Is Europe Finished? More Fallout From Cologne

One hundred German women sexually assaulted by a thousand migrants and recent refugee arrivals may have finally woken Europe up – if it is not too late already. Cologne was not alone, with many other German and European cities also reporting such atrocious attacks on white women.

I wrote about this horrific situation here:

As I mentioned there, the authorities sought to cover this up, but with so many victims being attacked so openly in public, it is hard for such cover-ups to succeed. Even the mainstream media is now reporting on all this, and it seems that perhaps we finally might have some common sense realism about Europe’s failed multiculturalism and immigration policies, and the real nature of Islam.

cologne 9At least I hope so. There certainly have been various reactions. Sure, plenty of craven cowards and dhimmi dunces are trying to justify and excuse all this, but hopefully the majority of Europeans are beginning to see through this PC rubbish.

Many are now seeing that European governments are part of the problem, not the solution. Indeed, when treasonous leaders actually side with what are effectively Islamic invaders against their own people, then you know things are in a real bad way. So if things like vigilantism arise here, just who is to blame? And this is just one of the reactions we are now seeing across Europe. Consider one report on this:

Dusseldorf, the neighbouring city to migrant sex attack capital Cologne is the first German city to see a new citizen protection league since the New Year’s attacks, with thousands signing up to do their part. Declaring “one for all, and all for one”, the motto of Sweden and a saying commonly associated with the Three Musketeers the new ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group already had 2,300 members after it was launched on Facebook last night. The group intends to provide protection at major events and in city centres at weekends to ensure the safety of their fellow Germans, reports the Rheinische Post.

Calls to close borders are now also being heard with greater urgency. As one news item reports:

There are growing calls to tighten European borders after four young Syrians were arrested over a double rape in Germany on New Year’s Eve and 18 suspects of mob violence in Cologne were confirmed as being asylum seekers.
The leaders of Slovakia and Hungary demanded tougher border controls for the Schengen zone of 28 European nations, amid a rising backlash as allegations were made across the continent of attacks by migrants.
In Cologne, where police recorded 121 complaints from women of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve, including two rapes, the embattled police chief was suspended after claims that he sought to cover up the extent of the violence and the involvement of migrants….
In Finland, police reported that there had been an unusually high level of sexual harassment in Helsinki on New Year’s Eve. “There has not been this kind of harassment on previous New Year’s Eves. This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki,” Ilkka Koskimaki, the deputy police chief, said.
Security guards hired to patrol the Finnish capital on New Year’s Eve told police that there had been “widespread sexual harassment” at a central square where 20,000 people had gathered.
Three sexual assaults allegedly took place at Helsinki’s central railway station, where about a thousand mostly Iraqi asylum seekers had converged.
The Finnish government yesterday (Friday) condemned a trend in recent months of volunteer street patrols linked to neo-Nazi groups that have emerged in several towns claiming to protect residents from “Islamic intruders”.
“There are extremist features to carrying out street patrols. It does not increase security,” Petteri Orpo, the Finnish interior minister, said.
Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, called for an emergency EU summit on the New Year’s Eve violence, and for a strengthening of the EU border force. The summit request was swiftly dismissed in Brussels.
Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, said that the flow of migrants entering the EU should now be stopped. He told Hungarian radio that ending the migrant influx would be “the decisive issue of 2016”, and called for the construction of a “European defence line” on Greece’s northern borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria.

And we have all the usual cricket chirping by the leftists and feminists about this. One sporting figure makes an unwise remark to a female journalist and all hell breaks out. However, a hundred women are sexually abused and all we have is more damnable silence. Lara Prendergast speaks to this madness:

Regardless of the background of the men who carried out the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, it is a pretty horrific story. A series of sexual attacks took place in the city centre by a group of around 1,000 men. More than 150 women have filed criminal complaints, three-quarters of them for sexual assault. Two cases of rape have been reported. It is the kind of story that should make headlines – and should provide ample fodder for writers who like to tackle feminist topics head on. After all, surely this is the very definition of ‘rape culture’? And if the actual attacks aren’t enough to merit a reaction, then how about the suggestion by Cologne’s female mayor that women should adopt a ‘code of conduct’ to prevent future assault. Is that not the very definition of ‘victim blaming’?
But the headlines have been conspicuous by their absence. So far this year, the main ‘feminist’ topic covered by Guardian comment writers is Chris Gayle’s cricket sexism row, which involves the sportsman chatting up a female journalist. There is not one mention of the Cologne attacks, aside from in news reports. Why is that? Is it because they are not deemed important? Perhaps we don’t care about vicious attacks against German frauen? Or is it because the details of the story – that the men appear to have been of ‘Arab or North African origin’ who did not seem to speak German or English, and that there is a possibility they are some of the 1.1 million migrants to have entered Germany last year – make it too controversial to touch?…
I do not wish to get into a debate about migration, but it seems fair to suggest we face facts: many North African and Arab countries are not famed for their exemplary treatment of women. And many of the people entering Europe are young men from these countries, who may well have never come across the concept that women are equal to men, and do not deserve to be threatened, molested or raped. If we are too scared to say this, for fear that it might look uncharitable towards migrants, then we land ourselves in all kinds of trouble. Eventually we will have to say it though, so we might as well start now.

Others are asking just how healthy it is to have a mass influx of young males who seem to have a quite different view on things like the dignity of women, the rule of law, and so on. As English lawyer Nazir Afzal writes:

As the song says, it’s raining men. But it is no cause for hallelujahs. Far from it — the influx of young, male migrants from the Middle East and North Africa risks tipping the whole balance of European society. A disproportionate majority of the immigrants from Syria, Iraq and Libya are unmarried young men, many of them under 18, travelling without family members.
Restless and rootless, those lone boys are part of a very alarming trend. Studies consistently show that communities with a predominance of single males are more prone to aggression and, in particular, sexual violence. We had a grim warning of what this means on New Year’s Eve, when gangs of hundreds of young men of North African or Middle Eastern appearance, many of them apparently drunk and speaking Arabic, crowded around female revellers in Cologne and Hamburg, and robbed them while committing vile sexual assaults.
The victims spoke of being surrounded by 20 or 30 men at a time who pressed against them so hard they were unable to move or fight back, let alone escape. While some men groped the women, others snatched bags, phones and purses.
The assaults were terrifying and degrading, and many of the women felt too defiled even to be able to report the robberies for several days. When they did, the police initially did not appear to take them seriously. It is a shocking development, but one that does not altogether surprise me. Male-dominated migration is a problem we need to be talking about….
As a matter of policy we should be looking at bringing more women and children as part of the 20,000 we have agreed to take over the next four to five years, rather than just accepting them on the basis of first-come-first-served. If we don’t get it right, the nightmarish scenes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve could soon be repeated on our own streets.

Finally, Anne-Marie Waters rightly warns: “Europe’s Rape Epidemic: Western Women Will Be Sacrificed at the Altar of Mass Migration”. After documenting plenty of such sex crimes, she asks why our leaders are doing nothing:

You’ve got to wonder – why on earth would Europe’s leaders do this to their own people? What is causing this?
Some have told me it is stupidity, short-sightedness, or even insanity, but it isn’t – it’s hatred. This is all part of a broad-ranging, virulent, and vicious hatred of the West, and of Western people (especially white Western people).
The Western world is dominated by leaders who despise its history and its heritage and are determined to bring an end to its power. They wish to extinguish Western culture, and opening the borders is a hell of a good start.
Merkel recognised that she was changing Germany beyond all recognition and that the Germany we know today will not exist for much longer. Much worse is that she considers this a positive thing. What does that tell us about her attitude towards the country she leads? The same can be said for the Swedes, who have leaders who praise the way of life of immigrants (regardless of the misogyny etc.), while telling native Swedes that they don’t even have a way of life.
The West is being disarmed – to demolish our cultures, our leaders are persuading us that there is nothing within them that is worthy of defence. Our identity is expendable….
In stark contrast to today’s culturally suicidal politicians, I believe strongly that the Swedish government, the German government, and the British government ought to unequivocally and without reluctance put the best interests of their own people first – that means keeping rapists out, as well as refusing entry to those who violently threaten our right to speak. This isn’t because I think Westerners are entitled to more protection than other people. Contrary to what my enemies would love to believe, I do actually care about women in the most misogynistic countries in the world, but we do nothing to advance the cause of women’s rights globally by destroying the rights of Western women – quite the opposite in fact.
The reason a government ought to put its own people first gets right to the heart of nation-state democracy; the duty owed by the elected to the elector. Politicians should answer to those who elect them – it is the purpose of the vote. This is something the Left rejects of course because it rejects the freedom (specifically the market freedom) that nation-state democracy inevitably constructs, and sadly the Left is now calling the shots. Make no mistake, Westerners are about to be made to suffer, and the reason is that our leaders fully believe that we deserve to.

Westerners already are suffering big time because of the diabolical religion known as Islam, and because of gutless and clueless leaders who time and again side with our enemies. If that continues much longer, say goodbye to Europe.

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  1. One of the scariest things about this is it revealed just how much media censorship we have – if it wasn’t for Breitbart London we would have heard nothing at all. The mainstream media have no credibility at all – the ABC is much more outraged by a woman being asked to leave a meeting. Another issue is these attacks occurred at the main railway station. If governments want people to use public transport they must ensure commuters’ safety.

  2. What islamisation? For example, my wife with friends working at “Save the Children” in Bangladesh went out to celebrate their National Day in the Dhaka City center. After dark we found ourselves surrounded by young glaring grinning men who soon proceeded to aggressively grope, pinch tug at all females in our group. So many swift hands coming from all directions and I could not protect my wife. It was an experience that can not be justly described, as often with survivors of drownings etc. We had to flee running and i can assure anyone that foolishly doubt the reports of sexual harassment by muslims attending the German NYE celebrations – it is most certainly all true and also massively UNDER REPORTED . I recognise this exact same muslim behaviour from our sickening experience inside an islamist culture. This has now become part of “normal” European life as well and so it has been organised thanks to our out-dated leaders. Sadly Australia is no different! Western women must except this new 2016 EU reality because they can’t leave like we left Bangladesh 15 years ago. This muslim reality 2016 has been brought over at great cost to them by their own hyper-radical political masters!!! Never has anything so crazy ultra-radical like this taken place in any civilised culture during the past 4,000 years and executed within just ten years… Western Teenagers can still remember a muslim-free streetscape!! It is a .. ULTRA RADICAL INSANITY that make Kim Jong-un’s antics look pretty harmless for future generations!!
    Muslims are at war with us non muslims. The islamic idea of the world divided in Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the non-muslim areas they regard in permanent war with islam. Early Islamic clerics devised these terms to support the right for ongoing Muslim conquests. Also look at human history and what has been done by Germans and English soldiers and people in the name of WAR. Utterly treacherous conduct like documented 1804 by the Captain Bernard of the brig Nanina. But, but wait… then the end of war between nations arrives and all is good again. EXCEPT not for muslims. War never end… It is a permanent Dar al-Harb until the infidels submit to “peace under islam” Dar al-islam. “Same (in) human behaviour, but with a huge difference”. Islam is islam!

    What will happen next? – READ the 1973 book “THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS” by Jean Raspail and be afraid, very afraid. It is all foretold and totally ignored.

  3. Europe, that sharp sudden pain you are feeling around your neck is the end of the rope that you fed out.

    You were warned, you didn’t listen, you shut out, locked up and silenced those who warned you.

    You were given all the rope you demanded, now you pay.
    My pity level is hovering about 1 deg above absolute zero at this point in time.

  4. Dr Bob Chapman, thank you for this. How soon will church leaders be spying and reporting on their own congregations?

    I looked up the Wiki definition of fascism just now and could see no difference between this and Marxism which clearly shows they must two sides of the same coin. Two sets of crooks fighting over the same patch.

    Wiki quote:
    “Fascists saw World War 1 as a revolution that brought massive changes in the nature of war, society, the state, and technology. The advent of total war and total mass mobilization of society had broken down the distinction between civilian and combatant. A “military citizenship” arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. The war had resulted in the rise of a powerful state capable of mobilizing millions of people to serve on the front lines and providing economic production and logistics to support them, as well as having unprecedented authority to intervene in the lives of citizens. Fascists view World War I as having made liberal democracy obsolete, and regard total mobilization of society under a totalitarian one – party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Such a state is led by a strong leader — such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party — to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society.”

    How about this for an English quisling Bishop, Nick Baines?

    David Skinner UK

  5. Is it too simplistic to say that the political elite are using both Muslims and gays to destabilize society in order to have the excuse of bringing in martial law so as to bring about order and squash all demonstrations and protests?
    All tyrannical countries have the distinguishing feature of order, calm and peace, overseen by a ruthless dictator who stops at nothing to maintain control.

    David Skinner UK

  6. I read about this news first on Facebook a week before it got published by the mainstream media. But couldn’t believe and didn’t trust to that news-source.
    Last year when the flood of migrants covered the European countries amongst my home country Serbia – I started to have a very bad feeling. That by my next visit I am going to see a very different Europe. I’ve witnessed so many political changes and my heart is broken, because there are things that can’t be mended.
    Also, I take the opportunity to express my gratitude for your work and ministry Bill. You are a blessing and a light in a darkness. Keep up the good work you are in our prayers. Blessings from Perth

  7. @David Skinner, I agree. I have heard and read exactly this on “conspiracy” websites that the average person doesn’t go to or even know about….but of course, as we know, it is not a conspiracy. The powers-that-be have deliberately created these civil-strife scenarios so that they can step in with the “solutions”, jack up control over populations and remove the last vestiges of our freedom. We can expect to see all manner of restrictions on us, including many we haven’t even imagined yet. In fact, the sad thing is that populations will actually demand the martial law themselves.

  8. Blame the victim. It was Abel’s fault! No wonder Cain was angry. Poor Cain.

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