A Review of A Queer Thing Happened to America. By Michael L. Brown.

EqualTime Books, 2011.

The fact that this book almost did not get published may be the most telling aspect of this volume. One publisher after another refused to have anything to do with this book. This simply shows the enormous power the militant homosexual lobby now exercises.

The simple truth is, they have effectively imposed an iron curtain of censorship, intimidating and bullying anyone who dares to question their radical agenda. Thus those voices that are willing to stand up and speak truth are few and far between.

Michael Brown is one such voice, and he has done us all an inestimable service by persevering with this book. It is the first major book on this topic to appear for some years now. It is a very thorough, well-researched and well-documented volume which covers most of the bases.

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A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been by Brown, Michael L. (Author) Amazon logo

Totalling nearly 700 pages (with nearly 100 of those pages devoted to endnotes), this volume is a careful and detailed examination of the homosexual agenda and the threat it poses to faith, family and freedom. In 15 meaty chapters all the important issues and debates are covered.

In addition to covering all the usual topics (eg., the unhealthy lifestyle of homosexuals, myths about discrimination, ‘I was born that way’ arguments, and so on), he especially highlights how very successful this relatively tiny activist movement has been in implementing its agenda, and silencing any critics along the way.

For example, he has a whole chapter on how effectively these militants have played the ‘hate’ card. They have managed to convince almost everyone that to even dare to take a different line on this topic is to be guilty of ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crimes’.

Thus they have forced most concerned citizens into silence, for fear of being accused of ‘homophobia,’ intolerance, and the like. And all around the Western world activist judges are implementing this strategy by enacting ‘hate speech’ laws.

As a result, homosexuality is now the world’s first politically protected lifestyle. Brown documents case after case where those who seek to challenge the militant activists are intimidated, bullied and threatened into silence, if not acceptance.

He also examines how the mainstream media has become almost fully homosexualised, and is now continuously in the service of the homosexual activists. Whether it is film, or television, or music videos, or what have you, the media is saturated with pro-homosexual imagery, messages and propaganda.

The same with our schools. Not just our universities, but all education, starting with kindergarten on up, is being aggressively targeted by the activists. There are very few schools that are safe today; most are being exposed to the radical agenda of the activists, and often parents have no say in the matter.

Brown also looks at the issue of ex-gays, something which the activists hate above all else. If they can show that homosexuality is an in-built, immutable condition, then they have a much stronger leg to stand on to promote their radical social agenda. But if homosexuals can and do change, then their whole case is blown out of the water.

He looks at the evidence for genuine change, citing plenty of studies along the way. And he documents how science and social science research has been hijacked by the activists, so that those daring to offer a contrary view are threatened, censored, or hounded out of their jobs.

As an Old Testament scholar Brown is well-placed to deal with the issue of theological revisionism. An entire growth industry has emerged by homosexual activists who seek to rewrite the Bible and theology to suit their agenda. Brown examines the usual Scripture-twisting here and ably refutes the bent theology.

He carefully examines the biblical texts on this issue, demonstrating that the revisionists are completely off base here. The Scriptural testimony from Genesis to Revelation is absolutely clear on the sin of homosexuality, and no amount of Scripture-twisting and theology-trashing can change that fact.

All in all, this book is a devastating rebuttal of the homosexualist agenda. It is filled with many hundreds of quotations from the homosexual press, from homosexual activists, and from reputable medical and scientific journals. It is one long volume allowing the other side to speak for itself, condemning itself in the process.

There are very few people who are still qualified to write a book like this today. One needs to be a careful scholar, a person of courage and conviction, aware of social trends and movements, filled with God’s love and compassion, and dedicated to telling truth in the public arena, even when it is very costly to do so.

Fortunately Michael Brown fully meets these qualifications. Thus his new book can be recommended without reservation. It deserves the very widest hearing. Well done Dr Brown.

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  1. Thanks Bill for the heads-up on this book. I have just ordered a copy from Amazon and look forward to reading it.
    David Barton

  2. I can’t wait for the thoughtful and gentle engagement with this hateful book…

    Read these excerpts from amazon reviews:

    “I did NOT purchase this book, but I read a ex-friend’s copy (used to be a friend, but when she pushed this hateful book on me, she lost my respect). The book is full of lies, hatred, phobia, and ignorance. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS BOOK!!!! ”

    “This type of homophobia is not new. “Religious” homophobia trying to appear intelligent is not new either. This rancid “book” is one more example of a hate monger attempting to justify discrimination. Not worth the paper it was printed on.”

    “The only people who would think this book has any truth whatsoever are the scum of America.”

    See how wrong Mr Brown is…

    The challenge for us is how to actually engage with people, have a real discussion when our conclusion disqualifies us from presenting the arguments.

    We have a lot to learn from them in how not to conduct the discussion, if our goal is to win any over at all.

    Michael Hutton, Tamworth, NSW

  3. Thanks Michael

    In over twenty years of dealing with homosexual activists, it has become clear that those who are asking genuine questions and are really interested in following the evidence are few and far between – but they are certainly worth spending time with. But as with the atheists (and often the two groups overlap), most are not at all interested in proper debate and civil exchanges. Instead, they pour forth hated, invective, name-calling and death threats. Sadly many of them operate this way, and there is little we can do to reason with them.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Michael Glatze, a former gay-rights leader who became Christian and left homosexuality in 2007:

    Part of the homosexual agenda is getting people to stop considering that conversion is even a viable question to be asked, let alone whether or not it works. In my experience, “coming out” from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

    What he’s saying is that those caught up in the homosexual lifestyle are not permitted even to ask if they can leave the lifestyle. Mr. Glatze’s testimony at his website is powerful reading. (h/t: ‘The Thinking Housewife’)

    Martin Snigg

  5. This week in Adelaide we saw a female minister of a certain denomination trot out the hate card. She happens to be in a ‘relationship’ with another woman. I fail to understand how a Christian church can tolerate such behaviour. Now that’s revisionism.
    John Bennett

  6. I think that we can learn a lot from the homosexuals in terms of how they achieved power out of all proportion to their numbers. The same goes for feminists, environmentalists and other left groups. They seem to capture some key positions and suddenly society changes. I think that over here they got somewhere with teacher unions. Then they went to other key positions. Christians need to pressure politicians to break up state education monopolies and enable more people to use small Christian schools or do homeschooling. That should not be difficult but it is.
    Greg Byrne

  7. Hello Bill

    Thanks so much for this review!! I was thinking just this weekend about this whole issue with Christianity and homosexuality. We here in South Africa have a little bit of a problem: we sit with a phenomenon called “corrective rape”. This is where a heterosexual man rapes a lesbian woman in order to supposedly “straighten her”. Naturally, Christians condemns such practices, as we condemn *any* rape. This phenomenon probably has it’s roots somewhere in African culture.

    But here is the problem: it gives the gay-stapo the *ideal* excuses to carry out their propaganda. What is interesting though, is that it demonstrates very clearly that Christianity *is not* responsible for the real crimes against these people. Not even the media tried to blame it on Christianity, because anyone living in South Africa knows that this particular thing has gotten nothing to do with Christians. I am just concerned that it may even appeal to some Christians’ emotions to become sympathetic to the gay-stapo.

    People interested can read about it here:



    Kindest Regards
    El van Niekerk, South Africa

  8. I’m beginning to see that boldness such as that shown by Michael Brown is the only thing that is going to cut through the sea of sewage rising up around our ears; boldness with, of course, the power of God. As you point out, Bill, this group (the homosexual community) is a tiny group but they are persistent, connected and very well-organized. We cannot afford to be passive, divided and passionless. The voice is rising against the homosexual lobby and other assaults against our faith. We may not all be Michael Browns but we can all start to take a deep breath and speak up in church, at work and other places. They won’t kill us for it…yet.
    Dee Graf

  9. Have just ordered the book. We are called to put on God’s armour…it seems to me that God is providing us with just that with this book.

    Be prepared…’have no doubt, we are at war’. The war unfortunately is about the destruction of society without one bullet being fired.

    Madge Fahy

  10. Your point about censored books often being good books is a great point. Just look at the Bible’s status in North Korea.
    Ben-Peter Terpstra

  11. Your readers – whatever their own Christian background – might be interested in the following article, from an American magazine (CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS), which details a 1987 document in which the Pervert Lobby spelled out its strategy for threatening Christian America:


    The procedures expounded here included:

    “Step 1: Talk About Gays and Gayness as Loudly and as Often as Possible.”

    “Step 2: Portray Gays as Victims, Not as Aggressive Challengers.”

    “Step 3: Give Protectors a Just Cause” (“Our campaign … should take anti-discrimination as its theme.”)

    “Step 4: Make Gays Look Good.”

    “Step 5: Make the Victimizers look Bad.”

    “Step 6: Solicit Funds: The Buck Stops Here.”

    Dr Vennari has waged, and continues to wage, a heroic fight against pervert lobbyists within American Catholicism, although it must be said that (despite such documents as the one described above) these lobbyists have not yet achieved anything like the absolute power of veto now wielded by their counterparts within Australian Catholicism.

    R. J. Stove

  12. Damien Spillane showed yet another example of the sodomofascists at work. But in response, far too many churchians are being WFJs (Wimps For Jesus). Where were they in standing up for an outstanding athlete defending the definition of marriage that has lasted thousands of years?

    El van Niekerk demonstrates another problem with “hate crimes” and related things: they imply that some victims of heinous crimes are more important than others. In reality, all crimes are hate crimes (as opposed to “love crimes”?).

    Jonathan Sarfati, US

  13. Bill, I have Brown’s five volune set Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus. This guy is a solid researcher, and debater. Fortunately for us, he will be having some input into the Asia-Pacific Christian Apologetics Conference on the Gold Coast in October, at which you will also be speaking. You are uncompromising kindred spirits, thank God.
    John Heininger

  14. Thanks John

    Yes I have that 5-volume set as well, along with other volumes of his. And yes we have a number of similar interests, and a similar testimony as well.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Good comment from R. J. Stove. If you watch the British quiz show “QI” on the ABC you’ll notice that its homosexual compere and activist frequently inserts homosexual references and jokes into the chatter and the contestants, all comedians, dutifully play along, “innocently” reflecting the theme back to him. This reminds me that in the early days of gay activism it was realised that most people would view homosexual practices with disgust, thus blocking social acceptance. One supposed way of overcoming this was the use of humour to habituate society to acceptance of queer practices. There is another British series that seems to have the same strategy in place. For example, putting a gratuitous foul-mouthed reference to sodomy into the mouth of an otherwise sweet and respectable little old lady who may well be someone’s prim grandmother. Unthinking people can be gradually habituated to accepting what is wrong. And others can be lulled by abstraction and intellectualisation that sanitize the distasteful reality.
    John Snowden

  16. Bill, I endorse your reply to Michael except that there are some atheists and agnostics who do not approve of homosexuality. The ones I have known were social and political conservatives who wouldn’t be seen dead near a Left-leaning Humanist Society.
    John Snowden

  17. Just a quick comment to Greg and Madge.
    We can certainly take notice of the strategies of the gay activists, but I don’t think we should copy them, as our master has other requirements, he is the Way as well as the life and the truth. But weave other weapons in our arsenal, more powerful and effective in the long run. For one prayer and also faithful endurance Rev. 14 round verse 12. The destruction that takes place is not so much that of society, but one soul at a time; societies can and will crumble but souls are eternal.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  18. Thanks Michael

    Yes the homosexual activists, along with the militant atheists, have become the new thought police, monitoring everyone – and everything – that dares to speak a contrary word to their agendas. Like the KGB or Stasi of old, they spend all their time building enemy lists, blacklisting and targeting them. As you have so carefully documented in your book, and I have so often documented on this site, they really are a fascist bunch who delight in bullying, intimidation, censorship, and ideological terrorism – all in the name of tolerance and acceptance of course.

    But we can keep praying for them, and continue to rejoice as God sets some of these people free, leading them to newness of life.

    Keep up your great work.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  19. Isn’t it funny how the other side doesn’t believe us, or turns a deaf ear when we try to warn them about the consequences of “small” things in the game of social engineering? Then when our warnings actually come to fruition, they still don’t acknowledge that we were right. As an example: Removing don’t ask/don’t tell from the military. Now a U.S. service member can’t get kicked out simply for being gay. Fine. I could go for that if it ends there but it doesn’t, and we’ve known this all along. They told us it is only a “small” thing to allow gays to serve without shame or concealment (I’m not allowed to broadcast my sexual behaviors in the military, but I guess the rules don’t apply evenly to everyone). We told them that it is only the first step in the social engineers grabbing the whole enchilada. They rolled their eyes at us. Well guess what? Now the Navy has enacted moves to “allow” chaplains to perform same-sex “wedding” ceremonies on military bases and other federal government property. It sure didn’t take them very long to do that, did it? Nor did it take them long to fire a valuable top officer for making “insensitive” comments about gays. Never mind the will of the vast majority of American taxpayers who pay that officer’s salary and pay to build government chapels, and nevermind DOMA being federal law. How many times do we need to say “told ‘ya so”, before the other side sees that the rest of us are having something crammed down our throats that we did not ask for nor approve of? Or that they are toying with an organization that is meant to serve and protect the country? But then again, I’m sure they know that already.
    Richard Carter

  20. A colleague of mine is currently reading this book and he tells me he’s impressed so far. Dr. Brown is the kind of Christian scholar we should all seek to emulate: his love for the lost and his strong defense of the truth.
    Cory Chiarelli

  21. Dear Bill, I have starting reading your book “Strained Relations”. Thank you for witnessing for traditional family values.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

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