Australia’s Day of Infamy

Mark in your calendars December 7, 2017. It is a day of infamy. It is one of Australia’s darkest days. We all know about December 7, 1941 and the attack on Pearl harbor. That was another day of infamy, but in many respects this one is even worse. Its dark ramifications will be felt for a very long time indeed, and the damage will be immense.

I refer of course to the sad fact that the Australian House of Representatives has just voted to legalise fake marriage, or sodomite marriage. Of course the legislation still needs royal assent, but it looks like a new and ugly darkness has now descended on this land.

Throughout the past few days various amendments to the Smith bill were put up to protect a few religious freedoms. All of them were knocked back. Say goodbye to religious freedom. Say goodbye to freedom of speech. Say goodbye to freedom of conscience.

While a few heroic and principled MPs voted no, and some other MPs left the chamber. These included Russell Broadbent, Keith Pitt, David Littleproud, Bob Katter and Tony Abbott. But Labor, the Greens, and a number of traitorous Liberals – including the leftist Prime minister – crossed the floor to side with the marriage destroyers.

Malcolm Turnbull carried on like a besotted schoolboy, making it seem as if this was the greatest day in Australian history. He rambled on about “What a day for love,” and “What a unifying day.” Yeah right. He has ensured Australia is now more divided than it has ever been.

Just after this vote there was wild jubilation, cheering and partying going on in the floor of the federal parliament. One was immediately reminded of the statement made by Senator Amidala in the Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith: “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

But we must ignore the celebration of evil going on in Parliament and elsewhere right now. We must look to God’s view of the situation, which is the exact opposite. As we read in Proverbs 2:12-15:

Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men,
from men whose words are perverse,
who have left the straight paths
to walk in dark ways,
who delight in doing wrong
and rejoice in the perverseness of evil,
whose paths are crooked
and who are devious in their ways.

And as we find in I Corinthians 13:6: “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” So let those who mock God and his ways celebrate all they like. It will be a short-lived celebration. These God-mockers and marriage-haters will one day stand before him and give account.

This is in fact D-Day in Australia. It is a Diabolical Day. A new and ugly darkness has descended upon this land. It will be very difficult days ahead for those who still stay true to God, his word, and the real meaning of marriage. And we can say goodbye to any notions of religious freedom in Australia from here on in.

The persecution and anti-Christian bigotry – which we have already seen plenty of – will simply be ramped up big time in the days ahead. Make no mistake about this – this vote has absolutely nothing to do with love. This is about hatred – above all, hatred toward God, but also hatred of real marriage, of society, and of our children.

Hate wins.

No matter how the anti-Christian persecution now plays itself out, I will not bow down to this diabolical agenda. I will never worship the false gods of fake marriage, immorality and rebellion. NO, homosexual marriage is NOT marriage and can never be marriage. So arrest me already.


Fifteen years ago Patrick Buchanan wrote a book entitled The Death of the West. What he said at the end of that volume may well be the word we must run with for Australia in 2017:

Democracy is not enough. Yeats was right: once faith goes, “Things fall apart, the centre will not hold.” So it may be that the time of the West has come, as it does for every civilization, that the Death of the West is ordained, and that there is no sense prescribing new drugs or recommending painful new treatments, for the patient is dying and nothing can be done. Absent a revival of faith or a great awakening, Western men and women may simply live out their lives until they are so few they do not matter.

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  1. Where there is royal assent to grossly immoral legislation, there is undeniable proof that monarchist governments are absolutely NOT safer than governments chartered by the sovereign people as we have in America.

  2. Bill,
    You have a companion here. Surely I am not going to bow to this law. I will continue preaching the truth, hitting hard on such immoral practices. Surely this law is a way that ends in death as described in Prov. 14:12.

  3. We are going home soon. For the rest, “Every knee shall bow and Every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. They will bow whether they like it or not.

  4. I’m with you Bill. They can arrest me too as I will never accept SSM.

  5. Bill, I was just writing a reply to a newspaper article on the vote and made the comment.
    “Historic event?
    This will go down in history as an infamous day.”
    Your email arrived with the title “A day of Infamy”.

  6. I’m with you all the way Bill, I hope we get to share a cell. You Bring out some excellent points, some I’ve never considered.

    All I can say is heaven help this nation, God will not be mocked. Come soon Lord Jesus

  7. Such love as ‘love is love’ is neither everlasting nor unconditional and will be as you mention Bill will be very ”short-lived.” Our grand mother in the nursing home began behaving very restlessly after I turned her t.v. on, which I only usually do to watch videos. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing and quickly switched the screen off when the foolish MPs began rejoicing while our PM started making a congratulatory speech. What fools…may God forgive them for they have no idea what they are doing! May the Lord forgive me for allowing our Beppe to see such evil and may she live to see her 97th Birthday, I have not seen her in such pain may God spare her from having to live through anything like the war when Germany invaded Nederland that ended in ’45, come quickly Lord Jesus! ?

  8. Dear Bill,
    Equally appalled. Not even 1 attempt at legislative protections was voted for. We have representatives that do not represent 38% + of Australians.
    Paul fletcher my liberal member will not get my vote next election. The liberal party has no credibility.
    It will lose many conservative voters next election,I’m sure.

  9. What a paradox: the loss of freedom in the name of freedom. I have been feeling sad and distressed today but reading your blog, Bill, has ignited my hope once again. Yes! We will remain true to our beloved Saviour and His Word and stand united and strong as we undertake to do His will in these last days.

  10. « Don’t be deceived: God is not mocked. For whatever a person sows he will also reap. » Galatians 6:7. I will never accept SSM either.

  11. Agree with you Bill. All Christians who believe in the Bible must continue to proclaim God’s statement about marriage. However, do you think that our freedoms will stand a chance after Phillip Ruddock makes his proposals?

  12. I feel for you in Australia. We in the UK have been watching your fall like so many other nations including the UK. We also noted the gleeful advanced sodomite ‘marriage’ proposal in your parliament by one of the MPs.
    In many ways the battle was lost years ago, as in the UK, when Christians refused to stand united behind the word of God as the law of truth and tolerated the spirit of the age and adopted its vocabulary and promotion of sin.
    The arguments in the UK parliament when sodomite ‘marriage’ was debated were weak and based on the ideas of men and not on the absolute law of God. The debate was then lost in the puerile fake arguments about perverted love, false equality and corrupt justice.
    The implications are massive and Australia will now quickly catch up with the UK and may even become a trail blazer for sodomite rights.
    Christians will need to know their doctrine in depth and cleave to the Lord as the idolatry of sodomy and other carcass gods are made legally enforceable. The sifting has begun…

  13. Bill, surely a day of infamy, I and my family will not bow down to this either. Our so called leaders are ‘leading’ the populace down into the very pit of hell and jumping with joy about it. I cannot believe that our nation has come to this in so short a time. However, we only have ourselves to blame. our ‘tolerance’ of the continual pushing of sexual boundaries has emboldened the perverse in our society. Our media is awash with sexual content that would have made you blush a few decades ago. Advertising thinks nothing of using sex to sell all things from cars to childrens toys, and we havent objected loud enough about it. The Church has remained silent and now as in the time of the holocaust, we are paying the price for remaining silent. I dont mean to sound alarmist, but I cant help but think how different things might be if we Christians and the churches had stood firm and provided a moral compass for our society. As an example of how peoples view of morality has declined so much, I was speaking to a childrens counsellor regarding SSM as she was in favour, I asked her do you think it is appropriate for children to be taught Homosexual sex? Her reply, “Whats wrong with that?” I had nothing more to say.

    Yes, God will not be mocked, our nation will suffer for this and the real victims will be the children.

  14. I’m with you Bill as I am sure so many are. The time has come for civil disobedience as no law will ever force me to abandon God’s word as he alone has wisdom.
    The fake flag of the fake sodomites with their fake and deceptive ways are short lived as history denotes. I believe I know where this is going and I warn that it is not the YES camp that is on trial for they are already damned – it is we in the No camp that are on trial to see how many will jump the fence to save their hide and abandon God and Jesus said it all when he said: I will deny knowing you before the father.
    John Abbott

  15. Is this the society that the brave diggers fought to save in Singapore in 1942? Who do you blame: the politicians or the people who elected them? Or the clergy and bishops who were afraid to speak out?
    God should punish Australians for this in my view and probably he will. They had so much handed them on a plate and this was the thanks.

  16. You say it exactly Bill. This is indeed the darkest day in Australian History so far. Like you I feel it will get far worse not just for believers, but also those unthinking, gullible people who voted yes. When the lies about effect start to roll out people will regret their decision. As for Parliament, except for a valiant few I believe the rest ( PM included) are evil people who are conspirators to a larger agenda that is destroying the western world and it’s sense of right moral values. My prayer is; that God will deal with Canberra (the Parliament) like He did with Sodom.

  17. Reply to Graham Lawn: Graham, the Ruddock thing was simply Turnbulls way of beguiling the simpleminded into pushing Sodomite union through before Christmas. Malcolm Turnbull is a Cultural Marxist with a larger agenda (hence no protections in the Bill) and in my eyes an evil man.

  18. Already we see followers of Christ who previously held each other at arm’s length, now embracing each other. The light(s) are shining brighter.
    We can expect a significant shakeup of the institutional church that will clearly identify those who will be ‘faithful to the end’. The schism will be painful.
    But at the same time, and by contrast, very recent experience in local schools has shown an unusually high and serious interest by young students in the account of the Incarnation.
    What to make of it all? Hope still abides.

  19. Canberra and the homosexuals emotion and feelings legislation won’t be well remembered on this day in history – it will instead be those who celebrated in the Knesset in Israel and others elsewhere, courtesy of President Trump’s intention of moving the US embassy to the City of David, speaking of which it was also announced today that Washington is getting a new Bible Museum to the tune of $500 million. Anyway that’s another day in a Christian life. God Bless Bill.

  20. The word “marriage” doesn’t describe two men or two women, nor their sexual behaviour. The LGBTIQA+ party wants to use the word “marriage” to force all Australians, including children, to agree with something they themselves know is wrong. They have stolen the word “marriage”, just as they have stolen the words ‘rainbow’, ‘majority’, and ‘gay’.

    As Bob Katter MP told the House of Representatives today, Thursday December 7 2017:–

    Why do they use that name [the word ‘gay’]? ‘Because it’s a lovely name. We think we’ll call ourselves a lovely name.’ They take the most beautiful word in the English language and take it for themselves. I think you’ve got a damned hide to be perfectly honest with you. I think you’ve got a damned hide and an inflated opinion of yourself, as well. And the rest of the world would agree with what I have just said.

    Why is there this big thing about marriage? Whether you want it or whether you don’t, you’re already legally married if you’re living together. That’s the law in Australia. So why did we turn the whole parliament of Australia upside down for 12 months? Because they want to take our name, the name we give to a man and a wife coming together to protect the future generations with children, for themselves. They took the world ‘gay’ off us, and now they’re taking the world ‘marriage’ off us. And when we ask for religious freedoms in this place from a bunch of bludgerigars over here, who have no conscience at all except for the endorsement of the Labor Party as their conscience and their compass, not one of them stood up for religious freedom in this place.

    That is a message that I will remind voters about at the next election, because there’s still a damn lot of people in this country that do believe that we should love our neighbour—the Christian principle. There are still people in this country that believe that and believe they have the right to have a moral opinion. Obviously, these people here, attempting to intimidate the parliament, don’t believe we should have that right. I have seen you before, because you were out there running around with your Mao Zedong books, back in the sixties. I’ve seen you before! So try your intimidation on, and enjoy yourself down here, but I’ll see you back in the land of the people, and you won’t be quite so popular there, I can tell you.

  21. Hello Bill!

    I shall never accept so-called “marriage” between 2 men or 2 women despite what the Australian parliament decided today. Rather, I ask God to help me, so that at every opportunity He will give me the courage to promote His plan and purpose in creating us as male and female.

    John Ferwerda

  22. Not so surprising to see so many politicians in favour of sodomy. Truly sickening.

  23. The church lost its way first. The Uniting Church down the road is an advocate for homosexual marriages. Shepherds leading their flocks astray telling Christians that evil is good.

  24. It was surely prophetic that our Bible reading this morning happened to be Isaiah 5! Verses 18,19 stood out to us, “Woe unto those who say that evil is good and good is evil: that dark is light and light is dark: that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Woe to those who think they are wise and consider themselves to be clever.” The Living Bible translates ‘woe to those’ as ‘destruction is certain to those’. This is surely prophetic for our Nation. Woe to those who voted 62% for SSM thinking they were voting for ‘love and equality’. I am sure many didn’t look deeply at the consequences and realise they were going to legalise ‘hatred and control’.

  25. I was really hoping that Australia would be some beacon of light and refuse the idea of homosexual marriage, while at the same time being respectful to all LGBT people. After all, homosexuals have a great life here in Australia.

    It might be just me, but I’m not convinced that the plebiscite result is a true indication of Australia’s view on homosexual marriage and I’m hoping that God might somehow show some discrepancy in the voting process, and somehow impede the legislation.

    Either way, I cannot and will not vote liberal in the next election. God please have mercy!

  26. I felt very sad & disappointed today; when I saw on the tv, the politicians, media people & public ‘celebrating’ ssm. I wonder what God will do about it? I write on my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google sites – NO to ssm, abortion, euthanasia & islam. Some people agree & some people are nasty in their remarks. I pray for them. I wonder if the Lord will send a bolt of lightening on Parliament House in Canberra. I reckon HM the Queen would be upset about this; but has to do what her Govt., says.

  27. It really was appaling to see Malcolm Turncoats shmuck face claim Victory and gloating about his amazing achievement to get this abominable law through Parliament without any modifications.
    Just imagine the time they have wasted on this insidious law reform to please a tiny minority of the population. The PM seems to take for granted that close to Five Million Australians voted NO. How does he expect that will effect his his chances at the next election? They can forget it, this is the end of the liberal party.
    Wilhelmus Heggers

  28. Very true,
    Sadly, many liberal uniting churches ministers will spend eternity in hell. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Let us be found “pure in heart” for those who do, shall see God.
    Nb; PM Turnbull I rate up there will K Rudd as Australia’s worst prime minister. If he stays the Liberal party is doomed. More deceit from him on SSM this morning.

  29. The 61 per-cent who voted Yes for this just handed some of their liberties to the state aka Big Daddy. You vote for the same people over and over again (mostly the big 3), just because you want some policy that will benefit the some 1-2 per-cent that were not getting it. Well…all I can say is-you reap what you sow. The next thing they will do is making male-born transsexuals use access to female public restrooms, having homosexuals obtain a wedding cake and seeing your children be obligated to learning in sexualised public education. This was not about homosexual rights, it was all about a centralised, statist-directed and controlled authority.
    If any of you happens to have a unpleasant experience with this legislation and you voted yes,
    welcome to your 1984/Brave New World nightmare.

  30. I’m quite sure they that continue to enjoy playing in the sewer will not be allowed in the house.

    2Pe 2:18 For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they lure through the lusts of the flesh, by unbridled lust, the ones who were escaping from those who live in error;
    2Pe 2:19 promising them liberty, they themselves are the slaves of corruption. For by whom anyone has been overcome, even to this one he has been enslaved.
    2Pe 2:20 For if they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the full knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and are again entangled, they have been overcome by these, their last things are worse than the first.
    2Pe 2:21 For it would have been better for them not to have fully known the way of righteousness, than fully knowing it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.
    2Pe 2:22 But the word of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog turning to his own vomit; and, The washed sow to wallowing in the mire.

  31. Dear Bill, Sadly I really don’t feel Australian any longer, but entirely a citizen of Heaven, though still on God’s Earth. Last night Mark Latham expressed his deep concern for Christians for the way ahead, without protection for religious freedom (which had been promised by the current P.M. before SSM would become law). Mr Latham spoke with deep concern of hostile ‘revenge’ that he knows many homosexuals feel towards Christians. Would you please write guidance and more encouragement for us all as God’s people for the way ahead? Thank you Bill, and God bless you,

  32. Yes, we Christians have been slack for far too long. We have been content to remain in our comfort zones, enjoying the best of both worlds – the assurance of our faith along with the pleasures of consumerism. How many of us have stood up against abortion, for example? I think we tolerated it because it didn’t directly affect us, yet surely the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents – with barely a whimper from the Church – is an abomination to God.
    Our fathers and grandfathers didn’t want to war, they didn’t want to have their lives interrupted in such a terrible way, but they went and fought for their country. We need to do the same.

  33. Bill, do you know what the Japanese emperor (or perhaps it was his military chief, I’m not sure) reportedly said after the successful attack on Pearl Harbour? “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.” I think we are awake now.

  34. Hi Bill.
    Yes we are all in shock.
    Wondering if I could have done more.(I could have)
    Even ready to point the finger at others who I felt could have spoken out.
    Yep! Myself included.
    We all perhaps feel that his nibs (satan) is having a field day. And is laughing all the way to the bank.
    I reckon he is in a terrible hurry … trying to capture as many souls as he can before it is too late for him. (Praise God)
    Having a last spurt if you like, for he knows his time is running out.
    Anyhow Bill found this little story about St Philip Neri and perhaps we can seek some joy for our grieving souls too.
    Terry McDonnell WA

    Having a proper understanding of joy is imperative to becoming a saint.

    Joy is the arousal of some sense of good. When we malign and obscure good, we malign and obscure joy. St. Gregory the Great tells us, for example, that (a false) joy may result from another’s misfortune (CCC 2539). The unrighteous presence of envy, in this case, corrupts true joy.
    There’s a better means of obtaining the joy that comes from the Spirit, and a study of the life of St. Philip Neri reveals this.
    After his ordination to the priesthood, Philip had become tremendously popular in Rome, which caused some to treat him with disdain and spread gossip about his intentions. They accused him of pride, unholy ambition, and having a vice for attention, and sought to have him removed from all activity he was involved in. Some sent for the attention of the vicar general of Rome, who questioned, then rebuked and threatened Neri with prison, before ordering him to cease all his activities.
    How did Neri receive this clear and undeserved abuse? With cheer!
    He informed his accusers that he was not interested in a popularity contest, but worked each day for the glory of God, and promised to remain obedient to whatever wish his superiors would have for him. Feeling patronized, the vicar general grew even more angered dismissed Philip from his house.
    In private, though, Neri was greatly troubled by these accusations, for what he loved and cherished had been taken away from him. Yet he still treated his enemies with kindness until they were overcome with love for him by his mighty and courageous charity.
    Each of his oppressors regained confidence in Philip with full remorse. Neri was able to resume his activities, attracting even more to his following in Rome.
    Neri understood that truly joyful character is steadfast and unwavering when tested.

    True joy works together with the other fruits of the spirit, especially faithfulness, patience, and self-control. A true sense of joy is pure as gold, and everyone reacts well to gold which is why, eventually, his accusers praised him for his purity.
    There is more from the life and words of Neri that clarifies his true sense of joy and how we can put that to use in serving others.
    The day before his death was the Feast of Corpus Christi, and Philip offered Mass in the afternoon after hearing confessions for most of the day. He seemed so fit that day that his friend and physician, Angelo Vittorio, remarked that he could live another ten years (he was seventy-nine). That night, after having retired to his quarters at the normal time, he ate his usual sparing meal and went to rest.
    But, as he revealed to Nero, who was one of his closest companions, he had been given supernatural knowledge that he would pass on the Feast of Corpus Christi just as St. Gonzaga, and, desiring no extra attention, wanted to prove to those present that he was in a correct state of mind. So he asked one of those present was time it was. It was three hours after sunset. Three hours,” he replied. “If you add two onto that, it makes five, if you add three, it makes six. Off to bed with you!” Even at nearly eighty, knowing he was living his last night, our saint kept his sense of humor and used it to deflect attention from himself.
    Saint Philip Neri was a man of abiding joy and solemn humor. He cracked funnies when things didn’t seem to be so funny. Who makes joked about the time of night just before dying? Even when others were held in a state of fear and anxiety, his antidote was cheer:
    To a sick priest: “Be of good cheer, you will recover from this present illness.”

    To one close to death: “Be of good cheer, you will most certainly not die of this illness.”

    To a woman filled with terror: “Be cheerful, you have nothing to fear, believe me.”

    His words should fill us up with saintly cheer, his stories should make us laugh, and his life should make us contemplate the mysteries of the devout life. In his own words:
    “Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and helps us to persevere. The true way to advance in holy virtues, is to advance in a holy cheerfulness. The cheerful are much easier to guide in the spiritual life than the melancholy. A servant of God ought always to be in good spirits. Charity and cheerfulness, or charity and humility, should be our motto.”

  35. Hi Bill, I watched News 24 at 9:00 am with deep sadness as our G.G. signed the SSM into law. As your contributor Laurence Dalton quite rightly stated, our God will not be mocked. Australia will pay a heavy price for deliberately flouting His Word. Our illustrious P.M. has repeatedly stated that all of our religeous freedoms will be preserved. I’m sure that the little Mum & Dad Cake Shop owners together with the Hire Car Company people and those who own Reception Centres who have had their business’s shut down and have been subsequently fined or thrown into jail for their Christian beliefs will remember those words! Jesus did declare; if the world hated him it would hate us also. No truer words were ever spoken. Bill, I reckon in years to come, we’ll all be busy. In the cells that we will all share, many of our fellow prisoners and jail staff will not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. We might end up in “chains”, but the Gospel that we preach and proclaim will never be restricted. Bill, thank you again for all of your efforts, Blessings, Kel.

  36. Thanks again Bill for explaining so well the terrible magnitude of this tragic step in Australian history. My husband and I feel like we are in mourning. We will also never accept sodomy as anything but perversion. We will stand on God’s truth always. Come Lord Jesus!

  37. Australia is simply following the ways of the world. We Christians on the other hand are following the ways of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let the sodomites and the rest of the world descend more and more into evil doings but we will stand fast and will not relinquish our trust, faith and love in God to anyone else. God Bless to you all.

  38. Is this correct?

    “The panel is headed by former Liberal MP and Cabinet Minister, Philip Ruddock. He is joined by Human Rights Commission president Rosalind Croucher, former Federal Court judge Annabelle Bennett and Australian Jesuit priest and human rights lawyer Frank Brennan. They have been given a deadline of March 31.”

    This panel seems pretty obviously stacked against actual human rights and well in favor of the new make believe ones. The Jesuits are well known for being in favor of this immorality. What an absolute con job Malcolm Turnbull has handed us. The despicably of this seems to know no bounds.

  39. Seems Politicians are unable to differentiate between ‘love’ & ‘lust’. Self-deception is rampant

  40. Michael , yes pastor, Campbell Markham’s promise to turn in his marriage celebrants’ licence is not a hoax: How various Christian confessions choose to respond to the latest wave of national apostasy from the faith of Christ is between themselves and the Lord. George Fox and the early Quakers found a way to conduct marriages whose “cleanness” was attested by trustworthy witnesses – marriages which, until British law changed 1753 and 1836, were beyond the pale of wholly state-sanctioned Church of England marriage rites.

    During the latter half of the 19th Century, Molokans, Doukhobortzi, Stundists and other believers who eschewed the traditions of the imperial establishment’s Russian Orthodox Church, married according to their own carefully established marriage practices – even though it meant the Czarist courts could, and often did sentence them to internal exile within the Russian Empire and often compounded matters by splitting up parents and children of the families so sentenced.

  41. Hi Bill.
    I have just written to my Christian MP, together with a copy of your article, expressing my disappointment that he joined with the “yes” MP’s, explaining my position and which could have me facing court to be fined or given a prison sentence. I am also part way through the Bonhoeffer Biography written by Eric Mataxas who opposed Hitler and the main Lutheran Church which finally led to his execution. Bonhoeffer refused to join with the majority of the German People, including the main Lutheran Church, who saw Hitler as their economic and national savior, but steadfastly refused to water down his beliefs to replace God and faith in his Lord Jesus Christ.
    Hitler of course led his country to one of the most barbaric periods of mankind’s history. This eventually led to Bonhoeffer being executed by the Nazis for being part of a group plotting to kill Hitler. His main so called crime however, was that he spoke out against the man who believed he superseded God.
    For this reason I have advised my MP that I can no longer support him with my vote and have joined the Australian Conservatives.
    I know that the AC party has some policies that I disagree with however, with a man like Cory Bernardi as its leader, I have hope that they may be an influence for change for a better more moral Australia.
    Prayers and thoughts are with you Bill
    John Bell.

    PS I have just changed my bank account from one of the big 4 to a smaller bank because my bank publicly supported SMM. The bank that I changed to has no political policies as it is only there for its members.

  42. I am in mourning. Australia with the Judeo/Christian foundation has been euthanized.

  43. God forgive us, purify our hearts, our homes, our churches and our nation. We deserve judgement and only yours will do. But may we all fall on our knees and ask for your forgiveness and shine one last light before Australia takes it’s final place in the global reign of the son of perdition.

    But God.

  44. John Bell, which bank is that? (no pun intended)
    I would like to change banks also.

  45. Thanks so much Bill for your article that has summarised this dark day in Australia’s pages and then all the wise and deep thinking minds who have contributed with comments that are Divinely inspired. I find such lovely and encouraging fellowship in Christ in your posts. It makes me think of heaven and the recognition we will have for each other as we know we have been born and rescued by the same Saviour.

  46. Bill, it was a sad day for this great Country to see we only have 4 righteous men in our Parliament who voted against this travesty. Now that ssm is legal, it is a short jump for the vile “safe?? schools” program to go Federally. As it is a compulsory schools program, and as I am now a grandfather, I will be asking my children to teach their children to be unruly and disruptive in this particular class that they might be ejected from the class. That is what I would be doing if I had small children. As Christians, we are now living in the days that the Scriptures call the great apostasy, or falling away (2Th. 2:3). With ssm (an abomination in the sight of God), abortion (murder), euthanasia (murder) and so forth, how can God not judge this Country?

  47. David Horton. The bank that I changed to is the Heritage Bank. It’s head office is in Toowoomba Qld and my branch is in the town where i live, North Lakes Qld. I am not sure that Heritage Bank operates outside of Queensland however it is a mutual bank for its members. I feel sure that there are other similar mutual banks in all states that would have the same no political policies as it operates for its members. My previous bank was the CBA.
    I hope this helps.
    John Bell.

  48. Copy of letter forwarded to various Radio Stations and Newspapers:

    I have marked in my calendar December 7, 2017 as a day of hideous infamy. It is one of Australia’s darkest days.

    “The Australian House of Representatives has voted to legalise fake marriage, or sodomite marriage” and “Its dark ramifications will be felt for a very long time indeed, and the damage will be as immense” as it has been for several countries who have carelessly sleepwalked into FAKE MARRIAGE, eg Sweden, Canada, USA, France, Germany, etc (some already in ‘self-destruct’ mode).

    In Australia, “Throughout the past few days various amendments to the Smith bill were put up to protect a few religious freedoms. All of them were knocked back.” So therefore …” SAY GOODBYE to religious freedom. SAY GOODBYE to freedom of conscience.” SAY GOODBYE to FREEDOM OF SPEECH… And, as has happened in all other countries who have fallen into Satan’s trap to destroy Marriage and Christian culture, now also SAY GOODBYE to parental rights to withdraw your child from the total illogical evil absurdity being taught in the ‘safe-schools’ curriculum (BTW compulsory in Victoria and taught under different guises [or cunningly permeating several subjects] also in NSW and other states).

    In AUSTRALIA – News Sat 10 Nov 2017: 2GB George and Paul commentary -“Sydney University has been reported to have GIVEN UP on FREE SPEECH. NO LONGER are you able to engage in REAL DEBATE or even RESPECTFUL CIVIL DISCCOURSE which sincerely deeply examines issues of any topic of controversy to enable us to reach a logical and civilized verdict that will act in the best interests of ALL community members.

    Now you are “NO LONGER allowed to ‘mis-gender’ any person.” Homo-phobia or Trans-phobia, even Islamophobia etc are prohibited — but Christo-phobia is quite OK

    NO – you MUST FROM NOW ON genuflect in obeisance to the “POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS-POLICE!” …just in case any individual happens to imagine they have been offended or traumatised – in which case they are “entitled” to take you to court and bankrupt you. (At last in the USA Donald Trump has “debunked” the idea that a baker “must” bake AND decorate a ‘wedding-cake’ to the complete satisfaction of a ‘homosexual couple’ or face prosecution).

    This bizarre obsession with “bloated entitlements” has led to DEMANDS WHICH ARE OVER AND ABOVE ANY AVAILABLE TO “NORMAL” PEOPLE , (eg ‘same-sex’-couples’ were ALREADY afforded under EXISTING LAWS, EXACTLY the SAME RIGHTS as DE-FACTO couples, so there was NO reason to WASTE $110 MILLION DOLLARS on ‘plebiscites/surveys’ or to WASTE so much time in parliament over the issue).

    This bizzare obsession also now would mean that even doctors must “crawl over broken glass” with extremely cautious diplomacy and avoid at all costs, advising patients against irresponsible behaviours. For example – already in the USA, Dr. Church a famous Urologist, was dismissed from his job – just for advising a patient that his irresponsible lifestyle was causing his STD problems. Doctors must now also guard against cautioning a drug-user against his lack of self-restraint; to AVOID the PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS of the drug-user “owning” his problem IN ORDER TO CONQUER HIS PROBLEM OF DRUB ABUSE… just because the drug-offender MUST keep believing that he has a ‘right’ to such a self-destructive behaviour – regardless of consequences to others – eg foster-homes in Australia cannot keep up with the overwhelming number of unfortunate children and infants whose drug-fuelled parents are guilty of severe parental neglect (News 11 Nov 2017).

    Doctors and nurses too, have now been made unwitting instruments of government to protect such irresponsible individuals’ bloated sense of entitlement to cause harm to themselves and to the community.

    Gone are the days of Christian sense of RESPONSIBILITY, which involves the learning of self-discipline, of self-restraint (without which a civilized culture simply cannot function) and thereby a sense of self-worth from the realization that each of us is a child of God and that we all must do our part to work hard and pray like never before and to use the gift of grace from God to reach even higher levels of community cohesion and responsible civilization until the time comes to return to God’s Kingdom.

    I urge everyone to voice your sincere opinion on every ratio station and newspaper – so that the politicians – whose handsome wages we the TAXPAYERS are paying – ALL GET THE MESSAGE to ‘SHAPE-UP or SHIP-OUT”

  49. December 7, 2017, is indeed Australia’s darkest day. Australia – the great South land of The Holy Spirit!

    How blinded people (including the majority of our politicians) are, to class sodomite / false marriage as something to be applauded.

    How dare the advocates of SSM use the lovely word “gay”, – and use God’s Covenant Sign of the “Rainbow”. God will not be mocked!

    Galations 6: 7-8 ” Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature will reap destruction: the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” NIV

    We should be weeping and praying for the multitudes who are so blinded. Do they ever consider where and how they will spend Eternity?
    ? Romans 14:11 ?
    New International Version
    It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'”

    God is the Victor!

    As Christians, we should kneel in prayer and ask God’s forgiveness for Australia’s terrible decision, and for forgiveness for us not speaking out loudly enough against this lie: that SSM is about “love” and “equality”.

    I have joined the Australian Conservative Party.

    We must not feel defeated! Keep our eyes on Jesus, look full in His wonderful face – and the things of earth will grow strangely dim -in the Light of His Glory and Grace!

    Come soon, Lord Jesus.

    Adele Moon

  50. Bill, thank you for your great article. The Judeo-Christian basis of Australian law is becoming ever more eroded and this latest corruption of marriage by an Act of Parliament is the worst mistake to happen yet. It does nothing other than make marriage worthless in Australia by legal definition. It is only the presence of God within marriage, between one man and one woman for life, that gives marriage its true value and can receive God’s blessing. How can God be present in any perverse marriage that mocks God Himself?

    We are certainly living in perverse times when so many are calling that which is evil good and good evil. It is deeply saddening to see in Australia such a wide-spread turning away from the truth by so many, only to become slaves to the spirit of the times. How corrupt will Australia become before people’s eyes are opened to the lies of the enemy and begin to return to the truth which is the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  51. Same Sex Marriage (SSM)
    Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    Population of Australia = 24.13 million (24,130,000) (2016).

    Number of Australian’s on the electoral roll in 2016 = 16,589,009.

    Electors enrolled = 15,787,514
    Eligible Australians = 16,589,009

    Same Sex Marriage results:
    7,817,247 (61.6%) responding Yes and 4,873,987 (38.4%) responding No.

    Therefore: 7,817,247 + 4,873,987 = 12,691,234
    Therefore: 12,691,234 responded to the postal vote on SSM

    12,691,234 ÷ 24,130,000 x 100 = 52.9% of the population voted on SSM.
    Therefore: AUSTRALIA DID NOT VOTE YES, only 61.6% of the 52.9% who voted.

  52. John Santangelo. First up I must say that I am extremely against the vote which the Lord calls “an abomination”, but your statistic is slightly inaccurate. As the entire population (24,130,000) does not vote, and only 16,589,009 voters, your equation should read :
    “Therefore 12,691,234 responded to the postal vote on SSM.
    12,691,234 / 16,589,009 x 100 = 76.5% of the voting population voted on SSM.”
    So only three-quarters of the voting population voted. It makes one think what would have the results been had everyone voted. I suspect it would be the same as these voters were obviously not interested or could not care about the outcome.

  53. 2 years already.
    Nothing else will change – my foot!
    We’ve seen the trans lobby get louder, & moves by pederasts, & polyarmourists to “legalise” their immoral; behaviour.
    The Trojan Horse has well & truly entered the gates of the city! 🙁

    By the way, I do have many gay friends.
    Many of them are in long-term committed “monogamous” relationships, which is a good thing in itself.
    But I draw the line in the sand, by refusing to call it a “marriage” which God decreed in Genesis 2:24, & reiterated by Jesus in Matthew 19 & Mark 10.

    During the discussions leading up to this vote, people thought I objected for “religious reasons”, which is correct.
    At the time, I attempted to graciously use the “legal” argument, that homosexual couples in 2008, were given the same legal & inheritance rights as de facto heterosexual couples.

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