Kevin Yet Again

There is really only one bit of commentary which is needed here: Has this nation ever seen a more inept, incompetent, dysfunctional, reckless, immoral, disunited, egotistical, contemptuous and brainless government? Utterly mind-boggling. What a circus!

A choice between dumb and dumber. A choice between a pro-homosexual egomaniac and a pro-abortion socialist atheist. Delightful. We don’t want any of these guys. A pox on both of them. They have caused enough damage and carnage already – no more!

So here we go again – the fourth leadership challenge in basically as many years. What a pack of misfits. What have we seen? Kevin gets in, gets knifed in the back, wages a non-stop guerrilla war, then finally gets back in again. And all based on dozens of recent claims that he would not again challenge.

Let’s be clear on what exactly has happened here. Rudd is elected; he is then assassinated by his own party; he engages in a destabilisation campaign resulting in a hung Parliament; he spends the next three years being a thorn in Julia’s and Labor’s side; and then gets back in! What a bizarre scenario.

This is simply a party of liars: Julia Gillard insists, “There will be no carbon tax…” Kevin Rudd insists, “I have no plans to challenge…” Shorten insists, “Julia has my full support…” How can anyone trust any of these clowns? They have so undermined their own credibility that they have simply become a very stale joke.

How many times do we have to endure all this? It is like a bad dream – worse than groundhog day. Does anyone seriously believe Kevin will make one bit of difference? He is still hated by so many in his own party and on the front bench that any talk of a newfound Labor unity is just a joke.

The only redeeming feature of this entire charade was the commitment made that the loser of the ballot would drop out of politics at the next election. That is the only bit of good news amidst this whole sordid tale. Wouldn’t it have been great if they both pledged to go, regardless of the ballot result? Australia would have given a collective sigh of relief then.

And don’t get me started about Rudd’s pledge not to engage in payback…

The electorate has had a gutful of the sheer idiocy of all this. They are fed up, and can’t wait till September 14. Tony Abbott today rightly called for an August 3 election, but that motion was defeated by one vote in the House. So now we may have to wait another 80 days to watch the Labor circus go from bad to worse.

The truth is, it really did not matter who won the ballot tonight. Both these despicable characters have mortally wounded their own party. They will be slaughtered in just under two and a half months, and they both can take full credit for this.

It will be a long time before Labor can recover from these last few years of chaos and disintegration. They should have learned their lessons at the last few state elections, especially the Queensland wipe-out. But political ideologues are notorious for blindness and self-deception.

Of course today we also heard from the two sham Independents, Oakeshott and Windsor who said they will not stand at the next election. Good riddance as well. Those two are directly responsible for this whole debacle, casting their votes with Labor even though their own electorates expected them to side with the conservatives.

We know two things for sure: September 14 cannot come soon enough, and at last we have seen the last of one of these dolts.

Then again, with Oakeshott and Windsor also leaving, we have had three out of four moving on in the same day. And we have the knife-wielder now getting one in her own back! Perhaps there is a silver lining to all this after all.


Of course we have one more day of Parliament left. So whither the Independents? Katter has said he will go with Rudd while Windsor said it may be Abbott. The others have been tight-lipped. So everything might change – again – tomorrow.

Alas, the circus is not yet over.

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  1. What a mess. It makes one feel very uneasy knowing that we now have a PM who is in favour of same sex marriage. Hopefully it won’t be for long.

    Ross McPhee

  2. Dear Bill, Kevin Rudd can now try to form Government with the Independents, or he may call an early election. The other option is for the Governor General to sack the Labor Government and call an early election, similar to what happened to Gough Whitlam in 1975. This is a big Punch and Judy show.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  3. Kevin Rudd will probably resume doorstop interviews as he comes out of Church? By their fruits you will know them.
    Rudd has shown that he is not a Christian – selfishness, disloyalty, egocentric
    I hope that he ends up on the dung heap of history along with McMahon and Whitlam.

    Wayne Pelling

  4. Hate to say it, but it reminds me of the circus between Peacock and Howard (I think) years ago.

    John Bennett

  5. …and yet, who wants to vote for Abbott based on his recent comments to do nothing about abortion and to consider a conscience vote on gay marriage for his party AFTER the election. He is playing us as fools too.

    We truly don’t get any reasonable choice for the next election.

    Annette Williams

  6. Thanks Annette

    Actually there are some fundamental differences between the two parties. And while we do need to encourage Tony to stand strong, as he has been a bit weak of late, the truth is this: abortion on demand and homosexual marriage are both official Labor Party policy. Neither one is official Liberal/National Party policy. That alone is a major difference.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Hi Bill,

    I thought my father summed it up well last night: “If it’s true that democracies get the government they deserve, then this country needs to repent!”

    Nick Davies

  8. Well come on let’s all get involved as the Australian Prayer Network is calling for 40 days of Prayer (and optional fasting) for the 2013 Federal Election commencing on Monday 5th August and concluding on Friday 13th September.
    We need this so much. Check it out at
    2 Chronicles 7:14

    Harvey Bishop

  9. I thought last night, the ballet is a bit like the labour party deciding which stage door they would go out on, the right or the left for the way they are now, go they must As Kevin Rudd’s sister said at the prayer gathering in February “we need to pray for Emily’s list to get out of the once great labour party”. But more than that must go, all the ungodly politicians and all the ungodly policies.
    Sadly Abbot’s weakness will make voters maybe think twice before they won’t vote for labour again,no matter how disappointed they are. It is easier to throw it all out for something that is really a lot better, but not for something that might only be a little bit better if it means to do something radically different.
    I was surprised by Bob Katter though giving his support to Kevin Rudd. It is a shame that Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor are not brave enough to face the defeat their electorate would certainly provide them with, considering what treachery his siding with a progressive government has been to them. It is of course less painful to bow out sort of graciously as they might think when they know certain defeat is before them if they don’t.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  10. Thanks Ursula

    A good piece on the two “independents” is found here:

    “Rather than face the wrath of their electorates in September, Robert Oakeshott, who faced certain annihilation, and Tony Windsor, who faced a highly uncertain fate, have chosen what this column has said they would both do: weasel off the sinking ship they delivered to the nation.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Harvey- I know the Chronicles reference is often quoted in situations like this, but I can’t see how it applies to God’s (mainly Gentile) people today. Our promised land is not part of this present world. There is no doubt that Scripture supports the idea that a nation is better off when its people follow Christian ways, and praying for our country and its leaders is vitally important, but the words in Chronicles were given to people whose promised was actual real estate in this world.

    Erik- Tony Abbott may have his faults, but he is a far better proposition than an opportunist insincere supporter of gay marriage or an Emily’s List Fabian socialist.

    Bill- Well said. Keep keeping us on our toes, spiritual and otherwise.

    David Morrison

  12. Thank God that Gillard has gone.
    Thank God that Rudd has his hand on the Bible!
    Will he take notice of any of the Bible directions, values and wisdom? Sadly, I don’t think so.

    Judith Bond

  13. It would be nice to go to sleep and wake up to find the political and moral mess that is Australian politics is fixed – that right is once again enthroned and wrong is on the hangman’s scaffold.

    With the conservative side of politics divided between genuine conservatives and “small-“l” liberals”, I fear no political party machine is likely to provide a serious underpinning for a national revival of devotion and obedience to God and His Christ.

    It will be the Australian Greens who benefit politically from the current malaise infecting Labor and its traditional opponents. The Greens will declare themselves holders of the high moral ground as they embrace an ever more open rejection of the God of Abraham and Moses and His ways.

    John Wigg

  14. One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we expect the government to solve our problems.

    No government of any hue will solve our problems as a nation as all they do is throw our money at them to band aid them until they get worse and more money has to be thrown at them.

    It can do some good things but will never deal with the root as they do not acknowledge God’s wisdom and his word. That is why 42% of government expenditure is on welfare.

    The only people who can make a real difference is the Christians as in IF my people will…..2 Chronicles 7:14.

    At the moment we won’t so the finger is pointing at us and while that is happening, we blame Kevin, Julia, Tony and old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

    Just think, all it needs is for His people to will…..

    How simple is that.

    Roger Marks

  15. Dear Bill, Your remarks echo my own feelings about this ghastly government to perfection. Their antics have made us the laughing stock of the world! However, I wholeheartedly agree with Nicholas’s father. It is not just the fault of the government. A selfish, self indulgent, foolish, fornicating, godless people got the government they deserve with a fornicating atheist to lead it. An Abbott led government may be marginally better but it would be a mistake to expect too much from it.

    Patricia Halligan

  16. Annette, after your constructive comment about Tony Abbott’s negative side, why do you say that we truly don’t get any reasonable choice in the election? A number of small Christian-based parties are out there AND very actively promoting a good case for Australia’s future, e.g. the DLP is 100% pro-life (also promoting practical policies on a host of other vital issues) and consistently gaining momentum. Look at the dedicated, positive impact of Senator John Madigan trying to stop Medicare funding for gender-selection abortions.

    Many claim “they’re only small parties”. All parties started from a small seed. We know from Scripture a tree ‘can produce good OR rotten fruit’.

    May I add that when you give your no 1 vote to a small Christian-based party with a proven record of integrity, be careful where you put your preferences. With major parties, Sex Party and Greens at the BOTTOM of your ballot paper your vote is valid and vital for out nation.

    Our ‘reasonable’ options for the federal election seem to be more numerous than in the past, even though some small parties/groups may not have candidates in every electorate.

    Keep your ear to the ground.

    Peter Phillips

  17. Well, you can always console yourself with the thought that our lot, in Britain, are every bit as bad (and yes, I do mean bad!
    John Thomas, UK

  18. As usual, the media love to do the enemy’s work by stoking the fires of a “battle against flesh and blood” and we can all be so easily goaded into believing that is what it is, and into fighting that way. We must not loose track of the fact that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” God’s word calls on us to pray for our leaders, without adding “as long as you agree with their politics”. Sure we would all love to see a change, but meanwhile we should pray that God would open their eyes and give them wisdom and especially that the Holy Spirit would reveal Jesus to them & bring them to repentance and a knowledge of His saving grace.
    Lex Clarke.

  19. Thanks Lex. Of course we are called to do both: pray for our leaders and work for godly governance. Either one alone is insufficient.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. And there you have a sad confirmation of what you feared, Judith. Kevin Rudd is proud of the fact that he can distinguish himself by being the first prime minister openly promoting ssm. How quickly and thoroughly and completely his change of mind has occurred, very worrying and certainly not to be trusted.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  21. What is better, a PM who shows what she is, or a PM who hides what he is? As much as Gillard was hated, she was at least open about what her beliefs were and yet we have this charlatan who claims to be a Christian and yet holds very similar views to Gillard. I just don’t understand why one is unpopular and the other is. It seems all you need to do to win over the people is to be all style an no substance. We have had the 2 of the worst governments on record and yet we could be on the verge of a 3rd term for this rabble. I genuinely fear for Australia.

    Ian Nairn

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