You WILL Be Made to Worship at the Altar of the Homosexual Deity

I have had journalists poke a microphone in my face as they asked me, “How does homosexual marriage affect YOU?” I remember one such incident in which I tried to answer a journalist at least five times on a question such as that, but they still did not get it – or refused to get it.

And it is not just journalists who seemed incredulous as I tried to explain how EVERYONE is impacted when fake marriage is legalised. Plenty of others preferred to live in la la land as I sought to explain how we all will feel the impact of it. Even plenty of clueless Christians with their heads in the sand did not – or would not – believe me.

I and others warned about this for decades. For what it is worth, I came to Australia in 1989, and from day one I was warning about the massive dangers we all would experience first hand from the homosexual juggernaut. I warned. I pleaded. I sought to sound the alarm. But for the most part very few listened. Very few took any notice. Very few could be shaken out of their slumber.

And now that all this is coming upon us just as we said it would, we STILL have the majority still firmly living in denial – even plenty of Christians who should know better. They do not want to know and they do not want to care. And that damnable ignorance and apathy will greatly harm us all.

Even if no one takes any heed, I will still continue to sound the alarm. I have documented hundreds of cases of people who have fallen afoul of this militant agenda, with simple disagreement and refusal to bend the knee resulting in fines, loss of employment, and even jail terms.

And I have written repeatedly in countless articles now about the rise and rise of anti-Christian bigotry and persecution taking place – all as a direct result of the militant homosexual agenda. Yet most folks still think none of this will impact them and seek to pretend that none of this is happening.

A year out from that dark day when Australia voted in faux marriage, the militancy has only increased and the threats to those who will not submit have risen substantially. Consider this shocker of a report as found in the Sydney Morning Herald – hardly a conservative news outlet. Check out these frightening words:

The machine behind the successful “yes” campaign on same-sex marriage will turn its sights on discrimination against LGBTI people in schools, the workforce and the law in a major revamp aiming to take the fight directly to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2019.

Declaring discrimination did not end with the legalisation of marriage equality one year ago today, the group will lobby for an end to exemptions that allow religious organisations to discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender people – at schools and other workplaces.

It also stands ready to fight the government’s looming response to Philip Ruddock’s review of religious freedom, which was initiated a year ago to quell the concerns from churches and MPs about the effects of same-sex marriage. The Equality Campaign will rebrand as Equality Australia and will be led by new chief executive Anna Brown, a former director of the Human Rights Law Centre and a key player in the marriage equality movement.

She seized on the “disgraceful” and “completely unacceptable” failure of the Parliament this week to change laws that allow religious schools to expel gay students, despite Mr Morrison’s pledge to fix the problem by the end of this year. “These shameful debates condoning discrimination and bigotry must end,” Ms Brown said.

“Discrimination didn’t end with marriage equality. We need to come together to take the fight to the government at the highest levels and keep advancing equality for LGBTI people. We know we have the power to change laws and change lives. We’re here to show politicians that our community is a force to be reckoned with.”

Equality Australia will draw on more than $500,000 of leftover cash from the “yes” campaign, as well as raising funds from the supporter base galvanised by last year’s postal survey. The organisation will be tightly focused on campaigning for law reform – including banning the discredited practice of conversion therapy nationwide. \

Wow, did you get that? Read the entire article and weep. A well-heeled, well-oiled, and well-connected band of lobby groups is not happy with mere homosexual marriage. Of course. I and others said that all along. That was simply the beginning of their real endgame: the eradication of all Christian opposition to their agenda.

Notice I did not say the eradication of Christianity. They know that plenty of carnal and compromised churches, leaders and institutions that claim to be Christian are fully in bed with them, and they are serving their purposes as useful idiots. But it is the Christian who actually believes the Word of God and resolutely stands on it that they are targeting.

And notice just what they are targeting: “religious organisations”. Um, that is pretty broad-based, isn’t it? That certainly means ALL Christian schools, all places of theological education, things like Christian bookstores, Christian small business, and Christian ministries, including community help groups.

And it will not stop there. We can be absolutely certain that churches will also be included. Soon enough the demands will be that all churches hire homosexual pastors, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, counsellors, and so on. Nothing will be exempt as these hard-core militants continue their search and destroy operation.

And all this is exactly what we warned about. The other side is NEVER satisfied, it is never content, it is never at rest. It will keep going until every last vestige of Christian opposition and criticism is completely wiped off the map. You have been warned.

Paul Kelly in The Australian has been writing about related matters, and is worth hearing from:

The progressive transformation of Australia has brought the Liberal and Labor parties into fundamental conflict on the philosophical but practical task of reconciling religious freedom with protecting LGBTIQ rights from discrimination.

The grand mythology before, during and after the same-sex marriage debate that this advance had no implications for religious freedom is now exposed — the conflict is undisguised, the deadlock in the federal parliament is a national embarrassment and the hopes for a rational settlement have been damaged.

Parliament has now broken for the year. The upshot is that religious schools in Australia are threatened in the discharge of their mission and LGBTIQ students promised by Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten to have guaranteed legal protections are still denied. The situation is a shambles. This ludicrous stalemate has no precedent in our history.

It exposes the paralysis, poison and lack of goodwill in our politics. The year should not have ended this way. Father Frank Brennan, a member of the Ruddock review into religious freedom, called in on Wednesday to try to mediate between Liberals and Labor, left the building nauseated. “There was no prospect of reasoned dialogue to reach an agreement,” he told Inquirer.

And as I keep saying, all this is not just theoretical. All over the Western world we see the heavy hand of the homosexual militants, aided and abetted by the state, hunting down and dragging to the courts those who refuse to submit.

In the Brave New World of homosexual hegemony, Christianity HAS been declared to be the enemy. True believers are the last man standing when it comes to the militants achieving all their stated aims of totally transforming society and remaking it in their own image.

Jonathan Maren has recently penned a piece on this and is worth quoting from:

No longer, you’ll notice, are the LGBT activists mocking family values. Instead, the rhetoric has been completely reversed: They now claim that it is their side that represents “family values,” and that it is social conservatives—and more specifically, traditionalist Christians—who pose an actual threat to these values. It is Christians, the sexual revolutionaries now state accusingly, who are “homophobic,” “transphobic,” and an active threat to their own children if they hold to the moral values that held Western civilization together for 2,000 years. It is those who hold traditional values, the LGBT activists claim, that are directly responsible for gay and trans suicides.

Without the slightest sense of irony, the LGBT movement has abandoned the moral relativism they used as a philosophical vehicle to get the culture to this point and are now claiming that they are, in fact, the New Moral Majority. They believe that Christian adoption agencies should be shut down for declining to place children with gay couples, and anyone who weakly insists that children might be best served by both a mother and a father are furiously shouted down as bigots. Even further than that, adoption agencies and foster care are even declining to place children with Christian parents because of their Christian beliefs. Christians, the LGBT activists warn the public, are dangerous.

He concludes:

The Sexual Revolution was not only a revolution, it was a reversal—and a replacement. As the remnants of Judeo-Christian morality are rooted out of the laws that govern us, they are replaced by new laws and even new definitions of biological reality. Biblical truth, in many cases, is now considered to be hate speech. Religious liberty is also a target, as the LGBT activists insist that it be subject to the new sexual dogmas that have swept our institutions. The debate has now moved beyond a discussion on how people should behave, and how far the law can go in dictating such things. It is now a war over how society should order itself; a battle for the soul of our civilization.

And at the moment, Christians appear to be losing badly.

Yes this is an all-out war. It always has been. The trouble is, when only one side knows and acts as if this is the case, the other side will get slaughtered. And that is exactly what we see happening. Those who hold to traditional and Christian values and beliefs are losing big time – mainly because most of them are not even in the battle. The other side keeps winning by default while we remain asleep at the wheel.

One final word: those who so tire of me and my constant warnings need not fret much longer. I am as certain as I can be of anything that the days are numbered for me and my ministry. All the heavyweights – like Twitter and Google and YouTube and Facebook, etc – have already declared war on conservatives and Christians.

I have already faced some of their wrath, and I know that it will only get worse. Soon my tweets will be banned, my videos pulled, and eventually this very site removed. This has been and will continue to be the fate of all those who will not bow down and worship at the homosexual altar.

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56 Replies to “You WILL Be Made to Worship at the Altar of the Homosexual Deity”

  1. Thanks so much Bill for this truth bomb. You write with clarity and forthrightness. Maybe your days are numbered in the current climate. But your ministry carries weight. And I pray that God will somehow continue your influence despite the opposition. He has a unique way of doing that doesn’t He! Nevertheless, there is a day of reckoning coming for those who willfully exchange truth for a lie and worship creation instead of the creator. I’m so thankful I have this hope as an anchor for my soul in these times that sometimes does my head in! Thanks again Bill. Go hard!

  2. Again, every word you have written is true. I remember being 6 or 7 and not understanding what the Lord meant when He told us very few would enter the Kingdom. In my small village in Wales all around me seemed to be a believer. In the late 60’s Wales had almost forgotten the “Welsh revival” but there were Chapels on most street corners and still regular attenders be it on the elderly side. The Welsh were still regarded as a deeply Christian people. Now, in the mid 2010’s it’s regarded of the Atheist capital of Europe. Likewise, in my youth and even up until a short time ago I could not contemplate a time when Isiah 5:20 would become a reality – “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Yet, a reality it has become. I now live in Tasmania where a pall of demonic darkness has hung over the place for more years than most can remember. It is a place where the Satanic religion of sodomy has reigned and flourished. It is a place where very soon I will be imprisoned for saying such a thing. There are pockets of resistance within the State but sadly all too many “mainstream” “churches” have become more interested in LGBTQRSODOMY or Islamic “refugees” than our Lord or His persecuted followers. Surely we must be approaching end times. Sadly, I now realise that “few will enter the Kingdom” and the reason why. Thanks mate.

  3. Thanks once again, Bill, for telling it like it is.
    Don’t give up! Never, ever! There are so many of us who thank God for you, for your ministry of truth, and for the encouragement we take from your words, to fight on.
    As Lyndon said, God will find a way for you to continue, I pray this constantly, and for you to have the strength to persevere. God bless you, and keep on!

  4. What disappoints me is the number of clergy and Christian higher education academics who think that Christians have “nothing to fear” from SSM and related developments, and embrace it wholeheartedly, as if they know better than lay people.

  5. Coming to a school near you:

    ‘WEST POINT, Virginia, December 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A school board in the Virginia town of West Point has unanimously voted to fire a high school French teacher who respectfully refused to refer to a female gender-confused student as male, despite the vocal support of other students.”

    And Jordan Peterson, (one of his many videos) on this subject: ‘Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto’

  6. I guess if the website goes this becomes an email list, and those on it forward the emails to as many as they can. At least that way the messages will keep going somewhere, and hopefully continue to bless and challenge.
    By the time the email source is completely blocked we’ll all be in prison or worse anyway. But underground networks can thrive.

  7. In Canberra, with its homosexual Chief Minister, we now have rainbow buses, free same-sex ‘marriage’ licences, a rainbow traffic roundabout, same-sex-persons on our pedestrian traffic lights and now rainbow Canberra vehicle number plates.

    You can read about the latest rainbow number plates – (introduced by ex-Uniting Church Minister, Gordon Ramsay, who is now the ACT Attorney General) – in the Canberra Times.

  8. Thanks so much Bill. I started reading your blog about 10 years ago, and it woke me from slumber and pulled me out of my comfort zone. In my town in Qld I manage a Christian Bookstore. For a few years now I’ve been considering what will happen on the day when someone walks in and demands I remove certain books from the shelves (including yours). I ponder on what will happen when I say ‘no’.

  9. Hi Bill,
    Hang in there, you are not alone and you are a wonderful support for many of us, especially as a source of accurate, truthful information on what is going on with the LGBTQI.
    Sadly, it’s the general public’s apathy that is one of our major weaknesses.
    I saw the astute (although rather suss) Graham Richardson speaking after the tragic win in Victoria by Daniel Andrews. Richardson said words to the effect that “Mathew Guy couldn’t seem to lay a glove on Daniel Andrews. I believe if he’d exposed what Andrews is really up to with his Safe Schools program he may have had a show of beating him. But he, (Guy), the opposition, and the general public just weren’t interested. They couldn’t care less.”
    Sad, but true.
    At least by speaking out and trying to warn others of what’s happening we can sleep with a clear conscience, despite the incredible frustrations we confront.
    Please keep up the great work you’re doing Bill.
    Kind regards,

  10. This is a direct assault upon the traditional family and the father figure and through that a direct assault against the Heavenly father and there is no way this will stop until the Heavenly father and his standards have completely gone!
    How has this happened? Well it has been going on since Eve was tempted to question has God said!
    In more recent decades I have tried to get a handle on what is really going on, once in the shadows but now blatantly in the open! One of the “very best” who understands this in detail is our precious brother Dean Gotcher founder of the Authority Research institution, former teacher and college professor. In his own unique way I can only say he is brilliant (A godly brilliance) the things he can see and comes out with, but that includes a life’s work directed by the Lord in doing the very hard yards that gives us such a contrast between the word of God and the deception of the days we live in. I believe he is touching the very modus operandi of the satanic genius at work. I know what he says is right, and if one can see it he describes to a T the mind behind the homosexual war on society. Here is a link to the first lecture on Diaprax a term he invented. Yes it requires some hard thinking but I believe it is well worth it! The other parts of the lectures can be googled.
    Bill has done a fabulous job in his two books giving us the facts of the homosexual scene exposing to the light and Gotcher takes us behind the curtain not only of Homosexuality, but education, government and even churches which have taken on board a mind set of tolerance, acceptance and relationships that leaves truth laying dead in the street without us hardly knowing it!
    Ahead of us all, that is believers (not necessarily christians) is a prisoner of war experience! One thing Gotcher points out is how the Nazi’s were not at all concerned about christians but believers were a different thing all-together that had to be dealt with. I think it will be the same again! If this is the case, and I believe it is we need to understand what is really going on.
    Gotcher comments about a believer speaking with Hitler and saying you will “never defeat us” but he replies “I already have, Because I have your children” It is very much the same with the homosexual movement, they not only have both the major political parties state and federal under their spell they have gained the minds of the children through our schools and other things. Just look at how the (very decent) now former Victorian leader of the opposition completely failed to stand up against safe schools when put on the spot recently! Why did almost every federal politician end up supporting SSM with even the so called better ones chickening out and failing to vote? Why???? Gotcher has the illuminating answer!

  11. What is it that you therefore want us to do?? I know I have prayed and prayed over this, I have supported candidates that are for Christian values as have many others. Why didn’t someone from the conservative party represent Victoria?? I’m a member and feel completely let down. Who is standing up for us outside of the Australian Christian Lobby?? Unless people are prepared to get angry over this rubbish and start standing up against this, nothing will change.

  12. Thanks Julie for your concern and commitment. Yes I know full well how discouraging and disappointing it all can get. But we must keep praying and working. Indeed, we must pray even more and work even more. God usually works through a remnant, so even if the majority of the church is asleep at the wheel, we nonetheless must carry on and do what we know is right. And know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain. Bless you.

  13. BTW. Despite the ferocious campaigning of the LGBT-cheer-leading, Canberra-local-government during the SSM survey, of the two known homosexual politicians in Canberra’s Legislative Assembly, neither has (for whatever reason) ‘married’ his partner.

  14. John, you are right about Canberra but I guess the “truth was hidden in plain sight” when the National broadcaster in our National capital decided on the Am frequency of 666 for its Radio station. If that wasn’t a message I don’t know what is.

  15. The ACT Chief Minister’s, ‘Office for LGBTIQ Affairs’ coordinates Canberra’s LGBTIQ infrastructure, which includes:
    * rainbow buses
    * rainbow flags along Canberra arterials
    * a rainbow mural in central Canberra
    * free same-sex ‘marriage’ licences
    * a rainbow traffic roundabout
    * same-sex-persons on traffic lights
    * rainbow vehicle number plates.
    * and more

  16. Like Trojan horses there are open homosexuals in the Federal Parliament. We may have lost a battle but we will win the war! I have been resisting this anti family movement for 30+ years. At times I have been discouraged but now I am more motivated than ever ready to fight.

  17. Thanks again for putting this together Bill, your research is appreciated. I’m glad to note that all is not lost in Tasmania (see Carlos’ response above). Bishop Richard Condie, head of the state’s Anglicans since 2016, is a strong evangelical who will stand tall against all of the stuff you have been writing about. He is worthy of our prayers and support.

  18. Dear Bill, Congratulations once again.
    I know you will never quit, Praise God for that. As for me- I will pray harder, and do my best to up skill. I had better get an email account, instead of leaving it to my wife, and commence some serious letter writing, via computer- when I get one – the politicians never answer my written ones any way. Two have : John Howard & Tony Abbot from that side NONE from any of the others! Interesting that.
    God Bless and all your supporters.

  19. Spot on again Bill!

    Will we ever learn from out failures?

    One reason contributing to our loss in the Same Sex ‘Marriage’ debate is that the No Campaign refused to spell out the evidence of the serious downsides of SS behaviour on adults and children involved. E.g. evidence re depression and suicide and that anti-discrimination and SSM laws did little or nothing to reduce those problems, hence suggesting that the cause was due to lifestyle rather than discrimination. Further, they suppressed evidence that SSM makes life worse for SSM parented children. Instead I was asked to remove reference to such issues from my pamphlet “SSM Yes or NO?” (See When I asked an assistant of one No Campaign heavy who asked for removal of such material, I was told that they didn’t want to have to defend the evidence on TV.

    I suspect that we were trounced on ‘Safe Schools’ in the recent Victorian election for similar failures to argue evidence.

    So we have succumbed to the fear of being labelled haters rather than having the true love and courage to warn of the downsides of LGBT lifestyles. Failure to warn is tantamount to indifference or hate; while warning is love not hate – the duty of a true watchman.

    Now it remains to be seen if we have the courage to stand up and be counted for the Federal elections. Will we be vilified? Of course. That’s what Jesus told us to expect.

  20. Yours is a voice crying in the wilderness to a stiff-necked people who will not listen. The outcome is not in your hands, but your obedience to the God who has called you to speak is. As long as God calls you to speak, speak you will despite the raging of hell and its censors.

    Many, as you have noted, believe they are mere spectators in this assault against the children of Truth, but the battle has reached the ranks and we had ALL better be geared up to stand and resist the enemy. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve is upon us.

  21. Hi Bill, great article, as The Lord Jesus promised in Matt. 16:18b; I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail. Like other demonic movements before them, the lgbtqr movements will do their level best to destroy the Church and the family as God created it. Sure life for Christians will get a lot worse before it gets better, but in the end the Church and Christian Families will emerge victorious. Bill, the Holy Spirit has infinite resources available for you to draw on for your critically needed ministry. I will keep on praying for you, so please KEEP DISHING IT OUT. Bless you mate, Kel.

  22. Absolutely true but we know the demonic tactic. Evil forces cause the problems and then sophisticated lies are put in place to blame good people for the problems caused by the evil. While there remains even the slightest chink in our armor this will be exploited by the forces of deception. Our only option is to do our best to try to shine a light on the deception and darkness and I know we all hugely appreciate your skills and efforts in doing this Bill.

    The claimed “equality” between biological functional relationships and psycho-sexually dysfunctional ones is a LIE.
    The idea that homosexuals are born that way is a LIE.
    The idea that it is OK to remove children from their biological parents is a LIE.
    The claim that the adverse effects of homosexuality are caused by good people is a LIE.
    The claim that homicides among homosexuals are hate crimes and not crimes of “passion” among the homosexual community itself, is overwhelmingly a LIE.
    The claim that there is not a link between male homosexuality and pederast attacks on young boys is a LIE.
    The claim that homosexual “rights” are human rights is a LIE.
    The claim that true human rights are not intrinsically connected to the rights of the biological family is a LIE.
    The claim that the intact biological family is not the best arrangement for raising children is a LIE.

    The laws regarding “sexual orientation” are completely and absolutely based on LIES and there are vastly more than the few I have listed here. We even had Justice Kennedy, in the U.S., admitting recently that his deciding vote on homosexual “marriage” was not in fact based on the U.S. Constitution so we have lies perpetuating lies as well as laws based on lies. Even the term “sexual orientation” is itself a LIE. The idea that aversion to sexual immorality is “homophobia” is a LIE. The idea that “sexual orientation” is immutable is a LIE. The idea that homosexuality is not overwhelmingly a learned behavior with sociological causes is a LIE. The idea that parents do not have the fundamental right to protect their children from those sociological causes is an absolute and despicable LIE of the highest order.

    The sophistication of these lies which have been developed over millennia is not in question but when we get to the situation that people justify homosexual “marriage” on the basis of homosexual attacks on young boys within churches then you know we are in a mess both with the fact that we have allowed these things to happen and homosexuality to infiltrate Christian institutions and with the fact that the world thinks that after these homosexuals attacks on children in institutions that it’s OK to give them access to children in the home where we have evidence the attacks will be vastly worse and vastly more easy to conceal. Eventually these lies will be revealed but not before huge damage is done to children and human kind. Even when the homosexual relationship simply results in a child not having a father, the impact is still adverse.

  23. Thank you Bill for your wonderful writing once again. There is so much to pray about. I can get very distressed about the present situation in Australia but I know that God will overcome if we trust in Him. Obviously not without a battle though. Keep up your good work. You are a strength to those of us who are struggling.

  24. All the LGBTIQA+ efforts are no more and no less than that as described of the occupants in Sodom and Gomorrah. God walked amongst the occupants – true to his word to find 10 that were not corrupted.
    The clue is that the term corrupted should be taken in its proper context in that ‘corrupted’ means blemished as otherwise the explanation of children to 10 year olds can never be explained to be included in the 10 sought.
    The other clue is that the occupants were blind – this was not by God’s hand but the making of the occupants themselves in that sexual diseases were making them blind.
    We are on the same track!

  25. Even if these things never happened, same sex “marriage” would still affect other people’s marriages by devaluing the concept of marriage. I wrote an article entitled What We Can Learn from Hobos in which I explained that people judge the effects of laws by how they would react, rather than how marginalised people will react.

    It’s not only economic policy where this short-sightedness occurs, but in social policy. Too often you hear: “How can same sex ‘marriage’ possibly affect your marriage?” Well, what other people do won’t directly affect mine. My wife and I take our vows seriously. We had good role models, and we know what marriage is all about. But it has to be faced that a lot of people are not fortunate enough to have that background. They get their views from popular culture. And when television trivialises marriage with rubbish like Married at First Sight, and governments pretend that non-marriages are the same as real marriages, you can hardly expect those at the margins of society to develop effective relationships.

  26. Greetings Bill, Servant to our Most Holy & High God, Jesus Christ.

    A few years ago while living in Orange County, Cal. I prayed and ask the Lord, “Please guide me to a repenting church.” A few days later I felt He answered me and believe His answer was, “Don’t pray, you won’t find one.”

    I believe what He was saying to me was that there’s too much prosperity in Orange County Calif. for the body of Christ to repent. Prosperity makes us apathetic to suffering.

    I have to believe and pray the Lord won’t allow your articles to be removed. How desperately the church needs more like you — standing in the gap between heaven and hell. I am sad and mad to read all these awful things going on. But I will never be silent and will continue to pass your articles on to others. Thank You, my fellow servant to Our Most High God, Jesus Christ.

    “God’s Not Silent” partner in prayer
    Warring in the Spirit [through repenting, prayer, flyers, emails & voting Bible] for America’s heart & soul, for the unborn and our youth.

  27. Spot on Michael Weeks!
    We can add to the list:
    The claim that men can transition to women, and vice versa, is a LIE.
    The claim that gender is different from biological sex is a LIE.
    The claim that adults who ‘transition’ will be better off is a LIE.
    Laws that children uncomfortable with their biological sex should be allowed and even encouraged to transition sex are CHILD ABUSE.

  28. The biggest problem is most Christians haven’t the stomach for this war. It means going against family friends co workers. It mean people will hate you. we forget a man greatest enemies will be among his own family and that the world hated him so it will hate us as a servant is not above his master. too many want to be liked by the world so they don’t fight even when the have that inner feeling that something isn’t right. they want to hear from the world “well done thou good and noble christian”. they have bought into the Jesus as a nice guy idea. Jesus was everyones buddy (CCM help this assumption. I could say a lot about CCM but that might cause some problems as I don’t know what you and people who come here think about CCM). since they don’t even know HIS life they can’t emulate him. How can one be ChristLIKE when one doesn’t act LIKE Christ. They haven’t the slightest idea how Christ acted even WHO he was and IS!

    Some have embarrassing skeletons in the closets and even though they have repented and Jesus has forgiven them the wold will not and will use those skeletons to demean and destroy them. Your past life before christ, or before you strengthen your faith for those who were nominal christians, can come back to hurt or neuter your witness. This should be a warning to some who think they can sin now and come to Christ later. Yes they can of course but it comes with a cost.

    Some can’t really get out and we write emails to be posted on boards but often feel as though no-one listens. I have been called a babe in christ and a scriptural child by some, one who thinks the best thing to do is cheer on the homosexuals etc. [even saying at them admitting gay scouts ‘go homos go’] destroying society because it will ‘hasten the lords return’, other just stop taking to me or even belittle me or ban be from their forum. For a person who is always a bit on the depressed side it is hard to deal with. I just sometimes wonder with no-one at the boards I post to listening is it worth it. It isn’t easy to come up with things to post it can take hours to type and get thoughts together and crickets is all i get.

    Some are so concerned with the rapture they won’t talk about anything else. they still predict the date even thought they haven been right in the 20 years they have been trying. in America Democrats, RINO’s and the elite live in their own little bubbles and thus didn’t see 2016 election results coming. the bubble acts as a echo chamber that keeps repeating the same thing and they never hear anything else and never get their opinion or so call facts [about global warming and other beliefs of theirs] challenged so when something big happens different than what they thought would happen they are dumb founded and immediately go to collusion etc because everyone they know thinks like them and they can’t imagine anyone else exists.

    Too many christians also have a bubble and echo chamber they are in they only have people around them who talk and think like them and they are not challenged and so they stay in the same old incorrect beliefs because of it and when someone challenges them trying to get them to true faith they attack and ban because they are uncomfortable not having everything they believe affirmed. I think they are convicted by the Holy Spirit and don’t like it and rather than respond by listening to the Spirit and changing they essentially kill the messenger to avoid hearing the message. Much in the way many sinners react to being convicted by the Spirit. How many homosexuals think if we silence the christians then we won’t get that feeling inside of us that makes us feel bad like we are doing something wrong??? How many CINO’s (Christian In Name Only) go along with and embolden them in that belief??? They are called ‘allies’ but being an ally of satan is nothing to brag about.

    World wide there are 2 1/3 Billion who call themselves christian I doubt that much more than a THIRD actually are. In America I doubt more than 10% actually are christian. I don’t know much about the state of the church down under but I know worldwide the largest numbers in christianity are in Asia, Middle East and Africa where there is persecution of christians and being faithful will cost you something. They wouldn’t die for something they didn’t truly believe in. How many who call themselves christian in the west would hold on to their faith when facing crucifixion?? (something that is returning in the ME.) Or beheading??? I think too many would save their lives only to lose their souls. {though I am sure some feel they would just explain to Christ they did it for him so they could be a live witness secretly testifying to people about him. people seem to think they can pull one over on Jesus} I for one would gladly hang from a cross even here in the US of A than stay alive but in up in hell.

    I wish sometimes that at least once a pastor could look out into the congregation and through divine intervention SEE how many in his flock are TRULY saved and how many are headed to hell. (like green glow for saved – red for unsaved) It would probably scare a lot of ministers out there see what a, excuse my french, piss poor job they are doing. Especially if they could look at themselves and see where they are headed! I wish sometimes ordinary christians could see the destinies of those around them (loved ones [especially children and spouse], friends, fellow congregants, co-workers, etc.) just once in their lives it too might, pardon my french again, shock the hell out of them. Even seeing their own fate might be quite the eye opener!

    How many fewer snowflakes would we have today if we, the country and the world, had raised our children in a godly manner not a world pleasing manner. We dropped the ball several times between the late 19th century and today now if we can only find it and pick it up again. But how many people know we have too??

  29. I forgot to mention one time I had thought about going to a college campus and setting up a booth for people too burn a pinch of incense to the rainbow flag and see how many supposed christians would. (and see if they would catch the symbolism in the act) but I am sure today I would get run off and possibly beaten up by the “tolerance” brigade.

    Not only do they want people to see them as the real family values people but also that they, and the heterosexual allies, are the REAL christians. I am surprised they haven’t turned Josephs coat of many colors into the worlds first PRIDE coat. they are already saying Jesus was gay especially in the situation of ‘the disciple he loved’. they won’t stop till every positive person in history was really secretly gay and that homosexuality was the true driving force behind the advancement of humanity. God Help Us All!

  30. Peter Newland,

    I was asked to remove reference to such issues from my pamphlet “SSM Yes or NO?” (See When I asked an assistant of one No Campaign heavy who asked for removal of such material, I was told that they didn’t want to have to defend the evidence on TV.

    My community (Maronite Catholics) feels we carried the cross for Sydney’s Christians during the marriage campaign with many other Christians and Christian groups M.I.A. Some of us even think there was a Fifth Column undermining us from within and reading what you wrote confirms our suspicions.

    We were told the NO campaign had killer technology called the “Freedom Team” App but if that was true how come the end result was around what opinion polls said it would be?

    The Freedom Team concept was also meant to be an army that would march to support Christian candidates and issues in future elections. So can anyone tell me where was this army in Victoria and if there is any hope it will march into battle at the next federal election?

  31. I’m waiting to see the result of the first LGBTIQ incursion into an islamic school.
    Now THAT will be entertaining to watch!

  32. See also today’s (10 December 2018) article at the UK’s Christian Concern website on “conversion therapy”. The boundary between anything that might be called “conversion therapy” and straightforward evangelism is itself not clear. According to this article, gay activist journalists have infiltrated meetings posing as Christians.

  33. Western industrial nations, led by the institutional church, the prophets of Baal, have for a century been turning their backs on God and trampling on the cross of Jesus. God is not mocked. All our nations are under judgement . First we were given over to homosexuality and all manner of sexual perversion and next we are about to be given over to Mohammedanism. In the same way that Assyria and Babylonia were used by God to test, with fire, Israel and Judah, so too we are going to sifted by Shariah. Our befuddled governments blinded by equality, diversity and human rights laws, have become fearful of upsetting the sensitivities of minority, oppressed and victim groups who identify themselves by gender, sexual orientation, race and religion in other words: the feminists;homosexuals and black Mohammedans . But some minority groups are more privileged than others, especially Mohammedans.
    As far back as 2006,In Britain, it was reported in the Times, 26th February, that the Leninist, Sir Trevor Phillips, the then Chief Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission,(EHRC), has said,
    ‘that non-Muslims must also accept the right of imams to denounce homosexuality in a way that many would find offensive.
    “One point of Britishness is that people can say what they like about the way we should live, however absurd, however unpopular it is…………”
    “That’s why freedom of expression — including Muslim leaders’ right to say they think homosexuality is harmful — is absolutely precious.” ‘

    Australia, especially Victoria, bereft of any Biblical faith, has already shown its potential to be in abject submission to Mohammedanism with the Danni Nahlia and Daniel Scott cases.

    As for rooting out hatred against LGBTs in Australian schools, when it comes to Mohammedan schools, a whole different approach will have to be taken.
    Mohammedan Schools will make a pretence of abiding by ant-discrimination against homosexuality. They will have ticked all the boxes on their school’s policies for inclusivity and tolerance . And of course the Schools Equality and Diversity officers, when they come to inspect those schools, whilst walking on egg shells, will not want to upset the sensitivities of the most favoured religion . They will be only too happy to rush from the schools as quickly as possible, like prime minster, Chamberlain, in 1938, clutching their paperwork, saying that everything is ticketyboo . Meanwhile the muftis, laughing up their sleeves, will be free to spout hell fire to the Mohammedan schools.

    If Mohammedans appear to publicly support homosexuality and even march in the Gay Pride Parades it will be merely to hasten the corruption of the West and push us in the direction we will naturally fall.

    Whilst the West is demographically dying through abortion, contraception, pornography , promiscuity and homosexuality, producing impotent boys and sterile girls , the Mohammedans are producing exponentially and with mathematical certainty will outnumber the indigenous population when it comes to voting rights.

    David Skinner UK

  34. The LGBTIQ movement is like Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue (possibly a phallus), that everyone was forced to bow down to, or be thrown into a furnace. And it wasn’t good enough for them that only three men in a crowd of thousands refused to worship it. Yet Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego said to the king, our God is able to deliver us from your hand, but even if he does not, we will never worship another god.

    This false god wants to force every one to pretend that a man’s anus is a woman’s vagina — this is what the phrase “anti-discrimination” really means. It needs to said loudly and clearly, that just as no-one is born with a digestive orientation to eat faeces, so no-ore is born with a sexual orientation to have pretend sex with the place faeces comes from.

  35. Whilst homophobia is regarded as an irrational hate and fear of homosexuality, hatred of heterosexuality is deemed natural and normal. In the UK, Elly Barnes MBE, a jaunty and brazen lesbian and honorary doctor from Aberdeen University, Scotland, on being interviewed in the Evening Standard in 2017, said,
    “It’s only been a period of five years where we’ve really been able to get stuck in to this work make it (LGBT) a very usual thing in our schools; because what we really need to do quite clearly is to smash heteronormativity. “ (slide to 35 seconds)

    Being interviewed on the ITV News, she said “What we would be looking at there ( in the schools , homes and community) is …… to smash heteronormativity “

    Chilling indeed is to see a little boy, a protégé of Elly’s, sending a clear message to his parents
    But perhaps the most wicked of queers and founder member of the most powerful LGBT pressure group in Europe is Sir Mckellen. He has been showered with many honours including being made an Order to the Companions of Honour (CP) and the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).
    For the last ten years, every since 2008, he has been visiting schools throughout the UK giving “hints and tips” about homophobic bullying.

    But children do not see him for what is he, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Instead they see him only as Gandalf the wizard in Lord of the Rings.

    And what child would not feel excited at having such a celebrated, Hollywood film star visit their humble school.

    In the opening seconds of a 2006 BBC news clip about Mckellen, visiting the Severn Vale School in Gloucestershire, we see him pointing to a boy and asking him , “Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be gay?“

    This indeed is sexualisation and an attempt to probe into the most intimate and private area of child’s personal life- and on prime time TV. In any other age such behaviour would be classed as abusive interference and his feet would not have touched the ground, whilst being impelled towards a waiting police car.
    As Bill says in his video “If some creepy old guy started coming up to your kids and talked to them about them about their body parts and playing around with them and finding and enjoyment in it, trying to sexually titillate your children, you would report this guy to the police – straight away”
    Surely the real point is that whilst parents are hard at work trying to earn enough money to raise a family, their children, away from the protective eyes of their parents, are the prey of mad teachers whose heads are stuffed with Neo -Marxist ideology, indoctrinating them with queer theory. Children are unable to protect themselves from such social engineers. If adults find it difficult challenging these criminals, how are children expected to stand up to them?
    I tried an experiment some years ago by cold – calling a number women who were respectively the personal assistants to a Head teacher, a Bishop and an Anglican Director Education of the Diocese of Salisbury. I asked them whether it had crossed their minds whether they might be lesbians and how did they feel when I posed the questions? As one might imagine they were none too happy. The last call resulted in the Director of Education, Chris Shepherd warning me in no uncertain terms that he would take action if I were to repeat the stunt.
    I would imagine that if I were to go into a pub or football club and ask the men, whether it had ever crossed their minds whether they might be sodomites, homosexuals or queer? the result would be even more dramatic. But if adults who can stick up for themselves find such questioning offensive, why should they think it OK for their children, grandchildren or other people’s children not also to be offended, even frightened by such questioning?

    David Skinner UK

  36. I am a 68 year old lady who has been through a lot. Lived in 4 different countries on 3 different continents. Grateful to the Lord for my life. Reading all the above makes me nauseous and yet I need to read it to know how to fight this battle.

    I still have to believe the good left in England, Australia and America will rise above this by crying out to Jesus Christ, pleading for forgiveness for tolerating this evil thus far and fighting through intercessory prayer, petitions, phone calls, voting Biblical values, etc.

    “God’s Not Silent” prayer partner

  37. A grand mother, by the name of Dianne Mullany, wrote in 2005, on the Anglican Mainstream web,

    “I am committed Christian, aged 63, and so very grieved that a minority in this country could push things so far that the majority of us could be forced into tolerating their views in our churches, schools, businesses and homes or risk prosecution.
    I for one will not accept that my church will be unable to refuse to marry same sex couples or hire out our halls for gay parties/ events, or even to accept gay couples into a Christian bed and breakfast . In all these issues including the gay adoption one I will gladly go to prison but I will not have these things forced upon me or my family…..I want the right to choose what I teach my children and grandchildren, not have it forced upon me that I must teach them about another kind of love as they put it in a leaflet being prepared – I will not teach my grandchildren this, nor stand by and agree to someone else doing so. And I sincerely hope that there are many other women like me who feel the same in this country . If this law ( Sexual Orientation Regulations) is passed in this country my freedom to choose will have been taken away.”
    I do not know who Dianne is, but I thought at the time and still do that her letter represented all that every right spirited person should feel towards children.

    David Skinner UK

  38. Thanks for that Bill. I admire your work greatly and know that you will stay in the battle in any way that you can. I am trying to do what I can.

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