Tales from the Crypt

There is never a shortage of horrific tales about death to tell, especially concerning the beginning and end of life. Indeed, every tale of abortion and euthanasia is a tragic and depressing one. But they keep on coming, and three new stories are shocking in the extreme. However, they must be highlighted as we take on the evils of the pro-death camp.

The first comes from Canada and it involves the issue of euthanasia. It really is an appalling story which has received some media attention – but not nearly enough. A woman with an autistic son received a hate letter from someone in the area complaining about him, recommending that he be put down like an animal.

Here is how one news report covers this shocking case: “Ontario mother Karla Begley is in shock after she received an anonymous offensive letter targeting her autistic son, Max. The letter called her son a ‘nuisance’ and compared him to a ‘wild animal’. The writer also said that the boy should be euthanized.

“The letter’s author, who claims to be a ‘pissed off’ mother in the area, complains about the boy’s ‘noise-polluting whaling’ (sic) and says the boy ‘scares the hell out of normal children.’ ‘I was shaking when I was reading it,’ Brenda Millson, Max’s grandmother, told CityNews. She takes care of the boy during the summer and the letter came to her house on Friday.”

Wow, what a great neighbour. What a great mother. What a great example of the pro-death culture in action. You can read the full text of her letter in the first two links below. But here are a few more gems from the letter:

“Personally, they should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate them to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone!!! You had a retarded kid, deal with it…properly!!!!! What right do you have to do this to hard working people!!!!!!! I HATE people like you who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!!”

The letter ends with these words: “Do everyone in our community huge a [sic] favor and MOVE!!!! Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid!!! Nobody wants you living here and they don’t have the guts to tell you!!!!! Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!!! Either way, we are ALL better off!!!”

That sure is a lot of love and tolerance. The Nazis would be proud of this woman. Same mindset; same hatred; same perfect final solution. But sadly things are not much better on the abortion front, as the remarks of an American actor make clear.

He actually praises his mother for killing his unborn sibling, and praises the pro-death camp for all its good work. Here in part is what Mark Ruffalo said in a recent column: “What happened to my mother was a relic of an America that was not free nor equal nor very kind.

“My mother’s illegal abortion marked a time in America that we have worked long and hard to leave behind. It was a time when women were seen as second rate citizens who were not smart enough, nor responsible enough, nor capable enough to make decisions about their lives. It was a time that deserved to be left behind, and leave it behind we did, or so it seemed. We made abortion and a woman’s ability to be her own master a right. That right was codified into law. That law was the law of the land for decades.

“My own mother fought to make herself more than a possession; she lived her life as a mother who chose when she would have children, and a wife who could earn a living if she so chose. I want my daughters to enjoy that same choice. I don’t want to turn back the hands of time to when women shuttled across state lines in the thick of night to resolve an unwanted pregnancy, in a cheap hotel room just south of the state line.”

Another great letter, full of compassion, logic and humanity. ‘Hey thanks for killing my sibling, mum. I owe ya one for that. So glad you put choice above all else. What a horrible world it would be if we did not have the right to kill off our own family members.’

My third example comes from Australia and is as sickening as it is perverse. Here is the headline: “Women having late abortions told to ‘apply for Centrelink baby benefits’.” What!? Let me run that one by you again: “Women having late abortions told to ‘apply for Centrelink baby benefits’.”

The story opens: “SA Health has advised women having late-term abortions they can claim thousands of dollars in Centrelink payments for a ‘stillborn’ baby. Parents whose babies survive an abortion procedure, but die at birth, may also be able to claim benefits for parenting and bereavement.

“Centrelink requires a doctor’s letter certifying that a stillborn baby was ‘delivered’, in order for the parents to claim the Baby Bonus of up to $5000, or paid parental leave of $622 per week for 18 weeks. But the South Australian Health Department has advised patients having late-term abortions that they can apply for the parenting benefits.

“‘Women who have had a termination of pregnancy at or over 20 weeks gestation may be eligible to apply to Centrelink for the Bereavement Payment or Paid Parental Leave,’ it stated on an orange form with the SA Health logo, distributed until June this year. ‘The claim form uses language that may be upsetting for some women who have experienced a termination of pregnancy. It is your choice whether or not you want to receive the money. If you do you must lodge a claim form.’

“The SA Health document – withdrawn in June – was exposed yesterday by Catholic blogger Bernard Gaynor, who quit Bob Katter’s Australian Party when it refused to take a stance on abortion. Mr Gaynor complained about the document in June to former prime minister Julia Gillard.”

Now that would make for a great story in the horror series, “Tales from the Crypt”. Abort your unborn baby near birth and receive a nifty baby benefit in response. George Orwell would love to have used that one in his motto of “The Party” in 1984: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” And “Death is Birth.”

And people like myself, Gaynor, and others who dare write about such matters receive the wrath of the pro-deathers and their supporters. As George Orwell also said, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

In our darkened and deformed society, be prepared for more tales from the crypt. And more hate from those who wish to champion the culture of death.


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14 Replies to “Tales from the Crypt”

  1. Yes, I read Bernard Gaynor’s post and found it terribly shocking and definitely Orwellian. When reading “1984” as a child I remember scratching my head at the seemingly impossible slogans but soon after they all sadly started to make sense and even come true.

    The world has gone mad.

    Jo Deller

  2. Not only has the world gone mad, it has lost all morality. Now, the people to be respected and worshiped are those who fight for their own rights, and those who fight for the truth are now the enemies of all.

    Janice Tooh

  3. Hi Bill,

    And in progressive, tolerant, secular Canada of all places. How idyllic.

    Reasonable minded people saw 1984 as a warning. While those on the Left saw it as an instruction manual.

    And Orwell was right when he said “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

    Because with sin comes pain. And the more one sins the more one feels pain.
    Through their ignorance they think that their salvation comes from tolerance and not truth.

    Thanks Bill. God Bless.

    Mike Marshall

  4. Thanks for the alert to this Bill – what a gross abuse of our money, paying for these brutal murders.
    As Janice has said – ‘the world has gone mad and lost all its morality’ when a woman can lawfully have her unborn baby tortured to death and then be paid 18 weeks of parental leave at the taxpayers expense.

    Annette Williams

  5. After reading about that first case I must say I’ve never had the urge to slap a woman until now. But that kind of disregard for life is chillingly symbolic of our culture today.
    Damien Spillane

  6. As long as we remember that the murder itself still remains the real crime. The money being paid is merely the inevitable result of the error that started where people say it is okay to murder your unborn child. Though it is to be hoped that this might help those who approve of abortion in general might through the graphic injustice of this case trace their thoughts back to the original error and thereby change their way of thinking.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  7. It is disgusting to see how our society has cut down and demolished the pedestal that the intrinsic value of human life once sat upon.

    Angus Simpson

  8. It is only through Christ’s spirit and not through the flesh that we can battle these things however, and we need more people willing to stand up for the value of life and to help people realise that when they stand up for life they are basically standing up for themselves.
    And on a side note, not all left wingers are pro abortion, many liberals oppose it.

    Angus Simpson

  9. Thanks Angus

    Of course in all these battles it is always a matter of dealing in both levels: the spiritual, obviously, but also the political/social/legal. We must pray like mad but also work like mad. It is not a question of one or the other, but both. People like Wilberforce knew this full well.

    And I of course nowhere said all lefties are pro-abortion. But it is a true statement to say that most of them are.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. My daughter today told me a fictional story which has kept her awake at night told to her by a friend. It’s about an evil clown who saws a baby in half. The thought occurred to me, how could someone think up something this sick? And then, the answer…of course in a society poisoned with the evils of abortion and euthanasia, we are becoming and will fully become a society that is hardened and calloused to the evil of murdering another human; who thinks it’s funny or somehow entertaining to tell sick stories about babies being sawn in half or otherwise killed. If you’re wondering just how far a civilized society can go once all the boundaries are taken down, look no further than ancient Rome where some of the worst abominations were carried out against children. We are just a heartbeat away from total mayhem and conscienceless savagery once the last barriers finally topple.

    Dee Graf

  11. Abortion has cheapened life everywhere.
    At work today we learnt that the Australian baseballer shot in Oklahoma was the nephew of one of our work colleagues.
    It’s the casual meaninglessness of the killing that is so hard to take.

    Nina Blondel

  12. Yes Bill, I completely agree with your statement, about not just being prayerfully active, but politically and practically active as well.
    I wasn’t saying that you were saying all lefties are pro abortion, (they prefer the term pro-choice but this would actually be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting). I was just putting the information out there because many people seem to presume that if you’re slightly left of center you are automatically pro abortion and gay marriage etc.
    @ Dee Graf: There are many interesting but concerning analogies between our society and roman society, one which ultimatley had its downfall come about due to lack of any foundation.
    Angus Simpson

  13. When Society lowers it’s moral standards they in the process lower everything else in Society that is Virtueous and Good. Who are we? Gods that we can decide when someone lives or dies. No! we are no, and we never will be. When someone lives or dies is not our choice, but God’s alone, and yet we have those amongst us, whom seem to think that they know better, and think they they are more Wise and Intelligent than God. “Codswallop Man is”, they are getting their ambitions confused with their capabilities.

    Life or Death is God’s realm, not Mans. A Pox on those whom seek to Usurp God and his Works We will no be held blameless if we support or Condone the Actions of these Imbeciles and Murderers by sitting back and doing nothing, saying nothing or burying our Heads in the Sand, as the Provebial Ostrich and hope the matter will go away.

    Leigh D Stebbins

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