The Day After the Day of Infamy

December 7, 2017 will go down as a day in infamy, as I wrote yesterday. Fake marriage was voted through in the Federal Parliament, after several days of debate in which various amendments were all voted down. Sodomy has been legalised while freedoms of all kinds have been declared to be worthless in the eyes of most politicians.

Yesterday was one of the most despicable days in Australian history, and it certainly will go down as the day the federal Liberal Party died. There is now nothing conservative about this party, and as I have said before, the handful of true conservatives should get out NOW, and the remainder should join with Labor and the Greens to form a super left party. They deserve each other.

A very tiny handful of courageous MPs – all Liberals and Nationals – did vote no, while most of the others went with the other side of the House, or just abstained from voting altogether. The Fearless Four who deserve all our praise and thanks are: Russell Broadbent from Victoria, and three Queenslanders: Keith Pitt, David Littleproud, and Bob Katter.

Sadly a number of other Liberals including Tony Abbott abstained from voting and simply left the chamber. One write-up says this about those who did so:

When it came to the final vote on same-sex marriage, it was standing room only on the “yes” side of the House of Representatives, while a lonely group of just four “no” voters perched on the other side. But some MPs were missing from the historic event. The House of Representatives does not officially record MPs who abstain, but is estimated about 14 MPs did not vote on the same-sex marriage bill.
This included some of Parliament’s most high profile “no” advocates, including Treasurer Scott Morrison, former prime minister Tony Abbott and former defence minister Kevin Andrews. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was also among the group, along with renegade Liberal Nationals MP George Christensen, conservative West Australian Liberal Andrew Hastie and Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie.
Government frontbenchers Michael Sukkar and Alex Hawke are also understood to have abstained from the vote on Thursday evening. Former Labor treasurer Wayne Swan – a supporter of same-sex marriage – was also missing from the final vote. He was not in Parliament on Thursday, but was given a “pair”, meaning another MP on the government side also sat the vote out.
While abstaining could be interpreted as fence-sitting on a controversial issue, many MPs have explained they chose to forgo their votes to try and accommodate both their personal views on same-sex marriage and the clear majority “yes” vote in the postal survey. Others have added that had the bill been amended to include more protections for freedom of speech and religion, they may have voted differently.

Persecution assured

One of the most reprehensible features of yesterday’s Black Thursday was the horrific contempt for Australia’s Christians, with all the amendments proffered voted down. These included offering protections for schools, businesses, marriage celebrants, and parents.

Bob Katter summed it up perfectly when he said, “Mr Speaker, I repeat for the third time, every single effort to protect religious freedom has been denigrated today. I would like to ask the Christians in Australia to remember not one time did the parliament protect them today.”

Absolutely. What utter contempt they have for the majority of Australians who still identify as Christians. Yet one pro-faux marriage supporter after another, from Turnbull on down, all assured us that religious freedoms would not be touched. They lied through their teeth.

And of course the other side – who assured us every day that legalising fake marriage has absolutely nothing to do with how our children are taught, and so on – have lost absolutely no time in now presenting their very lengthy laundry lists. Their lists of demands are everything we said they would be.

For example, consider this opinion piece found on today’s SBS site. The headline says it all: “Opinion: We have marriage equality, now we need LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools.” The author goes on to discuss how our school system needs a radical overhaul to ensure all things homosexual and transgender are everywhere promoted and asserted.

Another article has this headline: “Australia has finally achieved marriage equality, but there’s a lot more to be done on LGBTI rights.” The author also has a long list of demands that she now expects to be fully implemented – or else. She concludes:

We should celebrate and enjoy the fact that Australia finally has marriage equality. But it is by no means the end of the road when it comes to the law reform necessary to enable LGBTI people to enjoy lives of dignity and equality.
Birth certificates that accurately reflect a child’s family, bans on conversion therapies, removal of religious exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation, and prohibitions on surgeries to “normalise” an intersex infant’s genitalia are just some of the issues that need to be fixed before Australia’s LGBTI community can fully enjoy their human rights.

As I have warned for so many years, homosexual marriage is a package deal, and all these other agenda items will of necessity be insisted on. See here eg.,

Along with all these radical agenda items, consider all the hate now being churned out against those who dared to vote ‘no’. Anyone who argued for the ‘no’ case is being inundated with vile hatred and abuse. And this from the side that claims to be so heavily into love, acceptance and tolerance.

For example, a very popular tweet making the rounds right now has to do with the head of the ACL, Lyle Shelton, eating sh*t. I kid you not. There are plenty of folks running with this, including the darlings of the lamestream media. Regular Melbourne Age columnist Clementine Ford lovingly tweeted, “Eat sh*t Lyle.” Another MSM writer, Benjamin Law, graciously put it this way: “Now I am become Lyle, the eater of sh*t.”

Another tolerant and loving tweeter amplified this a bit: “Eat sh*t, Lyle. Lyle, eat sh*t. Lyle Shelton can eat some sh*t. You lost. Your outdated, bigotted views lost. Please go and eat some sh*t. Love won. You’re exceptionally irrelevant now and also just the worst.”

‘Love won!’ Ha! Yeah, we can all see that. Feel the lurve baby. Of course I too have not escaped the fruit of the tolerance brigade. One guy for example sent this comment in to my site:

An absolutely beautiful day for democracy.
You vile angry people have been deservedly defeated,
You are the Pharisees the Lord warned against. A pox upon your anti-Christian views
Rot in the hell of your hate.

As we all predicted, if the anti-Christian hatred and bigotry was bad before the legalisation of fake marriage, it will now get far, far worse.

Where to for Christians?

So how might Christians respond to all this? I have been telling church leaders and Christian organisations for years now they should have been thinking long and hard about all these matter, and not wait until it is too late. Well, now we HAVE to think and act.

Few have even considered any this so far. A few have however. I have mentioned that the Presbyterians have been considering their responses to this, saying they would pull out of the state marriage game altogether. One local Presbyterian pastor in Tasmania has already put pen to paper on this, and made a stand.

Campbell Markham of Hobart’s Cornerstone Church wrote a week ago about how he would resign from the Marriage Act and send a letter to the Attorney General to that effect. The letter includes this:

Today, with profound sadness, as the Governor General signs into law the redefinition of the institution of marriage in the Commonwealth Marriage Act, I resign my status as a Minister of Religion registered under the Act, and relinquish my Celebrant’s Number, T2816. I thereby revoke my right to conduct weddings as a recognised agent of the Act, and sever any other official connection to it. I resign for three reasons:
1) The “Commonwealth Marriage Act” is from today no longer concerned with marriage: with the exclusive, lifelong union of one man and one woman, freely entered into….
2) The Sacred Scriptures clearly delineate what sexual activity God has determined to be right and wrong. Sexual intercourse was given by the Creator to one man and one woman joined in marriage. Fornication, adultery, prostitution, incest, and homosexual practice is forbidden as a misuse of our reproductive organs and sexual desires….
3) The novel Act will be a root and tool of injustice. It is not just for adults to unnecessarily give up their responsibility to love and raise the children that they conceive. In fact it is manifestly cruel to abandon one’s offspring in this way. The novel “Marriage Act” legitimises and institutionalises this injustice. Nor is it just to unnecessarily sever a child from their biological heritage: from their natural family tree of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The novel Act legitimises this injustice….

He concludes:

Today the bright star of marriage sets behind the dank horizon of blind and selfish populism. It is a day to weep. But it is not a day to despair. For marriage is obscured, not destroyed. In time we will see again what today we despise. In time God’s gift of marriage will once again arise in the collective heart of our nation, to be respected and enjoyed for the incalculable treasure that it is. For this bright distant dawn all Christians will work and pray.

He clearly has thought this through. Now all the rest of Australia’s Christian pastors, priests and leaders need to think carefully about what is the way ahead in this time of increasing darkness, immorality, and state-sanctioned anti-Christian bigotry.

The way ahead is how Christians always faced hatred and persecution: we cling to Christ even more, plead for his grace, seek to stay true to God and his word, and pray for those who persecute us. The days ahead will be very hard indeed, but we will persevere.

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26 Replies to “The Day After the Day of Infamy”

  1. Bill I hope because of what happen here in the U.S is a sign that people are realizing just how insane the LGBT mafia is becoming. Just recently a bisexual woman who was a porn star committed suicide after she was bullied by GAY people for refusing to do intercourse with a gay guy that had a serious case of HIV and because she refused,she got death threats by them. Although i don’t agree with her life choices, she didn’t deserve the bullying she got from them. Please pray for her family.

  2. Dear Campbell, I am deeply saddened by the decision you had to make to stand behind you action of renouncing and relinquishing your marriage celebrants registration number. You had to do this, in all honesty and protest against what the Governor General signed into Law, a true violation of God’s Will for man kind. These are indeed dark days. Not having acted this way would have made you a resounding hypocrite. May the Lord enrich you with mountains of courage. Be strong and stand firm, as we all have to do now. Every thing I just said must be adhered to be all believers, no exception. I am glad young people can still choose to get married in churches and speak the vows that are meant to be uttered by one men and one women in the presents of many witnesses.
    Wilhelmus Heggers

  3. Thank you Bill. Once again you have managed to express what I and I’m sure others believe but unable to put so succinctly. I’m a member of Australian Conservatives but have decided to use my “religious” exemption in the constitution (what’s left of it) not to vote until I have a Conservative candidate to vote for. My life long relationship and support of the Liberal Party ended yesterday. If the Aust Conservative Party does not live up to its promises then I see no reason to participate in a corrupted system. The greatest strength of our Westminster system have proved to be its greatest weakness. Our “representatives” have given in to the political (and bullying) power of the homosexual lobby and likewise in the foreseeable future it will submit to the Muslim vote. Our pluralist society has resulted in the power of the bully. Marxists, Homosexuals and others have learn what many spoiled children have learn’t- If you jump up and down for long enough and scream blue murder you will get what you want if your “parents” lack the will or the skill to say no! All of our Christian based charities, support groups and schools need to decide whether they close their doors or allow Homosexual activists control over their operations. Like the YMCA (Aust) who is now a feminist operated group in many States. They, in my humble opinion, sold their soul some time back and sadly many “christian” schools will likely carry on as usual. Except of course for the “rainbow” flag fluttering above the classrooms.

  4. So now the “Marriage Act” states marriage to be between people.
    How long before a group of more than two try it on?

  5. “Eat sh*t Lyle”?
    Sickening as the idea is to anyone sane, isn’t it those who follow sodomy with fellatio that actually do do that?

  6. Yes, so called ‘marriage equality’ was not their goal, instead it was imposing the education of their perverse lifestyles on our children. As you and many others warned Bill, the rainbow activists are wasting no time in pushing forward with their true agenda.

    It was utterly disgusting to see the carryings on of the rainbow brigade and their supporters. To think that they used Taxpayers (our) money to bring this about makes this all the more injust. May all true believers be given the courage and strength to stand fast in the face of this perversity. It is not ‘love’ but utter contempt for their Creator. May God forgive them, they know not what they do.

    May God strengthen Lyle and all you warriors of faith Bill.

    Bill, is it right to rally the faithful to civil disobedience in the light of all this? Even without the fact that this law is in utter contempt of Gods law, common sense tells us it is diabolical. I fear true Christians will be persecuted for our stand and our resolve tested sorely.

  7. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for your article. I agree with everything you have written.
    The ‘celebrations’ in parliament were nauseating and reinforce my opinion that we are being governed by a pagan rabble who have sanctioned what can only be called filthy behaviour. It absolutely disgusts me! As a Catholic and a Christian I think what they have done amounts to sacrilege because Jesus raised marriage to the level of a sacrament at the marriage feast of Cana when he performed His first miracle even though he told His mother that ‘his time had not yet come’. He knew the notoriety that would follow once He performed His first miracle but He was prepared to do it because He wanted to teach people how sacred the Father viewed marriage between a man and a woman. It is also like saying that the Creator of the Universe did not know what He was doing when he created ALL the species on earth male and female and elevated humans above the animals.

    Even for those who say they do not believe in God they cannot honestly deny how Nature works. However, they show sickening hypocrisy when waffling on about the environment but ignore the human side of ecology and how it will take a third party to produce a child in a same sex ‘marriage’ and the massive problems that will always go with that.

  8. I have sent thank you emails to all four who stayed and voted “NO” yesterday.
    I said I admired them for their courage to be strong in the face of such a tide of opposition.

  9. Bill, it is with a very heavy heart that I say ‘sad but true’, so incredibly sad but true. Christians have been repeatedly warned for a very long time, but did nothing. Now, there is a very long road ahead to fight back, if anyone can be bothered that is. 🙁

  10. Greetings Bill. I have recently become aware of your website and greatly appreciate the gifting you have to articulate matters that are near and dear to the heart of God.
    I share the grief you and your responders have for this day of infamy. Being involved in a healing ministry, perhaps the greatest grief I have is the fact that so many Christian leaders (even “evangelical”) said that they would vote yes.
    We are part of a ministry that have seen many homosexuals healed of their condition once the roots of their inclination have been faced, ministered into and healed by Jesus’ touch.
    Now that many Christian leaders have shown their contempt of God’s revelation in Scripture and given their blessing to same sex marriage, there will be a major dilemma for a homosexual who wants to be set free from his or her bondage. There are a number of common roots for homosexual inclination that can only be addressed spiritually. And the church of Jesus Christ has the only real and lasting answer. But if the homosexual perceives that the church sanctions homosexuality, to whom can a sufferer turn for healing?
    Apart from the sovereignty of God and His heart for those in homosexual bondage those who seek Him, these “leaders” may have effectively shut the door for healing. Jesus was “the friend of tax collectors and sinners (including prostitutes, homosexuals etc.). His anger as Jesus of Nazareth was reserved for religious leaders who shut such doors.

  11. What I don’t remember being asked for when we voted was for the Notice of Intended Marriage to allow Sex (this is the correct English word, gender is incorrect to use here) to be M, F, or X.

    Also there is no link between Groom and Bride and Sex so we are totally misusing English allowing a Male to be call the Bride and the Female the Groom.

    So much perversion.


  12. Excellent piece (as usual) Bill & such powerful words and action from Campbell Markham. Thank you.

  13. “Today, with profound sadness, as the Governor General signs into law the redefinition of the institution of marriage in the Commonwealth Marriage Act, I resign my status as a Minister of Religion…”

    I don’t think this was a sensible move. The very tenuous protections that do exist only exist for ministers of religion. The fact that every Christian is ordained and instructed to be a minister of religion seems to have escaped the lawmakers. There is absolutely no legal religious protection in this bill for the common man. While I think it may well be a sensible move for all religions to remove themselves from the state definition of “marriage” and the implications thereof I would be holding on to the small protections we do have as long as possible.

  14. Zero protection in the marriage redefinition bill for the common man’s basic religious rights and no protection against the hate filled opposition to the Truth. The protections for religious organizations and ministers also look tenuous but overall you only have religious protection as long as you keep your religion well to yourself and within the walls of a religious institution and this would appear likely to only remain temporarily. Of course Jesus calls us all to be ministers irrespective of our situation so we must, unfortunately, disobey the law.

  15. Watching Malcolm Turnbull’s elation after the vote was perhaps a bit like Chamberlain’s return from Munich in 1938 … both thought that they had ‘peace’, but history will show otherwise.
    No doubt Turnbull’s reputation will end up as stained as Chamberlain’s was.
    Who will be the contemporary equivalent of Churchill, to take on the conservative political leadership and lead the fight for Christian values?
    Another comparison might be that of Menzies’ efforts to setup / rebuild the Liberal Party after WW2?

  16. Thank you, Bill. This is a dark day in Australia’s history. Now, we need to become a city on our knees, praying endlessly an looking to God for guidance. I for one, am one heart broken Christian. Our parliament mocking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will not give up and hold fast to God’s word, always.

  17. Thank you for your article which I have also shared. I have been taking a stand through Facebook and sadly even my friends who are Christian have ignored me. It is indeed sad days for Australian people. Thank you for standing up for the name of Christ. May you be richly blessed too.

  18. I wrote this letter to the Australian today:

    Bill Shorten’s reassurance to No voters is not worth a pinch of salt. (Weekend Australian December 9-10) He had his chance to do that by supporting amendments to the bill which was ultimately adopted. But putting that aside I won’t vote Liberal again while Turnbull remains Prime Minister. It won’t affect the outcome in the “safe” Liberal seat where I reside but there are many, many disaffected Liberals in more marginal seats who will not vote for the Liberal Party next time either. And they will put their Liberal MP, especially if he is one of the bed wetters, last.

    Hopefully the result in the Bennelong bi election next Saturday will reflect this disenchantment. Turnbull’s exuberance in the House when the vote was announced was not only disgusting it was extremely offensive to many conservatives. If Mr Turnbull sees the legalisation of same sex marriage as his legacy for his time as PM good luck to him. Frankly I would rather see a Labor Government than another Liberal Government led by Turnbull, Bishop, Pyne and their ilk. The Liberals in Opposition can then elect a credible leader who stands for something and who will restore the fortunes of the once great party.

  19. I haven’t read your article above yet; because I want to hit the sack. But I spoke personally to Tony Smith M.P., today & said to him, I don’t agree with legalising ssm, euthanasia, killing unborn babies & I don’t wont any more moslems coming to our country. He said he voted no, too. He has a wife, Pam; I said hello to her, too & they have 2 sons, that I saw. I asked him if people who are religious or not, are against ssm & don’t wont anything to do with them; will they be taken to court & he said no. As far as I understand it!

  20. My letter to my local newspaper;
    Feel free to use this if you want.
    Thanks Bill, I used some of your words.


    Already it’s not only about marriage.
    They lied to us all, and they knew it was a lie.
    SSM is the great safe launching pad for the rest of the agenda.

    Dec 8th on an SBS site: The headline says it all: “Opinion: We have marriage equality, now we need LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools.” The author goes on to discuss how our school system needs a radical overhaul to ensure all things homosexual and transgender are everywhere promoted and asserted. “The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever.” by Melissa King.

    Another article Dec 8th, “The Conversation” has this headline: “Australia has finally achieved marriage equality, but there’s a lot more to be done on LGBTI rights.” The author, Prof. Paula Gerber (Monash University) also has a long list of demands that she now expects to be fully implemented.
    Prof. Gerber concludes: “We should celebrate and enjoy the fact that Australia finally has marriage equality. But it is by no means the end of the road when it comes to the law reform necessary to enable LGBTI people to enjoy lives of dignity and equality.
    Birth certificates that accurately reflect a child’s family, bans on conversion therapies, removal of religious exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation, and prohibitions on surgeries to “normalise” an intersex infant’s genitalia are just some of the issues that need to be fixed before Australia’s LGBTI community can fully enjoy their human rights”.

    In between the postal poll and the votes on the infamous 7th, Prof. Dennis Altman (La Trobe Univ.) wrote for “The Conversation”: “Achievement of marriage equality is a further step towards recognition that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is unacceptable. Symbolically, this is a victory that goes far beyond marriage… .”

    They proudly & deliberately lied to us; and they insist that we be nice?
    “Love … rejoices in the truth”.
    Obviously the issues are not dead and gone; what is going to be attacked next?
    See the short lists above; plus plenty more.
    Bruce Knowling, Blaxland

  21. I do not believe in SSM. However I think we can have a system for both church marriage and government marriage. My brother lives in Japan. When he got married they got married in a registry office first. Then they moved in together. They had a church wedding afterwards with all the trimmings. Maybe we can have a system where each Christian denomination can have a legal ceremony under their rules for marriage. Other religions can have marriage ceremonies under their rules for marriage. If someone does not want a church wedding then they can go to the registry office or a marriage celebrant for their wedding. Then staff at the registry office or marriage celebrants who do not believe in SSM may be excused if they have a conscientious objection to SSM. I think that there can be separation of different marriage ceremonies. I think that this could accommodate people who believe in SSM and people that don’t. I think that this is a way around the new law so that churches can still practice traditional marriage.

  22. Thanks Helen. That may work in theory, but I am not so sure about it working in reality. Plenty of the militants and activists have told us they do NOT want Christians to be able to get off that easily. Many of them have already insisted that the churches should be FORCED to submit to their agenda, or else. And if overseas examples are anything to go by, we can expect to see that here big time soon enough.

  23. @ Helen,
    The amended Marriage Act allows civil marriage registration for “two people”, thus completing the deregulation of civil marriage that began in the 1970s with no-fault divorce, the sole criterion for which is “irretrievable breakdown”. Parliament has removed the essential marriage qualification, a man and a woman, because it had already removed the essential marriage disqualification, adultery. Only a man and a woman can commit adultery, so a legal system that recognised adultery as grounds for divorce, could register only genuine marriages. But now, any “two people” can have “marriage equality” for civil marriage and legal divorce, because any “two people” in any type of relationship can have an “irretrievable breakdown”.

    Section 116 of the Australian Constitution ensures parliament cannot make a law requiring a religious observance. The Constitution’s marriage power does not extend to defining the doctrine, meaning and purpose of marriage for Christians or other religions. The government can make laws for traffic control, but it can’t force farmers to register their vehicles or wear seatbelts when driving on their own private property. The government can make laws for health and food safety in cafes and restaurants, but it can’t stop people from eating at home. Likewise, parliament can legislate for civil marriage between any “2 people”, but it can’t force Christians to identify their genuine one-flesh marriages with this practise.

    Australians who don’t believe that “any 2 people” can marry, are free to practise marriage independently from the government’s civil marriage registry, with its legal divorce by “irretrievable breakdown”. Where does the Bible ever tell Christians to register their marriage with the goverment? A civil marriage doesn’t protect or honour a genuine marriage anyway, as Australian family law no longer detects or punishes the harm caused by adultery. A genuine marriage doesn’t need an expensive wedding ceremony, reception or govenment marriage certificate, whereas the legal fiction of “any 2 people” marriage can’t exist without them. A Christian couple can be married in a home church wedding, and write their names in the family Bible, as the rules for their marriage come from there, not from the government.

    A life-long, faithful one-flesh marriage of a man and a woman is the only sexual relationship in which it is impossible to contract a sexually transmitted disease, or be confronted with an unwanted pregnancy. Any children naturally born into this relationship grow up knowing their biological parents, having them both as male and female role models, and as a model of both sexes working together for a common purpose. The Australian government will have to acknowledge the benefits to society of an “independent marriage” practise.

    Australians will need to fight for their freedoms, now more than ever. Even before the law changed, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of education, freedom of assembly were all attacked by Yes campaigners, while spouting the deceitful slogan, “love is love”. A legal marriage of any “two people” regardless of sexuality or gender, gives the LGBTIQA+ dictators and their political collaborators far greater power over the law, politics, culture and education. They are determined to enforce their distorted understanding and perverted sexual behaviours onto all Australians, including children — children they choose to be incapable of having naturally. Bill’s response to your comment referred to overseas examples, that will soon come to Australia. In the USA, pro-family group MassResistance helps parents to fight back and confront the radical LGBTIQA+ agenda.

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