Running On Lies and Hatred

Anyone who has dared to stand up against the bullies in the militant homosexual lobby knows exactly how they operate. Some of us have many years of experience in dealing with these folks, and it sure ain’t pretty. It is utterly ugly in fact.

Their standard MO goes something like this: refuse to engage in proper debate (you know, dealing in facts, evidence, proper reasoning and logic) but instead rely almost exclusively on ad hominem attacks (call your opponents every foul and disgusting name under the sun) and simply lie a lot.

That just about sums up how these guys prefer to “debate” the issues. I have experienced this thousands of times over the years. As but one example, on my own website I have 40,000 comments so far, with many of them from my critics. Not bad for a site which has been up for just seven years.

But the truth is, I of course cannot print a large amount of comments because they are just too ugly, profanity-ridden and disgusting to print. If I had allowed all these haters to have their vile comments go through, I would likely have 50,000 comments now on my site.

In the early days I used to just delete these nasty and diabolical comments. But more recently I have started saving them – maybe I will turn them into a book one day: “More Sweetness and Light From the Tolerance Brigade” or something like that.

And since mentioning this fact recently, I have noticed that the number of ugly hate comments have dropped off a bit: I guess some of these folks don’t want the whole world to see what they are really like. But all their talk about tolerance and acceptance is just so much baloney for these guys.

The hatred, along with a basic unwillingness to actually deal with the facts and the evidence, is just so common. These guys of course are not interested in debate and proper argument. They are interested in only one thing: shutting us down altogether.

And they do that by dishing out a never-ending supply of intimidation, hatred, bullying, provocation, and invective. They seek to wear you down by non-stop abuse and nasty bullying. That is how they win – not by force of argument, not by marshalling facts, but by vicious Gaystapo tactics.

One simply can go to my website to see this in action – at least for those comments which I have allowed to go through. But one can also see it quite clearly elsewhere. For example, as you might know, I recently posted two YouTube videos on homosexual marriage, and how it changes everything, and negatively impacts us all.

One was a shorter version (around 7 minutes) and the other a longer version (around 21 minutes). You can see them here:

There you will notice all the lovely comments oozing tolerance and acceptance already coming in from the other side. One serial pester and hyper-troll I have had to delete as spam already, but all the others I have allowed to remain. It becomes quite clear how these folks deal with their opposition.

If you have not watched these videos, they basically list a number of cases of ordinary men and women being punished for daring to resist the homosexual agenda, and daring to even suggest that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

For simply doing this, they are losing their jobs, being fined, getting arrested, and even thrown into jail – all for simply affirming the nature of marriage. This is just mind-boggling. The crackdown on any dissenters is frightening to behold.

My shorter video has around five such examples while the longer one has perhaps 30 or so cases. And they are all legitimate cases, fully verified. Indeed, my new book will offer many, many more such cases, completely documented and referenced.

Yet all my many critics can do is scream “lies” and shout abuse. They cannot of course gainsay all the evidence. Indeed, how can they? The evidence is overwhelming. So they just resort to their usual tactics of screaming abuse and lying about the very reality which I just presented.

Here then are just some of the comments that have come in so far by the activists. Some I have had to edit here for public consumption, but these are their very words, as they “respond” to my two video clips. Just feel the love, acceptance, logic and reason on display here:

“We will not be tolerant of your intolerance you demented f**ks.”

“Bulls**t meter goes right off the scale. I feel stupider for having listened to the first 40 seconds of this small minded a**hole.”

And as I say, if they can’t respond to the evidence and facts, then they just shut their eyes and scream real loud: “Lies!” – as in these helpful contributions:

“Yet another religious zealot spreading lies and slurs. He’s got all those books behind him and yet either still knows nothing, or deliberately tries to deceive others by making all sorts of rubbish up to try to undermine equality. I pity him – what a worthless life he leads.”

“Even though this has been shortened, it is still amazing how much misinformation and stupidity remains in this one video. It is all based on lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, and, at best, a few isolated incidents.”

A few isolated incidents? There are hundreds of such incidences of course. But don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good rant. Oh, and I have to finish with one of my favourites. Actually I get this thrown at me all the time – what a hoot:

“you seem to be obsessed with homosexuality. you do realise that extreme homophobia is consistently shown to be cause by repressed homosexuality.”

Yep, that is your mega-conversation stopper. This wins the debate every time. Simply disregard every single bit of evidence, fact and truth just presented, and throw this one out. “Yep, end of debate – I won. Aren’t I clever?” Yes, that sure is a debate winner alright.

That is about as helpful as me saying: “you seem to be obsessed with Christianity. you do realise that extreme Christophobia is consistently shown to be cause by repressed Christianity.” Actually, that might be closer to the truth. Many of these folk had a Christian upbringing, but have since rejected it to enjoy and wallow in their sin. So they really are repressing their past Christianity.

But as I say, this is basically how these folk engage in conversation. Forget the facts and data – just throw out ugly and demonic slurs and heap plenty of dirt on your opponents. And then just shout “lies” when in fact the only ones actually lying are those who cannot bear to face the facts.

No wonder so many people are afraid of getting involved in the culture wars, and standing up for what is right. With all this hatred, bullying and abuse thrown at you, it is pretty daunting to say the least. But things like marriage and family are far too important to just let the other side bully and intimidate us into submission. We must stand and fight.

And even if everyone else in the world wimps out and prefers their quiet and comfortable lifestyle to such necessary conflict, then I will keep on standing up regardless. And this is done by refusing to play their games, but by loving them, speaking truth to them, and praying for them. Some will respond; so we must keep engaging here.

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28 Replies to “Running On Lies and Hatred”

  1. I want to use some of your very clever replies to fight against the many horrible attacks I get whenever I post a Christian viewpoint online….well said, Bill.

    Jo Deller

  2. Yes, Bill, I have noticed the lack of simple logic, the deliberate or unintentional misconstruing, the verbal abuse and the at times pure stupidity displayed by many of these people. Good on you for not growing weary in well-doing.

    David Morrison

  3. I’ve decreased my debating with same-sex cultists. Most are “mad upon their idols” (KJV). i engage the few who respond to my cartoon blog, if they’re open & respectful.
    Thanks for what you do, Bill. You might dig what I do, we being a birds of a feather. Especially my toon series on “The Gay Crusade”.
    Keep fighting in Grace…
    David John Eden

  4. You are in very good company, Bill. They did the same to Daniel and Steven.
    You could see it as God polishing you, His arrow in His hand, so you will shape up to the verse, not sure where it is where Paul says to either Tim or Titus that he should “speak in such a way that all those evil doers, looking for something to find against you will find nothing.” very much paraphrased.
    The biggest lie yet I heard that we, the ABC listening public were asked to swallow was Wednesday morning after that dreadful bill got voted in in the ACT on Tuesday.
    The guy said we should stop focusing on the “sexual” aspect of ssm. It isn’t about sex, he said but about the right of homosexuals to live together in harmonious family life just like very other idyllic grandma and grandpa couple in the past were. So, to deny ssm is to deny them to happily living together. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time, I could have cried too, but I found it too funny to be asked to believe that one. But of course logic and reason have been sucked out of the general vocabulary and cognitive skills arsenal of the none thinking public, so I guess they felt safe with that one. Jesus talked about “swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat.” So, we save the whales and kill the babies, we are concerned for child welfare – oh, don’t smack them, that could hurt their egos – and tell them that being brought up by 2 daddies is just the most normal thing in the world.
    Anyway, there you have it, ssm is not about sex. Glad they educated me. 🙂
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  5. Yes I have had the same problem with pro-gay types who are not necessarily homosexual. They can become quite menacing. To them political correctness is a new form of understanding or insight. But of course it’s just a new form of conformity. Most instructive was a discussion with an English graduate. The discussion was safely in the abstract, sanitised, but as soon as I started talking about the gritty behavioural realities of homosexual practices he went off his brain. Didn’t want to know about it. And if you mention any link between homosexuality and homosexual paedophilia (man-boy “love”), that really upsets the apple cart even if you stress that you are not tarring everyone with the same brush. Such supposed links must be judged by the evidence of course. But people pushing the gay agenda of normalising homosexuality are interested in evidence only when it suits them.

    A good way to deal with these pro-gay panic attacks is to comport one’s self with dignity. And one should desist from further discussion if it becomes contaminated by vulgarity.

    Daryl Snowden

  6. I’ve posted the following comment on the youtube page

    “Thank you Bill. It takes great courage to speak out as a whistle blower.

    To those who disagree try to challenge what he says carefully. Bill Muehlenberg has a book which clearly documents his views and the supporting evidence behind his views, called “Strained Relations”.

    He has also taken to recording insults recently so comments which are flat out lies or bad insults are collected as a hobby. Bill shows love for homosexuals, but not acceptance for homosexuality.”

    John McAllister

  7. Great stuff Bill.
    It does feel very lonely at times when you’re trying to resist the juggernaut of homofascism.

    What’s especially frustrating is when you refute them with an abundance of scientific evidence and sociological research, and they still call you ignorant !?!

    What also troubles me is the way in which our very language is being manipulated by the Gay Lobby, with phrases like “Marriage Equality” (whoever came up with that one is a propaganda genius).

    James Brimblecombe

  8. Even an occassional study of the Bible shows that human nature and attitudes have not changed in 2000 years. There are numerous incidents where Jesus was rejected for what he did and taught and although the passages do not spell it out, there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus and his followers were verbally abused with disgusting language and physically assaulted. Even though the evidence was there to show Jesus was a very unique Person via the very many miracles he worked and the messages he gave, he was still rejected.

    Unfortunately this makes for sombre contemplation when good people go out amongst the wolves to express the truth today without the ability to work physical miracles. Oh well if that is how it is so be it. Keep fighting, enemy overwhelming, casualities intolerable, our victory within sight. Thanks for helping keep up morale, Bill.

    Bill Spence

  9. Bill, I’ve looked at your videos and I have some sympathy for what you day. A useful experiment for you might be to see how you would feel about the same videos if you were gay. Ask yourself, if you were gay, how you would feel about someone posting and saying those things.
    David Jackson

  10. Thanks David

    But what do feelings have to do with anything? I am not discussing love songs here. I have simply presented a number of facts about homosexual bullies intimidating and persecuting Christians and others. One does not emote over facts – one just accepts the truth being presented, or rejects it.

    But if you still think your comment is all that helpful, then let’s just turn it around a bit and you can try it on for size: “A useful experiment for you might be to see how you would feel about the same videos if you were a Christian (or one of those being persecuted). Ask yourself, if you were Christian, how you would feel about someone posting and saying those things.”

    The truth is, any sensible person – homosexual or not – watching these videos would reasonably think: “Wow, why are those intolerant militants causing so much trouble, and demanding everyone bow down to their crusade to destroy marriage and family?”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Thank you Bill (and those others who added their names via email) for being some of the many who stand on the Word of God as it is written – not as man thinks it should be written – and who take to heart that the Bible in fact promises us opposition in all its guises, and of course, some of these guises will not be pleasant.
    All this is part of the neculturation of the bible rather than us being encountered and altered by the Bible to God’s standard. It seems to be that many cannot see that God’s way of dealing with our sexuality is the best there is for us, for as our Creator, He knows how He has made us and for what purpose, we don’t really. So if God states that we are to be man and woman, not gay and lesbian, then that is how we should be; for that is what gains us the greatest benefit here and in heaven, for those who are Christians.
    The fact that there is so much by way of sociological, health and scientific reasons for not engaging in the gay and lesbian way, makes it a matter of wonder that some even do. It seems very much like those who still use mind-altering substances and cigarettes, when both are so well documented as killing humans or at least, hurting them badly. Common-sense seems to have been subjugated by idolistic tendencies or selfishness etc.
    Let us pray that God will encourage faint-hearted Christians to stand on the secure and true Word of God, and encourage many others to stand too. Bullies often, cause fear, but our God is greater than they are: witness Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
    Chester Wilson

  12. Bill I’ve been meaning to say this for a while as it has been bothering my conscience a little.

    You have a couple of times in the past said in your comments that people can use your arguments so long as you are credited for them.[From memory you made mention of that in a euthanasia comment to some Americans] Fair enough I agree.

    So I copied and pasted some of your arguments on homosexuality and related matters, and then posted them on a NZ political website at the start of their gay ‘marriage’ debate[about a year ago] and I recieved a lot of favourable comments as those arguements were very insightful and NZ was lacking in ‘coherent examples’ at that time, but I always gave the link back to this site so as you got credit and readers.

    However after the first couple of posts I made[one was on the fact that gays in San Francisco have the same suicide rates as other comparable cities, the second being about Marriage being of maximum benefit to the next generation] someone put up the link to the – Bill Muehlenberg immediately after my comment was listed.

    This didn’t surprise me as the homofacists hated what I was saying. But a couple of months later, after I was known for putting up solid arguements along with your links, the homofacists [I presume]- changed the link to a Bill Muehlenberg!

    That really then showed me how concerted their effort is in trying to destroy arguments against gay ‘marriage’. However I don’t really know if it was because of me that they done that, or because other people were making links to you from other blog sites in NZ debating gay ‘marriage’.Anyway it bothers me.

    Anyway I stopped posting comments from you about homosexuals because I didn’t want to cause you any more unnecessary grief from them. Although I have from time to time been posting the euthanasia ones as that debate has started over there, but it is a different type of people and I don’t believe you would cop any flak from them.

    If you don’t like me doing that please just say so.

    Sorry if I’ve caused you any bother Bill but I thought I’d let you know as the ‘marriage’ debate is now here in Australia – again – and the gays are changing gears I believe since NZ granted them their silly wish. They’ll now apply massive pressure.

    Although I don’t comment very often [I’ve actually only started recently] I’ve read your blog almost every day for the last 6 months or so, and have previously been reading it weekly or there abouts for 4-5 yrs. It does me good.

    Keep up the good work Bill and God Bless.

    Mike Marshall

  13. PS – I’ve just noticed that links have appeared in my comment above – I didn’t put those in. I was just typing examples of what I recall I read on the political site. Where those links go I don’t know. Thanks again.
    Mike Marshall

  14. Thanks Mike. Yes I am quite aware that such sites exist. They are dedicated solely to attacking me, vilifying me, abusing me, and lying about me – all in the name of acceptance and tolerance of course. There is not much we can likely do about it – except pray for them and believe that God can one day open their eyes, and transform them from hateful anti-Christian bigots to loving followers of Jesus Christ who love the truth and real tolerance. If Saul can change to Paul, then there is hope for anyone. So let’s keep praying for these persecutors.

    So it is up to you – you can still keep linking my stuff if you prefer. I am not afraid of these haters and cowards, and I will continue to speak out. Even if they try to kill me, the message will continue to go out.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Thanks very much for the videos, Bill. You enlightened me on something I did not yet know about: the thing about the Canadian Supreme Court calling simple opposition to homosexuality “hate speech”! I guess I already knew that it is not really safe to voice an opinion that goes against the gay agenda but it really is scary how far it has gone.

    Just going to university I feel like I have to “be in the closet” about my beliefs and you better believe they try and indoctrinate you there. Last year I took a required course called “Languages of Culture”. Sounds like an interesting class, right? Probably you will learn about cultural things in France, Germany, Italy… right? Nope. The whole class was pretty much nonsensical with a good dose of indoctrination. We were asked “is gender a construct?” with the implication that we would be thinking for ourselves on this. Of course through the tension in the air, you could tell you weren’t allowed to disagree with this statement. Then they proceeded to “educate” us about how society has “constructed” gender and that “acting gender” is healthy, etc.

    In any case, I do wish all of you Australians the best. It looks like you have not yet progressed to the depths that we have here in Canada… I know when Canada legalized “same-sex marriage” it was looked on as this great thing that we were one of the first! ha! How “progressive” of us.

    Keep up the good fight and let’s hope you can avoid the kind of violations of freedom that are becoming all too common in other countries.

    Annette Roth

  16. I have to say I laughed very hard at your comment about them being repressed Christians because Christianity stresses them so much. I believe the reason it stresses them so much is because they are unwell. Current medical research shows that the things that stress you are the root of disease in your life. Only by addressing our stress do we gain healing. There is an amazing book about this called The Healing Code where two Christian medical Dr’s present this in an easy to understand manner and show you a safe way to address your stress, medication free. It’s to do with physics but I can assure you you don’t need to understand physics to understand the book. One of the authors was healed of Motor Neurone Disease through using this technique. For me, the technique has brought amazing healing to my life. My blood work is completely changing for the better. I know many other Christians and non-christians who have found healing this way. Cheers!
    Sharon Stay

  17. Thanks Bill for all your work and research on homosexuality.
    The world needs a lot more of this to understand the truth.
    I have never worked out whether being gay is a mental illness or an addiction, or possibly both, but it’s certainly not normal. Only a few short years ago, most people would have accepted your views as common sense. It doesn’t take a genius to see that gay behaviour is wrong.
    Let us hope the High Court and the Federal Government can keep the wolves at bay.
    Des Connors

  18. Although as a Christian I will never lose hope for our society, in these times if you came across a gay pride mardi gras and a homosexual came up and tried to do their thing on you; if you tried to shake him off you would be called a bigot and a homophobe. Such is the forced acceptance they call tolerance.
    Anthony McGregor

  19. Thank you for this post and also the videos. I have found them to be of great assistance when in a debate regarding ssm. I find that most of us ordinary mortals – Christian or not – are really not in favour of ssm and actually most, appear to find it offensive. I was not really surprised to read that now New Zealand is debating euthanasia – after all if a Country wishes to self destruct, it will do all it can to hasten that day. The amazing thing is that the loonie lefties, really appear to believe that they will remain untouched by all the chaos they cause.
    God bless!
    Joan Davidson

  20. Bill, you know you are right, as it is Gods WAY.
    Those who pull you down do not know or even understand Gods right one, only way.
    You stand on Gods way, others use their own self ways. Don’t let others pull you down.
    Stay on the right path.
    Judith Bond

  21. The laissez-faire ethics of the vanguard of the GLBTIQ revolution remind me of the kind of dubious ethics analysed in C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man: In their haste to conquer Nature, many of our contemporaries find “reduce” themselves to nothing but “natural phenomena”, slaves of an ethic whose benchmark is nothing but bondage to allegedly “natural” impulses.

    John Wigg

  22. Thanks Roger

    The comments which I quoted in my article of course are found under my two YouTube videos as I mentioned. As to other similar sorts of comments to my website, as I said, many have been deleted . The ones that have gone through are scattered amongst the 40,000 extant comments. I am not now going to go looking through them all, but you are welcome to if you are game!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. Thanks Bill. I have already put into good use the Christophobia comment.

    Roger Marks

  24. NZ is now debating euthanasia? That is an interesting parallel with Tasmania. First they implemented (I’m led to believe by certain media commentators) the most liberal pro-gay laws in Australia and now they are pushing pro-euthanasia laws as well (much as The Netherlands did. As proud as I am of my Dutch heritage it grieves me to think the country of my father’s birth and so many great Christian thinkers and theologians has become so morally bankrupt. Any wonder Islam has such a strong hold there.).

    Mick Koster.

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