This is What the Brave New World Looks Like

Imagine a world where children are treated as mere commodities and where those who seek to defend children are treated as villains and outcasts. And imagine those who seek to use children for their own selfish ends are treated as heroes and saints.

Imagine a dangerous and high-risk lifestyle which nearly everyone considered to be socially unacceptable until just recently now becoming the most celebrated, promoted, protected and privileged lifestyle in the West, with anyone daring to disagree with it treated as a criminal.

brave new worldImagine our elites and most of the mainstream media doing everything they can to promote this lifestyle, and doing everything they can to demonise, vilify and punish those brave voices who dare to stand against this downward trend to depravity and wickedness.

Imagine our sons going overseas to fight and die for freedom, only to find that today freedom is really only reserved for the militant lobby groups and their supporters, while actively taken away from those who refuse to go along with them.

Imagine censorship of anything which goes against the reigning political correctness. Imagine media outlets refusing to carry pro-children and pro-family advertisements. Imagine those concerned about the state of our society and the wellbeing of our children being viciously attacked and vilified for their efforts.

Welcome my friends to Australia, March 2015. But this is true of most of the Western world as well. Welcome to our brave new world, where good is called evil, and evil is called good. We are now living through the very times people like Aldous Huxley and George Orwell warned about.

To stand for children today against the militant activists will cost you. You will be attacked on every side. That is where we have come to as a society today. It is every bit as ugly as the novelists wrote about. I have experienced this for years now.

And so has anyone else who dares to differ from the social engineers and their media supporters. I have recently written about a short pro-child ad which was censored by a major television network here in Australia:

Well, a second ad was produced by the Australian Marriage Forum and this too has now been censored, this time by the Nine Network. Imagine having an ad which speaks to the safety and wellbeing of children deemed to be too controversial by the media!

This is yet another example of the homosexual militants and their partners in crime in the MSM deliberately censoring out alternative points of views. I thought Australia was a democracy in which freedom of speech was highly valued. It seems not any more.

David van Gend tells the story of the latest case of Big Brother and homosexual intimidation and bullying:

AMF ad pulled without warning by Channel 9
Without any reason given, the new Australian Marriage Forum ad booked for broadcast nationwide on Channel 9 tonight has been pulled. AMF condemns this silencing of their voice on the vital issue of same-sex ‘marriage’.
Only hours after sending a media release announcing the latest ad in their campaign, “Think of the Child”, the President of the Australian Marriage Forum has reported that Channel 9 has pulled the ad, without any notice or explanation.
“I was gobsmacked to get a call from our advertising agent at 6.45 EST, who got a call at 6.29 EST from Channel 9 saying they had pulled the ad from the 6pm news. It was meant to have been shown in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart by then and other state and territory capitals soon after” Dr van Gend said.
“No explanation has been given. A follow-up email from our advertising agent at 6.45 Brisbane time states:
Further to our conversation earlier, I confirm that I was called by a representative of Ch9 at 5:29 pm Brisbane time to inform me that they will not be proceeding with the 30 second commercial we booked on the nine network that were due to air in their 6pm news service. By the time we received this call, most ads should have already aired.
At this stage, we have not been given a reason as to why they decided not to air our commercial, despite receiving written confirmation that the booking was proceeding as planned. I’ve asked for a written explanation and have not received any written explanation to date.
“In other words, after our media release had gone to hundreds of journalists announcing the broadcast, and an email blast to our 68,000 supporters, and our tweet announcing the ad was on air, we get told it has been pulled”, Dr van Gend said.
This is the ad, which argues that we as a nation have apologised once for violating the bond between mother and child, and should not contemplate another policy – marriage rights for two men – that would again violate the bond between mother and child:
The bond between mother and child was broken, and we have apologised: “The most primal and sacred bond there is – the bond between a mother and her baby.” The primal bond between mother and child would be broken again if we institute marriage without a woman, which creates families without a mother. Who will apologise to the Motherless Generation?”

You can see the banned ad here:

It seems so much of the dystopian picture of a coming dictatorship envisioned by the novelists is coming to pass right before our very eyes. How incredible is it to think that the powers that be will now do anything and everything to promote, champion, glorify and exalt an unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle, while at the same time attacking, smearing, and censoring those who care about decency, family, children and what is right.

Welcome to the brave new world.

Please support the work of David van Gend and the AMF. Pray for them, share their information, and contribute financially if possible. The AMF website is here:

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25 Replies to “This is What the Brave New World Looks Like”

  1. Thanks Bill.
    We have just heard from supporters that it was shown on WIN in Hobart, Canberra and Darwin but pulled by Channel nine in all the major cities. So it has had a life, if only in the smaller cities.
    Channel nine does not control WIN – so the command from on high did not go through the WIN channels.
    One wonders what was so powerful in this ad’s message that Ch 9 chose to +- was pressured to do this?

  2. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana in The Life of Reason, 1905

  3. Praise the lord for the internet at a time like this even though Facebook looks like it is trying to get on the PC band wagon, but it would have to shut down a lot of sites before it could get rid of the pro marriage and pro life message.
    I believe the way to the restoration of christian – well some people may just want to call them “natural” – values could be lead from the country areas to the city. The cities really have lost it, but there are still pockets of strength in the country and if we can mobilise them lots of good could come out of it.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  4. Thanks Bill. I am of course happy to call your bluff here. Normally comments like yours go straight into the bin, since my rules clearly state ‘no trolls allowed’. Those who tell flagrant and demonstrably nasty lies to push their agenda are certainly trolls. The simple truth is, I have over 50,000 comments on this site, with a very large percentage of them being from my army of critics, haters and abusers. Sorry, but you will have to push your porkies elsewhere thanks.

  5. If you want to get rid of depravity, then get rid of socialised sexual healthcare.

    Pay As You Go sexual healthcare – like dentistry currently is – means that the public doesn’t have to pay for the wrong choices made by others.
    The public doesn’t then have to pay the sexual healthcare costs of ‘hypersexuals’, just like they don’t currently have to pay for someone who eats lollies all day.

    If ‘hypersexuals’ wan’t to choose ‘born that way sodomy’ or ‘reckless hetrosexuality’ over having a natural family, then let them pay the full cost of sodomy and/or recklessness. That’s equality!

    And besides, all humans are above animals, and I’ve never seen a dog socialise it’s sexual healthcare…as they lick their own…surely then humans – including of course gays – can then look after their own sexual healthcare, if a dog can?
    And after all, the gay community are mature adults arn’t they?

    Keep up your very good work Bill, God Bless.

  6. Hi Bill
    Thanks for your tireless work keeping these issues at the forefront of our thinking.
    My reading this morning was from Psalm 12 and verse 8 reads:
    “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honoured among men”.
    God Bless,

  7. UPDATE re Channel 9 pulling the ad:

    It’s just not cricket!

    After about 20 hours, we have the explanation from Channel 9 for pulling the Australian Marriage Forum ad: that because the ad was “during the cricket” it might be considered inappropriate, offensive or upsetting to some younger viewers. That Channel 9 would be happy to reconsider showing the ad at some future date in a later time slot.

    We welcome that explanation, but not without residual misgivings:

    1. The ad was not booked to run “during the cricket” but during the 6pm news bulletin, which typically features such family-friendly themes as plane crashes and terrorist attacks.
    2. Since cricket was the reason, Channel 9 could have given us that explanation a couple of days earlier when they uploaded our ad, or on Sunday night when they rang our agent during the 6pm news bulletin to tell us our ad had not run, but they did not.

    Having stated our misgivings, we are determined to accept Channel 9’s explanation in a spirit of goodwill, and keep our lines of communication open to run future ads at the optimum time.

    So we withdraw our worried queries of “is this more censorship?”, and proceed on the assumption of Channel 9’s good faith in this matter.

  8. Thanks for the update David. Yes I realise it is always an ongoing game we must play with these folks, but excuse just a bit of cynicism here. Since when is Nine (or any of the other networks) worried about inappropriate viewing content for children!? They regularly feature very adult material which is not at all child-friendly, and not just late at night. This is one of the most lame excuses I have heard from these guys.

    And how exactly was this ad problematic for children anyway? But hopefully you will still be able to air it. Keep up the good work.

  9. “The most primal and sacred bond there is – the bond between a mother and her baby.” – Julia Gillard. Apparently not, since it is acceptable to make children anyway you want them. Doesn’t that sound like a nation we went to war with and fought against?

  10. Spot on, Bill. No “gay” groupthink dissenters allowed in our country.

    When I tried, as an Australian Christians senate candidate, to put a $8,000 political ad on page 8 of the Sunday Mail — highlighting several key South Australian MPS (with their pictures) who were supporting homosexual marriage, the editor wanted me to remove the line “1 in 9 homosexual men in Australia have HIV” and its accompanying reference. When I asked for a reason, I was told that (and to quote): “any discussion of diseases belongs in a medical journal and not appropriate for Sunday Mail readers”. Similar thing happened with a radio ad we wanted to air too.

    The reality is, we are faced with extreme censorship which the vast majority are hardly aware of or sadly don’t care about.

    Ian, regarding Gillard’s high sounding rhetoric: “The most primal and sacred bond there is – the bond between a mother and her baby”. This is of course extremely hypocritical of her, as here is a woman who supports strongly mothers’ being able to kill their unborn children at any stage of pregnancy — even up to birth. “Sacred bond” … HA!

  11. Imagination is no longer required. This is happening here and now in every Western country, and it will get worse. When I see this kind of thing, 5 words from the bible always come back to me: “God gave up on them”. How many christians will speak up and out? Not many. But that is what we are called to do.

  12. So the trauma to children that gay marriage will occur is okay compared to the “trauma” of showing the consequences of such an arrangement? Just wow.

  13. Ross McPhee 30.3.15 / 3pm

    With one eye on potential loss of advertising revenue, is Channel 9 bowing to the power of the lucrative pink dollar?

    It’s often used to bludgeon the opposition, but I wonder just how big the pink dollar really is?

    I think it would require an illegal form of discrimination to conduct a survey to determine such a statistic, right?

  14. So why is the advert “it’s okay to be left handed” (supporting homosexuality) allowed to be played on TV commercial stations, at virtually all times and evidently on the ABC, when the Marriage Forum can’t have their ad on? I suspect the promo flagging homosexuality even warrants a discount.

  15. In the immortal words of Ned Kelly, “So its come to this then; such is life.” But it has come to more than this Ned. The truth seems to be that many church leaders actually don’t disapprove of all this. A church leader who knew or should have known that a priest was sexually abusing children and remained silent will be reluctant to speak out on other matters lest his cowardice be uncovered. If he took steps to conceal it then it becomes a criminal offence which makes his intervention even more unlikely. It’s safer to just approve and on that basis they remain silent. The defense of ‘the confessional’ is invoked when needed but otherwise it seems a far more relaxed approach is available. The trouble is Ned they don’t hang bush rangers these days. but we all know why it has come to this, don’t we?

  16. Hello Bill.
    I just recently discovered your site and have been reading many of your posts. I am glad I have found someone that discloses the apostasy so rampant in the world.
    Here in the USA, it is sickening to watch the rapid downward spiral that our so-called president has unleashed on our country and the world. Satan is in charge and Obuma is his willing servant.
    The end is very near and our Lord will soon take care of this cesspool of the world.
    May God bless you in your work.

  17. Thanks John. There are some things which are not at all worth wasting time on, and this is one of them. Here we have a guy not only claiming to be a mouthpiece for Jesus (which is outrageous enough), but once again a religious lefty lashing out in judgment on other believers, all in the name of how wrong it is to be judgmental! This guy would not know what hypocrisy was if it hit him in the face.

    And of course the truth is, the case for religious freedom is vitally important, regardless of what this Pharisee thinks. Indiana is just one of dozens of states that have now enacted legislation to offer a few basic protections for religious freedom, given the horrific and ongoing attacks by Christophobes, homosexual activists, and militant atheists. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  18. Dear Bill
    I felt it so important to put in in full this article from Dr Scott Lively, pastor and attorney and candidate for the governorship of Massachusetts last year. It is entitled “Not Just another sin … The Forgotten Last Days Warning about Homosexuality in the Bible”

    “The Forgotten Last Days Warning about Homosexuality in the Bible
    Posted on December 26, 2014 by Pastor Scott
    NOT just another sin…
    A dangerous modern heresy called “gay theology” is infiltrating the Christian church at an alarming pace. Many believers, fearful of being called “haters,” are trivializing the threat by calling homosexuality “just another sin.” But from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that homosexuality is NOT “just another sin.” It is a symbol of extreme rebellion against God and harbinger of His wrath.
    But more than that, when the key Biblical references to homosexuality are taken together and laid out in chronological order, they reveal a stark and sobering warning to the church about the last days culture of apostasy before the return of Christ. Specifically, the emergence of widespread homosexuality and its celebration by the world is designed to test the faithfulness of the church to God’s Word. It is, in a sense, a “dress rehearsal” for the Mark of the Beast, as indeed “sexual orientation” laws in parts of our economy today prohibit “buying or selling” without first accepting the normalcy of homosexuality as a precondition — eerily foreshadowing the consequence of resisting the Antichrist in Revelation 13:17.
    Courage in defending the Bible regarding homosexuality is certainly not a “salvation issue,” which fact helps the timid rationalize their avoidance of the issue. Yet this is precisely why it serves God’s purpose as a litmus-test.

    Read the whole article here:

  19. This and many other activities by the powerful gay lobby have got through because the voices that those oppose these nefarious goings on are not sufficiently heard. We need to get out on the streets and demonstrate to governments that as citizens and individuals we have a fundamental right to be heard.

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