In Defence of Cory Bernardi

South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has just been hung out to dry by his own party. Why? Because he had the guts to tell the truth, and his PC political mates were too chicken and too spineless to back him up. He was speaking on the homosexual marriage bill, and had the courage to suggest where all this might lead.

He had given a very good speech in the Senate outlining his concerns about homosexual marriage and how children especially will be impacted. His entire speech is well worth reading (see link below). He also spoke of where this was all heading. He said in part:

“If we are prepared to redefine marriage so that it suits the latest criterion that two people who love each other should be able to get married irrespective of their gender and/or if they are in a sexual relationship, then what is the next step? The next step, quite frankly, is having three people or four people that love each other being able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society—or any other type of relationship. For those who say that I am being alarmist in this, there is the polyamory community who were very disappointed when the Greens had to distance themselves from their support for numerous people getting together and saying they want to enter into a permanent union. They were disappointed because they were misled that this was about marriage equality and opening up marriage to all people who love each other.

“There are even some creepy people out there—and I say ‘creepy’ deliberately—who are unfortunately afforded a great deal more respect than I believe they deserve. These creepy people say it is okay to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step? In the future will we say, ‘These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union.’ It is extraordinary that these sorts of suggestions are put forward in the public sphere and are not howled down right at the very start. We can talk about people like Professor Peter Singer who was, I think, a founder of the Greens or who wrote a book about the Greens. Professor Singer has appeared on Q&A on the ABC, the national broadcaster. He has endorsed such ideas as these.

“I reject them. I think that these things are the next step. As we accede to one request we will then have the next one which will be for unions of more than two people. We will have suggestions for unions of three or four people. I notice the Greens are heckling, but the point is that they misled their constituent base and there was an outcry about this. Where do we go then? Do we go down the Peter Singer path? Those that say this is the end of the social revolution have no history of being honourable about that. They continue to push and challenge our social and cultural mores. We simply cannot allow such an important social institution to be redefined, especially when Australians do not see this as a priority issue.”

And he is of course exactly right. We have all sorts of our elites right now going into bat for bestiality, including Professor Singer. I have written about him before. He had for example written an article in Nerve online magazine in 2001 entitled “Heavy Petting” in which he argues for bestiality.

In it he waxes eloquent about the virtues of bestiality, going into great details about the joys of sex with horses, dogs, orang-utans and donkeys. He said that as long as the animal is not hurt or exploited, what is wrong with it? As a strident vegetarian, all that he is really doing here is telling us that it is OK to have sex with animals, as long as we don’t eat them afterwards.

And bestiality is making a big come back in the West. As but one example, I wrote about this not too long ago:

In Germany we now have “bestiality brothels”. I kid you not. Let me simply present to you the entire article on this: “Animal sex abuse is on the rise in Germany, with bestiality brothels being set up across the country, according to a state animal protection officer demanding stronger laws to protect mankind’s furry and feathered friends. Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals – known as zoophilia – a crime.

“‘It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,’ she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday. ‘There are even animal brothels in Germany,’ she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable. ‘The abuse seems to be increasing rapidly, and the internet offers an additional distribution platform,’ she said.

“She said the justice authorities had found it exceptionally difficult to convict a man from Hesse, who had offered pictures and instructions for animal sex abuse over the internet. ‘Zoophilia must be completely banned in the reformed animal protection law,’ said Martin, referring to the governments plan to rework that section of the law.

“Sex with animals was banned until 1969, when the animal protection law was introduced, but failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia, the Frankfurter Rundschau said. Martin said the current legal situation makes it too difficult for authorities to intervene – an animal has to be shown to have massive injuries before the animal protection laws prescribe action.”

But Australia is not immune from this. Consider a very recent news item which said this: “A film depicting sex acts between men and donkeys was screened at a Sydney film festival last week after an exemption from classification was granted to the festival by the Classification Board. I was almost certain they would ask for that film but they didn’t. The federal government agency responsible for classifying films, the Classification Board, did not ask to view Donkey Love before granting permission for it to screen at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and Sydney Underground Film Festival.”

So nothing wrong with a bit of bestiality in our films, but when a Senator warns of such matters he is promptly treated like the plague and a pariah. Talk about shooting the messenger. Typical MSM hatchet jobs. I had the same experience some years ago.

In a research paper I wrote on homosexuality (now part of my new book) I simply reported what the homosexuals themselves were saying about bestiality. I simply quoted from their own sources. Yet when the Sydney Morning Herald got a hold of it they crucified me just as the MSM is now crucifying Bernardi.

They wrote a big story on it, attacking me, instead of the homosexuals promoting it! They were intent on shooting the messenger in other words. Instead of getting upset at the horrible things the activists were saying, they attacked me instead. Here is what I wrote:

“The Gay Report, a book much praised in homosexual communities, contains testimonials without adverse comment of homosexual encounters with Labrador retrievers, cows and horses. The 1992 report mentioned above found that 15 per cent of male homosexuals and 19 per cent of male bisexuals had sex with animals, compared with 3 per cent of male heterosexuals. As lesbian activist Sara Cohen puts it, ‘What’s wrong with a little bestiality?’

“And another classic homosexual volume, The Joy of Gay Sex became so popular that it was updated in 1992 to become The New Joy of Gay Sex. Written by a New York clinical psychologist, this volume was published by mainstream publisher HarperCollins. In this book the author says this: ‘Moralists condemn sex with animals as disgusting, immoral, and generally horrible. . . . Like other inexperienced city dwellers, we may not so readily fathom the mechanics of cow-, sheep- or horse-f***ing, but see no reason to condemn it out of hand’.”

Now if that bothers you, well it should. It is disgusting that some homosexuals approve of all this. Yet like Bernardi, the MSM decided to attack me instead for simply sharing these truths in public. They ignored the truth of what I said, and concentrated on vilifying me for even raising the issue.

So I know just how Bernardi feels. He was exactly correct to say what he did, and his party should be ashamed for not supporting him. But there are a few things we can do here. Please write and offer Bernardi your support, encouragement and prayers:

And please write to Tony Abbott and ask him to reinstate Bernardi:;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansards%2Fd1b86af2-b8ee-4367-ad53-c5359a072920%2F0198;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2Fd1b86af2-b8ee-4367-ad53-c5359a072920%2F0000%22—-.htm×24.html

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44 Replies to “In Defence of Cory Bernardi”

  1. Bill,

    I emailed the following to Tony Abbott, local Federal member George Christensen and to Bernardi …

    “The Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Tony Abbott,
    Member for Dawson, Mr. George Christensen,
    Senator Cory Bernardi,

    I am … well known to Mr. Christensen, my local member.

    I need to make some comments with respect to the issue of homosexuality and beastiality, comments regarding which, Senator Bernardi had to resign as Mr. Abbott’s parliamentary secretary.

    As a medical student at the University of Newcastle in 1997, we had a “seminar” entitled “Issues regarding homosexuality.” As part of that seminar, an invited psychologist stated that he would have 1-2 patients every year who came to him because they could not gain erections in order to have sex with their dogs. He stated that his duty to those patients was to help them overcome that inability so as that they could have sex with their dogs.

    I was the only medical student in that class who opposed his approach publicly and the only one who was willing to publicly oppose beastiality on moral grounds.

    That this issue should be raised by a psychologist in a “seminar” entitled “Issues regarding homosexuality” indicates that Senator Bernardi is correct.

    Mr. Abbott, please re-instate the Senator as your parliamentary secretary. If you or your office wish more details re: this matter, please contact me on the details below.”

    Graeme Cumming

  2. Thank you for the above. In the last few weeks since this became such a political focus i wasn’t in the least aware of the future ramifications of such a law being passed. Now that i see that my children will have to be educated in primary school on – not just sex ed, reproduction – but also in the assumptive associated ‘sexual urges’. With the gay marriage act delivered, this will also become part of their education. once the gay marriage act is allowed, then gay relationships will have to be written into our social script, ie; advertising, tv shows, movies, art, etc … then as you say, come the polygamists, the transvestites, transgender, transexuals. Once primary school children have a ‘mature and healthy’ attitude towards sex then i guarantee that the social media will start to promote these changes. Then does the legal age limit for sexual intercourse get dropped from 16 to say,13? then of course, the pederasts and pedophiles ask for their rights too? as long as the children are educated, and give their consent and the legal limit is observed (which of course it never will be, never has been) … i have 4 children and i am just so disturbed at where i see this heading, and in the near future, not in some distant future. The collapse of the roman empire is upon us. Sweet Jesus have mercy, please, because we can no longer protect our children.
    Susan Morgan

  3. Susan, I have the same concerns as you. My husband and I are about to become parents for the first time in a matter of days and I am concerned about my child’s education should ssm become legal. My husband and I have already placed our unborn child on a waiting list for a private Christian school. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 years before my child reaches school age? What I fear is that my child will be indoctrinated by force to accept same sex relationships as normal, despite going to a private Christian school. What will happen to Christian schools who refuse to teach our children this filth? Where can we educate our children safely so they are not corrupted? This is something that upsets me greatly, to the point that the thought of my baby losing his or her innocence brings me to tears. I’m so scared, I want my child to grow to know and love Jesus and be righteous. How can I protect my child if my rights as a parent are stripped, just like the parents in Canada and Massachusetts?
    I will continue to pray about this issue as I feel it will not go away. The loony left are going to keep pushing this until they get what they want…which is to see the family unit destroyed.
    Holly Beecham

  4. Bill,
    As always congratulations for gathering the facts and arguing so well. I put a reference this on two Facebook pages.

    Fr Luke Joseph

  5. Dear Holly,

    I cant imagine what you are feeling. My children are between 10 and 15 so I have had the opportunity to at least impart both my faith and a certain moral code before the education system has taken up the flag to champion diversity and tolerance to this new level. I know that God is in control, I know prayer is the most powerful weapon we have and I know that we are heading into a new level of spiritual battle. But the pace of change, the amount of media carnage on religion and religious beliefs and objections, the level of misrepresented facts and misleading headlines … are pushing people of faith into very tight corners now. I have brought up the subject of ssm and the introduction of sex ed into grade 5 with my sisters and mother, and I am so sad to say that they think my objections even just on the grounds of the snowball affect … let alone my religious objections – mark me as some fundamentalist type religious zealot. This silent but rapid encroachment of extreme liberalism has been so intensely saturated into our socially engineered culture, that nobody seems to be able to see whats coming. Nobody can see the cliff we are just about to all run off. You are in my prayers, God will keep you safe.
    Susan Morgan

  6. I sent an email to Senator Barnardi and cc’d it to Mr. Abbott, thank you very much for giving us the email addresses as most of us don’t have the time to go looking. We need men and women of INTEGRITY in parliament and as a South Australian I was very happy to tell him that I had voted for him before and that I definitely would vote for him again. I also told them my concerns about the lack of integrity in the South Australian Parliament. Leon Bignall had his supporters hand out fake Family First voting cards giving him their preferences, when the fact of the matter was that Leon Bignall LIED about Family First in his maiden speech. (There was no possibility that Family First was going to give him their preferences with the way that he used parliamentary privilege to say that local churches were giving Family First money from their tithes and offerings!) Family First took him to court and he had to pay damages, but the fact of the matter is that lying paid off for him. He’s still in the parliament, he’s still an MP and we all know he’s a liar because he lied about our churches, and there they were handing out fake voting slips at a local community centre and a local school. Unfortunately the Opposition did NOT insist that this man be removed from office and a by-election held. We need integrity on both sides of politics and people who will uphold the truth.
    Joy Rosy

  7. It’s ironic how outraged the Greens and others get over the comments by Corey Bernadi…I think they are being intolerant and discriminating against those who just want to ‘love animals’ etc….Bestialophobic! How dare they be so intolerant of those humans and animals that want to get married!….

    What annoyed me the most was the constant news headlines throughout the day that were along the lines of ‘Senator links gay marriage to bestiality’…yet the context of his talk itself was very sound! He was simply suggesting that if we allow marriage to no longer be based on absolute truths then we open up a slippery slope that has no boundaries…. The media and Greens etc reacted hysterically and conveniently quoted Bernadi’s speech into a soundbyte they could misuse. This is their approach – ignore the facts of the speech and the absolute standards behind them and just attack the man, trying to do this enough over time so that more of the public sides with the pushers of a truthless world where people are lost in a sea of meaninglessness!

    Jeremy Woods

  8. Thanks Bill,
    Yes I have just written to Tony Abbott (re-instatement of Cory) and Cory Bernardi offering encouragement.
    Jamie Bowman

  9. Have sent off email of support to Senator Bernardi and one to Tony Abbott requesting that he reinstate the good Senator (while knowing that he won’t have the courage to do so for fear of a backlash from MSM).
    Also sent an email to the editor of the Herald Sun (20/9) when in criticizing Senator Bernardi he stated that ” it is the Western Australian Senator who is a creep”.
    Thank you Bill for all you have done against all odds in your support for marriage between one man and one woman. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

    Madge Fahy

  10. Dear Christian brother Bill
    Go and have your ‘cake baked on hot stones’ – 1 Kings 19. Don’t go and sit under a broom tree will you!

    We are all so indebted to you for you keeping a watch on the wall and informing and thereby arming us for prayer.

    The prophets of Baal have lost this time and by such a great margin. Praise God and God bless Tony Abbott. Long may he serve in our country’s government. Those who honour God will by God be honoured.May God continue to bless you, your ministry and your family.

    Anne-Marie Modra

  11. Thanks for this article and the links, Bill.
    I too have emailed Senator Bernardi to offer my support, and Tony Abbott to ask for the Senator’s reinstatement.
    Many thanks also for your courageous stand against SSM, and the numerous informative articles.
    God bless you and give you His strength and courage to keep up the fight!
    Jan Greig

  12. In my naivety I saw the title “Donkey Love” and assumed it was a movie about two donkeys in love or a boy and his donkey. Donkey sex didn’t enter my mind. The more people are exposed to this concepts the more desensitized we become as a society. I know I don’t have the same sense of revulsion to homosexual kissing after years of having it shoved in my face by the media.

    For those worried about what their children will face in public/private school there is an other option: homeschooling. Please consider it. As a homeschool I control what my children learn and when. This doesn’t mean they will be completely unexposed to the ungodly things in this world, but it does mean I can control what they are exposed to and when and when we do talk about such things it will be within the framework of a biblical worldview and not the agenda of the tolerance brigade.

    Kylie Anderson

  13. I too have just written to Senator Bernardi in support and to that other guy in condemnation.

    David Williams

  14. I can’t believe that the sole concern of the woman in Germany was for he animals, well and good it may be.
    But the Lord is crying for the human souls defiled with all this in the name of freedom. Who will cry with Him?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  15. Thanks for your article, Bill. I was about to search for Senator Bernardi’s email address when you gave it. We’ve also sent an email of support to him.
    I’d like to see Graeme Cumming’s comment (the first above) make it into the letters to the editor of every daily newspaper in the country, how’s about it? Wake up Australia.

    Brenda Rudolph

  16. The Senate has just voted against gay marriage.
    The most disappointing aspect is that Mr Abbott is quoted as saying he is ‘conflicted’ on this issue. He then goes on to talk about his lesbian sister and their discussions.
    Looks like the next election here will be a Romney/ Obama style one, where Abbott is just slightly better than Gillard.
    What a disappointment, I thought he had some moral fibre and Christian conviction.
    Annette Williams

  17. Thanks Annette

    Yes indeed, even more terrific news! Both votes were supposed to be cliff-hangers, yet both were massive wins.

    Here is how it all went:
    HoR 98 no 42 yes
    Sen 41 no 26 yes
    Total 139 no 68 yes

    A huge win indeed. Many thanks for all your prayers, all your hard work, and all your concern. It has all paid off big time here. Glory to God.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Susan – This silent but rapid encroachment of extreme liberalism has been so intensely saturated into our socially engineered culture, that nobody seems to be able to see what’s coming. I appreciate your indignation on this. I too can’t believe that so many even in our churches just don’t want to know. Don’t know about you but I feel like screaming at them and I would but, I can hear the cry from the leaders, call the police/he’s lost it/I always thought he was strange and my personal favourite he’s not a man of God. Personally I’m tired of the whole send a letter and strike up conversation where ever we can concept. I want to up the ante I want a team of teachers to route the country to roll up to churches UN announced to push and get shouted down but keep going. Die trying. YES I have had coffee.
    Daniel Kempton

  19. Thanks Bill for being on the ball and armed with facts to help all of us see the truth. I’ve emailed Cory and received a reply of thanks from his office. Cory’s truth telling isn’t helping him as a politician 🙂

    David Roberts

  20. It’s so Hilarious to read the “Christian” comments above. You people should really get out more, and stop masturbating over people having sex with their pets.
    If you were really interested in creating a better world for us all you would applaud equal rights for us all.

    If two men or women in Melbourne or Sydney Marry each other, how exactly does that affect you in your trailer in outer Adelaide?

    Matthew Johnson

  21. Thanks Matthew

    If you ever get around to a logic 101 class some day, one of the first logical fallacies you will encounter is the ad hominem. I realise that your side specialises in these, so I guess we should not be surprised in yet another example of this here. And we understand that relying on them always beats actually making an argument and providing some facts.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  22. Actually Matthew, I live in outer-suburban Melbourne. So there goes the first piece of your amazingly well thought out ‘argument’.

    John Forster

  23. Thanks, Bill for your heroic work. Prayers.

    My email to Mr Abbott:

    Dear Mr Abbott,

    I write respectfully to express my deep disappointment at the treatment meted out to Senator Bernardi as a result of his speech in opposition to same sex marriage.

    I can only view this move as a failure of nerve.

    I took my time to to read the Senator’s speech. It is, in my view, the hallmark of prudence, of moderation, of careful reasoning, and needless to say, in no way gratuitously offensive to those who don’t share his position.

    I understand Senator Bernardi was demoted because his speech could be seen to have “inflamed” the debate.

    The reality is that anyone making a substantive case against same sex marriage today will ipso facto inflame a debate: Since the SSM advocates have no reasonable basis for their view, virtually their sole weapon is manufactured offense enacted before a sympathetic mainstream media. The ouster of Senator Bernardi is a great victory for them, and will only encourage an escalated deployment of this weapon in the future.

    It is sad to see that the Coalition cares more about its temporal prospects than about courageously seeking to defend the common good on a matter of fundamental importance.

    I put it to you as well that a robust defense of Sen. Bernardi and his position would have gladdened the hearts of our ‘forgotten people’, who are taking it on the chin from all directions these days. As it is, this choice to hang the Senator out to dry yesterday has ensured they will be more forgotten than ever.

    I do hope that this decision will be reversed.

    Be assured of my prayers, and I wish you all the best in the battles ahead.

    Hugh Henry

  24. Pardon the pun, but what in God’s name is wrong with Abbott?
    Wait until I get onto the link above, I am going to give this guy a well deserved serve, Bernardi is one of the best people we have in parliament at the moment and if I had my way I would make a mould of him and churn out a couple of hundred of them. I cannot understand Abbott, I am now starting to think that he is not the right person to lead the Liberal party, let’s face it, this action by him is a pretty good indicator of the quality of his leadership!
    Steve Davis

  25. In view of the sad development re labour and Liberal mentioned above, I am so glad for the Christian Democratic Party, which provides a genuinely Christian alternative to the 2 major parties who are floating above the ever shifting sands of popular oppinion. If anyone is looking for a party whose stand on important issues like marriage and life-issues will nevr change because God’s stand on it never changes, then check it out. It may yet be a long time before the presence of the C.D.P. will be so “significant” as far as numbers go so that the good benefits of its godly policies can be seen, but it will be there when people finally have enough of the death games the other parties are playing with us. And it will be there to pick up the pieces, of a broken society because a good God has put it there in His mercy to do just that.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  26. lol ‘Equal rights’ in Matthew Johnson’s world obviously doesn’t include the equal right of some to hold an opinion. Somehow I can’t take his position very seriously as being truly about ‘equality’.

    Mark Rabich

  27. Having just read in the news today Paris Hilton’s remarks regarding gay people (“disgusting” and “most of them probably have AIDS”) it seems as though she has more sense than many in our parliament!

    David Clay, Darwin

  28. Matthew Johnson
    But people are not equal we are different. Equally valued in Gods eyes, but distinctively different. In fact, the notion that we are all the same is absurd and downright unflattering.You really need to read more.
    All people can be fighter pilots, LoL you’re hilarious.
    Daniel Kempton

  29. Steve- They told me they would and they did. Published SMH letter number 264 by my count. I do try, at about one hundredth the rate of work (or less) that Bill manages to do.
    David Morrison

  30. If the senator is wrong, offer a debate and present the arguments and evidence rather than attempting to force him to fall on his sword. Our society is replacing informed logical debates with punishing people who are charged with offending others. Why must we sacrifice debate and truth for the sake of making sure we don’t offend? Next we’ll be sacking weather people for forecasting cyclones. Thanks Bill for presenting the other side without fear.
    John Smith

  31. Good on you Dave, I usually buy the Telegraph on a Saturday but this weekend just gone, I bought the Herald and saw your letter and read it, well done mate.
    Steve Davis

  32. thank you very much for giving us the email addresses as most of us don’t have the time to go looking.

    I’m sure they hide them on purpose. Generally speaking, a Federal MP’s email is of the form, and a Senator’s is, except when two have the same surname, when it would be

    I use sed, the Unix stream editor, to extract them from the csv files on parliament’s website.

    Once I get my own website happening (any day now, cough cough), I will put them up as a community service.

    Michael Watts

  33. I just received a personal thankyou letter from Senator Cory Bernardi. I get the feeling he is a man of conviction, a righteous man. I like this guy. Can you imagine having a dozen or so of these men in our Gov?

    Daniel Kempton

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