Creeping Sharia Again

The front page of today’s Australian has a very revealing – if not alarming – article. And the most revealing phrase came in its first sentence: “The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the government’s new multiculturalism policy, argues that Muslims should enjoy ‘legal pluralism’.”

Legal pluralism. Hey that sounds kinda neat. But wait a minute. What they are really calling for is a plurality of legal systems. Or in this case, at least two: Western (Australian) law, but also Islamic law, or sharia. They are saying that they should be governed with their own laws, and not Australian law. Sure, here they only speak of small beginnings, eg., family law, divorce law, and so on.

But rest assured that things will not stop there. Indeed, creeping sharia has been taking place in other Western nations, and what has come about as a result has not been very pretty. Indeed, some of these nations are now reversing their policies, and clawing back creeping sharia. England is a clear case in point.

No better summary and commentary on this can be found than in Patrick Sookhdeo’s excellent new booklet, Slippery Slope: The Islamisation of the UK. This brief (50-page) booklet examines how Islam has managed to fundamentally change the UK, with a slow but steady process of Islamification.

He examines the obvious examples of creeping sharia, such as halal foods and Islamic financing, but then moves on to cover other cases, such as education. Muslims have objected to the way the state school system is run, with the result that the state has caved in with one major capitulation after another.

Says Sookhdeo, “Numerous concessions have been made in response to Muslim demands. At state schools Islam is often given more prominence and respect than other faiths. Schools are encouraged to provide halal food for their Muslim pupils, as well as prayer facilities and Muslim religious instruction. They also allow Islamic dress and gender segregation in physical exercises. The character of the state education system is gradually changing to give privileged status to Muslim pupils and their religion.”

Students at one Catholic High School were forced by teachers to wear Islamic clothing as part of a school trip. Those who did not were punished for truancy. In British universities it has been found that the largest financial contributions from overseas come from Arabic and Islamic sources.

During the past decade around 30 Muslim graduates from British universities have been found guilty of Islamist terrorism. This includes the man behind the 2002 Bali bombing which killed over 200 people. Indeed, higher education in the UK has become a hotbed for Islamist radicalism.

Sookhdeo provides page after page of other examples of this. And he points out that all this has not happened by accident. Islamists have long recognised the means by which a society becomes Islamised. And they go back to the life and example of Muhammad to promote this. As the booklet reminds us, a three-stage process is underway in Western nations.

First is the weakness stage, in which Islam is proclaimed in an unbelieving, infidel society. Second is the migration stage, where Muslim numbers are built up, and Muslim strength is consolidated. Third is the jihad stage, where the existing safe haven is used as a launching point to further expand their grip on a nation.

The aim is to establish Islamist political domination, resulting in an ideal Islamic state. The Islamists believe that all lands belong to Allah anyway, and the promotion of sharia law is seen as a means to cleanse the pagan lands so that the ideal Islamic state can be realised.

Islamists have made quite clear their goals, and Sookhdeo cites a number of these. For example, Egyptian Muslim preacher ‘Amr Khaled said this back in 2008: “The Muslims keep having children, while the Europeans do not – this means that within 20 years the Muslims will be the majority.”

And many non-Muslims agree. Middle East expert Bernard Lewis put it this way: “Current trends will have a Moslem majority by the end of the 21st century at the latest…. Europe will be part of the Arabic West.” The question does not seem to be if but when.

The Islamist agenda has been until recently aided and abetted by weak-willed and fuzzy thinking politicians and policy experts. Sookhdeo notes how the British policy of integration was altered in the 1960s. Instead of expecting the incoming minorities to fit in with and accept the majority culture, values and consensus, they were to be accepted as is, and were to be allowed to develop almost in parallel tracks.

“Acceptance can be compared to a stew-pot, in which various ingredients are mixed in a plentiful sauce that links them together, but where they retain some of their distinctive characteristics.” But this led to the tossed salad, in which pluralism began to replace integration.

And that in turn led to the fruit bowl, in which each group was encouraged to maintain its own identity. This concept of multiculturalism reigned supreme for over two decades, but the new conservative Government under David Cameron has now proclaimed multiculturalism to be a failure.

It has recognised that multiculturalism simply encouraged Muslims to see Islam as their main identity instead of their country. Says Sookhdeo, “They have a nominal allegiance to the British nation: their official nationality is British and they carry British passports. But they feel little or no responsibility towards the UK; their primary loyalty and duties are to their religion.”

Sookhdeo continues, “So the Islamic creed (the shahada) is the basis of their worldview; the Islamic law (the sharia) is the content of their lifestyle; and the Islamic ‘nation’ (the umma) is the object of their allegiance. In this way their religion has become an instrument of significant social change.”

This policy in fact encouraged segregation and made integration almost impossible. Deep divisions, and not unity, have been the result. And we are seeing all this now played out in Australia. Their call for “legal pluralism” should be sending alarm bells ringing all over the nation.

This is not a recipe for assimilation and unity. Quite the contrary, this is a call for a two-tiered legal system – to begin with – and the complete division of a nation. No nation can long exist with such separatist leanings and goals. Either guests who come here accept the values and customs of this land, or they should stay back where they came from.

All they are doing is leaving one sharia-led tyranny, and seeking to establish another one in a democratic nation. That amounts to destabilisation and eventually treason. Britain has rightly turned its back on the failed policy of multiculturalism, and Australia, if it is to survive, must do the same.

Otherwise we will not end up with genuine “legal pluralism” but with only one legal system: sharia law. And it will lead to a new segregation, with Westerners who do not embrace the totalist Islamist agenda being turned into second class citizens, or dhimmis.

We must choose in which direction this nation will proceed. And we must decide soon. Because freedom and political Islam cannot co-exist.

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  1. I’ll never forget a British Muslim schoolboy rushing to the front of a line. He said he had to be in front because he was holding a copy of the Koran. All would have to stand behind him (especially the girls).
    Ben-Peter Terpstra

  2. If they want Sharia law, why do they just move to a country that has it. No true Western Democracy with its Liberties and Freedom could even accept moderate Sharia law. I want to read America’s First Amendment and England’s Magna Carta. I am sure that these would be incompatible any form of Sharia Law. Of course I don’t think that matters to these governments that no doubt they see these documents as old and out of date.
    Carl Strehlow

  3. What the Western World needs to grasp, is that Islamic understanding of Democracy is not the same as ours. Islam’s plan for the entire world is to establish a universal Islamic – Sharia rule.

    Sharia governs every aspect of a devout Muslim’s life; so moderate Sharia does not fit in with their agenda and belief system. All Muslims are called to believe in the Qur’an as the undeniable and infallible word of Allah – as revealed through his prophet Muhammad. Despite historical and scientifically proof of the Qur’an’s contradictions, to the Muslim the Qur’an cannot be disputed or challenged. Therefore, all Muslims are commanded to follow a fundamentalist faith. We should be very concerned if the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils is pushing for Sharia and our government is submitting to it.

    Panage Kontos

  4. Thanks Bill for the heads up. This is as you say a stepping stone to religious and political domination that is anathema to what Australian society stands for. It will destroy Australian life as we know it. It will press the expression of Christianity as it has no tolerance of other views. There needs to be a clear outcry of the need to draw a very clear line in the sand. No more change to Islam and those who come to live on our shares are welcome but they must accept and adhere to our legal system.
    David Grace

  5. Yep, Bill. We are heading into some troubled waters but maybe we have been there for some time now. The atheist demanded air time we gave it to him, now evolution is “fact” and there is “no God”. The Christian is now silenced by law. The Muslim demands air time, we give it to him and now we are jailed if we examine factually the claims of Islam. The Christian is silenced by law.

    How did this darkness overtake our nation. Darkness can only exist when light refuses to shine. It may well be that this present darkness is a judgment on an apostate western Church which is refusing to be the Light unto the world.

    Dave Powell

  6. If the Australian government actually grew themselves a spine, or perhaps a better terminology would be a backbone, the minute these muslims try to manipulate the way they want their beliefs and cultural way of living to their advantage, it should be nipped in the bud immediately.

    Thus they have not done this, do the muslims realize that this could result in a disastrous and even deadly conclusion for them.

    The facts are that a guerilla war is not out of the question, rebellious behaviour, and complete acts of violence and self destruction, people wont stand and bow down the this new law.

    It will further more destroy Australian culture in every way slowly but surely.
    Will women be allowed to attend the australian football league venues to watch their teams play,
    What of anzac day, what a terrible cruel outcry, the very thing that us aussies pride ourselves on, freedom and democracy is what these gallant men fought for, this day will be forgotten and made a sham by the sharia law.
    Christmas day will be forgotten, as well as easter, australia day will be no longer remembered, because they will rule with their islamic laws.

    My grandfather came to this country working harder than most others, he became successful with his business astutes and is and always will be an honourable man, not one who hides behind tax payers hard earned money and welfare benefits, cheap skates.

    I would fight these extremists to the death if it comes to it. I will never bow down to this law nor will I accept it.

    I know that jesus preaches forgiveness and love, but even he drove the elders and sinners from the temple with a wharp whip and did so with authority.

    The australians who love this country for what is stands for must take action and fight back.
    All for one and one for all.

    Fivos Panayiotou

  7. A book worth reading is “The Raft of Mohammed” by Peroncel-Hugoz, a French scholar who lived in Egypt in the seventies. He has much to say about Moslem prejudice against Christians and Jews, especially what can be found at the popular level, in the streets, on TV and in the local mosque. The section on Egypt and the Copts is especially revealing. There are lots of interesting anecdotes about the rest of Islam. For example when Khomeini came to power in Iran he officially published a list of impure or unclean things that ranged from the obvious (excrement) to the bizarre (sperm, blood) to the insulting (non-Moslem men and women).
    John Snowden

  8. We must remember that the muslim religion was born out of the dark and therefore its followers are spiritually blind. I never forget what Darrell Ferguson said about what he discovered when he did his PHD. He said Muslims truly believe that the product of islamic life is good. Therefore, when they come to a country like Australia and they see that things are good here, they seriously think that it must have come from islamic influence. They truly are unable to see the mess that sharia law leaves behind in every country that it is established in and which caused them to leave in the first place, as someone pointed out. It is impossible to apply a logical measure which is a tool of the light to such spiritual blindness. Prayer and spiritual warfare again are first base in this conflict.
    Many blessings,
    Ursula Bennett

  9. if these people fled their country for a better way of life, which is clearly the reason, why bring a law and reliogious belief that was failing you in the former foreign country to a better way of life.
    The australian law is not good enough for them??
    They have many countries which would give them the ways of sharia law, why not immigrate to the likes of saudi arabie, egypt or pakistan.
    i am very anti muslim when these issues are brought up, i say to the muslims of this country, we are your friendsa and want you to revel in our way of life, live and enjoy your democracy and freedom, otherwise go back to where you came, it is obviously a flaw in the australian government that is made a weakness that muslim leaders in this country are targeting.
    this is totally despicable, sickening and morally wrong in every aspect.
    how would the two laws work if some parts of australia dispute or dont partake in this law, yet theo rest do.
    for example what would become of the law should one person challenge another and for one his beliefs and domain fall under the rule of sharia and the other person in court is applying the australian rule.
    how would these 2 laws work against one another or even for one another.
    This will cause severe racial dilemmas in this country, the muslim population in australia is 3 percent, of the approximate 22, 000, 000 there are 350, 000 muslims, they are a minority in the religious stakes.
    they feel they need to be in enclaves to take over small portions of this country, the government must wake up to it and fast, nip it all in the bud.
    put an end to them and their evil ways, no other religious leader is imposing or dare ask their ways be brought here.
    no hindu, no buddhism, no christian, no jehovahs witness, no scientology leader has dared ask for their laws be brought and enforced.
    i was right all along in saying o friends as early as the mid eighties as a mere child they can never be trusted.
    I dislike and resent their ways and also dont like violence or fighting, but if confrontation is the way to go, why make it easy for them, rather make it difficult as best can be.
    i will stand and fight them every step of the way.
    Fivos Panayiotou

  10. Read about this early this morning. These are very dangerous people and if Australians do not wake up then this country will end up like the UK and Europe. The islamic community know exactly what they are trying to achieve and while they have not fooled everyone, unfortunately they seem to have fooled those who are in positions to make a difference ie. the government. Sadly the ideological position of Labour will easily allow this type of thing to flourish so if Australian voters continue to be irresponsible at the polling booths then we have nobody but ourselves to blame for this. Make no mistake about it, you give these people an inch, they will take a mile.
    Steve Davis

  11. we shall not no way fear the devil if we are a strong in the Lord, the push for the islamic state is just the puny little devil trying to put fear on everyone with the muslms taking over the world. If God is on our side who can be against us and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil so the devil is going back to hell were he belongs and he is not taking us with him. Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil psalm 23. carn christians rise up for Jesus and stop the muslims taking over lets pray they get saved for Jesus along with the other religious. amen
    Jason Hockley

  12. Whilst visiting a hospital patient, yesterday, she showed me a sabre rattling statement, that had been passed to her from another patient. It was supposedly written by Julia Gillard. My thought at the time was that if all the patients in the hospital were to read it, the beds would be emptied in minutes, with the sick and dying rushing to find the nearest sharp (or blunt) instrument. However, it had not been written by Ms Gillard, but had been cobled together from a number of writers, including John Howard.

    Nevertheless, who ever had written it powerfully articulated what the general public thought. Maybe I need to adapt this rally cry to combat our other enemy the Gay Liberation Front.
    David Skinner, UK

  13. Sharia law is archaic, it is wrong and wicked!!! It cannot co-exist with Australian Law!!!
    Why would we want to incorporate “Sharia” law into our legal system when the Islamic ideology / religion is founded by a mere man who had multiple wives and females, and their ideology / religion has an inherent hatred of Jews and Christians!
    Muhammed on whom Muslims revere as the founder of Islam and who Muslims revere as a ‘Prophet of God’, was definitely Not a Prophet and that fact can easily be proven!!! He was familiar with Christianity in his region of the middle east – it was well established by then, and he incorporated some biblical teachings into his Koran, just as other sects and cults do – they take several portions of scripture out of context and base a whole teaching on those misquoted texts!!
    Islam exhorts it’s followers to ‘lie’- contrary to the Bible – God our Heavenly Father, who created the Heavens and the earth, is TRUTH and cannot lie and the Bible says the father of lies is the devil!!!
    IF Muhammed were a true Prophet of God, His teaching would be in line with the Bible, and Muslims would not be pushing to have their wicked sharia law put in place.
    Why do they preach hatred of Jews / Israel, when God’s Word says that the Israelites are the ‘Apple of God’s eye’ – the God of Creation, the God of the Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever – He does not change; His standards do not change – He is merciful, He is compassionate and He is full of LOVE
    The Jews being precious to God, because they were charged by God to be a blessing to the rest of the world and to teach people about God who led them out of bondage in Egypt through the Red Sea, on dry ground and looked after them for 40 years in the wilderness!!!
    WHY WOULD GOD CHANGE HIS MIND and TELL MUSLIMS that Jews are bad and Christians are bad???
    Islam does not worship the GOD of TRUTH, they worship a ‘god’ that changes his mind and tells them to hate and kill
    Our Australian Law is founded on the Bible = God’s Word. If Muslims don’t like it – go back to a Muslim country and live there!!!
    Multiculturalism, is an ideology, not who we are. We are one nation and that is AUSTRALIA; Many people come to our country from other nations, but we are Australian and those who founded this nation were of Judeo-Christian Faith, which existed hundreds of years before ISLAM, and is founded on GOD’s WORD = the Bible – which is established and based on TRUTH!!!
    JESUS the only begotten SON of GOD died for the sins of mankind – Allah did not!!!! Allah is a stone idol – archaeologists in the middle east have found stone statues of “Allah” – God says in His Word, not to worship idols!!!
    We have a DEMOCRATICALLY elected Parliament at State and Federal Levels and we also know that when there is a bad Government in power, we will have a chance to vote for better next time we vote!!!
    Many Australians that I know have made a point of learning about Islam and reading the Koran – and discovering that it is not the writings of a prophet, but a man who had some knowledge of Christianity – it was well established in the middle east when Mohammed was alive!!!
    Sharia Law is archaic!!! It cannot co-exist with our laws, it is intolerant of everything not Islamic!!!
    Old Testament Laws of the Bible are part of Old Covenant Law, but Jesus instituted the New Covenant and ratified it with the shedding of His blood on the cross!!!
    God our Heavenly Father, who created the Heavens and the Earth, established Law / the Justice system – He gave it to the Israelites from whom we derive our Judeo-Christian heritage and laws!!!
    We now live in a time of GRACE – our laws are based on GRACE, MERCY and TRUTH!!!
    Sharia Law cannot co-exist with our laws – it violates every persons rights by oppression and hatred and it wrongly and wickedly teaches that it’s laws over-ride the laws of other countries, and that it is wrong ideology can easily be proven!!!
    Biblical Law on which our Legal system was founded, was established 400 plus years before Islam!!!
    The GOD of the Bible is TRUTH, is JUST, is MERCIFUL, is LOVE, cannot lie and does not change – the god of Islam named “Allah”, through Mohammed’s teachings, teaches his adherents to hate and kill Jews and Christians – that is totally at odds with the Bible which says the Israelites are the “Apple of God’s eye”, and that they were to be a blessing to the nations around them!!!
    All Australians should loudly and vocally condemn any push for “plural” / “dual” legal system in Australia – it is anti-Australian!!!
    Barb Hoc

  14. Bill,
    Thanks for this timely post. The Muslims in any western country want to convert it to a fully Muslim nation. Our Australian Government need to take account of this urgently.

    Neil Herbert

  15. Fivos Panayiotou said, “if these people fled their country for a better way of life …? ”

    I’m afraid that I don’t believe that many of them did/do. Islam (read Satan) has a plan, and that plan is being worked out now.

    Kev Downes

  16. “Legal pluralism” has already been tried in Victoria, and I think is now being slowly dismantled. Search for “Koori Court system”

    It has also been tried in the old Republic of South Africa, and eventually debunked by Western nations. Search for “Apartheid”.

    It’s not new, but what is new is the militant ardour with which it is being promoted.

    John Angelico

  17. Hi John, this week my wife organized an home school educational tour of our local magistrates court. Including a talk with the lady (confessed Buddhist) magistrate. One student asked her if the Koori court was a success, she indicated in her opinion there was no evidence it fared any better than the regular court.
    Another student discovered a copy of the Koran (next to the bible) in the court covered with a red cloth. Apparently the cloth hides the Koran so that infidels like us cannot gaze our unholy eyes upon it. The magistrate shared how one of her greatest fears is a Muslim on trial takes an oath on it but finds that the separate certificate authorizing it is missing and so the case cannot go ahead at that time.
    Rob Withall

  18. A very tiny light becomes a beacon in profound darkness. In these dark times each of us MUST prayerfully discern our part in God’s plan and then just get on with it. I don’t believe we can do that unless we remain connected to a faithful worshiping community.
    Anna Cook

  19. “I’ll never forget a British Muslim schoolboy rushing to the front of a line. He said he had to be in front because he was holding a copy of the Koran. All would have to stand behind him (especially the girls).”

    Ben, what happened next? Did the girls tell him to get lost? Did you tell him to get lost? Didn’t anyone knock his cretinous Koran out of his hands and laugh at him? Why ever not?!

    Dominic Baron, NZ

  20. We need some politicians with zero tolerance toward any other religion or sin. They won’t be popular with men, but no prophet ever was. The Christian parties are all dying on their feet, not to say that there is some good taking place, but it shocking to see so few who will be politically incorrect and biblically correct!
    I’m not one to whinge anyway, I think Christians need to get out there and preach the Gospel – reclaim the streets for street meetings, go door to door, start more fundamental Christian schools, etc.
    Forbes Morrison

  21. Jesus will help us but we need to ask him each day to walk with us…this is big! Jesus we ask you to bless your warriors in the midst of this overwhelming battle. Dear Lord, please reclaim all that is yours! Amen!
    Jane Byrne

  22. To Carl,

    although it may seem that true Western Democracy would never allow this, it is frightening how things that are introduced gradually and without many people realising, can suddenly sneak up on us and then it is too late.

    Naomi Kerber

  23. Once all books are read, all wise things are said and many blogs have been read, there comes the time to actually do the right thing and become active to uphold our values. Nobody else will do it for us. Google “Q Society of Australia”.

    Ralf Schumann

  24. Yes this is a concern, in our country Australia, the country i love and the freedom i hold so dear to my heart, yes im a warrior for Jesus, we must stand up for this country, their is a group that has made it quite clear that they want to change this country, well i say to them, i ,we say that, i make it quite clear to them that NO SHARIA-LAW IN THIS COUNTRY; FULL STOP. I GET VERY VERY UP SET, THEY HAVE THE ENJOYMENT OF THIS COUNTRY, AND THEN TURN AROUND AND WANT TO CHANGE IT, WELL IT IS NOT ON, FULL STOP, PEOPLE OUT THEIR THAT LOVE THIS COUNTRY, STAND UP FOR IT, SHALOM 🙂
    Gail Webster

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