Brexit and Beyond

What looks to be a great victory in the UK, despite what all the pundits and pollsters said, has ramifications for other places around the globe. I am thinking here especially of the forthcoming Australian and American elections. But first, a few words about this historic vote in the UK.

Almost no one thought there would be such a big win for the Brexit camp. It looks like the referendum to leave the EU will end up with a solid 52 per cent vote, and with a margin of as many as a million-plus votes. Wales and much of the UK went for the leave camp, while Scotland, Northern Ireland and London were among the main strongholds for the stay camp.

brexit-2This is a real victory for people power. It is a declaration of the importance of local governance, and a slap in the face to the globalist agenda. The majority of UK voters declared that the sovereignty of the UK is paramount. They want self rule, local rule and national rule, not EU bureaucracy rule.

Of course even a number of Labor MPs and Labor electorates went for this decision to exit the EU, so it certainly was not just a conservative campaign. Indeed, the Tory leader and Prime Minister David Cameron was a keen supporter of remaining in the EU.

So we have here a real case of Independence Day in the UK. One leader who has been fighting this for decades now is Nigel Farage of UKIP. He said just recently, “Dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom. This will be a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people.” He said this:

“We have fought against the multinationals, against the big merchant banks, against big politics, against lies, corruption and deceit and today honesty and decency and belief in a nation I think now is going to win. We will have done it without having to fight, without a single bullet having been fired.”

He continued, “We have done it. For the whole of Europe. I hope this victory brings down this failed project and leads us to a Europe of sovereign nations, trading together, being friends together, co-operating together. And let’s get rid of the flag, the [EU] anthem, Brussels and all that has gone wrong.”

Gisela Stuart, a leave campaigner and Labour MP, said this in Manchester: “We have just taken control. 33 million people went to the ballot box and made a democratic decision. They reflected on our 40 year history and by a majority they have decided to leave. I think that is democracy at work.” 

A big question now is the political future of Cameron, and Jeremy Corbyn of Labour. Some are calling for them to stand down immediately. Time will tell. In the meantime the transition – which may take several years – can now begin as the UK extracts itself from the clutches of the EU.

It certainly cannot take place overnight, given that the UK first joined the EEC back in 1973 and has many entanglements to sort through. And other repercussions are now in play, with volatile stock markets, and Scotland talking about another independence referendum. Northern Ireland too may head down that path.

So how all the dust settles here will take quite some time to fully discover. But in my view this was a big win – a win for the right to self-control and national sovereignty and real independence from foreign bureaucrats. I celebrate this win in part, as I say, because two other important votes are coming up soon.

July 2 in Australia and November 8 in the US are big days indeed. All I want to say is there is hope that some good outcomes might arise there. Just as few predicted a Brexit win, and a win for the ordinary people, perhaps we can hope for the same in these nations as well.

Maybe we will see some people power here and in America. Hopefully some of the smaller pro-family and pro-faith parties in Australia will do well, and send a strong rebuke to Turnbull and Shorten. All over much of the West people are getting fed up with business as usual, and unresponsive political parties.

So maybe now is the day of the rise of the smaller parties – we will soon see. As for America, I keep praying for the miraculous. I would love to see both Clinton and Trump implode or explode, and leave a genuine leader and conservative like Cruz making it through.

And plenty can happen not just before the actual vote later this year, but even before the July conventions. Nothing is set in stone here, and things may well change. So if we keep working hard and praying hard, who knows? All I can do is take heart from what just happened in the UK.

All I know is there are a lot of angry folks out there right now in the UK, especially amongst the left. Labour bigwigs, Greens politicians, and establishment Tories are all spitting chips right now. Good. Victory to the people. Victory to the decentralisation of power.

Maybe it will start a tidal wave right around the rest of the West. I sure hope so. Well done the UK. You give us all hope. Real change is possible. Getting big wins against the establishment machine can still occur. Given power back to the people is now back on the cards.

Good job Brexit.

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  1. Any blow to the next attempt at a “new and improved” Communism that will really work this time (all you need to do is hand over every freedom you have, your possessions and your bank account details and Nanny State will take good care of you) is a great victory for anyone who likes living outside places like the former Soviet Union and North Korea.
    For those who hunger for the kind of power that Stalin had and Jong Il enjoys, well this is a sad and sorry day indeed.

    Of course, Britain will face a myriad other problems but at least lining the pockets of the EU elite and pouring their money down the welfare drain of the other nations in the EU won’t be one of them.

    Perhaps England will still be somewhat free at the return of Christ. We can pray.

  2. So Britain has potentially escaped the fate of being one of the ten horns on the Beast of prophecy?

  3. It’s a momentous decision and I hope it’s the beginning of a turning tide. This should make a few Left Wingers sit up and take notice.

  4. Bill, I couldnt face watching the live news through the night here in England, so I went to bed, with a prayer. Got up today at 5.30am, switched on the computer and couldn’t believe my eyes at the BBC headline….BBC predicts Brexit.
    I am uncharacteristically emotional this morning…I campaigned for over 3 weeks with colleagues, delivering leaflets to thousands of houses and really clappered myself in the process. Millions of others here did the same; a real “war effort”. We knew it would be close, but people’s brains have awoken, they’ve gone out there and voted for sovereignty.
    A lot didn’t, of course. Division is evident, especially with the Scottish vote and in London. One can speculate for hours on what this might lead to. But the genie is out of the bottle now. The English know it won’t be an easy road, but we are now stepping out; the Welsh, too.
    And I hear that people in the Netherlands are now looking to a referendum as well….

  5. This is the most important day for Great Britain since Victory in Europe Day 8th May 1944 !

    We are jubilant !

    All Glory to GOD !

  6. Hi Bill,

    What take away from this do you have for the plebiscite on redefining marriage here pls?

    BTW K Keneally, on 2GB Ben Fordham’s segment today, expressed her fears about what it may mean.


  7. Thanks Gerard. I think the short answer is this: things can change in no time. Cameron has just resigned! People power still can work big time. A lot of effort went into Brexit. Farage was involved for 25 years fighting this! It all shows that a lot of hard work can pay off, and a lot of prayer can change nations.

  8. Brexit is the perfect commentary on why Labor and the Greens would never allow a referendum on redefining marriage – no matter how much “progressives” control the mouthpiece of the media to imply that they are the majority, they cannot control the vote of the silent or voiceless majority who usually reject their social engineering and pervasive style of ever increasing big government.

    Praying for the plebiscite to expose the constant proclamations of “their ABC” and reveal that actually, far more Australians reject redefining marriage than most people realise.

  9. Thanks, Bill, for your excellent analysis.

    Let June 23 go down in history as Britain’s Independence Day!

  10. Hi Bill
    We’ve just returned from Malta to the UK to be greeted by this great news (we’d already put in our postal votes!). While in Malta (who are in the EU), my wife was speaking to 3 Germans who were praising the English “because we are still able to think.” In Germany, they claimed the media is controlled by the Government and so don’t get fed the full story. Mind you, we were also talking to a younger English couple while on a day cruise who were saying they wanted to Remain because “we don’t want to have to get visas to go everywhere in Europe”. When I pointed out my wife has an Australian passport and doesn’t need visas, they were stunned. It’s not just Germany where the people are fed misinformation!

    Also, when checking out of our hotel in Malta, we got into conversation with the guy behind the desk and when we said we were for Brexit, he was saying we should stay in. However, when we started to explain why we wanted to leave – i.e. the EU is corrupt (the books haven’t been audited for 21 years), we wanted to be able to vote governments in or out and not be ruled by Brussels, have control of just who we let into the country and not have to put up with the policies of people like Merkel giving asylum (and potentially German passports) to a million muslims who then had freedom to move throughout Europe, etc., etc. – he agreed on every point!!

    We’re thrilled at the result!

  11. I was convinced the Brexiteers had lost this morning and was thinking we’d be like the Hebrews weeping by the waters of Babylon but was was amazed to see the morning TV headlines “Cameron to resign. Britain votes to leave EU.” A slight weirdness occurring: The Leave politicians are distancing themselves and reviling Nigel Farage as a racist, saying he has done his job in instigating the referendum and now they want him to fade away. With the question mark over the Labour leader’s reticence to support Remain, rats in a sack spring to mind. Cross party members have expressed the wish that we work together now that the democratic wish of Britain to leave the EU has been expressed. Ironically Prime Minister Cameron’s notice of resignation speech was the best and most sincere I have heard him make. I hope that personal attack and trolling will cease and civil debate will continue in future.

  12. Yes Chris Dark, I got out of bed about at 4.40 am. Put the kettle on and switched on the TV . I could hardly believe the news. I had been glued to the TV the night before, to the BBC, ITV and RT and they had given air time mostly to the “Remain” side. If ever we needed to leave, the reason for leaving was heard in the “remain” – sick as a parrot” elitist, “know better than the stupid public”, politicians who clearly are blind and deaf to Britain’s real Christian identity.

    I also switched on the infernal machine, the computer, and God Bless at around 4.45 am the first message of congratulations came from Australia, from our friend Mark Rabich. He had emailed me to tell me that Bournemouth, my home town had voted to leave by 54.9 %. Praise God for His mercies on our nation!

    Northern Ireland will be very interesting. Sinn Fein who are very appropriately named, run by the Marxist, murderer Jerry Adams are threatening more murder. The DUP need to get shot off him and send him back over the border, or arrest him for treason.Brussels and Germany are threatening us, which really shows the nature of the beast. Let us hope that this destabilizes the whole rotten house of cards.

    I am off to London by coach in just under two hours time for a meeting with our fellow Christian warriors, including Dr Scott Lively, who just arrived yesterday from Eastern Europe.

    Returning if I may to the comments from the sick as parrot, remain political class, the Brexit group have got to return to “old paths” and fast. We must re establish our Christian roots and heritage, otherwise we will sink once more into the European mire. We are crossing the Red Sea and must not look back back to the land of melons and cucumbers and instead trust in God.


    David Skinner UK

  13. I am very thankful for this article. As a Dutch Christian it gives me comfort that Christians worldwide see through the evil of all what happens today.

    I am cheerful for what has happened in the UK and I praise the bravery a lot of Brits showed once again.

    I must think a lot about James 5:16: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

  14. Yes Bastiaan, many British Christians were in SERIOUS fasting and prayer over the last weeks and months and particularly in the final days. God answered our prayers with the ferocious storm on the night of Wednesday / Thursday of the vote. It is HE alone who gave us deliverance from the evil empire, all glory and praise to Him. Amen.

  15. Naomi it is great to hear Many British Christians were praying. Surely God heard their voices. A lot of Dutch Christians did the same. We know we can trust the almighty God. It is because of Him and Him alone, that evil plans have been thwarted. Praise Him, for without Him we are powerless. Have a blessed Sunday and greeting from The Netherlands.

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