Defending Halal – and Jeopardising the West

Imagine Western politicians in the 1930s and 40s saying we should ease up on criticising the Nazis, and not make things hard on our economy by not doing business with them. Imagine them saying that if we cut off trade with the Germans, it will harm our economy and cause job losses.

Hopefully if they did come up with such idiocy, everyone would have told them to get real and get their priorities right. Some things are just not worthwhile, and it is far better to suffer some financial loss than to compromise principles when it comes to evil empires. halal 5

In many respects Islam and its goals for global supremacy is not unlike the push by the Nazis and the Third Reich for global dominance. Both are evil ideologies which put no value on human life, and will do anything to see everyone come into submission.

So it is very discouraging indeed to hear rather clueless politicians who should know better telling us the Australian economy is far more important than creeping sharia and the possible funding of Islamic terrorism. Instead of standing up for Australia by standing against stealth jihad, this politician thinks it is just fine if we hop into bed with a political ideology which has sworn to wipe us out.

I refer to Senator Barnaby Joyce who incredibly has turned against some of his fellow Senators, such as Cory Bernardi and other Coalition MPs, such as George Christensen. While they are very rightly concerned about halal foods and products, about the extortion racket known as halal certification, and just where all the money is going, Joyce is complaining about possible job losses if we make a stink about halal.

Um, just whose side are you on Barnaby? He will claim he is on the side of Australian jobs, but all these jobs won’t mean a hill of beans if things like halal certification and other types of creeping sharia are allowed to go unchecked. If Islam eventually takes over here, it will not be job losses he will have to worry about but head losses.

Here is how the story ran in today’s Australian:

Beef prices could increase threefold or thousands of meatworkers could be sacked unless protesters cease their campaign against halal certification, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says. 
Anti-Islamic protesters have launched a boycott campaign against halal-certified products, including Vegemite, amid claims money paid to Islamic organisations that certify the foods could be used to fund terrorism.
Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has called for a parliamentary inquiry into the halal “racket”. Other politicians including Pauline Hanson, Nationals MP George Christensen and independent senator Jacqui Lambie have raised alarm about halal certification.
Mr Joyce today warned that without overseas Islamic markets, such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, the Australian meatworking sector could be rendered “unviable”.
Halal foods must meet numerous strict religious rules to be classified as halal, including being free of alcohol and pork.
“If we didn’t have the halal market for beef that could really affect thousands of meatworkers in Australia because we can sell certain amounts of cuts to certain markets, but other cuts go to Islamic markets and unless it’s halal certified we can’t sell them and that means the whole processing sector becomes unviable,” Mr Joyce said in Canberra.
In November, South Australia’s Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company caved to social media pressure to ditch its halal accreditation, abandoning a $50,000 deal with Dubai-based Emirates Airlines in the process.

As I have written before, there are all sorts of problems with halal certification. It is effectively an Islamic tax imposed on non-Muslims, and it is not unlike an extortion racket by the Mob. Many thousands of foods and products now have the halal certification, even such bizarre things as Easter eggs and dog food.

It is hard to get real precise in our estimates here, but the global halal food trade is estimated to be well over one trillion a year, and perhaps closer to A$2 trillion annually. The real question that arises here is where does all that money go? It goes immediately of course to a whole range of Islamic certification boards, but where does it go from there?

How much of it is used to fund madrassas, Islamic schools, mosques, dawa (Islamic mission), and even fund terrorism? I have spoken to all this elsewhere:

It is entirely sensible and absolutely necessary for politicians like Bernardi and Christensen and Lambie to be asking some real hard questions here. Since every single one of us is impacted by halal fees, and we all pay for it as we buy foods, products and services, we all have a right to know exactly how this money is being used.

Transparency is utterly essential here. If it is indeed being used to fund terrorism, we must know about this. And even if it is being used for what may seem to be more benign things, such as Islamic education, we still have a right to know.

I have to say this Barnaby: sorry, but I am not at all impressed with your unhelpful thinking here. Yes, it is good that you are concerned about Australian jobs. But by your refusal to face reality, and to see what a very dangerous thing this halal certification process really is, you are actually helping to create jobs for Muslims – and maybe even Muslim terrorists.

Please tell me how helpful that is going to be in the long run.

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  1. Sikhs cannot eat food that is halal, what about their rights? The Middle Eastern market is not huge, surely the food exporters can seek a market elsewhere?

  2. Hi Bill, unless I am missing some info from your article, it would appear Barnaby Joyce is conflating the domestic halal certification process with the international market.

    Sure, if we’re exporting halal foods to the Middle East and other Islamic regions, there may be justification for the certification. However, when local producers are paying fees to one of 33 Halal Certification bodies, then something is awry. Islamic countries tend to have one govt body for this.

    My understanding of halal is that it is not even Koranic in nature. Did not Mohammad tell his followers they can eat “impure” food simply by praying over it beforehand and praying for forgiveness post-meal? It is only pig meat (pork, ham, etc) that is strictly forbidden, from what I can tell.

    And what’s this with halal cat food and the like? That should really be setting off alarm bells. How do you tell the difference between a Muslim and Jewish cat?

  3. Bill, I think your comparison of Islam with the Third Reich is unfair.

    See, the Nazis started a World War that killed somewhere between 50 and 70 million people…but they have nothing on Islam.

    At somewhere between 240 and 270 million dead across 14 centuries, along with the annihilation of culture, languages, artefacts, and entire civilisations, Islam has really done so much damage that it just isn’t fair to defame the Third Reich as such.

    We all really ought to lay up on the Naziphobia – it’s just too intolerant and we might put some skinheads out of business, which is bad for the economy.

  4. If they want it Halal certified – live export it and ‘certify’ (pray over and kill cruelly) when it arrives in their third world country which has been held back by a degenerating religious cult.
    There is NO NEED TO DO IT HERE. It is nothing better than the mafia stand over merchants – no matter where the money is going it is extortion and Barnaby should be ably to work that out. Clearly he is afraid to speak against Islam, like so many of today’d politicians!!!
    If our politicians chose to ignore the truth what hope have we!!!!

  5. Some time ago I read about a Christian butcher being killed (Nigeria?) because islamists did not want a supplier of non-Halal food in their town.

    What will the future hold for an islamic takeover of the food industry? The Bible says that in the end times certain foods will be prohibited and in addition, those who buy and sell must bear a mark/name. A mark that defines them religiously with that of the system created by the Antichrist. With Halal banking…and Halal food…we are quickly reaching a stage where that mark is revealed.

    We are being forced to live under a system that is systematically fascist and which inevitably leads to spiritual slavery.

    Fascist, because basic individual rights are being undermined by a philosophy that places material profits of companies over very basic individual rights to choose….

    And spiritual subjugation because this profit is obtained by forcing individuals to accept and pay for the forceful accommodation of a religious system’s requirements for its very practice.

    What have we come to ?!

  6. All too true and very distressing. Wake up Barnarby! Listen to what those who have studied Halal Certification and what it really does, or are you waiting for the upcoming Court Case before you choose what side you are on?

  7. Not impressed Barnaby Joyce – get your head out of the sand.
    I like your thinking Simon Fox.

  8. I have worked with many Muslims for many years. They love their families and they love Australia. And when we eat out, they love a good steak. I’ve never seen a colleague even ask if it is certified or halal slaughtered. Nor do they care if there is certification of their Vegemite before the spread it on their toast. My daughter used to bring her Muslim friend with us camping. Her family politely requested we don’t give her any pork products. No big deal. She never turned up with a bag load of her own certified food. She just ate what we ate. Therefore Halal Certification as far as I am concerned involves the dark side of Islam and I want nothing to do with it. Even if we don’t include funding of terrorism, Halal Certification is undeniably a part of Sharia Law. I am a highly educated Woman who makes a living as an Engineer in a field which is almost exclusively Men. I pay 50K a year in tax and subsidise Medicare to the tune of 2.5K per annum even though my own needs and that of my family are taken care of by private insurance. In Saudi Arabia I can’t even drive a car for goodness sake. According to Sharia Law I should have been married at 12 to a Man who has the right to beat me until I accept that I am his personal property and breeding machine. As you can imagine, for me to buy a product that gives even a small monetary contribution to support Sharia Law, is a complete and utter abomination to me. Australia produces top quality clean meat. I reckon the Saudi’s and other countries would buy it anyway.

  9. Re Nazism & Islam – the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem & Adolf Hitler joined together during World War 2 & created a Muslim – Nazi Corps of Soldiers with the agenda of exterminating Jews & global domination – it is documented on film footage.

  10. Didn’t Australia trade with Japan while they armed with the intention of increasing the Empire? I am sure England traded with Germany even while Bonhoffer and others warned about what Germany was doing? Can’t we for once learn from the mistakes other people have made in the past? We are not predetermined to do that; if we do it is our own fault. I have tried to explain to lots of people about halal and we shop to avoid it where we can though that restricts what we can buy considerably, but we still eat and are thankful. It astounds me every day that activists like those in Indiana can make more daily sacrifices for what they believe in than us Christians who have the message of eternal life. I guess we will once again pay the cost of our own complacency.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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