The Homosexual-Ruling Elites Complex

Back in my hippy days when I was a raging lefty we used to rail against what we called the “military-industrial complex.” We believed the two shared an unholy alliance of evil where profit and killing went hand in hand. Now that I have renounced my juvenile and naive leftism, I can rightly question whether any such thing ever existed.

But I can more reliably make the case for another complex: militant homosexual activists who are in bed with much of the media, education, the judiciary and even the corporate world. The militants have managed to seduce most of our ruling elites into fully supporting their agenda.

It is frightening stuff. As to the corporate nature of this, consider this: there are heaps of corporations now aggressively pushing the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage. As one recent news item states:

Some of Australia’s biggest businesses have thrown their weight behind the push for gay marriage, with a full-page newspaper advertisement today. Corporations including Google, Qantas, Optus and the ANZ and Commonwealth banks have put their names to a list of Australian businesses backing marriage equality. Other supporters include law firms Slater and Gordon and Gilbert and Tobin, and the Football Federation of Australia.

When you get this much concentrated financial, legal, social, corporate, media and political power all pushing this radical agenda, then you know that democracy and freedom are under threat big time. And that is exactly what we are finding each new day.

homo flagIncreasingly there is wholesale bullying and even persecution of those who dare to not support the homosexual agenda. And far too many tax-payer funded bodies are becoming complicit in all this. Consider this shocking story from Adelaide:

The rainbow flag will permanently fly outside Marion Council in what is believed to be a state first. Marion councillors have decided to raise the flag daily, along with the Australian, South Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and Marion Council flags.
It’s taken down one of its local government flags to free up a flag pole for the rainbow flag as a show of acceptance and support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community.
The council has six flag poles outside its Sturt council office. The decision comes amid debate about the legalising of same sex marriage. The issue of flying the rainbow flag in front of council chambers was raised when Marion was asked to again fly the flag for the Feast Festival, an event celebrating LGBTIQ culture.
Last year, 13 SA councils, including Marion, flew the rainbow flag during the festival. Cr Tim Pfeiffer called for a change to the recommendation to fly the flag during the November 14-25 festival, to instead fly it permanently. He won support of the chamber 6:5.

Imagine that: a permanent flag for a high-risk minority group making up at best two per cent of the population. Since Christians make up nearly two-thirds of the population, will they also get a flag? And it is likely that piano players make up at least two per cent of the population as well, so where is their flag?

All this talk about equality is so much rhetoric, with very decided inequality and discrimination taking place here big time. Fortunately not everyone was pleased with this decision. Some voices have already been raised on this reckless and unrepresentative decision:

David d’Lima, spokesman for FamilyVoice Australia, has called out the council on the surprise move. “Marion Council has not sought the views of rate-payers, and none of its councillors campaigned on the issue. There is no mandate for the action.”
“Council should fly the municipal, state and national flags to promote civic unity, but not use the flagpoles to promote sectarian causes,” he added. “Any form of bigotry or bullying should be opposed – but not by effectively promoting a same-sex political agenda.”
d’Lima is also concerned at the influence on inquisitive school children who will see the flag on their way to and from Sunrise Christian School, which is located a short distance away. Parents would likely have to explain the meaning of the rainbow flag and “why the Council is promoting sexual choices that are not encouraged by the overwhelming majority of families.”
Councillor Jerome Appleby is similarly against the flying of the rainbow flag and voted against the motion. “It’s a disgraceful decision. Aside from the fact that it’s not a local government issue, it’s completely inappropriate for the Council to be promoting homosexuality when there is a primary school just up the road.”
“This sets a terrible example. Flying the rainbow flag is not about equality, it’s about preferential treatment,” he said, pointing out that aside from the Aboriginal flag no other minority group is given such a privilege.

But as bad as all this is, consider this next headline: “Anti-gay pamphlet referred to South Australia police”. And consider the typically biased and distorted way in which this story begins:

A gay hate pamphlet criticising an Adelaide council for flying the rainbow flag in a show of support for gays and lesbians has been referred to police. The pamphlet has been dropped in letterboxes at some homes and distributed at a shopping centre, Greens MP Tammy Franks says, describing the material as offensive and discriminatory.
It was referred to police by Marion councillor Bruce Hull. “The Greens condemn this abhorrent gay hate propaganda in the strongest possible terms,” Ms Franks said.

A “gay hate pamphlet”? How exactly is it hate? Readers of course will never know this, since the pro-homosexual media outlet did not bother to print one word of it. Now that is fair, balanced and responsible journalism, isn’t it? The only way we can tell if this is hate is if we actually get a chance to read it for ourselves.

Well, it so happens that I have a copy of the pamphlet in question. And of course it is not hate. Although we know by now that for those who hate the truth, truth is always hate. And opposition to the homosexual agenda is always branded as hate by the militants.

So what is the pamphlet all about? It is about truth telling, and the homosexual militants hate it when truth is told. It is simply a business card-sized thing which mentions the flag-flying episode on the front, and lists three medical and scientific facts with full documentation on the back. Facts such as these:

-1 in 9 homosexual men in Australia have HIV (stats from the UN AIDS Organisation)
-64% of homosexual men in Australia have HPV, and are 20% more likely to have anal cancer (stats from a homosexual newspaper)
-Australian homosexuals have higher rates of gonorrhoea throat infection (stats from the Medical Journal of Australia)

And for simply presenting these medical facts about the lifestyle, this is a hate pamphlet? How so? If a pamphlet warns of the higher cancer rates and other health risks associated with tobacco use, is that a hate crime? Is that material “offensive and discriminatory” as well? How in the world are scientific facts, even as discussed in the homosexual press, “propaganda”?

The truth is, governments make such rational and important warnings all the time. They have to: public health and safety is a major concern for all governments, and we should always alert people to the various health risks involved in their particular lifestyles.

So why is it hateful to do exactly the same here? Why is telling the truth about the high-risk homosexual lifestyle hateful? I would have thought it was the most loving thing one can do to warn someone of their dangerous lifestyle. But it seems homosexuals are a politically protected species where truth is off limits – and even seen as a hate crime.

In my book Strained Relations I have several chapters packed full of statistics, facts and evidence – drawn mainly from reputable medical journals, scientific periodicals, and the homosexual press – documenting the dozens and dozens of severe health risks associated with this lifestyle. The evidence is all there – and it is not hate to proclaim such scientific truth.

This whole sordid saga tells us all we need to know about the homosexual-ruling elites complex. They are now running the show. They have monopolised the public arena, and they will not allow any dissenting voices to be heard. Simply stating the truth about the dangerous homosexual lifestyle is now considered to be a hate crime, to be fully prosecuted by the thought police.

Goodbye freedom and democracy. Welcome to the Brave New World of the homosexual Stasi.

PS. Councillor Appleby has set up a website for concerned citizens to take action on. I hope you all do:

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  1. If Greens MP Tammy Franks’ comment: “The Greens condemn this abhorrent gay hate propaganda in the strongest possible terms,” is a universal declaration, then all supporters of the Greens unwittingly support this obfuscation.
    Reports on the Charleston USA massacre have labelled it a “hate crime” that poses “a threat to our democracy and our ideals” (President Obama).
    It’s a bit much to label a pamphlet expressing a differing view to so-called marriage equality for Gays as “hate” in comparison to the way in which the word is used by the POTUS.
    The Greens would do well to analyse their statements in terms of values and ideals, but that would expose them to fair debate.

  2. You only have to look at history to know that every civilisation that accepted sexual immorality ended up collapsing. Such as Rome, Greece, Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, Sodom and Gommorah etc. Western civilisation is heading in the exact same direction and is on the verge of collapse.

  3. Maybe it is time to make a long-term action plan, such as the one which seems to finally be bearing some fruit in the pro-Life movement. Although they are different issues, we need to have some kind of plan. For example, in addition to just educating everyday Christians, we need a plan to encourage more people to train for positions of leadership in the media, academia, law, and other places from which homosexuality advocates are currently influencing public opinion. They didn’t get there overnight – they had a plan to change public opinion. We might need to come up with one too, and it might take a generation or two so we should get started as soon as possible.

  4. I presented the facts above to a website that has a large number of pro gay liberals, well, the explosions could probably be heard around the world. They are not happy.

    I will poke my head back in there to see the damage.

  5. Daily we are bombarded with advice on our health and the burdens resulting from our bad, self-indulgent choices that we place on wider society:- e.g., over eating/obesity, drug taking, too much alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise/couch potato; even extreme high risk sporting activities. All these choices in how we use our bodies are deplored. Some even talk of ‘fat’ taxes or insisting takeaways like
    Mac Donalds don’t up size meals and keep soft drinks to small cup serves etc. Look at the publicity over tobacco and the plain packages with warnings.
    Why then, if all these examples of misuse of our bodies are considered selfish, reckless, ignorant and burdensome to wider society is the way we behave sexually not to be questioned and debated? The health costs must be substantial. I would like to see those figures broken down properly and widely publicized or it is nothing more than hypocrisy; plain and simple.

  6. It’s not just that, I was disparaged not an hour ago on a blog, because I refused to look at a you tube clip of a foul mouthed so called “comedian”. They just could not understand that I will not lower my morals or ethics to let that sort of thing into my mind through my ears and eyes.

    Satan works very subtly these days. a foul word here and there, many Christians just say, oh well, it was only one swear word, the rest of the show was good. Satan then puts in two, and the Christian says, oh well, it was only two swear words, the rest was good. Then you are on the slide and it only gets steeper from here on in.

    Same goes for hem lines, neck lines and what not. it is all to destroy what God has given us which is good, Holy and sacred.

    My wife and I were talking about this just the other day, how there are just so few movies or TV shows worth watching any more.

  7. To have a different view point or even to speak the truth is considered hate which suggests that what is being said is an uncomfortable truth.

    ‘The truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth’

    Similarly, Zechariah the son of Jehoiada the priest was stoned for speaking out. “And when he died, he said, The LORD look upon it, and require it.”

  8. Dell Cook NZ@

    “….Why then, if all these examples [over eating, smoking, drinking] of misuse of our bodies are considered selfish, reckless, ignorant and burdensome to wider society is the way we behave sexually not to be questioned and debated? The health costs must be substantial…..”

    User pays sexual healthcare is what should be argued for. Dentistry is user pays, you pay as you go. Smokers and drinkers have to pay for their irresponsable lifestyle – and so too should those who are promiscuous and irresponsible with their sexual healthcare.

    Currently gays in Aust & NZ can use public taxes for their sexual healthcare – and their own money for health spas, haircuts, gym memberships, clothes, waxing, breast implants ect —- only to then go out and catch more diseases, and so return to the ‘free’ public sexual healthcare system —– and then back again to the gyms, health spas ect with their own money.

    The ‘gay lifestyle’ is currently funded by the tax paying public while smokers and drinkers fund their own healthcare through high taxation on smokes and drink.

    Us Christians should raise the point with the fiscal conservatives: the Liberal and National parties —- or promote it ourselves amongst the public —– right know would be a good time. 🙂

  9. Interesting re users pay. If you consider the road accidents caused by drink driving and the ensuing carnage, plus ongoing expenses related to say, rehab for victims permanently impaired, then the abuser of alcohol doesn’t really pay full costs. People rightly feel very hacked off about such irresponsible and damaging behaviour. Likewise drug abuse, we the tax payer pick up the tab for results of the ensuing violence etc. I think the costs associated with STDs etc should at least be fully disclosed and debated just as the other poor behavioural choices are. Why does sexual conduct get a free pass? There is a total lack of logic IMO.

  10. Earlier this year out local council passed a motion approving same-sex marriage. The following week there were several letters in the widely-read local paper, all disagreeing with the council’s action. Other letters appeared later on the council’s side, but overall the anti letters outnumbered the pro letters by more than 2 to 1. The council had no right to pass such a motion of course because it was completely outside their jurisdiction and they knew it was a divisive thing to do.

  11. “…we know by now that for those who hate the truth, truth is always hate. ”

    That’s brilliant, Bill… I shall quote you!

  12. Bill years ago I used to wonder how a strong civilization like Rome can be destroyed through a lack of morality alone.
    remembering that Rome was anything but Christian civilization.

    Well having live a few decades longer I’ve seen the ‘how and why’ unfold before my very eyes as many of you reader would also have witnessed.

    Just like Rome degenerated quickly we also are degenerating quickly. We have become a civilization that no longer believes in its self. We have allowed good sound governance who could discern truth to be rejected for poor policies based on falsehoods.

    The goodness we once had, that led to good ideas, good policies and more strength are now being dashed against the rocks of selfish indulgence and indifference. The ‘moral majority’ have slept whilst one by one sound judgment, honesty and a sense of belief in who we are have been destroyed.

    We no longer know who we are as a people. We have been made to be ashamed of our past, ashamed of our Judea Christian common law foundations, ashamed of Britain and America, ashamed of our military exploits, ashamed of the Christian church and shamed of all things Conservative. We’ve been bullies to become ashamed of goodness and accepting of the evil. All of which are based on lies that have been fed to our children for decades through false teachings and propaganda. The effect of such education has been so successful the ‘moral majority’ dares not to stand up for what they believe. They no longer know what is right anymore.

    As this article suggests the Leftist Communist propaganda is winning and we as Christian Conservatives are in for an uncomfortable future in our own country.

  13. Thanks for this piece, Bill! The irony of having people label statistics taken from secular, peer-reviewed sources as being hateful propaganda is absolutely and completely absurd. When it comes to homosexuality and same-sex marriage, it seems there is pretty much no sphere where there is room for reasoned, logical debate.

    It’s distressing just how many people switch off their brains and reason with their ‘heart’. Pop culture (I know you’re not a fan, but bear with me here) taps into this and feeds the masses bumper sticker, bite-sized chunks of pro-homosexual propaganda that people eat up hook, line and sinker (one e.g. will suffice: the song ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore & Lewis has been a homosexual / SSM anthem since it came out in 2012).

    What’s even more baffling is when Christians jump on the same boat! I recently was recommended to watch a music video by a so-called Christian band. The song was called ‘Keep Your Head Up’ ( I couldn’t believe what I’d been recommended after I watched. The song is replete with the usual homosexual propaganda – they’re born that way, judgment / condemnation leads to their suicide, etc – and the music video plays on the emotions through an accompanying visual narrative of a lesbian ‘shackled’ by the church and expectations of her family, ‘coming out’ to a judgmental / disapproving Dad & Mum and finally finding solace in being ‘true to herself’ and being with her lesbian lover. This is all accompanied by a soaring, anthemic chorus telling homosexuals and lesbians everywhere to have hope and just ‘keep their head up’.

    Pop culture is shaping people’s values and beliefs more than God’s Word, and even well researched statistics! Not a new observation by any stretch, but just something that’s particularly been i my mind as more and more exposure is given to same-sex marriage in Aus.

  14. Goodbye freedom and democracy. Welcome to the Brave New World of the homosexual FASCISM:
    How can this be?

    “Even if certain exemptions were allowed AT FIRST for ministers of religion and places of worship, freedom of conscience, belief and worship will be curtailed in important ways.
    Here are a few real life examples that have ALREADY occurred recently:
    • The City of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, ordered Christian ministers to perform same-sex ‘weddings’ under pain of 180 days’ IMPRISONMENT for each day the ceremony is not performed and FINES of $1000 per day; some British MPs have threatened to remove the marriage licences from clergy who fail to conduct same-sex marriages’
    • Clergy in HOLLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, the US and AUSTRALIA have been threatened with prosecution for ‘hate speech’ for upholding their faith tradition’s position on marriage; the City of Houston, TEXAS, has even subpoenaed pastors, compelling them to submit sermons to legal scrutiny when discussing sexuality
    • In COLORADO and OREGON, courts have fined bakers who refused on religious or conscientious grounds to bake wedding cakes for ‘same-sex weddings’; in NEW MEXICO a wedding photographer was fined for refusing to do photography for such a ceremony; and in Illinois accommodation providers have been sued for not providing honeymoon packages after ‘same-sex weddings’
    • YESHIVA UNIVERSITY in NEW YORK City was prosecuted for NOT providing accommodation to ‘same-sex married couples’ and other CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY COLLEGES have been THREATENED with similar actions.
    • CATHOLIC ADOPTION agencies in BRITAIN and some AMERICAN states have been FORCED TO CLOSE for not placing children with same-sex couples: for example, Evangelical Child Family Services in ILLINOIS (US) was shut down for its refusal to do so.
    • Catholic organisations in some AMERICAN states have been forced to extend spousal employment benefits to same-sex partners
    • In NEW JERSEY an online dating service was SUED for failing to provide services to same-sex couples and a doctor in San Diego County was prosecuted after refusing personally to participate in the reproduction of a fatherless child through artificial insemination
    • Parents in CANADA and SEVERAL EUROPEAN countries have been required to leave their children in sex-education classes that teach the goodness of homosexual activity and its equality with heterosexual marital activity; for example, David and Tanya Parker objected to their kindergarten son being taught about same-sex marriage after it was legalised by the MASSACHUSETTS Supreme Court, leading to David being handcuffed and arrested for trying to pull his son out of class for that lesson. They were told they had no right to do so
    • The Law Society in ENGLAND revoked permission for a group called ‘Christian Concern’ to use its premises because the group supported traditional marriage which the Law Society said was contrary to its ‘diversity policy
    • In the US, CANADA and DENMARK pastors or religious organisations have been forced to allow same-sex marriages in their churches or halls: Ocean Grove Methodist Camp in NEW JERSEY (US) had part of its tax-exempt status rescinded because they do not allow same-sex civil union ceremonies on their grounds
    • BRITISH MPS have threatened to stop churches holding weddings if they do not agree to conduct same-sex ones
    • The Chief Rabbi of AMSTERDAM and a Bishop in SPAIN have been threatened with prosecution for ‘hate speech’ merely for restating the position of their religious traditions
    • The Deputy Chief Psychiatrist of the state of VICTORIA was pressured to resign his position on the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission after joining 150 doctors who told a Senate inquiry that children do better with a mum and dad; in several US states and in England psychologists have also lost positions for stating that they favour traditional marriage or families based thereon
    • Having allowed ‘same-sex marriages’, polygamous marriages have been permitted in BRAZIL and pressure for their legalisation is strong in CANADA and elsewhere
    • BUSINESSMEN, ATHLETES, COMMENTATORS, TEACHERS, DOCTORS AND NURSES, RELIGIOUS LEADERS and others in SEVERAL COUNTRIES who have spoken in support of traditional marriage have been VILIFIED IN THE MEDIA, DENIED EMPLOYMENT or business contracts, and THREATENED WITH PROSECUTION (with some business-people ALREADY having been sent bankrupt in some states in the USA after declining to “do business” contrary to their conscience).

    The era of the most vicious PERSECUTION against Christians has now begun… even in the West!
    Thus a view of marriage – as between a man and a woman – which was previously common to believers and nonbelievers alike, across a whole variety of cultures and times, is increasingly becoming a TRUTH which DARE NOT BE SPOKEN.

    Time to act: The word ‘marriage’ isn’t simply a label that can be attached and transferred to different types of relationships as the fashion of the day dictates. It has an intrinsic or natural meaning prior to anything we may invent or the state may legislate. It reflects God’s plan for humanity, our personal growth and that of our children and society. To say that other friendships are not marriages is not to demean those other friendships or the individuals concerned, but merely to recognise that…Marriage is the covenant of a man and a woman to live as husband and wife, exclusively and for life, and open to the procreation of children.

    It is not difficult to see that REDEFINING Marriage DOES have consequences for everyone.
    … and that such serious fractures in logic and ABUSES of freedom occur in a climate of “moral indifference” and every time any culture banishes God from its culture.

    NOTE: statistics from research from many official sources can be found on last page of “Don’t Mess With Marriage” a Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Australia.…/1687-same-sex-marriage-pastoral-letter-w…
    A Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Australia to all Australians on the ‘Same-sex Marriage’ Debate. And then open booklet.

  15. This is what I wrote to the Marion Councillors:

    “To the aldermen/women of Marion Council,

    Please note that your vote is beyond your powers since the rainbow flag has no official status.

    If you persist in exceeding the legislative limits of local government, why should your residents be restrained by your ordinances?

    You are setting a very bad precedent in a number of areas – eg. any planning and building permits your staff issue may be ignored and over-ridden by private interests.”

    I’m sure local residents can apply this same principle to other ordinances.

  16. We need a straight flag which they can’t refuse to fly. This has gone too far but we can use their rules and their ideas to beat them, instead of whimpering.

  17. And when did anyone ever fly a flag in favour of traditional marriage, in fact is there a flag for traditional marriage? But Mike, the evidence is all out, we would only be stating over and over again what is obvious to anyone who has faculty for recognising truth and or ability of thinking logically. This is not a matter of evidence but deliberate choice to ignore reality, defy God and deny concern for those affected by this self-centred and yet self-destroying choice. This onslaught of death-promoting life-destroying wickedness is only to be repelled by the authority and power of the living God. As frightening and devastating the description of the end time is we know that the Lord will assert his kingship victoriously.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  18. Mr. Muehlenberg, sincere thanks for your brilliant and dedicated work.
    I would dearly like to have more documentation for the three quotes at the top of page 3, regarding Australian homosexual men and HIV etc.
    That would be most valuable to quote in my writing, but I fear I could be challenged if unable to be more specific on each point as shown there.
    Incidentally, Kathy Hearne and I have been colleagues in such work as this since the 1970’s.

    Many thanks and God bless you.

  19. Thanks Barbara. I will get them to you shortly, but my book Strained Relations has hundreds of such references which cover all that in great detail. Kathy may have a copy.

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