Collusion and Delusion: More Misleading Media Mischief

The reason why the alternative media has sprung up all around the Western world is because the mainstream media is not doing its job. Instead of objectively and neutrally reporting on the news, it has become overwhelmingly biased and one-sided, representing and promoting the agenda of the secular left.

Thus the alternative media is playing a crucial role in offering a genuine flow of information and communication, without which no free and democratic nation can survive. This site has documented the need for this on many occasions.

As yet one more example of how the radical leftist minority groups are in bed with the MSM, consider a recent article in the Melbourne Age. The Age is a regular and fervent promoter of the homosexual agenda, and will give this activist group plenty of free air time, and plenty of opportunities to push its crusade.

The article, appearing in its entertainment section, had this headline: “An open-mic policy is the pride of Joy”. It had to do with a Melbourne homosexual radio station, and how it supposedly allows all sorts of people to express their views.

Judging by this article, these are the most open and tolerant bunch of people around, forever allowing opposing points of view an equal hearing. The article mentions several people who have appeared on the show as examples of this great openness and tolerance.

The trouble is, most of these were secular lefties themselves, who are often quite supportive of the homosexual agenda. Only two of those mentioned in the article were genuine conservatives, but those two need some further explanation. The first genuine conservative mentioned who appeared in a Joy interview was Tony Abbott.

Again, judging from this greatly partial article, the reader would get the impression that Abbott and other conservatives or those concerned about the homosexual agenda appear on the station all the time. Of course the truth is otherwise.

Abbott appeared for good reason: he may one day be our Prime Minister, and also, because he had just made his comments about feeling somewhat uncomfortable about homosexuality. So this was simply an issue dear to the heart of those at Joy, and a big fish worth grilling on this topic.

So who was the other conservative that Joy so graciously invited along? Well, me, actually. Yes I was on recently, but once again, if you only had this quite misleading article to go by, you would think that I and other religious conservatives are on this radio station all the time.

Misinformation, lies and deception can be peddled as much by what is being said as by what is not being said. In this case the Joy spokesperson, along with the Age writer, both conveniently left out all sorts of vital information, so that a very skewed picture might emerge.

So why was I on Joy? Because I had just co-authored a debate book on same-sex marriage. The publicist for the book had been working overtime to get both myself and my sparring partner, homosexual activist Rodney Croome, on to as many media outlets as possible.

Thus during that period Croome and I had nearly a dozen debates, especially on various radio stations, including Joy. So I was there alright, but so was Croome, and it was a debate in which I first made my case, then Croome made his. So it had nothing to do with Joy having a policy of regularly inviting people on who strongly disagree with them.

This had nothing to do with how “open” and willing Joy is to get all sorts of points of views on board. This was simply a means by which Croome and his version of events could again be promoted on the station – which is fair enough. You of course expect the homosexual media to feature homosexual activists to promote the cause.

But the uninformed person reading the article would think that Joy is the most open-minded, balanced and fair media outlet out there. However, I happened to keep listening to Joy after my ‘interview’ was finished, and Rodney Croome came on to do his thing.

The two Joy interviewers who feigned sweetness and light while I was on, quickly resorted back to attack mode, speaking about how irrational and foolish I was, and how I had no arguments to offer. They then of course gave Rodney a dream run to stick his boots into me, and push his claims without opposition or hard question, which I received.

So much for an “open-mic” policy. So much for balance, objectivity and fairness. But as I say, one expects this from a homosexual media outlet. But one does not expect – or should not expect – the MSM to push such a deceptive and misleading piece of propaganda for the homosexual activists.

But sadly, the story does not end there. As I mentioned, I did quite a few interviews and debates on this topic, mostly with various ABC radio stations. Except for one rather balanced debate (which incredibly Croome complained about!), every single other one of these were just as hostile, antagonistic and prejudiced against me as the homosexual radio station was!

Indeed, the so-called moderators of these debates were clearly gunning for me, while they gave Rodney a free ride. I was asked the hard and loaded questions, while my opponent was treated as if royalty. And this is our taxpayer funded ABC in action.

It has gone so far over to advocacy, indoctrination, and secular – left agenda pushing, that most ABC stations are indistinguishable from homosexual radio stations. Thus the two are in clear collusion to push agendas, and to deceive the majority by unbalanced and grossly misleading reporting.

As I say, no wonder the alternative media has taken off so quickly and so effectively. People are becoming sick and tired of the MSM which has long ago declared war on the very values and beliefs of most of its listeners. As long as this is occurring, the only option we have is to fight back with alternative media. Thus this website and many others like it.

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  1. Hi Bill
    You certainly show a lot of courage in accepting the challenge of debates with homosexuals. The Australian media are lacking in any balance on both social and political issues. There is vacuum here, waiting to be filled. The USA was in a similar situation until Fox News came on the scene. They are now the leading cable news purveyors of balanced debate. Such left wing newspapers as the NEW YORK TIMES is on the verge of bankruptcy and the combination of listening figures for the shame stream media don’t match the figures for the top time programmes on Fox. In Australia, even the advertising agencies are fooling themselves by aiming their messages at homosexuals, particularly in the take-away food fields. It is only recently, probably after criticism, they have added a “third” male to a cosy group eating junk food. They apparently don’t realise they are chasing 1.9% of the market.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  2. Bll, what do you think of Sky News. Leigh Hatcher recently spoke at Belgrave Heights Men’s Convention. They seemed fairly balanced?
    Martin Turner

  3. Thanks Martin

    Unfortunately I know very little about Sky News since it is a cable service, and we don’t have cable! If it is anything like Fox in the US, then it would be very useful indeed.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Anytime I’ve watched Sky News they appear to be left of centre and poorly informed on American politics, but nowhere near as left as the ABC or SBS. I always take particular notice of interviewers and debates. The main interviewer is left of centre and those they choose for debates are lefties from the Sydney Morning Herald and the like.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  5. After the last debate,we asked Rodney about breast-feeding. he had no answer! Men are unable to breastfeed!
    Jane Byrne

  6. A radio program that really does show balance is Unbelievable? from a station in London (also available as podcasts). This has Christians debating non-Christians on a variety of issues, and although I won’t say it’s totally unbiased, both sides are treated with respect, and there’s no trashing of guests afterwards (except perhaps in the listener feedback, but even then from both sides.

    Oh, I didn’t mention that it’s a Christian program on a Christian station. I don’t suppose The Age would ever write that up in the same terms.

    Philip Rayment

  7. Bill, I’m a little concerned about the proposal for the internet based filtering as proposed by the current Labour Government. While I am totally in support of filtering out the trash that is on the net, I have heard that this approach will only block extreme websites and still permit forms of pornography. The ACL have to date been in support of this measure but is there the potential to censor and shut down access to alternative media sites?
    Anthony McGregor

  8. Thanks Anthony

    This is a bit off topic here, but it is a rather large and important issue, one in which at least a full article would be needed to properly address. I am with you in wanting some action on Internet porn, but also concerned how such a system might end up being used Big Brother-style against those who are seen as PC threats to the State.

    See for example this possible concern:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. ‘Joy FM’ might sometimes air other views, but it’s not because they want to promote those views or show they are ‘tolerant’!
    A few years ago, a student doing ‘work experience’ for his journalism course was placed with ‘Joy’. He came and did a long interview with Peter Stokes. The interview was duly aired – heavily edited to shorten it to around 20 minutes.
    However it wasn’t allowed to ‘stand’ on its own – the homosexual presenter organised for two homosexuals who were connected with ‘churches’ to be in the studio and then comment on the interview with him for the next 20 minutes or half an hour.
    One was the minister of the homosexual Metropolitan Community Church and the other from some liberal Catholic-type group.
    Naturally they all rejected everything Peter had said – but he wasn’t there in the studio to refute or counter what they said.
    When they claimed that the Bible didn’t say anything against homosexuality, the homosexual presenter at this point asked them ‘Well, how do you know what to believe and what to leave out in the Bible?’
    They claimed that ‘there’s one theme that runs through the Bible, and that’s love. And our relationships are all about love, so they must be OK!’
    Peter offered to have an on-air debate with the two of them – but ‘Joy’ declined the offer.
    So much for an ‘open-mic’ policy!
    Jenny Stokes, Salt Shakers

  10. Bill,
    As someone who opposes human rights, why would you think they would go easy on you?

    You have an agenda, they have an agenda, but you are unhappy when they criticise you? Come on.

    If a homosexual went on to a right wing Christian radio show (highly unlikely they’d let him/her) they would be criticised for the way they are.

    As a proponent of culture and civility you apparently hold a monopoly on the definitition of what is right and moral, while offering no concessions to homosexuals.

    It is not a choice, and it does not affect one’s ability to live a civil, cultured and beautiful life.

    From a Christian perspective I can obviously see why you wouldn’t like gays. But from a cultured perspective – that is, someone who reads widely and realises that the Bible was written by fascist, racist, misogynistic and barbaric men – it appears to me that your position reveals a the very decline in ethics you lament.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.
    Lachie McKenzie

  11. We thank our God for your Daniel-like courage in entering the lions’ den. Bill, have you considered a school of defending the gospel as you have done?

    The same-sex groups have forgotten that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are the submarine mausoleum in the Dead Sea. God chose to hide the pathologies that emerge, such as HIV + AIDS, varying in each generation.

    Frank’s 1.9% was established by John Court, formerly Associate Prof of Psychology at Flinders University, then researcher at Fuller Theological Seminary. The basis of Kinsey’s immeasurable evil flowed from this deception.

    Sodomy produces a fissure -in-ano, grievously sensitive. God designed in holy marriage a heterosexual union, producing live babies – not pathological monstrosities.
    Sodomites follow the animal physical union of face to back, not the joyous face to face in blessed oneness.
    Uganda has followed the Bible truth of abstinence pre-maritally and faithfulness in that holy bond. They have the lowest HIV + figures in Africa. Let Australia follow!

    ‘Be holy – for I AM holy,
    Harrold Steward

  12. Thanks Lachie

    Leaving aside your silly string of ad hominems, let me simply say that you obviously have not read the article; or if you have, you have completely missed its point. I in fact said it makes sense for a homosexual radio station to want to push its own agenda. But the point of my piece was to show how fallacious and deceptive both Joy and the Age were for pretending that this station is keen on presenting all sides of a debate in an objective and even-handed fashion.

    I have provided the evidence, and you simply choose to ignore it and/or run rough shod over it. Nothing surprising about that however.

    And for what it is worth, homosexual activists are getting hearings all the time lately in Christian churches schools and organisations.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. If a homosexual went on to a right wing Christian radio show (highly unlikely they’d let him/her) they would be criticised for the way they are.

    There are two fallacies in this sentence. First, that the issue is about “criticism”, when Bill actually referred to being attacked and called irrational and foolish. This is abusive ad hominem, not mere criticism of his claims. The second problem is that you are constructing a straw man argument, presuming that a “right wing” Christian radio show would act the same way. I have already posted in an earlier comment to this post of Bill’s about a Christian radio station that treats its guests civilly. What I didn’t mention is that they had two programs on the issue of homosexuality a few weeks ago ( and While I haven’t listened to these yet, I am confident that they treated their guests better than in Bill’s Joy FM example.

    Philip J. Rayment

  14. Thanks Bill for another insightful blog.

    Thanks Philip for the links to mp3s. I’m going through them now, and the discussions are very interesting and well presented from both sides of the fences. I do find it a bit amusing that the host does seem to be a bit nervous / cautious in choosing his words when addressing/querying the pro-homosexual speakers (two for and one against btw). He does a fairly good job despite this, and only interrupts for the sake of time.

    Bill, do you have links to recordings or transcripts of your Joy Radio debate? I’d also be interested in hearing other radio sessions you’ve had with Croome, particularly the balanced one.

    Hi Lachie, I think Bill’s expression / choice of words often a bit harsh (no offence Bill), I know many people from my church get a little flustered with his blogs sometimes, mostly due to their fear that his wording is harsh and attacking, rather than loving and accepting…

    … I sorta agree sometimes, but I usually read on and try to see the big picture he is trying to communicate… It has always been a worthwhile read and I find his blogs very eye opening, with much Godly fear and wisdom… I’ve only started reading Bill blogs, but I do respect Bill for his willingness to speak out for God’s point of view and what God expects in today’s current issues.

    To that end, I don’t think Bill “opposes human rights”… in fact I would dare say, neither he does not “support human rights”! I think that Bill is a strong supporter of GOD’s Rights… in that what God says is good is good, and what God says is bad is bad, in that way, what humans think and want are, in reality, secondary… Christians or otherwise.

    That may sound a bit harsh (it prob is), but ultimately God made everything so He owns everything and can do what He damn well likes!… its just a very very very good thing that God is a very very very GOOD God. Woe to everything and everyone if He was evil!

    Of course we can and do argue till the cows comes home over interpretations of “what God says”, which is more than a bit frustrating sometimes… but I guess when we meet Him in person He will tell us what’s what for Himself. In the mean time, believers can only acknowledge we don’t know everything and try our best to do what our King wants us to do, as much as we are able to understand, broken eggshells and all.

    Thank you Bill for playing your part to help us see and understand better. I will pray you keep up your good work.

    Han Wei Koay

  15. So Lachie has come on to this website, slung a bit of mud at Bill and other Christians, made a bunch of claims to ‘knowledge’ yet provided no reason supporting those claims, let off a bit of steam, caricatured Christianity. This seems like reasonable grounds for Christians to unleash criticism in response. But where is it?

    Lachie……Come on! Why the attitude? If you’re cultured and read widely, you’d know enough about logic and argumentation to see the logical fallacies in your post. I’d also suggest that you’d also not write “and realises that the Bible was written by fascist, racist, misogynistic and barbaric men”. Arguably this shows you’re not read widely, perhaps time to stop “drinking the kool-aid” of people who believe such straw mans?

    Honestly, in my experience this kind of ad hom response is often nothing more than a smoke screen to some other issue, something deeply personal, perhaps a bad experience in the past. Someone very close to me is decidedly antagonistic to Christianity because blame for a parents divorce has been hung around the neck of the church.

    The world truly is broken, so much hurt being stored up and anger as a result of past events. Of course if a person reads widely they’d know that the Christian ‘worldview’ is the only one that offers any cogent explanation and solution.

    Way too many people view Christianity as a ‘moral code’ of do’s and don’ts. Getting people like Lachie to see that it is much more than a ‘religion’ is a real challenge for Christians, especially in politically correct, morally relativistic and religious pluralistic world. Although perhaps deep down we all know the Truth. Food for thought.

    Tim Stacey

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