Planned Parenthood Baby Killers Fight Back

You know the pro-aborts are getting pretty desperate when they start launching lawsuits against prolifers. But any group that kills babies for a living and makes money off it has got to be fairly desperate to begin with. The guilt alone that these guys have to deal with must be off the charts.

So to try to justify the horrendous evil they are involved in, they lash out at all those who dare to shed some light on their sinister activities. As part of the ugly secular left, they specialise in bullying and intimidation, seeking to shut down and shut up anyone who dares to challenge their demonic agenda.

So if a group gets a bit too close to the truth, and lets the whole world know about it, the baby killers will spring into action and seek to sue the pants off them. This just happened with the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

pp 11The very successful video sting of this sordid outfit that emerged last year, which revealed a roaring trade in dead baby parts – among other things – has obviously got them all shook up. So now they have taken the prolife group to the courts. As one write-up tells the story:

Planned Parenthood has been threatening this for months, but today they made it official by filing suit against the Center for Medical Progress, the group that caught them on video repeatedly admitting that they sold aborted baby parts. Democrats responded to the videos by pretending shock at the idea that video could be edited, even though CMP also released the full, unedited video concurrent with each release of a produced video.
They have since resorted to calling the videos “discredited” even though no one has discredited them at all, and even though they clearly show Planned Parenthood employees in their own words discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue.
What’s interesting is that Planned Parenthood has NOT sued CMP for slander or libel, which is to say, they are not claiming (as far as I can tell) that anything in the videos is actually false. They are merely claiming that the recordings were obtained in violation of applicable State and Federal privacy laws. In other words, Planned Parenthood does not deny that they sold (and continue to sell) baby parts, they just object to how CMP went about proving that fact.

The videos have been out for a while. So why the action now? This is all about money of course. PP is worried sick that if Hillary Clinton does not get in as President, but a conservative Republican does instead, it will lose all those kazillions of tax dollars. As Lila Rose, President of Live Action, said:

Funded with billions of our tax dollars, Planned Parenthood has shamelessly announced today that it is suing a brave young activist and some of his friends. Today’s announcement shows that Planned Parenthood is desperate, knowing that its taxpayer funding may disappear with a new president. Just as it crushes the bodies of preborn children in its facilities, Planned Parenthood is now seeking to crush any dissent towards its crimes against humanity.

Getting Hillary into the White House is exactly what PP wants. As she said recently, “I’m obviously not only against defunding Planned Parenthood, but I would like to see Planned Parenthood even get more funding because oftentimes it is both the first and the last resort for healthcare.”

Yeah right, killing babies is healthcare. But it is all quid pro quo tuff. Hil wants to give PP more taxpayer money, and PP endorses Hil for POTUS. But that may backfire, as one report writes:

Since Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many of the abortion group’s supporters have been in disbelief. Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page continues to fill with incensed expressions of outrage – not from pro-lifers, but from PP’s own former supporters. Many are assuring Planned Parenthood that they will no longer send donations, and that they are “unliking” PP’s Facebook page or unsubscribing from PP emails.

And the PP lawsuit may not go over so well either, as the Alliance Defending Freedom has just come out and said. The ADF offer five main problems with the PP lawsuit:

1. The videos have been authenticated and are available in their entirety online.
2. Taking hours of video and condensing it into digestible snippets is not illegal.
3. Planned Parenthood has admitted to taking money for “fetal tissue.”
4. The undercover videos focus on the apparent illegal sale of baby parts and illegal abortion practices, not abortion access.
5. The last time the abortion industry went after pro-lifers under RICO, it lost two Supreme Court cases.

As they conclude:

Planned Parenthood claims that they filed this lawsuit to protect women, but they are only concerned with their own image and their bottom line. And for good reason. Just this week, Kansas became the 8th state to defund the abortion giant, and this month we were the closest we’ve ever been to defunding them at the federal level after an historic vote by Congress.
The momentum is staunchly in the pro-life corner, and with the March for Life next week, the lawsuit is likely a last-ditch attempt to turn the tide. Unfortunately for them, millions of Americans have viewed the undercover footage. And such grotesque disregard for life simply can’t be unseen.

Gary DeMar cuts to the chase in this whole sordid affair by reminding us of what is really going on here:

The Nazis had been threatening to file suit against clandestine Jews who filmed what was going on in the Nazi death camps. They resorted to calling the films “discredited” even though no one has discredited them at all, and even though they clearly show the Nazi regime discussing how Jews were being systematically exterminated as part of a “final solution.”

DeMar of course simply slightly edited the first article I quoted from, and that is exactly the sort of thing going on here. Says DeMar, “Don’t say ‘It can’t happen here’ and ‘Never Again.’ It’s happening here and now. Only the subjects, perpetrators, and enablers have changed.”

Yep, there is plenty of common ground between the Nazis and PP. Both are diabolically evil killing machines. Indeed, in addition to all its wickedness on the abortion front, PP is evil on so many other fronts, including its recent claim that hiding HIV from sexual partners is your ‘right’.

PP should have been put out of its misery long ago. It certainly does not deserve a penny of taxpayer funding. Let it sue everyone – that will simply expose more ugly truth about this really ugly group.’s-lawsuit-against-the-center-for-medical-progress

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7 Replies to “Planned Parenthood Baby Killers Fight Back”

  1. Those in the Center for Medical Progress are incredible. What an amazing work they have done in exposing Planned Parenthood. Let’s pray that Planned Parenthood will be no more, and soon. Moreover, and that the killing o unborn children and the bloody abortion industry be brought to a grinding halt.

  2. Well done, Bill, for your tireless exposé of this truly evil organisation! However, I would disagree on a few small points. Firstly, “The guilt alone that these guys have to deal with must be off the charts.” I don’t think these kind of people feel any personal guilt whatsoever – no more than the Nazis did about the Jews. As you rightly say, it’s all about losing money. Secondly, I’m not convinced a GOP Prez would defund them. After all, a GOP Congress didn’t do it, so why would the POTUS? It depends how principled they are. Cruz maybe, but not the others. But here’s hoping that the death knell of this demonic organisation is coming soon.

  3. Only decades ago this sort of a case would have been thrown out. I hope they can prove these recordings were made in the public interest and counter sue..

  4. I am interested in babies that survive abortion. Some of them are removed from the mother’s body STILL ALIVE. I have heard that sometimes they are crying and the nurse smothers them with a pillow. The nurse and other staff do not tell the mother that the child is alive. If they are healthy babies can they be put up for adoption? Can the mother be told the child survived the abortion? The mother should have the right to know that her child survived. She should be able to keep the child or give it up for adoption. There should be laws to protect children who survived abortion. Infanticide is wrong. Can something be done to protect the survivors of abortion? The survivors should be saved and given up for adoption. Can laws be passed to protect the survivors of abortion? Please consider the survivors of abortion.

  5. If these people really are capable of mass murder, lying, slander and all the rest of it, surely they are capable using babies that are born alive as guinee pigs. After all I believe that this is what happened in times past to those condemned to death.

    David Skinner

  6. The banality of evil is striking to behold. The apparent attitudes and modus operandi of Planned Parenthood staff reminded me of a photo-album of sorts that surfaced recently. This gave us photos -happy snaps if you will – of the staff at one of the WW11 concentration camps, taking their ease during meal-times or when off-duty. It was like witnessing any of your typical office parties or liquid functions when people let their hair down. What was eerily absent was any sign of the camp inmates -those condemned because their sub-human (non-human?) status denied them any right to life. An eerie parallel to what is missing in the PP videos – any sight of those who are created for destruction by this latter day death cult.
    If there is no deep and abiding repentance forthcoming from these perpetrators of such horror they shall surely receive their reward someday from the One who is not mocked. The treasury of their iniquity is great.

  7. When we pass laws against God’s laws, the result should be no surprise to anyone. We are reaping the rewards of our own actions. Where were we as a body of Christians, when this happens? The blood is on our hands.

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