, the DCSF and the government? Are teachers Head teachers expected to be role models? If not, why are they demanding that CRB checks to be carried out on the parents who home – school their children?

    Just in case people are wondering, Perry Beeches is not the best school in Britain. It received a disproportionate amount of money (over half) that was earmarked by Birmingham city council for the architectural development of all its schools. Plus Cumbria University, that obviously supports the gay agenda, waded in with intensive training, for the staff of this failing school, on how to improve the schools grades. Hey presto,the school was reported as the most improved school – not the best school, as Mckellen described it – in the country. With friends like this, Liam Nolan and other homosexual and lesbian head teachers, have complete liberty to groom our children. And parents, unless they want to go on a register, or even worse, will just have to keep quiet.


    David Skinner, UK

  10. Could homosexuals be any more thin skinned? You’d have to wonder what they are afraid of.

    I think the observation about morality vs nihilism is spot on. Strange that nihilism has risen to have such a stanglehold over the psyche of those in society who are our would be “protectors from hate”.

    Jason Rennie

  11. Yes Bill I know this; however has the time come to risk offloading assets and go to jail?
    Stan Fishley

  12. Thankyou David Skinner for your links. I see you came in for some unsavoury counter-attacks. This sort of behaviour will work against them, as will the idiotic Hate Registers.
    John Snowden

  13. This is indeed truly alarming – Bill, can you give any updates on the climate regarding this in Australia? My family and I are moving to Western Australia from the US in a couple months, and I can say with certainty, that our children will be taught the truth that homosexuality is sinful and wicked. How concerned should we be regarding the scenario we are about to enter?
    Nathan Schellinger, USA

  14. I have just read some of the vile sprouted on this “pink news” link supplied by David Skinner. I am absolutely horified at some of the stuff that is written on that site – God help Britain because if that site is any indication of the direction that Britain is headed then I would not be living there for quids – David, we will be praying for you and others like you. The hatred that was so prevalent amongst your detractors gave me a chilling sense of the evil shadow overhanging this site as I was reading through it. You will need to take care and be careful as I am convinced that the same hate that drives these people’s posted reactions could also incite violence against you. From what I have read about the British police, I would not be placing too much faith in their ability to protect you. But then again, this whole scenario presented in pink news is actually a just another confirmation of the Bible’s claims about the wickedness of humanity. It is amazing sometimes how the prevalence of evil just further cements the truth and accuracy of our Lord’s word.
    Steve Davis

  15. I saw this story and was horrified.

    It seems under Obama hate speech laws in the USA will be taken to a new level.

    I bet our own Rob Hulls will be watching with anticipation to do the same here in Victoria
    If it happens overseas they want to do it here.

    The global spirit I guess.

    Rob Withall

  16. Thanks Nathan

    The sad truth is most of the Western world is moving in this direction. In which case, we can either seek to run from it, or seek to fight it.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Thanks Steve

    Yes sadly I get the same sort of ugly abuse and demonic rage. But I send these comments straight to the rubbish. However I am collecting some of these, and may write them up one day – to show just how ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’ the other side can be!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Oh dear! Bill, I laughed… until I cried. And I suppose this “Pink News” printed that sad story with all the solemnity and pompous priggishness that pervades the “Pink” posers!
    Haven’t they begun to realise that the lovely word “gay”, which they misappropriated, is now used by school children to mean something bad or rotten or useless precisely because schoolchildren, with their clear and uncorrupted vision can see right through the homosexual cant to its true emptiness?!
    When my children use the word “gay” they are seldom using it in the “Pink” sense, but simply as a despective and dismissive expression such as: “Ugh! How gay!”
    That young schoolboy, Peter Drury, was quite probably using “gay” in this, its current playground usage.
    Poor little word, so sullied by association with a perversion that it has come to mean the opposite of what it used to mean!
    Is the colour “pink” now in danger of going down the same path?
    Perhaps it is time to coin a completely new word that satisfies the impatient journalist’s dislike of the 4-syllable and 10-letter word “homosexual”. I propose “hux”, as a 1-syllable and 3-letter compression of “homosexual” that carries no overtones or nuances of meaning at all, it simply means: “homosexual”, and that’s all.

    Best wishes,
    Dominic Baron, New Zealand

  19. There is obviously a showdown coming – not a matter of if but when. I see this as a time when the church will be shaken, tested, and perhaps purged. It will be a time when all Christians will be tested as to exactly what they believe is worth standing for. I would hope and pray that all true (saved) believers will be sustained by the Holy Spirit as this will be, I believe, an issue that will divide households, workplaces, friends, families etc. However as Bill and other contributors have stated in previous writings, that God will expect us to go on living our lives in a Godly manner each day and hopefully our practical daily living witness will provide opportunites for us to boldly and lovingly proclaim God’s truth by being living examples to all around us. To Bill and all you other contibutors, keep the faith, pray and not give up, watch our lives and doctrine closely, and as far as it depends on each of us, live peacfully with those around us but not at the expense of our relationship with our Lord Jesus. God bless you all and do not be afraid. Lastly to Bill, I think it would be interesting to see that collection of comments 1 day although I think you would be pretty hard pressed to top the vitriol on that pink website, that was just unbelievable.

    Steve Davis

  20. Well, let’s learn from the kids. They know when something isn’t right. And boys are the first to smell a rat when a fellow classmate is not quite the full man. They give him hell for it just like they tease those in the class who are very smart. This is the nature of kids.
    Jane Petridge

  21. The story of Jonah is instructive, for it showed an attitude that we must at all costs avoid – to demonise the gays. He, with his self righteousness wanted to avoid, like the plague, meeting with the people of Ninevah. We also want to avoid being anywhere near the LGBTs. I attended a meeting of SchoolsOut in London, last month, along with a hundred plus gay teachers, government officials, civil servants, educationists and members of children’s charities, like Dr Barnardos and the NSPCC. It was truly a terrifying eye opener to see how all the institutions in Britain, devoted to the care of children, are signed up to the enemy’s camp.

    I did not attempt to hide my identity or, when given the opportunity, to express what I believed to be the Christian view. Much to my surprise, I was not lynched, and some healthy and spirited dialogue developed. What amazed me was their desire to hear what I had to say. I was even given, in a moment of bonhomie, an honoury LGBT Historymonth Tshirt from the organiser, Sue Sanders, which I hasten to say my wife has made to mysteriously disappear.

    What also struck me was their ignorance of their own history, of its ideological and political roots. I believe they call the zeitgeist effect. To my mind they are not only cursed with a condition called homosexuality, but are the hapless pawns of political masters, like Ben Summerskill and Angela Mason of Stonewall, pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    Meet the lady herself: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Society/Pix/pictures/2007/11/13/2angelamason.jpg

    Though we are commanded to contend for righteousness, we are commanded also to exercise the kind of grace that Jonah never had. When we do that, the transvestite or hyper-gay standing in front of us becomes flesh and blood, one of us, someone who shares the same human condition. Perhaps this is just a British trait, similar to that when, apparently during a W11 blitz, some householders would rush out into their gardens, offering cups of tea to German pilots, who, after bailing out, had landed in the middle of their vegetable patches and greenhouses.

    Let us not fume and rant from the safety of our churches and computers, but actually get down there into the middle of Nineveh, and go where Christ went – to the unsaved.

    David Skinner, UK


  22. Homosexual hate register for 10 year old boys!!!!!!!!!!! George Orwell’s era of doublethink and thoughtpolice are well and truly here. God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Warwick Marsh

  23. I agree with Dominic Baron about the new usage of the word “gay”. It is taking on a dismissive function like the phrase “how lame” but not having any reference to gays (homosexuals) in the same context. This new usage is common amongst young people.

    Way back in the nineties I read an article by a homosexual psychologist claiming that some American homosexuals were adopting the term “queer” instead of “‘gay” when referring to themselves. That struck me as odd because the word “queer” typically has a negative cast to its meaning. Perhaps they were trying to rehabilitate it by giving it a new home.

    There is a book called “The Queens’ Vernacular: a Gay Lexicon” written by Bruce Rodgers that some here might find interesting. Unfortunately it is dated.

    John Snowden

  24. Thanks David

    Sadly, if we can’t get a bit of righteous indignation about such matters, then we are nothing more than dead men walking.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  25. This is indeed incredible. Language changes and we adapt and adopt new terms constantly. The homosexuals did this effectively with the word “gay”, turning it into a synonym for sodomite, homosexual, poofter, dyke, lesbian, etc.

    Unfortunately for the gays they forgot that humans change the language, so that gay now means not only all the above. Thanks to them adopting it, the collective experience has changed it into a synonym for bad, stupid, ugly etc.

    Especially is this so in school children and youth from my experience as a school teacher. Heterosexuals will win out in this in the long run, either from within the society or from another society that takes over.

    Heterosexuals will finally rise up and say enough is enough or another society will say the society is so weak that it will rise up ad take over the first society.

    In the short term what happens to us all? By the politically correct, (read incorrect), the society will be bound with people losing their freedoms just as this little 10 year old boy has.

    Greg Brien

  26. That is an interesting observation Greg, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Trying to turn a good word like gay into a word that is a synonym for depravity has just meant that the original word has taken on the meaning of the things it represents rather than the original meaning leeching over to some how clean up the depravity.

    Interestingly I am surprised the kid or his parents didn’t argue that what he said was that the kid was a ghey boy or geigh boy, which is a synonym for “lame” according to the urban dictionary. I noticed my wife the school teacher using the term “ghey” in that way for a while, after she picked it up from the kids.

    Jason Rennie

  27. The sex DVD for children, as young as 7 years old?
    It makes me so angry to hear about this. At first i wanted to screem then i wanted to burn down the company who makes them. But that wouldnt work either, because i would end up in prison and they would build a new company. Im sorry if im upsetting anyone i just dont know how to deal with this. I tell you one thing though,i have a 6 and a 8 year old and they won’t be watching it.
    Daniel Kempton

  28. Yes the homosexuals are on a roll where fickle public opinion is turning rapidly in their favour. But people who live in zietgeists, aparantly never refer to history.

    I believe that just prior to both Stalin’s reign of terror, in Russia, that started in the 1930s and that of Hitler that started in the late 30’s, the public acceptance of homosexuality was also on a roll. But the backlash resulted not only in persecution for Christians but also for homosexuals. What the homosexual brigade do not understand is that they are hastening another backlash, another pendulum swing from another tyrant.

    David Skinner, UK

  29. Whose idea was it to start a “hate register”?

    Taking a wild, prejudiced and bigoted stab at it, I would say the Stonewall crew.

    During a Parliamentary committee meeting, in 2007, when the homophobic hatred amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration bill was being debated, Ben Summerskill, then the chief executive of Stonewall, when asked to give an example of homophobic hatred, said: ‘You have mentioned one or two specific instances. If the Committee does not mind, I shall respond specifically. You mentioned what you described as a “prayer rally” outside Parliament in January. That was actually the occasion of a vote on the sexual orientation regulations, when almost 100 children of primary school age were forced to stand in the freezing cold, some of them beneath posters that said, “Don’t corrupt us”, with a gentleman shouting, “Don’t allow homosexuals to pervert these children”. That is completely different from people holding a perfectly proper demonstration.’

    Mr. Burrowes, MP asked: ‘Should those incidents be covered by an offence of inciting hatred against gay people?’ Ben replied: ‘our view is that the gentleman’s shouting, “Don’t allow homosexuals to pervert these children”—these were little tots, not adolescents or 19-year-olds—was almost certainly incitement.’

    So in effect Ben Summerskill is saying that the gentleman should go on a register, receive compulsory diversity training, a fine, or even a prison sentence of up to seven years, for saying, “Don’t allow homosexuals to pervert the children.”

    And yet In the Times, February 26th 2006, it was reported that Sir Trevor Phillips (chair of the EHRC) said, “that non-Muslims must also accept the right of imams to denounce homosexuality in a way that many would find offensive.” “One point of Britishness is that people can say what they like about the way we should live, however absurd, however unpopular it is…………” “That’s why freedom of expression — including Muslim leaders’ right to say they think homosexuality is harmful — is absolutely precious.” ‘

    Really, Sir Trevor! Yet in the following year, In the Pink News October 18 2007, you said: “Let me put it as crudely as I can do it as a public official. If somebody is guilty of discrimination of any kind, and with sexual orientation we usually know what it’s about with sneering and contempt and all the rest of it, we want them not to be just be punished by the court but frankly to feel the contempt and hatred that they have visited on other people. They can argue what they like, but there’s a law now and frankly if these people want generally to pose as they often do as the decent and moral people in the community, perhaps they should remember that the first elements of decency in a liberal democracy is the rule of law.”

    He was obviously not prescribing Muslims and gays from “discrimination of any kind” , or “sneering and contempt” against Christians.

    Here is another, the following statement was made 12 years ago, at the beginning of the thraldom of the present totalitarian government. On the Today Programme 4 November 1998, Jack Straw said: “I’m not in favour of gay couples seeking to adopt children because I question whether that is the right start in life. We should not see children as trophies. Children, in my judgement, and I think it’s the judgement of almost everyone including single parents, are best brought up where you have two natural parents in a stable relationship. There’s no question about that. What we know from the evidence is that, generally speaking, that stability is more likely to occur where the parents are married than where they are not.”

    Wow, Jack, steady, steady.

    A major organ of pink propaganda is the Advertising Standards Agency, chaired by no less a person than Lord Chris Smith of Finsbury who has HIV and who was the MP for Islington South, during the 1980s when Islington council was placing children into the committed and consensual care of paedophile social workers.

    It was reported in the Times last year that: ‘An advert placed in a local paper in Northern Ireland by Sandown Free Presbyterian Church ahead of this summer’s Pride event in Belfast breached the Advertising Standards Authority code on decency. The 540-word ad was placed in the Belfast News Letter on August 1st, the day before Pride. It called gay people perverts and called on “religious” people to publicly oppose gay rights and Pride events. The ASA said today the ad breached CAP Code clause 5.1 (Decency). “The ad prominently stated “Published by the Kirk Session of Sandown Free Presbyterian Church” and recognised that readers would understand that the text was representative of the beliefs of a specific group and indicative of their opinion only,” the ASA ruling stated. We considered, however, that some of the text used in relation to homosexuality, for example, “… declaring it to be an abomination …”, “… God’s judgement upon a sin …”, “… remove the guilt of their wrongdoing …”, “… a cause for regret that a section of the community desire to be known for a perverted form of sexuality …” went further than the majority of readers were likely to find acceptable. We considered that particular care should be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of sexual orientation, and concluded that this ad had caused serious offence to some readers. However the ASA did not uphold complaints that the ad was likely to provoke hatred or violence against the LGBT community.”

    “On this point, we investigated the ad under CAP Code clauses 8.1 (Matters of opinion) and 11.1 (Violence and anti-social behaviour) but did not find it in breach,” according to the ASA ruling. “The ad should not appear again in its current form. “We told SFPC to take more care in future to avoid causing offence and advised them to seek a view from the CAP Copy Advice team before publishing future marketing material.” Four people complained that the ad’s content was homophobic and therefore offensive, while six complained that the ad was likely to provoke hatred and violence against the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender LGBT community.’

    But Jack Straw said in a Parliamentary debate on the 26th Jan 2009: “The offence of inciting hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation has a very high threshold. It currently covers only behaviour that is threatening and intended to stir up hatred. We are returning to this issue because we believe there are no circumstances in which the right of alleged freedom of speech should justify such behaviour.”

    So there you have it folks, according to Jack Straw there is a very high threshold, or bar, for the likes of ten year old, Peter Drury and Sandown Free Presbyterian Church to offend someone on the grounds of sexual orientation, but what he failed to mention was that the bar is for limbo dancers and not pole vaulters.

    Peter Drury’s best option is to become a Muslim homosexual for then the sky is the limit for the amount of offence he is permitted to cause to Christians. And for sheer diversity in filth and bile training, Peter Drury and his mum could do no better than to visit the Pink News comments.

    David Skinner, UK

  30. John, Judith Reisman is a mighty warrior who exposed Kinsey. She has written much on the “crafting” or grooming of children in schools. The Reverand Scott Lively wrote the “Pink Swastika.” He has also written a must read called “Redeeming the Rainbow.” This is an online book and in my opinion is one that needs to be read by all. Naturally or rather unnaturally, both Judith and Scott come in for mega, heterophobic hatred from the sisters of perpetual gaiety.

    David Skinner, UK

    Without any fixed, absolute point of reference, human nature has a way of accommodating and becoming comfortable over a period of time with a state of hell. It can gradually sleep walk into becoming hardened, desensitised to cruelty, barbarism and evil, until what was considered abnormal or deviant becomes the acceptable norm, as happened in Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia and now – even Britain. No doubt Germans today still cannot believe that they as a nation descended to such barbarism, just over fifty years ago.

    Jack Straw, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and Secretary of State for Justice, no less, said in a Parliamentary debate on the 26th Jan 2009: “The offence of inciting hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation has a very high threshold. It currently covers only behaviour that is threatening and intended to stir up hatred. We are returning to this issue because we believe there are no circumstances in which the right of alleged freedom of speech should justify such behaviour.”

    Really Jack? So the remark of Peter Drury, a ten year old boy, who last week was added to his school’s hate register for calling his friend “gay boy” outside school, falls way above this high threshold.

    But what kind of behaviour, Jack, would Peter Drury’s calling out “Gay?” seemingly justify. Are we only talking about physical and verbal attack? Clearly not, for the offence of homophobic hatred has now widened considerably to be defined by any attitude or action that denies homosexuals the absolute right to “what they want when they want it“, irrespective of the rights of others – least of all those of children.

    If homophobic hatred now has this all encompassing catch-all definition of saying “no” to the drives, orientations, urges and appetites of homosexuals, it stands to reason that verbally expressing this less than enthusiasm for homosexual celebration and affirmation will be seen as inciting hatred on the grounds of sexual urges – sorry, orientation.

    According to Jack Straw there is a very high threshold, or bar, for such incitement, but what he failed to mention was that the bar, as far as those who do not sign up to the gay agenda, is for limbo dancers – not pole vaulters. Whereas the bar for inciting hatred towards refusnicks, those who will not fall into step with the goose stepping parade, has no limit.

    What Jack Straw fails to tell us is that the amount of deviant behaviour in British society has increased beyond the levels the community can afford to recognize and that, accordingly, society has been redefining deviancy so as to exempt much conduct previously condemned, whilst also quietly raising the ‘normal’ level in categories where behaviour is now abnormal by any earlier standard. It means that for those who cannot keep pace with the rising tolerance of evil and wickedness, their threshold of righteous anger and indignation will get relatively lower and lower, beyond tolerance levels. This, inevitably will result in more cases, like that of Peter Harvey, the school teacher form All Saints School, Mansfield who, last year, snapped during a science lesson, nearly killing a school boy, and now awaits trial next month for attempted murder.

    David Skinner, UK

  32. I am sorry, I do not mean to dominate this thread, except that I am closer to this situation than many here. Though it might appear that I am going off the subject, I believe it is a glaring understatement to say that homosexuality creates a break down in social cohesion and order. The political puppet masters of homosexuality like Peter Mandelson (who is the real power behind British politics) are determined to smash the God ordained categories and boundaries once created. This goes beyond overturning God’s moral laws, if there is distinction, to the very dismantling of the created order. In some ways this is why I believe that homosexuality is worse than fornication or “living in sin,” as they used to call it, when men and women co-habit without marrying, though these things are bad enough.

    I taught with Peter Harvey, a lovely Christian man, married with two, teen age daughters, whose life was completely turned upside down, last summer, when he “lost the plot” and nearly killed a pupil in a science lesson. I would ask you to remember him in your prayers, especially around the 23rd of April, next month, when I believe after almost a year on remand in prison, he will be in Nottingham Crown Court on trial for attempted murder.


    David Skinner, UK

  33. When I was at school, we used the words ‘poofter’ and ‘faggot’ with, well, gay abandon.
    Michael Watts

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