Finally Some Good News and Some Common Sense

We live in dark days, and good news is often hard to come by. Even harder to find – at least in the media and the public arena – is some common sense. We are plagued with political correctness and radical leftist ideology which is quite far from being sensible or rational.

Thus when we get a bit of good news and mental and moral clarity – especially if appearing in the MSM – then we better shout it from the mountaintops. Indeed, it is worth spreading it around far and wide, and that I shall happily do. The story opens as follows:

“Victoria’s deputy chief psychiatrist – and State Government-appointed equal opportunities champion – has joined forces with doctors lobbying the Federal Government to ban same-sex marriage. Twenty-two Victorian GPs, anaesthetists, obstetricians, palliative care specialists and psychiatrists, including Prof Kuravilla George, have joined 150 colleagues interstate to argue gay marriage poses a health risk to society.

“In a letter to the Senate’s inquiry into marriage equality, the group wrote that it was ‘important for the future health of our nation’ to retain the definition of marriage as being between a man and woman. ‘We submit the evidence is clear that children who grow up in a family with a mother and father do better in all parameters than children without,’ they wrote. The doctors also said they were concerned legalising gay marriage would ‘normalise’ homosexual behaviour and the ‘health consequences’ linked with it, such as HIV and syphilis.”

Wow, you don’t read that sort of stuff in the MSM every day. Finally a group of doctors and experts who refuse to be cowed and intimidated by the radical activists, and are willing to put principle ahead of political correctness. Finally some brave doctors who are willing to seek the well-being of the general community.

Finally a group of professionals who have not allowed themselves to be browbeaten and bullied by the militant homosexual activists. Finally a group of people with integrity and guts, who are willing to speak truth, even if it will bring down the venomous rage of the activists.

So well done one and all. And everything they say is perfectly true, and fully verifiable. The social science data on this is overwhelming. I have long collected this data, and it is overwhelming in its conclusions: children do best when raised by their biological mother and father.

That is perfectly clear even in the secular social science data. I hope to turn all these research findings into a book one day, but in the meantime you can find a solid hunk of the documentation in these two articles:

The social science research simply backs up what all of us – except those blinded by their radical ideology – already know by common sense: children have a fundamental right to be raised by their own biological parents. To deliberately deprive a child of this – as in homosexual marriage and adoption rights – is a clear form of child abuse.

And the many very real and harmful health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle is also fully documented – even by the homosexuals themselves. This information is fully contained and referenced in my book on homosexuality, Strained Relations. Those who want this documentation will find links to my book below.

But let me point out a few other things about this article. Any day of the week you will find pro-homosexual articles in the MSM. At least nine times out of ten however, you will never find the other side featured in those articles – not even with a very brief sound bite. But whenever the MSM dares to print an article which gives our side of the story, then you will find all sorts of homosexual activists invited to comment, to offer “balance”.

Question: if the MSM is so interested in balance here, then why is it all one-way traffic? Why does it have zillions of pro-homosexual articles with almost no right of reply from our side? This is just typical hypocrisy and double standards from the secular left MSM.

So we get the usual suspects dragged out to misinform the public in this article. Thus we have Rodney Croome pulling out the old canard that “homophobia” is the cause of higher homosexual suicide rates. This is patent nonsense, and is not at all supported by the empirical data. I not only offer full documentation of this in my new book, I also have dealt with it quite recently here:

And get a load of this moonbattery: “But former national AMA president and gay rights activist Kerryn Phelps said the doctors should ‘hang their heads in shame’ and that Prof George’s position on the board of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission should be reviewed. ‘They should immediately disqualify themselves from dealing with matters of sexuality, as they clearly have no idea about its complexities’.”

Yeah right. All these medical professionals are somehow unqualified to speak on these matters, and should be given the boot, all because Ms Phelps does not like what they have to say. This is typical jackboot fascism from the activists. Yet for some reason she is to be fully trusted as an unbiased and objective source of truth and information here – as a lesbian!

Spare me Kerryn. Why don’t you just disqualify yourself? You are hardly a disinterested, dispassionate and neutral player in this game. You have been pushing your radical agenda for decades now. But when some of your colleagues finally call your bluff and say enough is enough, you throw a hissy fit. Just get over it.

It is the brave men and women who signed this submission, spearheaded by Dr Lachlan Dunjey of Perth, that deserve heaps of praise and thanks. They have proven that not everyone is a coward; not everyone has chucked out his brains; not everyone is a PC zombie; and not everyone is going to let the radical bullies silence them.

Well done team. You guys are real heroes. We need many more like you.

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26 Replies to “Finally Some Good News and Some Common Sense”

  1. Phelps talks about “complexities”. Apparently the fact that 100% of all people – including her – have a mother and father is ‘complex’ matter. It is Phelps that has left all reason behind, but we knew that when earlier this year she tweeted in reference to Margaret Court’s opposition to ssm – “Nothing wrong with having zero tolerance for intolerance!”

    This stuff would be raw material for comedy routines if it wasn’t attached to mendacious campaigns to re-engineer societal norms to suit a particularly hateful and militant vocal minority.

    So good on the doctors for bucking the PC lies and telling the truth.
    Mark Rabich

  2. Very good news. But why are these doctors saying what the church ought to be saying but doesn’t?
    Damien Spillane

  3. Yes good question Damien. As usual, where are the churches, and where are the so-called CHristian leaders? Their silence is damning.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Thanks Bill, regarding the150 doctors, obviously the Greens are not at all interested in the experts point of view. I mean seriously what would 150 experts know? (sarcasm intended) They have completely rejected the submission. We shouldn’t really be surprised.

    Scott Haas

  5. Damien, Bill and others,
    The reason I believe Christians are often reticent to comment publicly (as I have been doing, in my own circles), and often leave the “running” to other ‘professionals’, is because professional comment is easily enough written-off by the Pro-homosexual lobby, and the “Christian” comment is even more so! After all, it’s ONLY a religious comment, and therefore easily disregarded. The impetus is always there to have a contra point of view from a ‘secular’ stand-point!!
    John Tongue

  6. The Greens/ socialists have the only two doctors whose opinions count with them, the unbiased Doctors Brown and Phelps.
    All others are lesser people, doctors and academics whose opinions, research, data, published papers, findings and recommendations come to zero under the flaming nostrils of hatred of the intolerant radical activist homosexual lobby.
    Mike Evans

  7. Well hurray. Praise God for Lachlan Dunjey and 150 colleagues. I am so proud of them, enough is enough they have said. I get so tired of Bob Brown etc in my lounge room. Need some positive news. Thank you Bill love your website, so informative. Thank you all and thank you God.
    Heathermary Dellaca

  8. Bill, how can we show our practical support for Prof Kuravilla George and the other medical professionals who have stood up for their principles, particularly as they will no doubt face personal and professional attack from the politically correct media?
    Anthony McGregor

  9. Thanks Bill. Well said doctors.

    The rapid-fire, blatant media-bias against these 150 doctors is quite telling, really. Any idea that there may be an important voice here was immediately dismissed by the large majority of the mainstream media. Anyone who likes to ask a question, can easily detect this rapid-fire media-spin. Didn’t hear many….”hey wait a minute, maybe these 150 have got a few good points”.

    Dismissing these 150 doctors, as ‘just a bunch of conservatives’, is the hyped-up response. Basically saying, ‘we know all that we need to know, and we refuse to engage further with anyone about it’.

    By the way – I don’t think it helps, to keep saying that the churches are silent, and Christians leaders have gone missing, in this debate. Many are extremely concerned, and are speaking, and pursuing wise ways of making their voice heard. Unfortunately, as the response to the 150 doctors illustrates, the MSM generally don’t welcome the Christian voice on this one. But, in my opinion, I really think the general public still do.

    Trevor Faggotter

  10. Hello Bill,
    Yesterday’s Sydney Sun-Herald had a full front page and two full pages inside on Gays In The MIlitary.
    As usual, only one side of the issue.
    Are we surprised?
    Keep up the great work, Bill, in keeping us informed.
    God bless you and your ministry.
    Paul de la Garde, Sydney

  11. Hi Bill,

    This is my first post on your site. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your insight and wisdom. Your articles are like a beacon of light and truth in a world that seems opposed to both completely.

    I heard the good Doctor Lachlan Dunjey on ABC radio this morning. I think it was Radio National. The ABC presenter could not fathom the concept that these doctors and specialists may actually take a differing position from the militant homosexual lobby.

    The conversation was basically the ABC presenter accusing the good Dr Dunjey of simply being homophobic, having no scientific evidence on his side and simply imposing his own moral values on the rest of society.

    The fact that Dr Dunjey actually cited reports in the American Academy of Paediatricians confirming that biological parents are best – that was simply inadmissable to the good old ABC.

    To provide a counter opinion, whom did they choose? None other that the impartial Dr Kerryn Phelps. Dr Phelps decided to label these doctors as simply ‘right wing’ extremists.


    The tolerance brigade on display once again.

    Keep up the great work Bill. Again my thanks for your site and efforts in keeping up the good fight.

    Matthew Kemp

  12. In the TV news reports here in Tasmania last night, the Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT (who is openly homosexual) claimed these Doctors’ comments were merely driven by “self-interest”?!?!

    John Tongue

  13. I’ve noticed something the last few weeks which won’t surprise anyone but it’s interesting. They have polls frequently on some news sites and the gay marriage question has come up in my limited surfing time 3 times. The first time the poll was in a majority against SSM, the second time on a different news site the poll read in favour of SSM (just) with an accompanying article “Most support same sex marriage”. Just a few days ago another poll on the same news site as I first mentioned and it was substantially against SSM but I found nowhere a heading “Most DONT support same sex marriage”. I guess I won’t hold my breath.
    Greg Sadler

  14. Thank you Bill
    This is a heart warming story about these Doctors, Praise GOD!
    I had dinner with a male Christian friend on Friday night and the topics of Abortion & Homosexuals came up. At first he asked me to teach or explain about this homosexual debate from a Christian point of view. I ventured in carefully but before I finished a sentence was cut off. He commanded, how in the world could this be simply a matter of choice? He then fired, have I heard of Penny Wong or Bob Brown? I remained silent and let him air himself (about 5 minutes).
    I said, what is the major contributing cause for males to become homosexual? He shook his head. I said weak or absent fathers and a domineering mother. He looked at me without a word, shook my hand and walked away.
    Daniel Kempton

  15. It almost feels like the cavalry has arrived with these 150 doctors. It was a good move that they didn’t associate themselves with any Christian group because they would have been immediately labeled. Karen Phelps has had every opportunity to put forth her research showing how beneficial it is for children to be raised in a same sex household but all she can do is call for the review of someone’s professional position in the government for having dared to stand up to them. It is really time for her to grow up and perhaps seek counseling.
    Anna von Marburg

  16. ‘Marriage’ is also the biological ‘marriage’ of cells to produce new life, a child. Same sex marriage produces no fruit for life on this planet.

    Angie Volmensky

  17. Dear Bill, At long last some doctors have decided to speak the truth.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  18. Thanks Franklin

    Yes these doctors are to be commended big time. But it did not take long for the pink mafia to hound the good doctor in question out of his position:

    Clearly they are the most intolerant, bullying and anti-democratic group in the country. They will not stop until every last voice of opposition is forever silenced. Christian sleepers be forewarned here. If we do not wake up real soon, it will be too late for all of us.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  19. I heard Mr. John Searle (Victorian Equal Opportunity Chairman) when he announced Prof. George’s resignation. In part, he stated that Prof. George was acting in a private capacity, and that his viewpoint did not reflect that of the EOC.
    You are quite right – the Christian sleepers do have to waken!
    Joan Davidson

  20. The other day I read the following statement on facebook: “Never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God.” Of the 12 Israelites who spied out the Promised Land only 2 had the true perspective. I think we can safely say that there are many today who are frightened by the ‘giants’ in the militant gay brigade.
    Steph Mitchell

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