The Sexual Militants, the Assault on Morality, and the Inversion of Reality

You know the end is near when good is called evil, wrong is called right, and fantasy is declared to be reality. And when the expansionist state is fully involved in the inversion of morality and sanity, you know we are in perilous times indeed.

And all this is especially being fomented by the sexual militants. By sexual militants I of course refer to the radical homosexual activists, and now the transgender warriors. They are turning morality on its head, overturning millennia of cultural, social and religious norms, and are even attempting to rescript reality itself.

It is frightening to behold. And expect things to get much worse before they get better. The sexual revolutionaries are steamrolling their militant agenda throughout the West, and woe to anyone who dares to differ. All opposition is being met with hate and abuse, and increasingly with the heavy hand of the law.

I and others have been warning about this, and documenting cases of this, for years now. Every day new horror stories emerge. And as I have said so often, if things are this bad here in Australia which has not yet officially legalised fake marriage, just imagine how much worse it will get when it does.

Let me look at just two brand new cases of the war on morality and the attempt to deconstruct reality. Both involve rainbow warriors seeking to punish and silence those who think marriage is between a man and a woman, and human sexuality is meant to be heterosexual in nature.

For daring to hold views that basically everyone held to for almost all of human history, today these folks are being persecuted and hunted down by the sexual militants and the PC thought police. And both cases involve a wonderful individual I happen to know and respect. More on that in a moment.

The first case has to do with a church in Perth which is being hammered by the militants and the mainstream media for daring to affirm the biblical view on sexuality and marriage and family. Yes, for doing something so utterly ‘outrageous,’ this church is now being targeted big time. The piece begins:

A Perth church has been ridiculed online for an upcoming event in which a man is advertised to be able to turn men away from homosexuality. The Perth City Church of Christ is staging an event on December 9 featuring James Parker, a once-promiscuous gay man who is now a ‘husband and father’.
The event is billed as ‘a life through the confusing world of modern sexuality’. Apparently, James ‘experienced a profound spiritual awakening and discovered in a deep way the forgiveness, Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ’.
James had a “challenging childhood and teenage years spent in the north of England that involved being adopted, sexual abuse by multiple teachers and an older boy, an addiction to pornography and alcohol that led to the troubled teenager ‘coming out’ to his parents at the age of 17”.
“A second phase of his life involved living a gay lifestyle for several years in London while he attended university.
“He had about 200 sexual partners, and at one stage, James considered whether he was really a woman living in a man’s body.
“In his third life phase, James experienced a profound spiritual awakening as a result of daily prayer and the encouragement of a group of Catholic friends. Eventually, he made the decision to break up with his boyfriend and journey into the Catholic Church to discover in a deep way the forgiveness, Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ.”

Leave it to the hyper-left Guardian to make a big stink about all this. As if he was a convicted murderer or child molester. All James Parker is doing is offering a helping hand to those who are not happy with their same-sex attractions. So shoot him already.

Up until a few decades ago no one would have had a problem with such a helpful ministry. Trying to assist those not comfortable with aspects of their sexuality is not evil in my books, but a much-needed work which obviously many folks desperately find the need for.

But now it is considered to be worse than torture or rape – all because the sexual militants have utterly taken over the public discussion on such matters. While this church is offering the services of this man, plenty of other venues – including schools – are doing all they can to recruit people into the high-risk homosexual lifestyle.

Nefarious programs like the “Safe Schools” indoctrination programs and other radical sex ed programs are even targeting toddlers. Yet this is somehow a good thing, while trying to help those who want out of the lifestyle is now seen as the epitome of evil.

The article even quotes a critic who made this claim: “I see him every now and then and he seems miserable.” Yep, that is some solid journalism there. Just find an angry homosexual who wants to fling mud and report it as fact. I happen to know James and he is one of the most cheerful and joyous persons I know.

My second case also involves James – they seem to be ganging up on him! It has to do with a Christian who has just experienced the wrath of the rainbow brigade for daring to criticise their agenda, and offer help and healing to those who are sexually broken.

Consider the opening words of this news item:

Former federal Ballarat candidate Dianne Colbert has had her mental health first aid accreditation suspended after a series of anti-LGBTI Facebook posts which included videos about “healing from homosexuality”.
Mental Health First Aid Australia received a complaint about Ms Colbert from former Ballarat Greens council candidate Tony Goodfellow earlier this week who said her practices were “dangerous and un-scientific”. Ms Colbert’s professional Facebook page says she has been conducting mental health first aid since 2006 and youth focused services since 2007.
Last week the Youtube channel for Ms Colbert’s business Healthy Hearts Healthy Minds posted a video with former gay activist James Parker, who claims to have overcome homosexuality through finding Jesus Christ. A Facebook post said Ms Colbert would be bringing Mr Parker to Ballarat in February for a workshop on ‘adult recovery of child sexual abuse’.

There you go again folks: dare to say ANYTHING critical of the militant rainbow agenda and you WILL be made to pay. You will be punished. You will experience ever-increasing anti-Christian bigotry. This is now the new normal. Today, anyone who stands for marriage and family will be hounded down by the Pink Gestapo.

And there are so many cases like this. I spend much of my time on this website trying to keep up with all of them. They get worse by the day. And they will continue to get worse, especially when fake marriage becomes the law of the land.

This is a complete reversal of so many centuries of morality and of reality. All cultures throughout human history had a recognisable form of heterosexual marriage, and it was always known to be for the good of society and the good of children.

But in a few short decades we have turned all this on its head, and we have declared war on our own culture and our own history. We are now guilty of what the prophet Isaiah warned about so long ago: putting good for evil and darkness for light (Isaiah 5:20).

But one need not be religious to know how utterly harmful and destructive all this is. Novelists have warned us of what happens when the coercive state starts to redefine reality and completely wipe out morality. Orwell did a perfect job of showing the ugliness and barbarism of this, and it seems we are now starting to see what he wrote about come to pass.

Recall in 1984 how this worked out on practice. Early on in this prophetic novel (penned in 1949), we read this:

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?

Later the hero of the book, Winston Smith, is tortured by the Big Brother State, and after suitable pain, he is finally forced to declare that the four fingers being held up by his tormentor are really five. The State now decides what is real and what is not. The state now determines right and wrong, truth and falsehood.

And all recalcitrants will suffer until they fully comply. Orwell may not have thought that the totalist state coupled with militant homosexuals would become the eventual Big Brother, but that is exactly what we are now witnessing. And it will only get worse.

Reality and morality are now what the Pink Big Brother tells us they are. Anyone who dares to differ will be made to suffer. This is no longer the stuff of fiction. This is now the fate of the West which has declared war on reality, on reason, on morality, and on sanity.

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13 Replies to “The Sexual Militants, the Assault on Morality, and the Inversion of Reality”

  1. As I read this article, I feel saddened my heart. You have shown, example after example of the militancy and the bullying of the SSM brigade. Of course there is many more happening day by day. Calling good evil and evil good. Thank you Bill for this article.
    Will the true church of Christ rise up and take it’s place in this world, where it is supposed to be a representation of Christ on the earth. Salt and light to this fast decaying world.

  2. Phew!! Missed the chop by a bees whisker!
    I recently emailed a letter to my friends and some business clients saying why I was voting “NO” in the plebiscite. I had some replies that were not pleasant including a strong negative one from a person I had regarded as a believer in Jesus. One client rang and complained that I had sent the letter, and had such opinions, and said that they would no longer would be a client. OK; Fair enough if they feel like that.
    Then, just a day or two ago, I had a phone call from the appropriate Aust. Government licensing authority.
    We have had a complaint!
    I immediately expected that they may have had a complaint about the impropriety of sending such a letter to a client. But, I waited, nothing about that. The complaint was about the views that I expressed in the letter. The authority person thankfully was quite reasonable, admitting that the topic generated a lot of heat. ..You have not breached any of the rules of conduct, and the complaint cannot stand. However, perhaps I need to be more careful about who I send such letters to. Thank you,… and that was that.
    Wow, there is so much heat that it burns the house next door.
    This what we are up against, incensed people will sometimes abandon logic and connection and lash out in any way that they can.
    But wait! When to new rules come in, the complaint may have led to a discrimination charge.
    Now, even having or sharing an opinion is regarded as discriminatory.
    So, again, PHEW!

  3. Such changes in reality and morality are predicted in the Bible, and as such it will get much worse in due course Even non-Biblical history supports this. We just need to be prepared to tackle such issues in our everyday lives as best we can using the Word of God.

  4. Wide is the path that leads to destruction ….the speed the falling away is escalating is mind boggling.
    My local Federal member yesterday responded to an email by me, requesting she stands up for our freedoms, that 61% of the country has voted YES and we need to stop delaying and get this “critical” issue through parliament and there was no need for any further protections for anyone. She said that she believe that any concessions to business to not partake in SS marriage ceremonies would just be “discrimination” against SS couples and that the bill needs to pas as it is as it will ensure that that does not happen……so the demand that we “march to the beat of their drums” is all they care about.

  5. Bill, at least Australia (as far as I know) doesn’t have a huge Islam problem like in western Europe. Just recently Theresa May was about to be assassinated by 2 muslim men. For her sake she’s ok but the brainwashing there is insane, considering Trump tweeted to her, warning her about the muslim problem just a couple of days ago, then this happens. I’m not defending the insane LGBT people in Australia but at least there its more a culture/cold war whereas Europe is heading towards an actual war for their survival and I have a feeling much like with WW2, the USA will have to step in again.

  6. The deconstruction of history and its “reconstruction”, shorn of alleged straight, patriarchal, hetero-normative bias is certainly far from “on the back-burner” for the progressive political classes of our time.

    That which ought to be protected in human society is now left exposed to the chilling winds of constantly evolving societal values – by-products of a perilous obsession with soulless dialectic materialism. If everything is a human psychosocial construct, a mere projection of the collective consciousness of humanity, surely the empirical processes of human reason must also fall prey to this alleged phenomenon of human self-projection.

  7. @ Ess Grubb:
    Your MP needs to understand that the 61% of survey respondents who voted Yes, forms only 48.84% of eligible voters, which is not a majority. The ABS sent Marriage Survey postal forms to all 16,006,180 eligible voters. The ABS received 7,817,247 Yes votes — this is only 48.84% of eligible voters, There were 4,873,987 No votes, which equals 30.45% of eligible voters. Another 3,278,260 people, or 20.48% of eligible voters, didn’t return their survey form, so didn’t show any support for changing the law. An additional 36,686 voters returned a blank or informal vote, taking the total of “Not interested” to 3,314,946. The total of No votes, plus “Not interested”, is 4,873,987 + 3,314,946 = 8,188,933, or 51.16% of Australian voters.

    Let’s have a closer look at Tasmania, which returned a 63.5% Yes vote. Tasmania had 379,428 eligible voters. The ABS received 191,948 Tasmanian Yes votes, which is 50.59% of eligible Tasmanian voters. There were 109,655 No votes, or 28.9%. There were 77,825 Tasmanians who didn’t return their survey form, which is 20.51% (includes 805 blank/informal responses). The proportion of Tasmanian No votes, plus “Not interested”, is 109,655 + 77,825 = 187,480, or 49.41% of Tasmanian voters. After decades of “gay activism” and positive media coverage in Rodney Croome’s home state of Tasmania, the Yes vote could only manage the barest possible majority, 0.59% of eligible voters. One in two Tasmanians showed no support for changing the law.

    MPs need to understand that Section 116 of the constitution ensures parliament cannot make a law requiring a religious observance, so politicians don’t have the power to force Australians to accept the false idea that any “2 people” can be married.

  8. Hi Bill, my comment may be related more to an article you penned recently concerning Dr Jordan Peterson, ‘Time for Some Rahab Awards’. Nonetheless, it is still relatable, take is recent dialogue from Andrew Bolt debunking the heavy-left leaning ABC’s inimical claim that evangelical Christians are supposedly most likely to assault their wives. It is distasteful that our public funds are being used [wasted] to report such falsehood. Worst of all, ABC purports to be objective [what a joke], it took Andrew Bolt, a confessed agnostic, a snippet of investigative research to read ABC’s own ‘one’ source to debunk this canard. But my point is that a non-Christian defends the Christian value more than our mainstream Christian Church. This relates to the recent example where Hills song pastor, Carl Lentz who could not even answer an abortion related question directly. Now, I have copious amounts of grace [and regularly ask the Lord for more] for layperson such as I to not have a profound theological/biblical response, however, someone in such a position, ‘senior pastor’ on the other hand should definitely have an unwavering biblical [delivered in love] response to such a question. What I am finding is more atheist, agnostic and even secularist’s alike are defending Judea-Christian values even when they don’t agree with them personally, it’s mind-blowing!
    Thank you for your tremendous work strengthening God’s church through your articles. I find what you write to be challenging, confronting and edifying all delivered in scriptural love. In fact, based on another article you wrote I am reading through Acts, I have almost finished and wow, Paul was confronting alright. Keep up the wonderful work.

  9. And the thing they really fear is the evidence that sexual abuse and pederasty results in homosexuality. They fear that even more than the evidence that people can be released from that snare.

  10. The simple reality is that we live in a godless world. Of course, I don’t mean that there isn’t a God, or that the true and living God is not active in our world. I mean that the natural state of every person is wickedness, ungodliness, and evil.
    In Genesis 6:5, God looked down on the earth and was grieved by what he saw:
    “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
    God brought the great flood upon the earth because the wickedness of man was great. Every intention, every desire, every thought was bent toward evil. Doesn’t sound that different from today, does it?
    Those who believe in the supremacy of their own ideology refuse to be subject to any moral or social law. Everything must be relative to their emotions and whims because of their deluded sense of ‘entitlement’. Everything must align itself with what they want; The goal of the self-worshiper is to live in a world where “because I want to” is an argument that overrides everything, including reality itself.

  11. Hi Bill,

    In all honesty… good luck to them. Let them go forth and procreate… ah hang on!!

    My worry is there will be more to come…

  12. @Kit Walker The numbers are a joke to say the least and i am still of the opinion that the parliament has the right to and within its limits to introduce legislation that reinforces the traditional meaning of marriage, however constitutionally what is as clear as mud is whether the parliament can redefine marriage. Constitutionally, the meaning or connotation of a given word must remain fixed as established by law when originally enacted, the meaning to be given to a term is the same that it had at the date of the constitution(1900), Australian legal interpretation orthodoxy rules prescribe thus. Quick and Garran commented that the intention of the Australian framers was to prevent the Federal Parliament from expanding its limited and specified powers by simply changing the meaning of any word in the Constitution.

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