Facebook Gulag Yet Again!!

Yikes, this is just getting to be a rather ugly and tedious joke. Hot on the heels of my last 30-day prison stint by Facebook, they have chucked me in there again for yet another 30 days. What a pathetic joke these folks have become. No wonder many prefer to call it Fascistbook.

When you regularly, persistently and irrationally ban all points of view that do not align with the secular left orthodoxy, you make it clear you are NOT interested in letting people network and share stuff and enjoy each other’s company. You are instead simply an anti-free speech mob that runs by tyranny and repression of all dissent.

I have lost count of the number of friends and associates who also have been banned, censored and tyrannised by FB for daring to promote a conservative point of view, or daring to stand against the jackboot left. Criticism of Islam or homosexuality or the trans cult or George Soros, etc, can all see you sent to FB prison.

Speaking of one of the world’s most evil men, my crime was to post a humorous meme about Soros and immigration. I had seen it on FB and was going to share it, with some extra remarks added to it, but didn’t at the time. A bit later I googled it, found it, and posted it under a previous post I had done on the caravan heading north to America.

I was going to add to my post the following (but the censors swooped within a few seconds, so I did not even have time to add it):

I have no idea if this in fact is his actual home or his actual address, but the point being made here is perfectly true: These super-rich dudes who hate America and hate the West go on and on about how we must be compassionate to those wanting to come here illegally. OK, then they should be the very first ones to open their homes and welcome the masses in. Soros alone could easily house thousands of them I am sure in his various lavish and roomy mansions. Oh, and I have no doubt that he has plenty of walls, fences, gates, armed guards and other forms of border protection to keep all the unwanted riffraff off his property.

But the FB thought police swooped down on that meme real quick. They of course gave me zero reason for why they sin-binned me again, except for their lame, nebulous and useless mantra: ‘you violated our community standards’. Yeah right – what standards?

Someone said maybe the address was something they did not like. As mentioned, I have no idea if it is a real address, but even if it were, I often see addresses of conservatives being posted by lefties on FB before. Given that Soros is the biggest hater of freedom, democracy, America, and conservative values around, it does not surprise me that FB seems to have his back. How much money may he have funnelled into the FB coffers one wonders.

As I said in one of my articles about my previous month-long jail term:

The cultural Marxists thus swapped bombs and bullets for the ‘long march through the institutions’. Take over the institutions of power and influence – schools, the media, law, politics, even the churches – and you can achieve the long-desired revolution.

We see this everywhere being played out in the West. And as I and plenty of others have documented – and experienced – the social media is now a prime example of this. Things like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are all marching in step with secular leftism, and they are directly targeting any miscreants who refuse to join in.

And the folks at FB think they are being so magnanimous – they pretend that they allow you a right of reply. When you try to do any action, you get the warning message saying you cannot as you are still imprisoned. Then they add this bit: “If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.”

So I try to let them know and I get an immediate response: ‘you cannot use this feature for another month’! Um, kinda hard to let you know when you do not allow me to let you know! And they also say you can go to their help center and tell them why. Well, I did, and then this form appears:

To help keep Facebook safe, we sometimes block certain content and actions. If you think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know. While we aren’t able to review individual reports, the feedback you provide will help us improve the ways we keep Facebook safe. Please explain why you think this was an error. Thanks for taking the time to submit a report.

And again, I go there, fill in their form, press the submit button, and then I am told I can’t post it to them! Is this all just a sick game these guys like to play? Do they get their jollies out of doing this? Are they really just a bunch of sadists there? Talk about how NOT to win friends and influence people.

BTW, when a friend asked me what the offending meme was, I sent him the link to it. When he then posted it on FB, he too got a 30-day prison sentence! Good grief! No wonder so many are fleeing Fakebook and going to alternative social media sites that actually believe in free speech, and actually do not ban you, censor you, and harass you every other time you open your mouth.

Various sites are out there. I happen to be on MeWe. Many of my friends from FB have left that bigoted site and are now with me on MeWe as well. I invite you to do the same. As FB gets more obnoxious and censorious by the day, we do need to find other genuine alternatives.

I write all this not because I have anything really new to share here, but just to let those of you who are still on FB know why things have gotten all rather quiet again. And it is not about me. I, like many others, use the social media to share truth. In a world of leftist censorship, we must all do all we can to share truth in the public arena.

And as I have often stated I use things like FB as an extension of my CultureWatch ministry. Folks have become Christians and been discipled as a result. Thus it is not just our leftist elites who do not want me having any sort of a public profile, but the very devils of hell as well.

So this is a spiritual battle as much as anything, and I would greatly covet your prayers here. And I would also appreciate it greatly if you could all do me one other favour: put up a post or two on FB explaining that I am doing yet more FB jail time – for another whole month.

Given that perhaps the bulk of my FB friends did not even seem to know I was absent last time, perhaps you can make this public service announcement once a week or so until the end of November. Thanks for helping me out. See you on MeWe!


BTW, here is the offending meme: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=soros+refugee+meme&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBAU713AU714&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYj7W_ra3eAhWMvo8KHSBADLUQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=1007#imgrc=atrEmHcxMCXoVM:

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35 Replies to “Facebook Gulag Yet Again!!”

  1. they just zapped gab.com so mewe could be destroyed too. the powers that be will not stand for competition. Resistance is Futile! The Borgafacation of mankind is nearly complete.

  2. How much more evidence do we need?
    Time to ban them as anti freedom; anti Christian; anti democracy; anti white males; anti family; anti marriage between men and women; anti life of unborn children etc.
    John Abbott

  3. Bill, I don’t use Facebook but can see the unfairness of it all. Could those who post your “sentence” on Facebook also ask FB to explain exactly why you were banned again for 30 days? Did you ask FB why you were banned the first time? Maybe, just give FB the flick and devote your energies elsewhere,

  4. I understand that the synagogue shooter in America had a GAB account, so of course GAB has been closed down totally for all users, not just the shooter. Interesting that if his account had been on Twitter, then Twitter would no doubt still be operating. Every independent, decent-thinking internet platform is now in the cross-hairs. Our enemies have gained control of all the major aspects of Internet by either buying companies out or bankrupting them; and they will continue this bombardment until we the people no longer have any outlet for our voices. I hope it doesn’t reach that point. I don’t personally use these social media….I understand why people do but surely we have now reached a crossroads where we need to vote with our feet and leave them all with their own echo-chamber.

  5. Chris, facts matter – all the facts and not just a selective retelling to suit a perspective.

    The synagogue shooter had a Gab account AND posted vile Antisemitic rants on it AND Gab did nothing about it.

    AND Gab not only did nothing about it, they made it their raison d’être to be the place Antisemites could say what they couldn’t say on Twitter etc.

    We can support Bill and still condemn Antisemitism in all its forms.

    We Christians have inherited a glorious history but with a few dark chapters. One of those chapters is Antisemitism. We must have zero tolerance for Antisemites and those who enable and promote them. Gab gave a platform to an Antisemite who killed 11 people. It had to go and thank God is gone.

  6. Thanks David and others who ask why I am on Facebook. In my article – and elsewhere – I already answer that question of course. It is called seeking to be salt and light. It is called seeking to share truth wherever and however I can. I have many FB friends who can be reached, and they have many FB friends that can also be reached if they share my stuff. So potentially tens of thousands of people – if not more – can be reached with biblical truth and other important issues by using the social media – even the bigoted FB. So I will keep using it until I am finally given the boot. Christians of all people should use whatever licit means we can to share not just the truth of the gospel, but to challenge the lies of the secular culture. So that I shall do. Is it “ungodly”? Sure, but so is almost all the social media, most in the media, in the political arena, in society, etc. Most supermarkets, gas stations, banks, restaurants and department stores are run by ungodly people as well. What of it? Unless we just live in a cave somewhere and have zero impact on others, we have an obligation and a Christian calling to share truth and to be light in a dark world. So that is why I am on FB! Hope that helps.

  7. Michael, GAB is dedicated to FREE SPEECH. Anti semite comments while abhorrent are protected. GAB is not into censoring unlike the leftist social media. MOST on gab are conservatives kicked off facebook twitter etc. We used to have a saying in America “I disagree with what you said but will fight to the death your right to say it”. If we say hate speech must be censored or punished then we are giving into the mob who will soon say anything that makes them ‘uncomfortable’ is hate speech and must be censored or punished. soon only liberal progressive speech will be allowed to be expressed lest the “right” not to have you feelings hurt is trespassed. If hate speech isn’t free speech NOTHING IS!!!! We can not let society be ruled by snowflakes who melt everything someone thinks or speaks differently than them.

  8. Hi Bill, I think you have an excellent ministry, please keep it up. On the FB topic, I also agree with you that sharing the truth of the gospel and exposing the many lies of secular culture is strategically effective because it can reach so many people.

    I wonder if you would consider sharing about the good news of Jesus (the full Biblical basis for salvation, the second coming and the final judgement) on facebook, but avoid highlighting the grotesque lies of secular culture? I think you should do both on FB, but sharing the gospel with the lost is vital (just as exposing the lies of our secular culture is vital). I think it is wrong for FB to shut you down when you post memes like that, and I think you should not silence yourself. However, people’s eternal destiny (as much as it is negatively impacted by the lies) and the Bible’s answer of salvation is incredibly important for those who need to hear the gospel on FB.

    Just a suggestion, and in no way am I endorsing the wicked evil that FB are imposing. Soviet Russia has arrived in FB’s policies and the people who put them there.

    I am happy to be corrected; there may be something I have not considered. In that case, please continue to do exactly as you are today. You can be assured I think FB is evil in this regard, and puts people like yourself into impossible positions.

  9. Thanks Matthew. I am not sure if you are on FB, but if you are, and were my friend there, you would see I am already doing what you rightly think I should be doing! I do already share the gospel and biblical truth with non-believers on FB – all the time. Indeed, I always share my CultureWatch articles there. Thus, I have 738 articles in my sermons and devotional section: https://billmuehlenberg.com/category/sermons-and-devotionals/

    Those too get shared on FB. And as I said in my article above, “And as I have often stated I use things like FB as an extension of my CultureWatch ministry. Folks have become Christians and been discipled as a result.” Maybe you need to get on FB! But thanks for your thoughts.

  10. Mark, that’s appalling I agree but Facebook eventually removed the video I think? If they didn’t I’d say they should be shutdown too. Actually I could not care less if it was shut down but the main question is Antisemitism and whether a Christian can tolerate it at all. The answer isn’t to use moral relativism to excuse one social media platform by pointing to the failings of another one. To me the answer is zero tolerance for Antisemitism anywhere and in any form.

    Paul, you know your talking to Australian Christians on an Australian blog, rite? 🙂 Antisemitic comments are not protected speech here, buddy. Yeah, I know the backstory about Gab but why can’t someone create a Twitter for decent conservative and religious people that doesn’t tolerate Antisemitism?

  11. To Michael,

    Antisemitism is vile but I think the ‘elephant in the room’ is the ability of ‘big tech’, social media and corporations to censor or shut down those they deem to be unworthy. It may be easy to disdain anti-semites, but what if ‘the censored’ was a pro-life group (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/urgent-lifesite-is-under-attack) or a guy that say he’s successfully abandoned the homosexual lifestyle (https://www.christianpost.com/news/ex-gay-x-factor-contestant-faces-backlash-saying-he-found-christ-left-lgbt-lifestyle-228196/)?

    What I’m trying to say is some of those who oppose anti-semites also regard pro-lifers and such as the enemy to be shut down as well. And they are in control or at least influencing those ‘big tech’, social media and corporations.

  12. Yes I am aware of that Michael but Bill has a global reach, there are people who comment who are not in OZ and as to your last point the best thing to do is to fight antisemitism with knowledge and with truth. Let the anti-semites speak and engage them. Put the truth out there. There is a quote “When others do a foolish thing, you should tell them it is a foolish thing. They can still continue to do it, but at least the truth is where it needs to be.” If we are to be salt and light why should we not be salt and light to them too?? Should we only be salt and light to those who agree with us?? Would not then we save no-one because we only preach to the choir??? Bad idea can only be delete out in the open. It is when these ideas have to go underground that they can grow because the go unchallenged. I abhor anti-semitism but would rather it be in a open forum and denounced then is a backroom of a beerhall where there is only an echo chamber. We can’t lock ourselves out of the world we must interact with it and teach those with wrong and even evil ideas what the truth is and that Jesus has a better way for them. Otherwise we might as well form internet monasteries and stay in them all day and night.

  13. Many thanks guys. On the issue of anti-Semitism and related things, and how they tie in with free speech, it of course can become a bit difficult. I am obviously a strong supporter of free speech, but I am not a gung-ho libertarian, so I do realise that there will always be some limits to free speech. As to a rabid anti-Semite who came here with a lot of his ugly nonsense, and he seemed not at all open to reason and rebuttal, I probably would just trash his comments and not give him the time of day. But if it seemed he might be a bit open to reason and rebuttal, and I had the time and inclination to deal with him, then I might allow his comments through, and permit a discussion to take place.

    That is basically how I have dealt with trolls. As I have said in the past, if I detect that folks have come here just to argue and push their agendas, and have no interest in learning or hearing the other side, I will just trash their remarks. But if I discern that they are a bit open, a bit humble, and may be worth entering into a discussion with, then I may well allow their comments to go through, and I will spend some time in dealing with their views. Sometimes I just have to go on a case by case basis.

    For what it is worth, I know absolutely nothing about GAB so I cannot really comment on it. And what I allow on my site may be different from what other Christians and conservatives allow on their sites. We all have to make some judgment calls in this regard I guess. We all have to decide what we can allow and what we must not allow.

  14. Sad to say, the Christian media is not much better. I have been contributing to the Christian Forum for a long time and have admitted I am an Aussie and Autistic so some of my stuff does not come out right.

    Nonetheless, the Pharisees who run it do not entertain anything that is not perfect and in keeping with their pharisaical attitudes.

    They banned me because I cracked an Aussie joke that they considered not righteous enough.

    I confessed my sin and asked to be unbanned but they said no even though I pointed out to them that the scripture is very clear that if a person repents he is to be forgiven.

    They have even banned me from accessing my material on my blog so if anyone likes to have a go at getting onto the site and can retrieve my blog material please do. The name I worked under was episaw.

  15. It’s a great meme, sorry that you’re off fb because of it. Soros probably has lunch regularly with Zuckerberg.

  16. Facebook and Twitter both need to be put under the microscope of Anti-Trust. Competition NEEDS to be injected into their world. I was banned for life by Twitter for defending my faith against countless hordes of anti-Christian, secular zealots who were more interested in throwing bricks at me than engaging me in debate. Competition. There’s your answer.

  17. Thanks Bill, maybe I do need to get on FB. But your site is the best possible and uncensorable by FB. Thanks for your explanation and it is no surprise to me that you do, to quote you, “I do already share the gospel and biblical truth with non-believers on FB – all the time.”. What I was wondering was whether only sharing the need for Salvation to people on FB and not doing the social stuff is worthwhile. If I understand correctly, FB have (unjustifiably) temporarily banned you because you shared truth regarding the immigration topic. Again, I think that is appalling, but that specific topic is not directly related to the Fall, Sin, Salvation, Redemption, the Second Coming and the Final Judgement with the New Jerusalem or the Lake of Fire as the eternal destiny for all. Hence, sharing on those topics, but not immigration might mean you are not banned for 30 days, and many people can continue benefit enormously from the hundreds of articles that you have already heard and will continue to publish in relation to “salvation”. Look, I may be misguided in this thought that you should have to choose what you should and shouldn’t publish because of a wicked censor. My heart is that you are able to share widely on eternal matters because I know you care about those who are still lost (Daniel Andrews from Victoria would be a good example of a person who can be set free by Jesus).

    There are many people who do use FB and therefore you can reach. I, however, hear you all the time through your website and am also informed, by you, as to how evil this FB policy is so why should I join myself? I guess I could join to re-post what you do though to increase your reach.

    Many blessings, Matthew.

  18. Thanks Matthew. But you may not be up on how FB functions. They do NOT like Christians and conservatives. If I never shared another post on “controversial” social issues, FB would still get upset if I shared biblical truth. Recall that Paul speaks about the offense of the gospel. It IS offensive, full stop! So Muslims, atheists, cultists and others will all take offence at a FB post of mine on the biblical gospel. And I do not hold to a truncated and reductionist gospel anyway. How is God’s intention for human sexuality or the sanctity of life not a gospel issue? But yes, you should get on FB to share the gospel, to share truth, and to share good posts of others!

  19. Thanks for the info Bill. Good people I know are also in Siberia cortesy of Zuk’s computer algorithms.
    After afew days of personal reflection on this I offer only one addition -the words of Jesus in Matthew 23:35, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” The word of God will never pass away!
    FB is ephemeral and transient.

  20. Thanks Bill for informing me how FB functions. I do agree that human sexuality, the sanctity of life, immigration, drug abuse and a whole raft of immoral beliefs are all addressable by the gospel. Biblically, this is the only position to take.

    FB I thought would not object to the gospel being shared, separately from the immigration post, but now I know I am incorrect. I had wondered if FB are just against various social topics being discussed and that they were Biblically illiterate to the relationship between these social topics and the gospel. It seems not. Yes, the gospel is offensive – I see that when I share it on the streets of Auckland. In that light, I would certainly encourage you to continue to post anything and everything that is vital to presenting God’s view on the gospel.

    I still believe that even though we risk being banned, nothing should stop how God leads us in what we say. We are not called to back down, but you must be frustrated in your inability as it now is. I am interested: how do you handle the possibility that you could be permanently banned, due to their policies being imposed on sharing everything you do? My thought would be to continue as I am, but regret the fact that I had lost the ability to speak to many people. On the other hand, maybe I’ll reach those people with the gospel anyway, because God directs things, not FB!

    Blessings again!

  21. Thanks Louise. But that is just another mainstream media newspaper that I would not put all that much weight on. Besides, I said nothing in this article about Soros funding the caravan. However, we do know for a fact he has funded all sorts of leftist causes over the years. See here for example:


    And we know that he is involved in issues like migration and the like. See these three pieces for starters:




  22. Regarding your latest stint in the FB Gulag, can you just email Facebook directly without using FB at all? From Google, the following information turned up:

    “Contact information
    Phone: (650) 543-4800 (last known number to be valid)
    E-mail: info@facebook.com
    Report abuse: Facebook report page
    Address: Facebook Headquarters 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Stock: FB
    5 more rows”

    A special email with a good filter (to shut out the spam and hate mail)
    may work. Ringing them might be very expensive.

  23. Thanks for that Bill. Yes it would make for a very expensive phone call from here to there. But why do I suspect that trying to contact them would accomplish absolutely nothing? This is one of the biggest and ugliest bureaucracies around, and trying to make my case with their army of leftist zombies might be a major exercise in futility!

  24. You might just send them an email to raise your objections.
    At least that’s free of charge.

    All the same, I suspect that many of Zuckerberg’s minions may not be
    open to any kind of rational argument or even eloquent persuasion.
    Political correctness has a strong grip on many people’s thinking and
    some of them behave like Tolkien’s Orcs from Lord of the Rings if you
    challenge them on their woolly thought processes.

  25. I prefer anti-semites to be out in the open on sites like Gab than go underground in the TOR dark web where it is far harder to track them down. Unfortunately, shutting down people of unsavoury characters will not make them go silent. Instead, they will go underground instead. When that happen, society will have a far bigger problem.

    As for conservatives, at this rate it is going, will we too have to go to TOR dark web too to proclaim truth? It will be a sad day when truth goes underground. It may as well be. If truth goes underground, it will be hard to find. Things that are hard to find will be appreciated more. So, the diligent will be rewarded with truth. Those who are lazy will be fed convenient untruths (that their itchy ears like to hear) in mainstream media and social media. They will be rewarded with a mind that gets increasingly stupid. I suppose it is time to stop casting pearls to swines.

  26. Yes Dolores. And just remember, when your friends bake you a cake with a hacksaw blade concealed inside, and you have finished using it to cut through your prison bars, please pass it over to me thanks!

  27. Hi Bill. I posted the meme from your link. FB hasn’t jailed me, its been there since your initial post. maybe its something else, or you are on a watch list?!!

  28. I lodged a complaint with Facebook about a person whose post wished me dead, I received an amusing reply suggesting I should tell my teacher. I would dearly love to go back 50 or so years and speak to my teachers about this strange thing we call Facebook, their thoughts on Facebook would make interesting reading.

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