More Tales from the Tolerance Thugs

OK, it is now official. It has been a close contest, but I think a winner can be announced here – even if just by a whisker. There are many contenders for the Tolerance Brigade of the Year Award. Plenty of groups come to mind. You know the ones: they scream the loudest about tolerance, acceptance and diversity, yet are the most intolerant, unaccepting, and resistant to genuine diversity.

And the winner of course is the militant homosexualists. I have reported plenty of examples already of homofascism in operation. My new book will feature heaps more of these. In the meantime we have our daily roundup of the gaystapo in action.

Let me start with the thing that drives the militants into a frenzied lather: ex-homosexuals. They hate these folks more than anyone on the planet because they give lie to the myth of ‘being born that way’. So many folks have been set free from the homosexual deathstyle, and the militants just hate these folks.

Consider Michael Glatze, who was released from his dead-end lifestyle. I have previously written up his wonderful testimony:

Well, he has married – a woman, and the activists are screaming at the top of their lungs – all in the name of tolerance of course. Says one story: “A former ‘gay rights’ activist who declared six years ago he left homosexuality through the power of God is now celebrating his marriage to a woman, much to the chagrin of homosexual activists who are ridiculing him and his bride via the Web.

“In a letter to his critics published today by WND, Michael Glatze called the month since his Oct. 26 marriage to Rebekah the ‘greatest’ of his life. ‘I am so grateful for Rebekah, for God, for His provision, for my new in-laws, for my family which traveled from far and wide to join in our special day, and for the prayers and support that have flooded our way since October,’ he writes.”

But that has got the militants spitting chips, and a number of examples of this are given. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality replied: “The reaction of Besen and other activists boils down to an inhuman hope for failure. In what other area of life do you see this? Somebody tries to overcome drugs and falls back, and you say, ‘That’s it, nobody can change.’

The only people “who are not celebrating this marriage of a guy who was once involved in homosexuality are the homosexual radicals like Wayne Besen. They are basically celebrating failure. They’re all about focusing on the failures, because they can’t admit that homosexual identity and behavior is something you can change.”

In the meantime, the thought police and tolerance thugs continue their war against dissenters. Consider this example from Colorado: “On Friday, Denver administrative law judge Robert Spence released a ruling that forces Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, to either make a wedding cake for two homosexual men who requested one or face fines and possible jail time.”

There it is: you will violate your conscience and become a promoter of homosexuality and political correctness, or the State will punish you big time. That is exactly where the West is heading – a homosexualist police state. As Al Maurer comments: “Forget the Christian beliefs of Phillips. Spence should have stopped his ruling at first blush. He said very directly that private businesses should not be able to refuse service to anyone — period.

“Better take down those ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service’ signs. This ruling and the laws behind it strike directly at the heart of American entrepreneurship. Imagine the cases: I go into a Ford dealership and sue because they will not sell me a Jaguar. If Phillips can be made to sell a cake he doesn’t want to, why can’t a Ford dealer be forced to sell a Jaguar? Or a Wiccan sues a Christian bookstore for not selling her a book on satanic practice. Can a tattoo artist do crosses and not pentagrams?

“Up until this point in America, anyone could set up any kind of business they wanted to and focus on any customer group they chose. Even though that right is now threatened, Phillips is not defending his actions on that ground. He simply defends his right to practice his religion as he sees it. We have seen this kind of circumscribing of religious practice before. In Nazi Germany, it was argued that religion was a private matter and was subordinate to the rules of the state. That didn’t end well.”

And while the US is treating Christians as criminals, it is treating sexual perverts as heroes. Check out this shocking story of a pervert honoured with a US postage stamp: “What would you call a 33-year-old man who both had and axiomatically acted upon a deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys? (No, not Jerry Sandusky.)

“What would you call a man of whom, as regards sexual preference, his own friend and biographer confessed, ‘Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems’? In a recent interview with, I called this man ‘demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his [statutory] rape of teenage boys.’ But you can call him Harvey Milk.

“Harvey Milk’s only claim to fame is that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office (San Francisco city commissioner). His chief cause was to do away with the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. In 1978 Milk was murdered over a non-related political dispute by fellow Democrat Dan White. And a ‘progressive’ martyr was born.”

Things are no better here in Australia. Not all that long ago a homosexual couple bought a toddler from Russia (yes, bought). For this “our” ABC did a hagiographic piece on the couple, praising them to the hilt. Turns out however they only bought him to sell him to international child sex abuse rings. I discussed this utterly gruesome and horrific story elsewhere:

Well at least there is a little bit of good news here. The pair have been handed lengthy prison sentences. “A Queensland man who trafficked his adopted son to an international paedophile network has been sentenced to 30 years in jail by a US court.

“Peter Truong and his partner Mark Newton bought the child, who the ABC will call Boy 1, for around $8,000 from Russia in 2005. His birth papers were falsified to list Newton as his biological father, paving the way for Boy 1 to be adopted and brought to Queensland.

“Police say the pair allowed at least eight men in several different countries, including Australia, the US, Germany and France, to molest the boy when he was between two and six years old. . . . Newton had earlier been sentenced to 40 years in jail for his crimes.”

Of course this is a crystal clear case for why we need the death penalty. These demonic creatures do not deserve mere prison sentences, considering what they inflicted on this poor little boy. And if they were to only get prison, they should have been locked up for life, with the key thrown away. Oh, and they of course should be castrated as well.

But stay tuned – tomorrow will be another day, and we will have plenty more stories of the tolerance brigade in action.

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5 Replies to “More Tales from the Tolerance Thugs”

  1. Bill I just have to plug my viral youtube video showing the truths about Mark Newtown and Peter Truong the ABC DID NOT TELL YOU!
    Make sure you watch the video with annotations, to see where ABC 7:30 report leaves out the facts. Raped from 2 weeks old becomes “Raped at an age of less than 2 years old”. It’s also in many languages I had translated. Vietnamese & Russian subtitles too!

    The redacted full Ginger Goreman interview of those two pedophiles is at

    Here’s a letter I just got from the ABC accusing me of harassment and my reply on the subject. The inappropriate email was merely a link to the new content I uncovered from the mainstream press in UK/AU about some AFL/ARU player pink triangle brigade NSW Police GLLOs sent to my house a few years back who had got in a well publicized case of lesbian domestic violence before becoming police officers.

    Dear Mr McKee,

    The recent email sent by you to ABC personnel Philippa McDonald, Kate O’Toole and Stephen Crittenden was considered to be offensive.

    While the ABC welcomes and actively supports audience communication and participation, either telephoned, written, or through interactive use of the ABC’s on-line email and Internet forum services, it cannot accept offensive or disturbing content sent to its staff members.

    You are therefore requested to cease sending any further emails to ABC staff members, and are advised to use the above established channels in the future to contact the ABC with your comments. Should you have any complaints about the ABC or its content, then you are urged to contact the ABC’s Audience and Consumer Affairs.


    Michael Brookes

    Michael Brookes | National Security Manager | Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    700 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007

    On topic segment of my response part #2 (part #1 on request regarding my matter and another case of militant homsoexualism in an ABC broadcast Bill hasn’t covered yet!)

    Also tell me what the story behind @freshchilli (Aka Ginger Goreman) deleting all her 2010
    taxpayer funded tweets to protect those in the gay lobby that introduced poor Russian Stan to her so she could have a 2 year old gay child rape victim falsely portrayed as a model gay family member. The US court case has reports that the men were sharing their little boy
    with other gays in Australia. So why are those gays protected from exposure and investigation in a ABC cover-up in support of child rapists? You might want to look into that as I am.

    As you know there are ways to uncover deleted tweets…..

    Then when ABC is responsible for putting the uncensored photo around the world of a gay child rape victim Ginger Gorman demands ABC get credited for doing this… Is this professional conduct? Is this offensive. Do you find it offensive that ABC NEED to take the credit
    for IDENTIFYING AND POSTING PHOTOS OF CHILD RAPE VICTIMS on the internet to be the poster boy for gay marriage?
    Picture of Ginger Gorman asking Nick Ralston (SMH) for photo credits of the Russian boy:

    Tell me something I did more offensive than that? I bet there is no response for me to post on my blog.

    (I didn’t start the thread below)

    Luke McKee

  2. And this videos here shows us what made the child abuse in this Mark Newton Peter Truong case possible.

    If it wasn’t for the GLRL.ORG.AU About us -> History page of great achievements homosexuals wouldn’t be able to adopt or marry, or gay partnership visa sponsor many children would still be in the 3rd word, rather than being like poor Stan from Russia adopted by the 100,000 membership. I bet they are thinking why steal a kid when now you can buy one?

    You have to remember the child was promptly (within less than a week) was given an Australian passport to be taken on a world tour. I always get more angry at the root cause of any problem. DNA Testing of children brought back from foreign countries should be mandatory to bring and end to this baby buying. Peter Truong was trying to appeal his sentence because he later said he only paid $4,000 for a living breathing sex toy not $8,000. I don’t see how that should have any bearing on the sentence for the horrible crime these men adored by your ABC did.

    And when there is a nice market in this commercialized society, businesses come to fill the void very quickly. Surrogacy agencies around the world are trying to fill this market as every 5 years the number of ABS reported gay couples with families exponentially grows.

    Not only that we live in a state of Gay Apartied now. with get their special gay police enforcers that must be in charge of investigating a heterosexual if a homosexual points the finger. That combined with the homosexuals right to “lawfully discriminate” against heterosexuals as admitted by the director of the NSW Anti-Discrimination board, their home page and the omission of the word heterosexual from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. Moving on now, I’ll only post links clarifying all this if there is a detractor in our midst.

    Now there is marketing material for Australian gay men to buy babies from Mumbai (like the two interviewed by channel 7 sunrise).

    Look at these videos!

    Australian Gay Parent – Surrogacy Babies in India (surrogacyclinics)

    Channel 7 Sunrise praising gay adoption beffor the Peter Truong / Newton incident

    After Peter Truong / Mark Newton Incident ABC Premier SCIENCE SHOW Catalyst needs to do a PR campaign to make gay dads buying babies look good again.

    Putin Makes the NO single foreign parent from any gay state (including Australia) adoption law & anti-gay propaganda law to “protect the children”, after unrest

    And finally Truth News Radio Australia coverage of this with host Hereward Fenton and guest yours truly.

    “Ginger Goreman Puff Piece”

    “The Dangers of Rainbow Families”

    Icing on the cake. All this gay marriage hype comes from the American gays only wanting gay marriage, because they wanted to confront Georges bush 2005 play to consort American Christians during the election by promising no gay marriage (I was in Southern California watching it all play out). Before that the man who had the supreme court victory says the majority gays DIDN’T EVEN WANT GAY MARRIAGE. By the number of hateful homosexual comments on one of their own leaders interview you know this link is a good one.

    Luke McKee

  3. When God got sick of the level of evil that humans had sunk to He drowned the lot of them albeit left Noah and some of his family. He then gave Noah a covenant of basic morals in which to live by. The Torah was developed initially verbally by these tenets and much Later expanded into the written word of a selected people. Later they were captives in Egypt for a long time some even preferring not to escape.
    Leaving Egypt led my Moses they were again given a set of commandment’s Yet even while they were being written in stone they were worshiping a Golden calf.
    Seriously how many miracles do we expect to see to realize where we are going wrong and the penalties for it?
    Despite feeding and watering these same rebellious creatures for many years, Many still wanted to return to previous evil ways and idol worship.
    Was the worship of Molech by sacrificing babies into the fire another version of todays abortion business after all there are at least two women in high US government positions who have been reported as calling it, (abortion) both sacred and a sacrament. That to me smacks of paganism.
    In the simplest of words and phrases Jesus gave us just two commandments, The greatest and the second. We must love our God with all our heart and mind.
    The second is to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves.
    This latter commandment covers all or any that have preceded it.
    Follow these and there is no place for false idols or criminal or perversive acts or grievance against ones neighbors.
    In essence Jesus summed all up in a simple commandment that encompassed everything, as we would expect from the son of God
    We ignore it at our peril.

    Dennis Newland

  4. Thanks Bill. I wrote to Mr Phillips to encourage him, when I first his story some months ago and he wrote a couple of times and this was his last.

    I am sure he will send another update when he can about the current situation. His email address is : if anyone is interested in contacting him

    Thursday, May 16, 2013
    My Story
    Here are some details about our case… It’s a long story, so feel free to skip down to the bottom. (where you see ***)
    Two gentlemen came into my shop on Thursday, July 19, 2012, about 4:30 pm. They said they were interested in a wedding cake, for their wedding. I told them that I was sorry, but I didn’t make cakes for same-sex weddings. Surprised, they both replied “what?!”
    My response to them was that while I would make cakes for their birthdays, showers, sell them cookies, brownies, whatever… I just don’t do the wedding cakes. At this, they both stood and stormed out of the store, one of them (by his own admission) made an obscene gesture, swore, saying something about a ” %#*&$*# homophobic cakeshop” (or bakery, I don’t recall which word was his exact one, nor did I hear the expletive).
    Within about 30 minutes, I got the first phone call from someone verifying that this was the bakery that just refused to make a cake for a gay couple. I replied that it was, but I’m not sure if I was able to add that it was just the wedding cake or not, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered. A few minutes later, I got another call, and then another. I told the 2 girls that work for me that I would answer all the calls for the rest of the day. It’s normally part of their duties to answer the phones, as well as doing the wedding consultations, I just happened to be the only one available to sit with the two men when they came in. (Actually, it was designed by God that it would be me and me alone that represented the bakery with them, so that there wouldn’t be any involvement or repercussions with the girls.)
    We close at 6:00 and by then I had 6 negative calls, some obscene, some just rude. All against my stand. When I got home emails were already coming in. I probably had 20 or 30 by the time I went to bed. When I woke up Friday morning and checked my emails, there were about 200! almost all, if not all, were negative.
    The phone rang constantly all day Friday, including someone who threatened to come and shoot me. I called the police at this, and they came out and were able to witness the mayhem with the phones… both lines ringing back-to-back!
    No one arrived to shoot me – the police couldn’t trace the call, as it probably came from a computer or something. Maybe even out of state.
    This continued all day Friday and all day Saturday. I was able to talk at length with some of the callers, and I was able to share clearly my faith and the reasons why I believe the Bible to be God’s Word to us, and that while He clearly states in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong, so is all sin, and any sin in our lives keeps us out of fellowship with Him here on earth, but more importantly, separates us from Him through all eternity without the redemption offered through the death, burial and resurrection of His only son, Jesus Christ.
    My decision not to participate in the gay weddings is not motivated by politics, i.e., my rights, guaranteed by the first amendment to the US Constitution, or a business decision, or hatred of gays – though I’ve been accused of all these and many other things. My decision is based solely on a desire to live my life in obedience to Him and His Word.
    Anyway, the calls & emails continued to pour in Monday, and at some point on Monday, my caller-ID showed up as “Focus on the Family”. The call was from Steve Jordahl, of Family news in Focus. He had heard about the email flood from some of their sources and wanted to know if I’d like to be interviewed. We set it up for Tuesday, and it aired on Wednesday. Soon the story had gone national and I began to get many, many more supportive calls than negative ones.
    That Saturday, 5 people picketed us, called the local news, we were interviewed by a local TV station and the picketers told the news that they would return the following Saturday with many more picketers. About 30 did. We also had a large number of supporters show up (probably more than 500 people) we also ended up interviewed by a few stations and in the Denver Post.
    So by now, we’re national news. That’s probably when you heard the story.


    Now for the update… (it’s much shorter than the previous info.)

    Apparently, I have broken a law, C.R.S.24-34-301 (or something like that), which states that in a “place of public accommodation” it is illegal to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including “sexual orientation”.
    The two gentlemen have each filed charges with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The penalty, if I’m found guilty (and my attorney, courtesy of the Alliance Defending Freedom, is pretty sure that we’ll lose this round, is a fine of between $50 and $500. It’s also possible that up to a year in jail might be added. So, we’ll have to appeal to a court.
    She’s pretty sure that it will be an uphill battle all the way, because of the liberal state of Colorado’s government and Judicial system.
    Ironically, my response to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission included a request for the names, addresses phone numbers & sexual orientation of all the people on my payroll. I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to for me to ask that information.
    They are also charging me with not providing a product that is for an illegal occasion. It’s against Colorado Law for people of the same sex to marry.
    Also, the law that I’m breaking violates my first amendment right to practice freedom of religion…
    In Colorado on May 1, 2013, Our governor, John Hickenlooper, signed into law a Civil Union bill, giving rights to same sex couples that are pretty similar to those that are guaranteed to married couples. Unfortunately, among other things, the law doesn’t consider the rights of adoption agencies, many of which are faith-based. They’ll be forced to place children into same-sex homes or face severe penalties – fines and possible imprisonment!
    The same ideology will be imposed on any and everyone that tries to defend their own beliefs, therefore, in order to give the gays their rights, in the way that this bill is written, they take away or ignore the rights of everyone that doesn’t agree with the law for any reason including the first amendment rights to practice their religion the way they see fit.
    So much for the first amendment!!
    People continue to come into the shop to encourage me. Most of you aren’t able to stop in but the Lord has used your prayers and emails and kind words to encourage me and give me strength.
    Thank you!
    If you think it will do any good, write to your congressmen.
    Another idea, II Chronicles 7:14 is a good place to start…
    Thanks for being concerned about our situation,
    Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop

    Annette Williams

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