Labor Lefties Never Learning

The Federal Labor Party has just faced its worst defeat in history, yet it seems to be carrying on as if it in fact won the election. So far out of touch is this mob that it actually believes that doing the same failed thing over and over again is somehow a pathway to success. What complete dolts.

Kevin Rudd made homosexual marriage one of his centrepieces, promising to ram it down our throats during his first 100 days of office. For this, and other moronic things, the electorate gave him a good swift kick on the backside.

Yet the Party and its hangers-on still think this is the most pressing issue for the Australian electorate since sliced bread. Just how disconnected are these guys from ordinary Australians? Will they never learn? I have recently spoken about the really dumb idea of Bill Shorten to have quotas for homosexuals in Parliament:

Both aspiring Labor leaders, Shorten and Albanese, are fully in favour of homosexual marriage, something most Australians do not give a rip about. This just shows how far off the planet these Labor leaders are, and how remote they are to the concerns of everyday Australians.

And more recently we have this madness being spouted from the lips of Australian Workers’ Union National Secretary Paul Howes, telling us that the number one thing on the minds of steel workers, miners and other blue collar folks is homosexual marriage. Yeah right Paul – in your dreams.

He actually gave a big speech on this, assuring us that this is the most important thing the Labor Party can work for. Forget about working conditions, health care, education reform – allowing sodomites to “marry” is the most pressing issue of our time.

His speech, not delivered in Newcastle or Kalgoorlie, but in a cushy inner city hotel in Darlinghurst, was full of all the usual baloney offered by militant homosexual activists. It might as well have been written by homosexual lobbyists. In fact, in his opening remarks he actually does acknowledge a host of them.

This speech was appallingly bad. It has all the usual half-truths, emotive appeals, twisted logic and just plain balderdash. He tries to compare the attempt to destroy the institution of marriage with past actions such as the Racial Discrimination Act.

Sorry Paul, apples and oranges here, and you know it. He also spends a good part of this speech telling us that although he once supported a conscience vote on this issue, he thinks that there now should be none allowed, and all Labor folks must think like he does – or else.

Indeed, he actually does threaten any recalcitrants here: either they support sodomite marriage or they should look for another political party. Really, he actually made such a Brown Shirt remark: “We must not allow a conscience vote on this fundamental issue of righting a wrong that exists in our society. And frankly, if you find yourself believing otherwise then it is my strong belief that you do not belong with us.”

Sieg Heil Paul. Spoken like a true fascist. The Nazis would be proud of a man like you. Not only deny people the most fundamental of freedoms – the freedom of conscience, but insist against all human history that marriage can be whatever you want it to be.

No wonder the Labor Party is in such a dismal condition. With homofascists like this trying to call the shots, the average worker is left scratching his head in amazement. The founders of the Labor Party must be rolling in their graves when they hear all this utter nonsense.

And don’t just take it from me; take it from ordinary Labor people. Consider one disgruntled Labor man in NSW who wrote a damning letter on Labor’s sell-out of the average worker. ALP life member Bill Carey penned a missive with the title, “Open letter to Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese”. It begins:

“As a fourth-generation, 45-year ALP member – a life member of the party – I am disturbed with the party’s loss of direction and with its policies on the run. The Labor Party was formed by my great-grandfather’s friends as the political voice of the trade union movement. My family has been in the ALP since 1893. I have not made my mind up who to vote for so I would like some public answers to the following questions.”

He goes on to ask nine searching questions of these out-of-touch and lefty-trendy leaders. The final question he asks is just as good as all the others, and represents the thoughts of most Labor members:

“Finally, if faced with the situation that both Gillard and Rudd found themselves in – of being unelectable – would either of you step down immediately or would you have to be tapped on the shoulder? We have just had an election where, as a self-funded retiree, the only thing that was offered to me by the ALP was that if I divorced my wife of 45 years then I would be allowed to marry a bloke. No wonder we lost in our worst result ever.”

Exactly. Ordinary rank and file members of the ALP are aghast at the Party’s hijacking by latte-drinking, chardonnay-sipping, inner city trendies who have for the most part never worked a day in their life, and who have simply adopted every idiotic leftist social engineering agenda going around.

But if you wonder why things are so bad now in the world of Labor, you must realise that the leftists have long sought to revolutionise the Party, turning it into a vehicle for social revolution, without the slightest concern for ordinary workers.

But don’t believe me on this. Take the words of Labor heavyweight Kim Beazley Sr spoken at the WA Labor state conference in 1970, in which he blasted his comrades for this movement toward insanity and chaos: “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now all I see are the dregs of the middle class. And what I want to know is when you middle class perverts are going to stop using the Labor Party as a spiritual spittoon.”

Well clearly the lefty trendy perverts have won, at least in Labor leadership. No wonder they keep losing elections, and no wonder so many ordinary workers are abandoning the Party in droves. With political numbskulls like Shorten and Howes calling the shots, this Party is going to be out of action for quite some time to come.

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13 Replies to “Labor Lefties Never Learning”

  1. Bless you for this article Bill: you have just confirmed the same thoughts we’ve been having this last week since reading Paul Howes’ speech on sodomite marriage. As you say, Labor hopefuls for the leadership Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese seem intent on continuing to harp on the ‘same old same old’ as previous P.M. Kevin Rudd when he “made homosexual marriage one of his centrepieces, promising to ram it down our throats during his first 100 days of office. For this, and other moronic things, the electorate gave him a good swift kick on the backside” (as you say and we certainly couldn’t have said it any better). Will the Labor Party not learn from their mistakes? In fact Bill, we’ll even go one further and say that if they don’t change their tune in the future, on present indications we pray they never win office again and that Abba Father will continue to show us His ‘mercy’ here in Australia by not giving us the Govt. we deserve.

    Shalom, thank you for speaking out courageously.
    Ron and Barbara Pirie

  2. It is not a matter of whether gay “marriage” is popular with the people or not. It is about whether legalising it is the right thing to do.
    Janice Tooh

  3. On second look, it looks like it’s a Tasmanian independent (not Labor) that’s pushing this matter, but still….

    Mark Wong

  4. They say gays are discriminated against because they can’t marry. Well, no, sorry. They certainly are not discriminated against. Gay men are free to marry women, and lesbians are free to marry men. Nobody’s telling them they can’t. As for marrying the same sex, sorry, but you can’t do it. Accept that fact, move on and make something of your lives.

    Dennis Urbans

  5. Quite so Dennis. I can’t marry another man. You can’t. No man can. So we are all fully equal here and there is no discrimination whatsoever.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but prior to jumping on the ‘conscience vote’ bandwagon regarding SSM, I distinctly remember Howes, like turncoats KRudd et al, declaring that he supported the traditional version of marriage.
    As you rightly suggest, rather than winning it votes, this stance by their leaders will cost the ALP votes.
    Attorney-General Brandis, acting upon advice from the Commonwealth Solicitor-General, has said that the ACT Bill on SSM is Unconstitutional; as it will be for any State introduced legislation.

    Dunstan Hartley

  7. Well Bill, I try to figure out which era the Labor heavies have their heads in. If you listen to the rhetoric they use it sounds very much to me like the language of the Water Workers Union bosses in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s mainly confrontational, it’s laced with solidarity jargon and always ideologically inspired.
    Why do I feel uncomfortably threatened whenever their front men speak? Why is that it I feel bemused by the dated rhetoric they espouse? To me it’s like a rerun to the Wizard of Oz expecting the real modern Labor party to suddenly appear from behind the curtain revealing it’s real modern self. Those good old boys are still living in the back woods of time.
    Michael Mercier

  8. Ravi Zacharias often speaks about the difference between opinions and convictions. It appears that opinions can change, usually informed by reality, adjusting themselves towards what is true.
    Christian convictions of course go beyond that, not needing that adjustment that relies on experience, because they are informed by the unchanging truth of the word of God. I believe the current leaders of the Labour party are acting on inverted convictions that are grounded in the kingdom of darkness. But they are convictions none the less and therefore unlikely to be swayed by outcomes, experience, facts or any such like. Until these convictions change, I do not anticipate a change of policies.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. Bill Shorten was declared the new leader of the Labor Party this afternoon. I wonder if his quota system will actually have a quota for people who are capable of doing the job as local MP!!
    Joan Davidson

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